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Bill: Cultural Protocols Update


Submitted by[?]: Demokratychna Delic Partija

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: March 3983


This bill is created in order to protect the Deltarian culture from radical and unrealistic changes, in conformity to game rules (
Updating from :

The ancestors of today's Deltarians originally lived in central Artania, around the territory of today's Luthori and Ikradon. In a series of events known as the Deltarian Migrations, the Deltarian people, by then having a culture resembling a combination of RL Vikings and Magyar tribes, moved to their current location, where they formed an empire under the rule of the Tokundian tribe. When the other Deltarian tribes rebelled against the Tokundians and expelled them, Deltaria was reformed as Great Deltaria, a descentralized monarchy that established a large colonial empire around Terra. Great Deltaria collapsed as a result of The Terror, a century-long civil war, which ended with the nations of Deltaria reuniting and forming modern Deltaria. In the modern period Deltaria has exsisted as a republic and as a Czarist monarchy, for the last 500 years Deltaria has exsisted as a monarchy, with the monarchs actual power rising and falling based on the politics of the time. (Reference: End of the last Deltarian Republic-

Deltaria can be best described as a stereotypical genocidal Eastern European shithole, with a culture based on a number of RL Eastern European and Slavic cultures. Deltaria is primarily based on the Tsardom of Russia, the medieval Kingdom of Hungary, the Romanian Principalities (Wallachia and Moldavia), Great Moravia, and the medieval Bulgarian and Serbian Empires. In addition, Deltaria also has influences from RL pre-Christian Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England. After several centuries of democratic and pro-Western governance, Deltaria has acquired a number of modern features, and has partially moved away from its older feudalistic culture. Throughout most of its in-game history, Deltaria has been ruled by aristocratic or czarist governments, and managed to conquer a number of nations on Terra, to which Deltaria still has claims. Deltaria has swung liberally on the pendulum but that swing always swings back to the conservative side with vengeance. Deltaria has a fierce xenophobic Delic and Dunic population that historically has tried to oppress minority groups.

-Delic = Slavic
-Dunic = Germanic
-Selucic = Romance
-Jelbic = (collection of ethnicities, most of them speaking Jelbék, a conlang, and related languages, but in Deltaria it includes the Dissuwans, which are Hungarian)
-Daralian = Slovak
-Alazindian = Czech
-Tokundian = Serb
-Rodshyan = Russian
-Kozaki = Ukranian
-Ushalandan = Romanian
-Dissuwan = Hungarian
-Doron = Gothic
-Akigan = Anglo-Saxon
-Majatran = Arab
-Jelbék = (the ethnicity of Jelbania, which speaks a conlang called Jelbék, and has a roughly Middle-Eastern and steppe-based cultural character)
-Manoush = Roma
-Türjak = Azeri/Turkish
-Kalopian = Greek
-Watembo = Bantu/Swahili

~Percentages of the Population~
Delic: 42.5%
--Daralian: 53%
--Alazindian: 44%
--Tokundian: 2%
--Trigunian (Rodshyan and Kozaki): 1%
Jelbic: 15%
--Dissuwan: 81%
-Jelbek: 19%
Dunic: 15%
--Doron: 64%
--Akigan: 36%
Selucic: 12%
Watembo: 6%
Manoush: 4%
Majatrans: 2.5%
Turjak: 1%
Kalopian: 1%
Other : 1%

*Please note, these numbers, while not stagnate, should not fluctuate wildly. Large demographic changes should only occur with an extensive RP, and consent of all involved.

Old Tokundian = Old Church Slavonic
Daralian = Slovak
Alazindian = Czech
Ushalandan = Romanian
Akigan = Old English
Doron = Gothic
Dissuwan = Hungarian
Yeudi = Hebrew
Majatran = Arabic
Jelbék = conlang
Manoush = Romani
Rodshya = Russian
Kozak = Ukrainian
Türjak = Azeri and Turkish
Kitembo = Swahili

The most widely spoken languages in Deltaria are Daralian (in Darali), Alazindian (in Alazinder), Ushalandan (in Ushalande), Doron and Akigan (in Doron Akigo), and Dissuwan (in Dissuwa). Daralian, as the language of government, the military, and the upper class, has become a lingua franca, and is understood by most Deltarians. Old Tokundian, a dead language, is the official language of the Terran Patriarchal Church, and is very often used as a language of prestige (like Latin is used in RL Western countries, but more extensively). Tokundian, Rodshya, and Kozak are spoken by small minorities, but are understood by many Deltarians.

-Hosianism = Christianity
-Terran Patriarchal Church = Traditionalist Catholicism + Slavic & Romanian mythology + Russian Orthodox Church
-Selucian Patriarchal Church = Roman Catholic Church
-Luthoran Church = Protestant, Lutheran
-Apostolic Church of the East = Eastern Christianity (Eastern Orthodox Church + Oriental Orthodox Churches + Nestorian Churches)
-Ahmadism = Islam
-Queranzariah = Sunni Islam
-Abadism = Shia Islam
-Yeudism = Judaism
-Daenism = Buddhism

~Percentages of the Population~
Terran Patriarchal Church: 75%-----------------[2%increase]
Irreligious: 7%
Ahmadism: 2%---------------------------------------[3%decline]
Apostolic Church of the East: 6%----------------[1%increase]
Daenic: 4%
Luthoran Church: 4%
Selucian Patriarchal Church: 1%
Other: 1%

*Please note, these numbers, while not stagnate, should not fluctuate wildly. Large demographic changes should only occur with an extensive RP, and consent of all involved.

Characters should have mostly Eastern European and Ancient Germanic names, with a small number of Arabic and Hebrew names. It is advised that party names are in Slovak or another Deltarian language.

For help with names:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date00:34:30, February 12, 2016 CET
From Moderation
ToDebating the Cultural Protocols Update
MessageOOC: Your link to the Game Rules is out-of-date; the link now is

Also, bear in mind the requirement to include information to help players with character naming and language translation. For example, these links:


Date02:22:26, February 12, 2016 CET
FromDemokratychna Delic Partija
ToDebating the Cultural Protocols Update
MessageOOC:Updated, also repasto, what do u think

Date07:29:54, February 12, 2016 CET
FromKonzervatívna Monarchistická Strana
ToDebating the Cultural Protocols Update
MessageOOC: Looks fine.

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