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Party Comparison Page

Ideological positions

CentralizationCivil RightsEcologyForeign RelationsGovernment ResponsibilitiesMarketMilitaryMoralityReligion
Illustrious Social Unionmoderate unitaristmoderate restrictiveunknownunknownconvinced big governmentregulator-leaningunknownmoderate conservativeunknown
secretchuWOWa Partyunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown

Voting records

This table compares the voting behaviour of parties in the Keshvar Aldegar (State of Aldegar). If the percentage for two parties is high, it means they often vote the same way.

Illustrious Social UnionsecretchuWOWa Party
Illustrious Social Union//
secretchuWOWa Party//

Random fact: Any RP law granting extraordinary "emergency powers" or dictator-like powers to a government must be passed by at least a 2/3rds majority, but may always be overturned by a simple majority vote of the legislature.

Random quote: "The difference between a republic and a people's republic is a lot like the difference between a jacket and a straightjacket.." Ronald Reagan

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