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Bill: Citizenship Act of 3946


Submitted by[?]: Chann National Party (CNP)

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: June 3947


PURPOSE: Whereas the Ministerial Court has deemed qualifying exams as a condition of citizenship, for those born in Kafuristan or to Kafuristan parents, amounts to disenfranchisement of native born Kafuris, thus calling for a change in law.

Section 1. Qualifying Exams.

All persons not born in and naturalized within the borders of Kafuristan or where Kafuristan has jurisdiction, including but not limited to the premises of a Kafuristan military base or embassy, or born to Kafuri citizens are required to take a basic exam to prove that they have met the requirements of citizenship as expressed by law and have basic knowledge of their rights and duties as citizens of Kafuristan.

Section 2. Agency Authority.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall administer the test and shall promulgate reasonable rules and regulations by decree with regard to the exam.

Section 3. Appeal.

If an applicant for citizenship finds that the Agency has acted arbitrarily or capriciously, the applicant may appeal to the Ministerial Court which shall grant a hearing at their discretion.

Section 4. Applicability.

This Law shall not applied to natural born citizens of Kafuristan and shall not be construed as nullifying exams taken and passed prior to the enactment of this law.

Section 4. Repeal and Severability.

Sections 1-4 shall be codified separately in the Unified RP Law Code and repeal of this law shall require 2/3 vote. If any changes or repeals occur with regard to the Articles attached other than Sections 1-4 those changes do not affect Sections 1-4. Sections 1-4 is to be construed as a separate RP Law and not an in-game law.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date23:13:41, December 02, 2015 CET
From ثبات (Thubat)
ToDebating the Citizenship Act of 3946
MessageOOC: Sorry I couldn't RP before, was busy with work / at a concert - seems silly to oppose this after you left it in debate, but I was away.

IC: "Thubat cannot support any legislation in this vein which will not at least guarantee that the Majatran language is an option in which to take the test. We oppose."

Date13:55:09, December 03, 2015 CET
From Chann National Party (CNP)
ToDebating the Citizenship Act of 3946
Message"I respectfully disagree with the Thubat about their contentions as language issues are dealt by the Language Curriculum and Mandate Act."

Janus Catan
Chann Majority Leader

Date00:26:39, December 04, 2015 CET
From ثبات (Thubat)
ToDebating the Citizenship Act of 3946
Message"The Language Curriculum and Mandate Act is discriminatory toward the Majatran!"

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