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Nation Comparison

The national flag (URL).

República Popular Democrática de Gaduridos (Gaduridos)

Keshvar Aldegar (Aldegar)

República Democrática do Tukarali (Tukarali)

Holy Luthorian Empire (Luthori)

Commonwealth of Rutania (Rutania)

Jumhuriat al-Badara (Badara)

Rzeczpospolita Walruzja (Valruzia)

Sekoku (Seko)

Republic of Kalistan (Kalistan)

Royaume Kanjorien (Kanjor)

República Federal de Egelion (Egelion)

Verenigde Burgers van Seridjan (Saridan)

Talmori Republic / Talmori Ripọblik / Talmore Olominira (Talmoria)

Jelb'koékaiék H'ák'ánknstat - Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)

Medinat Beiteinu (Beiteynu)

Hobratsuri Samepo (Hobrazia)

Teyrnas Aloria / Königreich Aloria (Aloria)

Poblacht Chónaidhme na Kirlawa (Kirlawa)

Federal Republic of Likatonia (Likatonia)

Jumhuriyat as-Sahil (Solentia)

Union of Sovereign Nationalist Republics (Lodamun)

Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)

Unionen Dovmark og/och Kivonien (Davostan)

Publica Kundrati Socialās (Kundrati)

Nouvelle République d'Aldurie (Alduria)

Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)

Dewleta nû ya Barmenia (Barmenistan)

Federace Deltarska (Deltaria)

Repubblika ta' Cildania (Cildania)

United States of Baltusia (Baltusia)

République Lourennais (Lourenne)

Federativnyye Sotsialisticheskiye Respubliki Triguniya (Trigunia)

Avibhājya Maliviya Sāmrājya / Greater Malivian Empire (Malivia)

State of Vorona (Vorona)

Kalopian Dimokratía (Kalopia)

Republica Chizână și a Noului Endralon (Kizenia and New Endralon

Lýðveldið Tælmörk (Telamon)

Impero Istaliano (Istalia)

Pontesii hanrapetut’yun (Pontesi)

Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)

Royaume Uni de Rildanor (Rildanor)

Republic of Keymon (Keymon)

Dundorfisches Reich (Dundorf)

Aŭgustana Imperio (Zardugal)

Volkskönigreich Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)

Senatus Populusque Selucianus (Selucia)

Gaosoto Kyōwakoku (Hulstria and Gao-Soto)

Commonwealth of Hawu-Ikradon (Ikradon)

Federación Drania (Dankuk)

Ndrálon Direktoriális Köztársaság / Directorial Republic of Endralon (Endralon)

Jumhuriyyat al-Qalb al-Ma'atraniyyah (Kafuristan)

Jelb'koékaiék H'ák'ánknstat - Jelbék H'ánknstat (Jelbe)

Republic of Beluzia (Beluzia)

Yindala Da Tong (Yingdala)

Dolgavas Federālā Sociālistiskās Republikas (Dolgava)

Federal Republic of Hutori (Hutori)

United Republic of Mordusia (Mordusia)

Koinonia Metouro yeKobura (Cobura)

Random fact: In cases where a party has no seat, the default presumption should be that the party is able to contribute to debates in the legislature due to one of its members winning a seat at a by-election. However, players may collectively improvise arrangements of their own to provide a satisfying explanation for how parties with no seats in the legislature can speak and vote there.

Random quote: "Democrats always assure us that deterrence will work, but when the time comes to deter, they're against it. " - Ann Coulter

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