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User Ab3012

Party: Partito Popolare Osiano

Nation: Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)

Joined on: 13:26:04, May 28, 2019 CET

Last activity: 14:19:05, April 28, 2023 CET

Last page visited: Viewing User

Random fact: You can inactivate yourself on your User Page. You will then lose all your seats but your party account won't be deleted, and your party's Visibility ratings will not diminish. Reactivation can be requested in the "Reactivation Requests" thread in the Game Moderation section of the Particracy Forum.

Random quote: "It makes no difference, in principle, if this 'collective will' is divined by the edicts of a dictator or by majority vote, so long as the rights of the individual may still be sacrificed." - Robert Garmong

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