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Bill: I: Imperial Decree Regarding the Royal World Tour


Submitted by[?]: 莲花党 (Lotus Party) 🌸

Status[?]: defeated

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: December 4394


The Tianshun Emperor, who governs with the Mandate of Heaven, has declared the following:

"Travelling is essential for cultivating knowledge. In observance of this fact, I have decided to send Prince Jianlong, Prince Jianhao as well as Princess Fengmian on a tour of Terra. I have also requested that the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and for Trade and Industry accompany them. Officers of the Indralan Armed Forces will be part of the travelling party."

"Through this trip, our multinational relationships shall grow and strengthen. The Princes' shall travel to our contemporary allies and partners, such as New Endralon, as well as our historic allies, such as Vanuku."

"The Princes' will visit no less than fourteen nations."

"The Princes', in appreciation of the traditional modes of transport, shall travel by ship and by horseback when possible."

Proclaimed to all under the Heavens, let it be known!



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date02:02:34, May 17, 2018 CET
From人民行動黨 (Ppl. Action Party) 🏃
ToDebating the I: Imperial Decree Regarding the Royal World Tour
MessageMr. Speaker,

This is a waste of time, money and effort. The trip will do nothing for Indralans except for once again consolidating the imperial house as representatives of our peoole. Yet the recent elections have clearly shown that the people wish not to be represented by this Anti-Jienist Institution. Even if the bill is to be passed, the ministers of Republican League shall not attend.

Chen Tianwei
Republican League

Date02:36:31, May 17, 2018 CET
From竹左联盟 (Bamboo-Left Coalition)🎋
ToDebating the I: Imperial Decree Regarding the Royal World Tour
MessageMr. Speaker,

I find it incredulous that Indrala's Minister of Foreign Affairs would refuse to go on a mission of good will across the globe. It must be true that these republicans are nothing more than dictatorial warmongers who hide as the "saviours" of democracy.

Furthermore, I tire of the Republican's continued excuse that the monarchy is "Anti-Jienist", when it is clearly a foundation of the religion itself, not a detractor.

If the ministers from the Republican League continue to act so childishly, I'm sure that the other critics for foreign affairs and trade and industry from the Lotus, Social Democratic, and New Dawn parties would be happy to fill in for these wayward politicians.

Sunada Machiko
Foreign Affairs Critic
Social Democratic Party

Date04:06:25, May 17, 2018 CET
From莲花党 (Lotus Party) 🌸
ToDebating the I: Imperial Decree Regarding the Royal World Tour
MessageMr. Speaker,

First, we in the Lotus Party applaud the Tianshun Emperor for his wise decision to send the young Princes' to visit and strengthen relations with our allies abroad. May our sagacious and graceful Son of Heaven live and reign for ten thousand years!

The Social Democrat Critic has raised all of our main points of contention with the Republican League Leader. First, there is no interpretation of Indrala's religious tradition which would conclude that the Son of Heaven is "anti-Jienist" or anti-Guidao in anyway.

Further, the Social Democratic Critic is right to be cynical at such a government which would not participate in such a major initiative. It is clear that the republicans want us to close off this island and ignore the international community. The Tianshun Emperor, in his infinite wisdom, has suggested that we follow another path: one in which Indrala contributes to the establishment of justice and prosperity on earth and under Heaven. This is a positive vision of the future, one which we in the Lotus Party are proud to support.

Xi Rushi
Leader, Foreign Affairs Critic, Defence Critic
Lotus Party


OOC: Just a quick note: technically the tour will take place whether or not this passes. This bill is simply to serve as a RP device, as it has been used above.

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