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Bill: OOC/RP: Hutori Cultural Protocols Reaffirmation Discussion


Submitted by[?]: Federalist Party of Hutori

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: April 4109


The culture of Hutori is outlined below;


The nation state of Hutori was originally founded as a colony of the Holy Luthori Empire and is considered the Particracy equailivent of Canada, in terms of demographics, geography, culture and natural resources. Playing into this throughout history there has been high levels of immigration to Hutori resulting in a wide array of ethnic minority populations from historical Hutorian policy of mass multi-culturism. There is also a large indigenous 'Maschacara' population who are based upon the Native American culture in early Canadian and North American history. The interactions between the Federal government and the Mashacara tribes recently has been similar to that of the French and the Natives, allowing the Natives to thrive and be included as equals within society. While not put on Reservations like in RL Canada or the United States, each Province of Hutori has a unique Mashacara tribe that serves as the primary minority within the province.


Hutori is an ethnically diverse nation, compromised of the following ethnic groups,

Hutorians 75% (Lutheran; Luthori stock originally, although over the millennia have mixed with a variety of other Artanian groups to form the "Hutorians" ooc: akin to rl white Americans/Canadians/Australians)
Mashacara 10% (Aboriginal)
Telamonese 5% (Swedish)
Davostanis 4% (Central Asian)
Artanian 3% (Various Artanian Nations, these are recent migrants who one day would amalgamate with the Hutorian ethnicity)
Other 3% (Various immigrants from Seleya and Majatra)


The predominant language in Hutori is Luthorian (English) and is the language to be spoken whenever politicians are making public announcements and within the House of Parliament whenever debating legislation. In addition to Luthorian, there are several minority languages which are also spoken within Hutori due to the influences of immigration and the large Mashacara populations. Mashacara in Farlistan for example is the secondary language and there has been a push in recent years for Mashacara to become an Official Language in Hutori along with Luthori.

99% Luthori (Hutorian Luthori, not quite the same as Luthori)
8% Mashacara languages (There are five distinct variants based on the five individual tribes.)
10% Hulstrian or Dundorfian or other Artanian. (Spoken by recent immigrants from Artania or by strong Hulstrian/Dundorfian communities in parts of Hutori)
2% Majatan Languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc)
10% Another language
-Telamonese 5% (Swedish)
- Davostani 4% (Central Asian)
- Seleyan 1%


Religion in Hutori has never been a serious affairs. While Hosianism has been the biggest and most influential religion, with the Aurorian Patriarchal Church and the Holy Church of Luthori, there is a also a large minority of the population that practice spirit worship along the lines of the various Mashacara Tribes, both Natives and Luthori Hutorians. The biggest trend however is an increasing non-religious, though still high tolerance of faiths, outlook as many people are at best unobservant to the faith that they themselves follow. Hutori's history of multiculturalism and immigration also mean there is a significant Ahmadi minority, mostly in the more Conservative south, along with an assortment of other religions that call Hutori home.

59% Hosianism (Christianity)
- 28% Holy Luthori Church (Bishopal/Church of England)
- 12% Other 'Protestant' Hosian (Luthoran/Confessional/Other, mix of Dundorfian/Davostani/Hulstrian and other groups)
- 10% Aurorian Patriarchal Church (Roman Catholic Church + Russian Orthodox Church)
- 6% Other Hosian (various small communities of Hosians from different Terran communities)
- 3% Telamon Orthodox Church
30% Non-Religious (Agnostic, Atheist, or unobservant members of major faiths)
5% Mashacara Tribal Faith (Native American spirit/ancestor worship)
2% Satanalist (Davostani influence)
1% Ahmadism (Islam)
3% Other Religions (Yeudi/Seleyan/Other)


Hutori is a highly geographically diverse nation; everything from temperate rain forest and riverlands along its southern coast, a massive and stunning mountain range cutting along its centre with vast empty and flat steppes along its north Hutori is home to almost every type of terrain exempting tropical and deserts.

- Hutori's most northern province it is similar to RL Canada's northern territories in the north with the south being a hybrid of northern Quebec/Labrador with the Isle of Sutton being a hybrid of the Canadian north in general and Newfoundland. A unique combination of various climates, northern Roccato is mostly flat tundra and ice flats with the south being mostly forest rivers and swamps; farming is possible in the interior but difficult while along the coast fishing is the primary industry likely. Best known feature is Commonwealth Bridge, the longest freestanding bridge in the world and the only land connection between the Isle of Sutton and mainland Hutori. The population of Roccato is very spread out throughout the province and Roccato has the second largest Mashacara population in Hutori, mostly along the eastern coast, but also a large settlement on the northern end of the Isle of Sutton and all along the northern coastline.

Kincardine - Provincial Capital and largest city- RL city inspiration (,_Newfoundland_and_Labrador)
Isle of Sutton - City of Sutton largest city on island and supporting city for AFB Sutton - RL inspiration (,_Nunavut)
Langdon - City closest to Macon Mountain Range - RL inspiration (,_Yukon)
Throne and Altar - A pair of towns on opposing sides of the massive Commonwealth Bridge, the longest free standing bridge in the world and the only overland connection between the Isle of Sutton and mainland Hutori - Based loosely off of,_Prince_Edward_Island (Isle of Sutton side) & (Mainland side)

- Very similar to the Maritimes and Quebec, effectively Canada's East Coast, though it is significantly largest obviously. This means a lot of forest almost everywhere, though the interior has plenty of good farmlands near large rivers. The western side of the province is also apart of the Makon Mountain Range, which along this area of the country are similar to the Appalachians.

Saint Anslem - An old historic city in the northern areas of Kenai, this city was a strategic city in olden times as it was considered the "gateway to the north" and protected a vital river and road network hub when it was threatened by the various northern Mashacara tribes. Today the ancient forts are still preserved for historical reasons. - RL inspiration (
Port Prosperity - Hutori's largest port city and headquarters of the Navy. It hosts one of the largest Naval yards in the world and is primarily a military city. - RL inspiration (,_Nova_Scotia)
Saint Adrian - Outside of Port Prosperity by and far the largest and most important city in Kenai. Serves as the Provincal Capital and the centre of Kenai prospering financial markets. Hutori's second largest Stock Exchange, the KSX calls its home here. Like Saint Anslem to the north was considered an important and strategic location because of its position on a River - RL inspiration (
Wrightstown - A small Kenai city, like its major sister cities Wrightstown claim to fame was its location, in this case at the axis of a major trading hub between the north and south, western mountain and eastern coast. The age of flight and creation of other highways has diluted its importance, it none the less maintains its position as an important central city in Kenai. - RL inspiration (

- Adelia's position along Hutori's southern coast, and key position on the opposite side of the Macon Mountain Range have served to make Adelia different from its other four provinces in many ways. Key amongst them is the fact that Adelia is the centre of Hutorian conservatism, in a nation long known for its progressive and liberal views. Geographically very similar to British Columbia and southern Ontario, Adelia is home to both Hutori's largest city and the capital but also stunning views on both sides of the Provinces. The primary connection between Davostan in the west and Telemon in the east caused Adelia to be some of the most sought after real estate in Macon's past. The Macon Mountains also give Adelia a highly unique climate; the mountains protect Hutori's southern coast from the harsh Hutorian winter giving Adelia almost entirely rain year round with incredibly mild winters that give little if any snow at all.

Acton - Hutori's largest and most expansive city, Acton has been known long as the beating heart of Hutori's industry, commerce, culture and international image. Serving as the Provincal Capital of Adelia, Acton is both considered Hutori's most ardently conservative and royalist leaning city, it is also the home to Hutori's largest military base, Joint Forces Base Jameson. It is also home to the HCSE (the Hutori Central Stock Exchange) Hutori's largest stock exchange. - RL inspiration (
Axminster - Home of Hutori's second largest port, and considered the most important coastal city along Macon's south, Axminister narrowly loses to Acton as the city to live in Adelia, though its important to note that it also the home of the bulk of Adelia's liberal population. Axminister also has the distinction of being a city at the narrowest gap between the Macon Mountains and the Coast, which made fighting over Axminister a historical commonplace. - RL inspiration (
Glentingham - The centre of Hutorian Industry in recent years, Glentingham has become beacon of the Hutorian economy, being home to a great many factories. - RL inspiration (,_Ontario)
Bekenial - Hutori's capital and long considered the most important city in the nation named after Sir John Bekenial, the Father of Modern Hutori. Positioned along the Adel River, Bekenial is actually the smallest of the four major Adelian cities, it known the less is the centre of Hutorian politics, and is also the home the Monarchist Movement of Hutori, Steuart House located actually almost across the street from 24 Orange Avenue (the former Prime Minister and then President's personal residence) - RL inspiration (

- Hutori's most mountainous Province Lagard holds the distinction of being the only Province to be mostly smack in the middle of the Macon Mountain Range. Subsequently Lagard is mostly based off of RL Colorado and Alaska rather then any particular Canadian province.

Aylesbury - A minor Lagard city on the eastern side of the Province, its primary claim to fame is the gateway between Lagard and Kenai in the east, being the home of the only highway to lead from Wrightstown - RL inspiration (,_British_Columbia)
Dalry - Lagard's second largest city. Dalry was the historic home of Grand Duke Thomas, and is Lagard's most ardently Royalist City. Also interesting to note is that close to Dalry is rumoured to be the Headquarters of Hutori's Global Strike Command - RL inspiration (,_Colorado)
Constantine - Lagards largest and most important city, serves as the Provincal capital. Home of Samantha Carter Air Force Base, Hutori's largest Air Force Base. - RL inspiration (
Woodhurst - A minor city in Lagard's western reaches, Woodhurst primary claim to fame is its proxmity to the Davostani border, making it a key border town. - RL inspiration (,_Alberta)

- Falristan is Hutori's prarie regions. Aside along the south border which is mostly the Macon mountain, similar to RL Alberta's western border, Falristan is a combination of all three Prairie Provinces, being mostly wide flat fields, and the centre of Hutorian agricutural during its long summer, but mostly being buried in snow during its brutal winters. It's far north are soft tundra flats.

Tremaine - Falristan's second largest city, Tremaine is similar to Carter City that it spread out instead of up, and is the centre of Hutori's northern energy sector, in particular tapping into Falristan's surprisingly largest oil sand reserves. The primary issue for years has remained that Tremaine is actually the home to Hutori's largest Mashacara population, with most of its surrounding land, actually being Mashacara Reserve Land, making the oil, mostly theirs. - RL inspiration (
Carter City - Falristan's largest city, and the Provincal Capital, Carter City is commonly rated amongst the Top Five Largest Cities within the entire country annually. Home to Fort Carter Army Base, Hutori's largest Army facilities, and the de-facto HQ of the Hutorian Army, Carter City is a strategic military town on a crossroads. - RL inspiration (
Corktown - Located in Falristan's nominally frigid north, Corktown is literally Farlistan's only coastal city and the only known port between the Isle of Sutton and port along Davostan's northern coast. In the past it made Corktown a needed rest stop for sailors seeking to brave Hutori's treacherous North Makon Passage, skirting between the Arctic Circle and Hutori's northern coastline. - RL inspiration (,_Manitoba)
Saint John - Located at Falristan's south eastern edge, Saint John is considered Falristan's own gateway city from Kenai to the south, being at a key junction between the tallest peaks of the Macon mountains and the vast forests of Kenai and Roccato. - RL inspiration (



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