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This page displays information about the diplomatic status of the Maliviya Prajaataantrik Ganatantr/Malivian Democratic Republic (Malivia).

Ratified Treaties

The following treaties[?] have been ratified by the Maliviya Prajaataantrik Ganatantr/Malivian Democratic Republic (Malivia).

A economic Alliance with MaliviaMarch 5018
Beluzia - Malivia Non Aggression PactJuly 5008
he Commonwealth of Rutania and its successor states and Avibhājya Maliviya Sāmrājya / Greater Malivian Empire and its successor states voluntarily enter into this treaty of friendship and trade agreement. The following treaty is for the purpose ofJuly 4982
TOA (Terran Olympic Association)April 4956
Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA)January 4940
Gene and Seed Vault ProjectDecember 4914
Official Diplomatic Treaty of AlduriaNovember 4913
Founding Charter of the Artanian Community of Nations (ACON)June 4912
Global Emancipation TreatyJune 4864
Treaty for Racial EqualityJune 4864
Treaty for the Protection of Endangered AnimalsJune 4864
Deltarian General Framework for Diplomatic RelationsJanuary 4864
Transnational Association for the Sovereignty of Nations (TASN)February 4782
Agreement to Establish Yingdalan AcademiesMarch 4777
Istalian Embassy Diplomatic Relations TreatyJune 4300
Defensive Agrement between the Istalian Republic and the Free State of MaliviaApril 4254
Malivian-Istalian Economic Trade AgreementApril 4254
Eliminate Slavery TreatyDecember 4232
Dorvish Trade Association and Economic PactJuly 4217
Official Covenant of the Establishment of Embassies and Consulates in LourenneSeptember 4203
Law of the SeaDecember 4154


The Maliviya Prajaataantrik Ganatantr/Malivian Democratic Republic (Malivia) is member of the following alliances[?].


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