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Bill History

These are the bills that were proposed in the Republic of Likatonia (Likatonia).

Bills passed

These bills have been passed[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
February 2037February 2037National Animal
February 2037February 2037Cannabis Legislation
February 2037February 2037Legalized Trade Unions
February 2037February 2037Age of Majority
February 2037February 2037Torture Act 2036
April 2037April 2037posession of firearms
June 2037June 2037The Sanctity of Life Act
August 2037August 2037Legalized Pornography
March 2038March 2038Election Voting Change
May 2038May 2038Legalisation of abortion
May 2038May 2038Abolition of death penalty
June 2038June 2038Prison Workforce
November 2038November 2038Definition of marriage.
December 2038December 2038Local Gambling Laws
April 2039April 2039Prostitution Legalization
May 2039May 2039Gun Rights
May 2039May 2039Hunting Regulations
May 2039May 2039The Rule of Law Act
November 2039November 2039Nuclear Disarmament
January 2041January 2041Pollution Control Guide
January 2041January 2041Motto Bill
January 2041January 2041Creation of National Recycling Policy
January 2041January 2041Cloning Research Legislative Review
February 2041February 2041Seat Redistribution Act of 2041
February 2041February 2041Crime Prevention Act
March 2041March 2041Free Speech Act
June 2041June 2041Legal Reform Bill
June 2041June 2041Chemical Weapons Ban
July 2041July 2041Patents Act
July 2041July 2041Cabinet Proposal of July 2041
January 2042January 2042Call for early elections, October 2041
July 2042July 2042The Economic Budget Act I, Dec 2041
July 2042July 2042Likaton Independance Day
October 2042October 2042Prostitution Regulation Act
October 2042October 2042Head of State Title Act
October 2042October 2042Tobacco Regulation Act of 2042
October 2042October 2042Freedom of Movement Act
October 2042October 2042Cabinet Formation Reform
November 2042November 2042National Council Act
March 2043March 2043Flag
April 2044April 2044Regulation of Pollution
August 2044August 2044Militia Act of 2043
November 2044November 2044Police weapons
January 2045January 2045First Line of Defence
September 2045September 2045Membership of the Community of International States.
October 2045October 2045Religious Equality
November 2045November 2045Cabinet Proposal of July 2045
September 2046September 2046Subsidy of Farming Bill
October 2046October 2046Smoking Restrictions
November 2046November 2046Prostitution Regulation Act
January 2047January 2047Public Smoking Ban
January 2047January 2047Government Channel Act
February 2047February 2047Cabinet Proposal of November 2046
October 2047October 2047Population Growth Discouragement Bill
April 2049April 2049Retirement Age Bill
May 2049May 2049Limited Time Without a Charge
August 2049August 2049Call for early elections, August 2049
February 2050February 2050Abortion limitation
March 2050March 2050Immigration Encouragement Act of January 2048
March 2050March 2050Freedom of Movement Act
March 2050March 2050Emigration Policy Establishment Act
May 2050May 2050Single currency
July 2051July 2051Freedom of Information
December 2051December 2051Pay Your Way Act
February 2052February 2052Savings Encouragement Resolution
February 2054February 2054The New National Tax Act
July 2054July 2054Fair Trade Act
July 2054July 2054Anti-Piracy Act
January 2055January 2055Gambling Bill
January 2055January 2055Legalisation of medicinal cannabis.
April 2055April 2055Save A Life Charter
March 2056March 2056Agricultural Subsidy Reform Act
April 2056April 2056Healthcare Sanitation Standards
September 2056September 2056Apprenticeships
October 2056October 2056Free Space Act
January 2057January 2057Healthcare
July 2058July 2058Free Education
August 2058August 2058Medical Careworkers
April 2059April 2059Freedom in Education Charter
April 2059April 2059The Last Tax Bill - (I promise)
December 2059December 2059Cabinet Proposal of August 2059
June 2060June 2060Call for early elections, June 2060
August 2060August 2060Treason Punishment Act
August 2060August 2060City Green Space Bill
August 2060August 2060Debt Monetization Ban
August 2060August 2060The Guarantee Act
March 2061March 2061Education Bill
April 2061April 2061National name
July 2061July 2061Police Armament Resolution
August 2061August 2061Right to Justice
April 2062April 2062Safe Communities Act
April 2062April 2062Government Spending Response
April 2062April 2062County to Prefecture
April 2062April 2062Corporate Subsidy Ban
August 2062August 2062Plastic Currency
September 2062September 2062Cabinet Proposal of September 2062
January 2063January 2063Official Separation of Church and State
October 2063October 2063Call for early elections, October 2063
January 2064January 2064Military Service Bill
January 2064January 2064National Capital
February 2064February 2064Home Sanctuary Act
August 2064August 2064Salary Cap Bill
September 2064September 2064Cabinet Proposal of September 2064
November 2064November 2064Refugee Act of 2063
November 2064November 2064The Civil Relations Act
January 2065January 2065Sports Unity Act
August 2065August 2065Call for early elections, August 2065
December 2065December 2065Post-Secondary Education Incentive Act
December 2065December 2065Moderate Euthanisa Bill
December 2065December 2065Foreign Aid Programs
December 2065December 2065Incremental Tax Reform
December 2065December 2065National Anthem
February 2066February 2066MotorTransport Laws
July 2066July 2066Post-Secondary Education Institutions
November 2066November 2066The Educational Reform
January 2067January 2067Cabinet Proposal of January 2067
February 2067February 2067The Change Act
February 2067February 2067National Identity
February 2067February 2067Circumcision
April 2067April 2067National Parks
April 2067April 2067Immigration Act of 2066
June 2067June 2067The Small Farm Bill
January 2068January 2068Call for early elections, January 2068
February 2068February 2068Alcohol Licensing Act
April 2068April 2068Nuclear bombs.
June 2068June 2068Zombies
June 2068June 2068Higher Education Bill
June 2068June 2068Death Penalty
June 2068June 2068Adult Age Bill
June 2068June 2068Cabinet Proposal of June 2068
September 2068September 2068Freedom to protest
November 2068November 2068Democracy Act
March 2069March 2069Local Faith in Schools Act
May 2069May 2069State Pensions.
June 2069June 2069Freedom of Assembly Resolution I
June 2069June 2069Free Space Resolution
August 2070August 2070Literacy Standards Act of 2069
September 2070September 2070Personal Educational Initiative Act
September 2070September 2070Minimum wage
September 2070September 2070The National Army Bill
December 2070December 2070Space exploration.
January 2071January 2071Employment Insurence Bill of 2069
January 2071January 2071Defense Resolution I: Council Approval Requirement
January 2071January 2071Refugee Act of 2063: Resolution I
February 2071February 2071Official Capital City
April 2071April 2071Religious schools
June 2071June 2071Secular Schooling Act
May 2072May 2072National Anthem Act of 2072
May 2072May 2072Sea Law Act of 2071
May 2072May 2072International Waters for Life Initiative
September 2072September 2072Anti-Corporate Information Act
September 2072September 2072Gambling Devolution Act
September 2072September 2072Cosmetic Safety Act
October 2072October 2072Cabinet Proposal of October 2072
October 2072October 2072Worldwide Disarmament Intent Treaty
November 2072November 2072Call for early elections, November 2072
November 2072November 2072Database Limiting Act of January 2070
December 2072December 2072Head of State Title.
January 2073January 2073Daycare Act of 2071
November 2073November 2073Former Head Of States Bill
November 2073November 2073Religious Freedom
November 2073November 2073Prison Labour
December 2073December 2073Cabinet Proposal of December 2073
December 2073December 2073Hope and Spirit Act
December 2073December 2073Endangered Animal Protection Act
December 2073December 2073Romano Enterprise International Acknowledgement
January 2074January 2074Comestic Testing Regulation Act of 2073
January 2074January 2074Organ Donation Act of 2073
January 2074January 2074Public Transportation Encouragement
January 2074January 2074Professional retirement age
January 2074January 2074Cabinet Proposal of December 2073
March 2074March 2074Debating Chamber!
May 2074May 2074Alcohol Bill
June 2074June 2074The National Navy and Airforce Bill
June 2074June 2074Parental & Maternity Leave Act of 2073
September 2074September 2074The Responsible Abortion Act
September 2074September 2074Accounting Bill
September 2074September 2074Recreational drugs regulation
October 2074October 2074Gambling Regulation Act of 2074
December 2074December 2074A Voice for All - Parliament expansion
January 2075January 2075Creative intelligence act
January 2075January 2075Pension Plan
March 2075March 2075Endangered animals.
May 2075May 2075Property Rights Extension Act
June 2075June 2075Anti-Coathanger Act
June 2075June 2075Pesticide regulation
July 2075July 2075Adoption Policy Act of 2075
July 2075July 2075Animal use in medical research.
September 2075September 2075Adoption right regulation
October 2075October 2075Early Childhood Education Act of 2075
December 2075December 2075Strategic Industries Regulation Act of 2074
February 2076February 2076School discipline
May 2076May 2076Controlling Hate Act
October 2076October 2076Medicare Act of 2076
November 2076November 2076Hiring Practices Act of 2076
March 2079March 2079Cabinet Proposal of March 2079
April 2079April 2079Final act - article 2 pension plan
May 2079May 2079Right to have a National Football Team
June 2079June 2079Privatization of Health Care Act
July 2079July 2079Likatonian National Flag Resolution of 2076
March 2080March 2080Call for early elections, March 2080
April 2080April 2080National Recycling Act of 2079
April 2080April 2080Charter School Act of 2079
August 2080August 2080Voluntary ID System Act of 2079
October 2080October 2080Alcoholic Beverages Bill
November 2080November 2080ID Act
November 2080November 2080Cabinet Proposal of November 2080
November 2080November 2080Dynamic Likatonia
July 2082July 2082State Employees' Pension Scheme
July 2082July 2082Sports encouragement proposal
April 2085April 2085Eat Safe Resolution
February 2086February 2086Romano Enterprises Guarentee Act
February 2086February 2086Sensible Defense Act
June 2086June 2086Immigration and Naturalisation Act
June 2086June 2086The Right to Strike
January 2087January 2087Gambling Regulation Act
August 2087August 2087Call for early elections, July 2087
November 2087November 2087Regulating Adoption
September 2088September 2088MFA act of Confidence of 2081
October 2088October 2088A Clean and Responsible Likatonia Act
October 2088October 2088Civil Liberty Bill
October 2088October 2088A Living Likatonia Act
November 2088November 2088Hemp Regulation Bill
December 2088December 2088Cabinet Proposal of September 2088
April 2089April 2089Corrections Reform Act
April 2089April 2089Decency in Schools Act
April 2089April 2089Human Dignity Act
April 2089April 2089Valruzian Friendship Act
July 2089July 2089Genetic manipulated crops regulation
February 2090February 2090A Guarantee of Independence of the Endralonian Empire
March 2090March 2090Security in Independence Act (2nd attempt)
April 2090April 2090The Grants Committee
November 2090November 2090Internet Security Act
December 2090December 2090Social Menace Bill
September 2091September 2091Cabinet Proposal of September 2091
October 2091October 2091A New Constitution for a Strong Likatonia
February 2092February 2092Religious Freedom Act
August 2092August 2092Religious Freedom Act Part II
August 2092August 2092Housing estate
September 2092September 2092Treaty of Nevarn City
September 2092September 2092Finishing the New Constitution
June 2093June 2093Malpractice of doctors regulation
August 2093August 2093Cabinet Proposal of August 2093
October 2093October 2093Developing society
September 2095September 2095Voting age
November 2095November 2095Protecting civil liberties
November 2095November 2095Inhumane weapons act
December 2095December 2095Ensure The Peace
February 2096February 2096Medical Freedom.
August 2096August 2096the Choice act.
November 2097November 2097Call for early elections, November 2097
December 2097December 2097Affordable Healthcare Act
December 2097December 2097The Right to Life Act of 2097
December 2097December 2097Act of Order of 2097
March 2098March 2098Cabinet Negotiations
March 2098March 2098Likatonia Tax Relief Charter
December 2098December 2098New Hope Resolution
March 2099March 2099Updating the Senate
March 2099March 2099Practical Defence Act
March 2099March 2099Clean Streets Act
August 2099August 2099Education Reform Act
August 2099August 2099Special Operations Service Act
September 2099September 2099Contract with Likatonia
December 2101December 2101Healthy Workplace Act
April 2102April 2102Ban on Assisted Suicide
March 2103March 2103Exotic Pets Act
January 2104January 2104Call for early elections, December 2103
March 2104March 2104Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Civil Freedoms
March 2104March 2104Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Health Care
March 2104March 2104Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Free Market
March 2104March 2104Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Representation
March 2104March 2104Abolition of the Grants committee.
May 2104May 2104Repeal of the MFA Act of Confidence
July 2104July 2104Family and Society Act
August 2104August 2104Aranch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Festivities
August 2104August 2104Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Military Service
May 2105May 2105Anti-Social Behaviour Orders Act, 2104
July 2105July 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Military Service (ii)
November 2105November 2105Riot Act, 2104
November 2105November 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Energy
November 2105November 2105Naturism Act
November 2105November 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Silver Reform
November 2105November 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Fire Protection
December 2105December 2105money to the people
March 2106March 2106Preventing cruelty in extradition
March 2106March 2106CPL Nuclear and Renewable Energy Bill
March 2106March 2106CPL Education Bill
September 2106September 2106Call for early elections, September 2106
December 2106December 2106Cabinet Proposal of December 2106
April 2107April 2107Call for early elections, June 2105
May 2107May 2107Family planning reform
May 2107May 2107Luxury sales tax
June 2107June 2107Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Foreign Aid
June 2107June 2107Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Family
June 2107June 2107Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Prayer in Schools
June 2107June 2107Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Waste Material
April 2108April 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Right to Die
May 2108May 2108Foreign policy
May 2108May 2108CPL Electoral Reform Bill
August 2108August 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Contraception
November 2108November 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Industrial Hemp
November 2108November 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Gambling
November 2108November 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Oldest Profession
April 2109April 2109CPL Capital Punishment Bill
September 2109September 2109CPL Tobacco Bill
September 2109September 2109CPL Police Support Bill
May 2110May 2110The Freedom of Choice
May 2110May 2110National Sports
May 2110May 2110Educational reforms I
June 2110June 2110Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Prison Labour
June 2110June 2110Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Pension Plans
June 2110June 2110Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Alcohol Law
June 2110June 2110CPL Health Subsidies Bill
June 2110June 2110Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (iii)
October 2110October 2110Revolution (second attempt)
January 2111January 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Marriage (iii)
May 2111May 2111CPL Agricultural Subsidies Bill
June 2111June 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Refugee Aid
June 2111June 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Housing the Poor
June 2111June 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Foreign Aid (ii)
November 2111November 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Cabinet Proposal (2111)
December 2111December 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Right to Gather
March 2112March 2112equality
May 2112May 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Fair Tuition
May 2112May 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Forward Likatonian Science
July 2112July 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Teen Pregnancy (ii)
October 2113October 2113CPL Fishing Quotas Bill
November 2113November 2113Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Higher Education
May 2114May 2114Cabinet Proposal of August 2113
May 2114May 2114Vital Industries
August 2114August 2114CPL Corporate Taxation Bill
August 2114August 2114CPL Coordination of Identification Bill
September 2114September 2114CPL Trade Bill
October 2114October 2114CPL Police Back Up Bill
October 2114October 2114CPL Military Reforms Bill
June 2115June 2115Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Death Penalty
May 2116May 2116Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Military Theatres
November 2116November 2116Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Anti-Fascist Action
January 2117January 2117Ammendment to Conscription
February 2117February 2117Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Cabinet Proposal (2116)
June 2118June 2118Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - International Trade
December 2119December 2119Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Taming the Beast
December 2119December 2119Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Kill the Draft (ii)
December 2119December 2119Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Last Resort (ii)
December 2119December 2119Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Farming Subsidies
February 2120February 2120Freedom of Recreation
February 2120February 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Heavy Hand (iii)
April 2120April 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Prisoners of War
April 2120April 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Waste Reform Amendment
April 2120April 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Fair Tuition (ii)
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the CIS Community Treaty
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Labour & Working People
October 2120October 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Vox Populi
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
June 2121June 2121Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - "Names of Power" (iv)
August 2121August 2121Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Think of the Children (iv)
August 2121August 2121Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Think of the Children (iii)
August 2121August 2121Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the An International Agreement to Prevent the Rise of Autocracy in Terra (ii)
August 2123August 2123Freedom to Broadcast
November 2123November 2123Proposal for Economic Flexibility
February 2124February 2124Freedom of Power Transmission
February 2124February 2124Cabinet Proposal of September 2123
October 2124October 2124Budget proposal of August 2124
May 2125May 2125Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Green Agenda (iii)
May 2125May 2125Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (vi)
May 2125May 2125Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Right to Bare Arms
June 2125June 2125Planned Parenting Extension
October 2125October 2125Organ Donation Expansion
July 2126July 2126Progressive Reform Bill - Food/Beverage Labeling
July 2126July 2126Progressive Reform Bill - Landmarks Preservation Act
December 2126December 2126National Intelligence Agency Reform
May 2128May 2128Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War (ii)
May 2128May 2128International Free Movement Policy
May 2128May 2128Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the International Responsible Trade Treaty
May 2128May 2128Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
September 2128September 2128Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Intelligence
November 2128November 2128workers rights
February 2129February 2129Cabinet Proposal of July 2128
May 2129May 2129Progressive Reform Bill - Freedom Of Speech (ii)
July 2129July 2129Public Housing Bill
October 2129October 2129Anarch Anakrousite Income Tax Reform Proposal - 2129
October 2129October 2129Progressive Reform Bill - Public Schools
April 2130April 2130Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Trade Union Abuse
August 2130August 2130Progressive Reform Bill - Gated Communities
August 2130August 2130Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Energy (iii)
August 2130August 2130Progressive Reform Bill - Formation Of The Likatonian Air And Space Agency (LASA)
August 2130August 2130Progressive Reform Bill - Tort Reform (ii)
August 2130August 2130Anarch Anakrousite Spending Reform Proposal - (2130)
July 2131July 2131Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Wage Slavery
August 2131August 2131Anarch Anakrousite Income Tax Reform Proposal - (2131)
August 2131August 2131Anarch Anakrousite Spending Reform Proposal - (2131)
September 2131September 2131Arms Industry Control Bill
March 2132March 2132Progressive Reform Bill - Child Benefit
March 2132March 2132Cabinet Proposal of November 2131
January 2133January 2133Progressive Reform Bill - Local Democracy Initiative
June 2134June 2134Freedom to Preach
July 2134July 2134Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint
August 2134August 2134Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Spending Reform Proposal - (2134)
August 2134August 2134Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Cabinet Proposal (2134)
August 2134August 2134Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Income Tax Reform Proposal - (2134)
November 2134November 2134Rational Minimum Wage Laws
December 2134December 2134Progressive Reform Bill - Anti-Freerider Bill
December 2134December 2134Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Cabinet Re-shuffle (2134)
December 2134December 2134Progressive Reform Bill - Defense Industries (ii)
June 2135June 2135Scaleback of Child Benefit
June 2135June 2135Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (ii)
September 2135September 2135Progressive Reform Bill - Counterterrorism
March 2136March 2136Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (ii)
July 2136July 2136Progressive Reform Bill - Label Laws
June 2137June 2137Cabinet Proposal of June 2137
October 2137October 2137Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (iv)
October 2137October 2137Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Income Tax Reform Proposal - (2137)
May 2138May 2138Progressive Reform Bill - Industrial De-regulation
October 2138October 2138Freedom to Trade
October 2138October 2138Freedom of Trade in contraceptives(reprise)
July 2139July 2139Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Pacifist Patriot Agenda (ii)
July 2139July 2139Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (v)
July 2139July 2139Progressive Reform Bill - Right To Privacy (ii)
September 2140September 2140Cabinet Proposal of August 2140
April 2141April 2141Restriction on Sale of Tobacco
July 2141July 2141Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (viii)
July 2141July 2141Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (vii)
March 2142March 2142Likatonian Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the United Countries
April 2142April 2142Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Extreme Green Agenda (ii)
April 2142April 2142Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (ix)
May 2142May 2142Progressive Reform Bill - Likatonian Freedom
May 2142May 2142Progressive Reform Bill - Protection Of Likatonia
May 2142May 2142Progressive Reform Bill - Defense Industries (iii)
September 2142September 2142Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (x)
June 2143June 2143Gun Ownership reform act
December 2143December 2143Advertising Standards Bill
June 2144June 2144Arms Exports Bill
November 2144November 2144Anarch Anakrousite Cabinet Proposal of November 2144
October 2145October 2145Power Industry Reform - Power to the People
December 2145December 2145Likatonia Security Act
December 2145December 2145Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (xii)
December 2145December 2145Education Act Part One
December 2145December 2145Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (xi)
December 2145December 2145Legal drug distribution
February 2146February 2146Progressive Reform Bill - Parental Qualification Testing
June 2146June 2146Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (ii)
June 2146June 2146Progressive Reform Bill - International Business Bill
June 2146June 2146Progressive Reform Bill - An Open Likatonia
September 2146September 2146Progressive Reform Bill - Saving The Forests
September 2146September 2146Progressive Reform Bill - Likatonia Broadcasting Company
December 2146December 2146Anarch Anakrousite Resolution - Cities of Likatonia
October 2147October 2147Resolution: Response to Valruzian Federation request for personell transit and port access
October 2147October 2147Resolution on Lodamun/Likatonian Border security
October 2147October 2147State security Bill (ii)
October 2147October 2147State security Bill (i)
October 2148October 2148Economic Freedom Act pt3
October 2148October 2148Economic Freedom Act pt2
October 2148October 2148Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Resolution - Isolationism
May 2150May 2150State security act (iii) - amended
June 2150June 2150Progressive Reform Bill - Child Labor Laws
September 2150September 2150Progressive Reform Bill - Elimination Of Government Waste In The Name Of Capitalism (ii)
September 2150September 2150Progressive Reform Bill - Elimination Of Government Waste In The Name Of Capitalism (i)
October 2151October 2151A guaranteed pension
December 2152December 2152Progressive Reform Bill - Marriage Bill
November 2153November 2153Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Divorce Law
July 2154July 2154Repeal the death penalty
June 2155June 2155Cabinet Proposal of June 2155
August 2155August 2155Demilitarisation of Lodomun/Likatonia border
January 2156January 2156Budget proposal of August 2155
January 2156January 2156Income tax proposal of August 2155
February 2156August 2158Personal Defense in Uncertain Times
February 2157February 2157Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - The Moral Crusade
July 2158April 2159Tree Replacement Bill
December 2158December 2158Cabinet Proposal of December 2158
April 2159April 2160Save Our Children
May 2159April 2160Progressive Reform Bill - Religious Taxation Policy (ii)
June 2159January 2160Likatonia National Renewal Bill
January 2160October 2160Progressive Reform Bill - An End To Free Lunches
March 2161September 2161Likatonia National Renewall Bill (iv) - The green pillar
March 2161November 2161CdH Resolution of 2161 - Active Welfare State Act
November 2161November 2161Cabinet Proposal of November 2161
November 2161June 2163CdH Resolution of 2161 - Devolution Act I : Culture
July 2162June 2163Progressive Reform Bill - Infrastructure And Transportation Bill
July 2162June 2163Progressive Reform Bill - Water Quality
October 2162October 2163Progressive Reform Bill - Local Police Departments
March 2163May 2163The faithfull ideal
April 2163April 2163Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Extreme Green Agenda (iv)
May 2163October 2163Progressive Reform Bill - Likatonian Scientific Advancement
July 2163December 2164Technological Freedom Act of 2163 - Space Exploration
August 2163December 2164Justice Reform
March 2164November 2164Motto Refinement Act of 2164
August 2164January 2167Progressive Reform Bill - The Lumber Industry
August 2164January 2167Progressive Reform Bill - Freedom Of Movement
August 2164January 2167Progressive Reform Bill - Separation Of Church And State Act
November 2164November 2164Cabinet Proposal of November 2164
January 2165February 2165Free Arms exports
July 2166November 2166If you break the law, you are out the door Act.
January 2167January 2168National Salvation Act (ii)
July 2167February 2168Food on our plate Act.
October 2167October 2167Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Convocation (iv)
November 2167May 2168JLP Energy Proposal of 2167
November 2167May 2168JLP Minimum Wage Proposal of 2167
December 2167June 2169Deficit Reduction Act of 2168
February 2168February 2168Let the work of the Church be untaxed
May 2168July 2168Cabinet Proposal of May 2168
August 2168January 2169Woodchips, fish and chips and other parts of nature's bounty.
August 2168January 2169Cultural understanding bill
September 2168December 2169Security Bill II
October 2168October 2168Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Convocation (v)
October 2168November 2169Government Benefits Bill
October 2168November 2169Education Bill
January 2169November 2169Progressive Reform Bill - The Nuclear Option
February 2169May 2169She stole my heart.....and kidney, left lung and spleen
February 2169October 2170Likatonians for Likatonian companies
August 2169November 2169Likatonian Reconstruction Bill
August 2169November 2169Cheap, plentiful power
August 2169October 2170National Salvation Bill (vi)
August 2169October 2170National Salvation Bill (v)
August 2169October 2170National Salvation Bill (iv)
September 2170May 2171Religious Liberty Bill
October 2170October 2170Cabinet Proposal of October 2170
October 2170October 2170Proposed Budget Reduction
October 2170December 2170OMP Act of 2170 - Military Policy Resolution II
October 2170March 2171OMP Act of 2170 - Military Policy Resolution
October 2170June 2171OMP Act of 2170 - Military Policy Resolution III
November 2170February 2171Income tax proposal of November 2170
November 2170April 2172Progressive Reform Bill - Drug Prices
January 2171April 2172Progressive Reform Bill - Agricultural Efficiency
March 2171May 2171CP Withdrawal from the United Countries Treaty
March 2171June 2171OMP Act of 2171 - Nations Cornerstone Agenda
April 2171May 2171CP Capital Punishment Bill
May 2171May 2171Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Import Gods Bill
May 2171July 2171Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn (viii) Amendment
May 2171October 2173Moderate Abortion Reform Act of May 2171
June 2171February 2172Defence Minister Calls for the Formation of Paramilitary Units
July 2171November 2171Workers of the world - invest
July 2171October 2173Retirement Age Act of July 2171
October 2171February 2172Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Extreme Green Agenda (v)
August 2172August 2172Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Likatonia, Uber Alles (ii)
December 2172December 2172An official religion for Likatonia
December 2172December 2172ISM Birth Control Bill
December 2172January 2173Finance Minister Proposal to Change the Budget
January 2173November 2175Progressive Reform Bill - Arms Industry Innovation
March 2173October 2173Education Reform Act of March 2173
June 2173March 2174Moderate Cloning Options Act of July 2173
August 2173February 2176Progressive Reform Bill - National Privatization Bill
October 2173September 2175Health Reform Act of October 2173
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (viii)
December 2173November 2174Secular Act of December 2173
July 2174July 2174PP Alternative Cabinet Proposal of July 2174
October 2174April 2175Viable Emergency Option Act of October 2174
October 2174April 2175National Service Options Act of October 2174
October 2174October 2176Foreign Aid - Domestic Aid
November 2174September 2175Freedom to Preach and to Listen
November 2174September 2175Attracting Capital from around the World
June 2175February 2176Progressive Reform Bill - Zero Crime Bill
June 2175February 2176Progressive Reform Bill - Hiring Policies
July 2175September 2175Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xiv)
July 2175September 2175Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xii)
July 2175November 2175Death Penalty Reform Act of July 2175
July 2175February 2176Progressive Reform Bill - End Of Recognized Religions
July 2175February 2176Progressive Reform Bill - Liquidity Of Labor
July 2175October 2176Public and Private Healthcare Act of July 2175
November 2175December 2175True Path (v)
December 2175December 2175Ratification of the Likatonia and Valruzia military co-operation treaty
August 2176October 2176Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organisation (NATO)
December 2176December 2176Axis Mundi Anakrousite National Identity (iii)
March 2177March 2177Revised 'Majority' AMA Cabinet Proposal of March 2177
June 2177January 2179Favourable Employment Reform Act of June 2177
July 2177November 2177National Anthem Reform, July 2177
October 2177September 2178Libel Law Reform Act of October 2177
May 2178May 2178Income tax proposal of May 2178
May 2178May 2178Budget proposal of May 2178
May 2179October 2179Early Childhood Education Act of May 2179
October 2179September 2181Freedom of Religious Education
October 2179September 2181Freedom to Travel
July 2182October 2182Child Protection Act of July 2182
October 2182October 2182Cabinet Proposal of October 2182
October 2182May 2183Total repentance bill (ii)
December 2182August 2183Freedom of choice for Women act 2182
December 2182March 2184Environmental responsibility Bill 2182 (i)
March 2183July 2183Economic Freedom Bill
May 2183May 2183Cabinet Proposal of May 2183
June 2183April 2184Likatonian Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
September 2183March 2184Religion is the opiate of the people
October 2183March 2184Adoption Reform Act of October 2183
March 2184July 2184Religion is the opiate of the people (ii)
March 2184December 2184Ratification of the United Countries
March 2184December 2184Share the wealth
July 2184December 2184Population directive 1 - Not So Green
April 2185October 2185Freedom of Religion Part I
July 2185October 2185Convocation Seat Change Act of July 2185
January 2186July 2187Progressive Reform Bill - Valuable Life Skills
May 2186May 2187Freedom of Religion Part II
August 2186July 2187Progressive Reform Bill - Eliminating Corporate Favoritism
September 2186February 2187Likatonia looks outwards
September 2186February 2187PSS omnibus
October 2186July 2187Minimum Wage Act of October 2186
March 2187September 2187AM PSS - Freedom
September 2187January 2188PSS omnibus II
September 2188November 2188Ratification of the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty
November 2188May 2189Medicinal Cannabis Act of November 2188
January 2189January 2189Cabinet Proposal of January 2189
May 2189January 2190Refugee Compassion Bill
May 2189March 2190Freedom (ii)
January 2190March 2190Budget proposal of January 2190
October 2190October 2190Income tax proposal of October 2190
November 2190January 2191National open house
October 2191October 2191Cabinet Proposal of October 2191
October 2191January 2194Progressive Reform Bill - Media Freedom (ii)
May 2192September 2192Labour Reform Act of May 2192
May 2192January 2194Progressive Reform Bill - Media Freedom (iii)
June 2192June 2192AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (vi)
May 2193November 2193Truth in Labeling
August 2193December 2193Public Media Act of August 2193
November 2195April 2196Public Transit Act of November 2195
March 2196March 2196Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
April 2196June 2196Post-Secondary Funding Reform Act of April 2196
October 2196October 2196Axis Mundi Capitol Relocation Bill
October 2197October 2197Elimination of Dangerous Private Sector Weapons-Construction Industries
November 2197November 2197Olympics Represenative Bill
November 2197January 2198Axis Mundi Anakrousite Income tax proposal of November 2197
November 2197January 2198Axis Mundi Anakrousite Budget proposal of November 2197
November 2197April 2198Pension Act of November 2197
July 2198October 2198Public Postal Service Act of July 2198
September 2198March 2199Nationalisation Bill
September 2198January 2200Ratification of the North Selayan Military Co-Operation Treaty.
June 2199July 2199Education Quality Act of June 2199
February 2200February 2200Reduction of Restrictions on Likatonian Logging Industry
March 2200October 2202Ending Wage-Based Inflation
April 2201April 2201AM AMALAM Reform Bill - New Direction Alef
May 2201May 2201Local Rights Act
May 2201May 2201Forest Management Act
April 2202April 2202AM AMALAM Income tax proposal of April 2202
November 2202October 2203Medicine Fairness Act of November 2202
December 2202December 2202AM AMALAM Reform Bill - New Direction He
October 2203October 2203PRP'S Restoration Agenda: Libel Fairness Act of October 2203
October 2203October 2203AM AMALAM Income tax proposal of October 2203
October 2203October 2203Cabinet Proposal of October 2203
March 2205March 2205Likatonia's Bid for 2215 winter olympics
October 2206October 2206PRP's Restoration Agenda II: Public Act of October 2206
October 2206October 2206PRP's Restoration Agenda II: Energy Act of October 2206
October 2206October 2206PRP's Restoration Agenda II: Smoking Reform Act of October 2206
November 2206October 2207Save Our Children II
November 2206October 2207Our Bodies, Not the State's
January 2207January 2207PRP's Restoration Agenda II: Secularism Act of January 2207
November 2207May 2208PRP's Restortion Agenda II: Secularism Act of November 2207
November 2209May 2210Freedom of Religion Redux
January 2210January 2210Cabinet Proposal of January 2210
April 2210February 2211Lund Agenda 2210
June 2210September 2210Income tax proposal of June 2210
January 2211January 2211Housing Subsidy Act of January 2211
January 2211January 2211Integration Act of January 2211
November 2211December 2211Balanced Economy Act of November 2211
August 2212February 2213Economic rationalism bill of 2212
October 2212October 2212Axis Mundi Cabinet Proposal of October 2212
December 2213August 2214A new national Motto
December 2213August 2214Solidarity with Dundorf - Stop the embargo
November 2214January 2215Economic Liberation act 2214
October 2215October 2215Axis Mundi Revolution - The Seat of Power!
August 2216August 2216Axis Mundi Revolution - Forward the Revolution!
July 2217July 2217Axis Mundi Revolution - The Devil Inside!
April 2220July 2220A Bill for the average Bill
February 2222July 2222No One Expects the Spanish Inquistion!
March 2225April 2225Protect Our Children Again
October 2225October 2225Axis Mundi "Progressive" Cabinet Proposal of October 2225
September 2228September 2229Income tax proposal of September 2228
September 2228September 2229Arbeit Macht Frei
December 2228December 2228Cabinet Proposal of December 2228
October 2230October 2230Axis Mundi "Progressive" Cabinet Proposal of October 2230
August 2231October 2231Rational Defense Policy
March 2238March 2238Axis Mundi Revolution - Anti-Hippies Legislation!
October 2238October 2239Income tax proposal of October 2238
March 2240March 2240Axis Mundi Revolution - New Revolutionary Agenda!
March 2240June 2241Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
August 2240August 2240The Communications Act 2240
January 2241November 2243Freedom to Contract
January 2241November 2243Rational Health Care Policy
October 2241January 2242Snivel Rights for cash
June 2244June 2244The Manion Party look to our Future
December 2245December 2245Cabinet Proposal of December 2245
August 2247August 2247Likatonia for Likatonians III (Economics part 1)
August 2247August 2247Likatonia for Likatonians II.
August 2247February 2248Likatonia for Likatonians III (Economics part 2)
September 2247September 2247Likatonia for Likatonians VII - Power to the Sons of Likatonia
September 2247September 2247Likatonia for Likatonians VII - The Religious Offensive.
September 2247September 2247Doctrine of the Black Congregation (i) c
September 2247September 2247Likatonia for Likatonians IV
September 2247February 2248Likatonia for Likatonians VI - Common Sense
November 2247November 2247Axis Mundi Revolution - (Won't Stop) the Children of The Revolution!
November 2247November 2247Looking after our young
May 2248October 2248Local, but National. A review of Local Government powers
November 2248November 2248Alternative Cabinet Proposal of November 2248
November 2248September 2249Let My People Pray Again
May 2249May 2249Income tax proposal of May 2249
May 2249May 2249Atreides Anakrousis' Revolutionary Cabinet Proposal of May 2249
May 2249May 2249Budget proposal of May 2249
May 2250September 2250Rationalizing Defense Industry Policy
October 2250December 2250Fascist Agenda
November 2250November 2250Axis Mundi Revolution - Words Again that Failed!
December 2250December 2250Freedom, Democracy and Pride
December 2250February 2251Zuman Independence and Integration NOW
October 2251October 2251The Justice Act of 2251
March 2252May 2252Firearms Bill
March 2252May 2252Gin Krow Law
March 2252May 2252Educational Boundaries Bill
April 2252April 2252Anarch Anakrousite 'Dove Faction' Initiative of April 2252
March 2253March 2253Economic Agenda
September 2253September 2253Likatonia citizens blood affirmation.
November 2253October 2254Patriot Resolution
July 2255July 2255Cabinet Proposal of July 2255
September 2255September 2255Call for early elections, September 2255
September 2255September 2260Greater Likatonia, resolution 1
March 2256September 2260Removal of Likatonia from foreign entanglement preventing rational geographic discourse
April 2256April 2256Looking after our Youth
April 2256April 2257Religious Freedom Act 2257
September 2256September 2256Cabinet Proposal of September 2256
October 2256October 2256Parental rights
November 2256November 2256Anarch Anakrousite Green Tint
November 2256September 2257Information must be free
November 2256September 2257Protect Our Children Reinstated
November 2256September 2257Rational Defense Policy Reinstated
March 2257September 2257For our people
April 2257April 2257To reflect our Free Society
November 2257May 2259Income tax proposal of November 2257
January 2258January 2258Greater Likatonia resolution 2 ammended.
February 2258February 2258Economic and Social Progress bill of 2258
March 2258March 2258Freedom Agenda 4
November 2258November 2258Golden Age Cabinet Proposal of November 2258
May 2260May 2260Freedom from corporate torture
May 2260May 2260Freedom to choose Gated Communities
May 2260May 2260Freedom of medicine
May 2260May 2260Freedom to know what you're eating
September 2260September 2260Economic Reform 2260
April 2261September 2262Economics - the national superstructure
December 2261December 2261Freedom to make connections
September 2262September 2262Cabinet Proposal of September 2262
May 2263November 2263LFF bill for a progressive Likatonia 1
July 2263November 2263Income tax proposal of July 2263
November 2263November 2263Eminent. What is eminent about this ?
May 2266July 2266LFF New age agenda
June 2266September 2269Sanctity of Property
June 2266September 2269Rationalization of Foreign Aid Redux
June 2266September 2269Leveling the Playing Field
June 2266September 2269Three Fingers Bill's Bill
September 2267November 2267Imagine no religion too...
November 2270November 2272Let My People Pray Again II
November 2270November 2272Freedoms
April 2271December 2271Health of the Nation
September 2271April 2272Modern Life
December 2271November 2272Protection of Knowledge and Information Bill
April 2273November 2273Sanctity of Life
September 2273September 2274Infrastructure Reform Bill
September 2273September 2274Pension Bill
May 2274May 2274Cabinet Proposal of May 2274
May 2274May 2274Cabinet Proposal of May 2274
March 2275March 2277Science Reform Bill
March 2275March 2277Population Control Bill
March 2275March 2277Ecology Bill
September 2275September 2275The Meria Separatist Council (Freedom Bill)
November 2275November 2275Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
November 2275November 2275Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
October 2277April 2280Power to the People, Right On!
November 2277April 2278Military Reform Bill
February 2279April 2280Abortion Bill
June 2279February 2280Ratification of the Keymon Defence Agreement
November 2279November 2279Freedom Cabinet of 2280
October 2280April 2281Defense in an Uncertain World
February 2281February 2281Aethiest agenda 2
December 2282December 2282Cabinet Proposal of December 2282
December 2282March 2287Merian Seperatism
September 2283March 2284Income tax proposal of September 2283
October 2283October 2283BFoDT 4
January 2284January 2284Morality Issues
January 2284January 2284MSA Enviromentalism
January 2284January 2284Foreign Aid
February 2284February 2284Permissive policies
February 2285February 2285BFoDT 2285 Legislative Amendments
March 2286March 2287Preservation of Informed Consent
September 2290March 2291Protecting Our Children
September 2290March 2291The Best Defence
April 2293April 2293BFoDT2
April 2293April 2293BFoDT9
April 2293April 2293BFoDT8
April 2293April 2293BFoDT6
April 2293April 2293BFoDT5
April 2293April 2293BFoDT4
April 2293April 2293BFoDT3
March 2297February 2298Pay for Pray
March 2297February 2298No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition
April 2299April 2299Time to stop hiding from our responsibilities
September 2301September 2301Volunteerism
September 2301September 2301Children are our Future
September 2301September 2301Privatization of the Nation
March 2304July 2304Income tax proposal of March 2304
February 2306February 2306Cabinet Proposal of February 2306
February 2307March 2307Stew in the Pot, or Pot in the Stew
February 2307September 2308I Gotta Be Me (or whoever)
March 2308November 2312Protecting the vulnerable
September 2308August 2310Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
November 2312November 2312Morality 3: Power
November 2312November 2312Morality 2: Health
November 2312November 2312Morality 1: Defence
November 2312November 2312Morality 6: An end to insurrection
November 2312November 2312Morality 4: Justice
November 2312January 2313Morality 5: Freedom of information
December 2312December 2312Cabinet Proposal of December 2312
January 2313January 2313Budget proposal of January 2313
January 2313January 2313Income tax proposal of January 2313
April 2314April 2314Morality: Leadership
September 2314September 2314Axis Mundi: An End to Tyranny
February 2317February 2317Restoring Political Freedom
February 2317February 2317Cabinet Proposal of February 2317
February 2317March 2317Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economics again
February 2317March 2317Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Justice again
February 2317March 2317Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Military again
March 2317March 2317Independant Government
September 2317September 2317Budget proposal of September 2317
January 2318March 2318Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - recreational policies
September 2318December 2318New religions
September 2318December 2318False information bill
February 2319February 23192319 Education Act
February 2319February 2319Religion
February 2319February 2319Unity Cabinet Proposal of February 2319
August 2319September 2320Governmental Reform
March 2320March 2320Strength through Arms
January 2321January 2321Waste disposal responsibility
March 2321March 2321More Rights, Less Wrongs
March 2321March 2321Our Environment
March 2322July 2322Income tax proposal of March 2322
March 2322January 2324Go Tell It On The Mountain
March 2322January 2324Our Bodies, Our Selves
March 2322January 2324Freedom of Speach
July 2322December 2322Reform
October 2322December 2322Government-issued identity card policy
June 2324June 2324Cabinet Proposal of June 2324
June 2324June 2324Military/National Service
October 2325October 2325An End to Terror
December 2326December 2326Birth Control and Abortion Act
December 2326February 2327Workers' Rights Bill
February 2327March 2327Truth In Advertising Bill
November 2327March 2328Safety From Wild Animals Act
February 2328March 2328The Likaton Reform Act of 2328
March 2328March 2328Elimination of Religious Schools Act
September 2328September 2328Free Press Act
December 2329January 2330Eminent Domain Reform Act
November 2330November 2330Secure Borders Act
November 2330January 2331Freer Television Content Act
November 2330January 2331Separation of Government Work From Religious Symbols Bill
February 2331February 2331National Unity Cabinet Proposal of 2331
February 2331February 2331Cleaner Energy Act
February 2331March 2331ID Card Reform Act
March 2331May 2331Tree Replantation Act
March 2331July 2331Income tax proposal of March 2331
March 2331October 2331Easy Math Parliament Size Proposal
July 2331July 2331Health Care Reform Act
September 2331September 2331Local School Discipline Control Act
September 2331October 2331Foreign Investment Security Bill
September 2331March 2332Working Class Tax Cut Proposal of September 2331
September 2331March 2332Budget proposal of September 2331
September 2331July 2332Immigration Reform Act
December 2331July 2332Independant Thought Number 1
December 2331July 2332Independant Thought Number 2
December 2331July 2332Independent Thought Number 3
December 2331July 2332Independent Thought Number 17
January 2332January 2332Cabinet Proposal of January 2332
January 2332July 2332New Name for our Nation
March 2332March 2332Call for early elections, March 2332
March 2332June 2332Power Delivery Reform Act
March 2332July 2332Freedom to Hug Act
April 2332April 2332Budget proposal of April 2332
April 2332April 2332Progressive Income tax proposal of April 2332
May 2332June 2332Luxury Goods and Corporate Taxation
June 2332June 2332Library and Museum Act
June 2332June 2332Freedom from Missionaries Act
July 2332July 2332Independent Thought Number 23
August 2332August 2332Clean Indoor Air Act
September 2332April 2333Independent Thought Number 48
October 2332October 2332Cabinet Proposal of October 2332
October 2332October 2332Limited Copyright Act
February 2333February 2333Sex Education Act
February 2333March 2333Protection From Fradusters Act
July 2333August 2333Compromise Budget Proposal of July 2333
August 2333August 2333Alcoholic Beverage Liberalization Act
August 2333August 2333Higher Education Accessibility and Improvement Act
August 2333August 2333Compromise Income Tax Proposal of August 2333
August 2333September 2333Universal Phone Service Act
September 2333September 2333Rename Our Nation!
September 2333December 2333Resolution to Prevent Abuse of Free Tuition
March 2334March 2334High School Completion Act
March 2334April 2334Research Regulation Act
January 2335January 2335Independent Thoughts 231 - 240
June 2335June 2335Genetically Modified Crops Bill
July 2335July 2335Repeal of earlier legislation
August 2336August 2336Active Party Cabinet Proposal of August 2336
August 2336August 2336Constitutional Amendments
August 2336September 2336Grounded Cause Exception to Letter Confidentiality
August 2336September 2336Gun Limitation Bill
September 2336September 2336Living Wage Act
September 2336September 2336Middle class tax cut of September 2336
September 2336February 2337Practical Freedoms
February 2337February 2337Likatonia Postal Service
February 2337February 2337Taxation of Religion Bill
February 2337March 2337Life From Death Act
February 2337March 2337Age of Majority Act
October 2337December 2337Law Abiding Citizen Act
March 2338March 2338Cabinet Proposal of March 2338
March 2338March 2338Free the market!
September 2338July 2339Defence of the Realm Act of 2338
May 2339September 2339Term length adjustment discussion
August 2339August 2339Cabinet Proposal of August 2339
August 2339September 2339Food Safety Enforcement Act
August 2339September 2339Civil Defense Act
November 2339November 2339Space Agency Privatization Bill
March 2340March 2340Truth in Advertising Bill of 2340
July 2340December 2340PCA bill - Economics 1
July 2340December 2340PCA bill - Green Platform 1
July 2340December 2340PCA bill - Religious freedom
August 2340September 2340Call for early elections, August 2340
September 2340January 2341Alternate Forestry Bill
November 2340November 2340Pollution Standards Enforcement Act
November 2340November 2340Defense Certainty Act
November 2340December 2340Mass Transit Act
March 2341March 2341Working Conditions Promotion Act
March 2341May 2341Truly Unshackling Media Bill
December 2341December 2341Education Reform Act
February 2342February 2342Income tax proposal of February 2342
February 2342February 2342Budget proposal of February 2342
March 2342March 2342Further Education Reform Act
June 2342August 2343End to Double Taxation
November 2342November 2342Good Neighbour act ii
November 2342November 2342Budget proposal of November 2342
February 2343February 2343Criminal Justice Act
July 2343August 2343LITP Election Manifesto
May 2344May 2344Freedom to Kiss Act
May 2344August 2344Religious freedom act.
June 2344June 2344The LITP Cabinet proposal
July 2344August 2344Sexual Freedom Act
August 2344September 2344Grounded Cause Investigation Act
September 2344September 2344Budget proposal of September 2344
September 2344September 2344Middle Class Tax Cut of September 2344
January 2345January 2345Making Work Pay Bill
January 2345January 2345Foreign Aid Moderation Act
January 2345January 2345Precription Drug Act of 2345
January 2345February 2345Animal Control and Public Safety Act
January 2347January 2347Homosexual freedom
March 2347March 2347Corporate Tax Restoration Act
November 2347November 2347Prosleytization Prevention Act
November 2347November 2347Public Safety Act
November 2347November 2347Energy Delivery Reform Act
December 2347December 2347Budget proposal of December 2347
May 2348November 2348Likatonia first - a bill to protect Likatonia
August 2348September 2348Working Conditions Improvement Act
March 2350March 2350Tourism Restoration Act
March 2350March 2350WMD Deterrence Act
August 2350August 2350Superstition School Abolition Act
August 2350August 2350Public Works Act
September 2350September 2350PLPL Platform for 2351
May 2351May 2351Cabinet Proposal of May 2351
June 2351June 2351The Military
June 2351June 2351The Future
October 2351October 2351Budget proposal of October 2351
October 2351October 2351Encouragement of Open Source Act
June 2352June 2352Bill for Active Improvement of Likatonia
September 2352August 23532353/54 LITP Manifesto
November 2353December 2354Motion condemning Keymonese interference in Likatonian Legislative procedure.
November 2354November 2354Hunting and Fishing Licensing Act
November 2354November 2354Cabinet Proposal of November 2354
January 2355January 2355Alternate Adoption Reform Bill
January 2355January 2355A Bill For The Well-Being Of Humans
January 2356January 2356Fixing The Deficit Act
February 2356February 2356Bill Ending Defense Company Subsidies
February 2356February 2356State of Emergency Reaction Bill
March 2356March 2356Cabinet Proposal of March 2356
August 2356August 2356Intelligence Agency Bill
December 2356June 2357Fascist Agenda 2
September 2357September 2357PLPL platform Part 2 (including some devolution)
May 2358May 2358Cabinet Proposal of May 2358
October 2358October 2358Sustainable Forestry Act
February 2359February 2359Taxation Revision Bill appendix (i); New Jobs for Old Hands
February 2359February 2359Union Protection Act
February 2359June 2359Anti-decadence initiative
July 2359July 2359WMD Deterrence Act
November 2359March 2360Moderated Importation Bill
August 2360August 2360Right to Strike Act
February 2361February 2361Liberal Media Reform Bill
March 2361March 2361PLPL Platform
November 2361November 2361Gun Control Act
November 2361November 2361Income tax proposal of November 2361
November 2361November 2361Cabinet Proposal of November 2361
February 2362February 2362Health Bill
August 2362August 2362Prostitution Regulation Act
August 2362August 2362Compassion for Those in Pain Bill
August 2362November 2362Secondary Strike Action
November 2362March 2363Military Reform Bill
January 2363January 2363Resolution 2363: Concerning Greater Likatonia
January 2363February 2363Ecology Bill
February 2363July 2363Liberal Budget Proposal
February 2363July 2363Liberal Income Tax Reform
March 2363March 2363Population Growth Bill
March 2363March 2363Military Reform Bill 2
August 2363August 2363Fair and Transparent
August 2363August 2363Fit for purpose
October 2363October 2363Government Controlled Utilities
January 2364January 2364Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Likatonia, Protected
February 2364February 2364Health, physical and spiritual.
February 2364February 2364Taxes
March 2364March 2364Drug Decriminalization Act
March 2364March 2364Foreign Investment Act
July 2364July 2364Leaving No Child Behind - For Real
August 2364August 2364Education and Economy
August 2364August 2364Tightening our Borders
September 2364September 2364PLPL Mainfesto, Part 2
September 2364September 2364PLPL Manifesto of 2364
May 2365January 2366Protecting Children Bill
May 2365January 2366Axis Mundi - Is this what we want?
August 2365August 2365Compromise Budget Proposal of August 2365
August 2365August 2365Historical Site Freedom Act
January 2366January 2366Cabinet Proposal of January 2366
January 2366February 2366Justice Bill
February 2366December 2366Gated Communities Bill
February 2366December 2366Child Protection Bill 2
April 2366April 2366Income tax proposal of April 2366
May 2366May 2366Rights of the Accused
August 2366August 2366Nationality Reform
August 2366February 2368Child Protection Act 3
January 2367January 2367Fire Department Bill
February 2367February 2367An end to the golden handshake
September 2367September 2367LITP Manifesto 2
September 2367September 2367Con Libs Manifesto
December 2367December 2367Country Name Change
January 2368January 2368Justice Bill
January 2368January 2368Conservative Liberal Manifesto
February 2368February 2368PLPL Election Manifesto
March 2368March 2368PLPL Labor and Environment Manifesto
August 2368December 2368Liberal Income Tax Proposal
February 2369February 2369Energy Generation Bill
August 2369August 2369Deficit Elimination Act of August 2369
September 2369September 2369Balanced Budget Proposal of September 2369
May 2370May 2370Religious freedom peicemeal 1
May 2370May 2370Religious freedom peicemeal 3
May 2370May 2370Religious freedom peicemeal 2
October 2370March 2371Freedom of Flesh and Press 2
December 2370December 2370Call for early elections, December 2370
December 2370March 2371Labelling Reform Bill
March 2371August 2371Call for early elections, May 2372
July 2371January 2372Conservative Liberal Mandate
August 2371April 2372Stupidity Discouragement Bill
August 2371April 2372Private but Regulated Retail Energy Bill
January 2372January 2372Axis Mundi Cabinet Proposal of January 2372
February 2372February 2372AMELIP Administrative adjustments
February 2373February 2373AMELIP Managing Liberties
February 2373February 2373Anti-Phone Gouging Proposal
July 2373July 2373Technology Advancement Act
October 2373October 2373Break up the power
November 2373November 2373Budgeting for all the new Convocation members
November 2373November 2373Population Growth Neutrality Bill
December 2373December 2373Education Bill
December 2373December 2373CLP Cultural Agenda
August 2375December 2375AMELIP Agenda II
September 2375September 2375Administrative amendment
December 2376December 2376Call for early elections, December 2376
December 2378December 2378Sturm und Drang - Fifth Social Agenda
December 2380February 2382A new deal for Likatonia - religious liberation
August 2381November 2381Mundi
December 2381December 2381smoking
June 2382June 23822382 Public Health Act
July 2382July 2382Public Transport for All
February 2385February 2385Bordel
February 2385July 2387Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economics, Security, and Prosperity
December 2387December 2387Cabinet Proposal of December 2387
July 2389July 2389Income tax proposal of July 2389
July 2391July 2391Health
August 2392August 2392Income tax proposal of August 2392
August 2392August 2392Independant thinking
August 2392August 2392Budget proposal of August 2392
February 2393February 2393Regulate
February 2393February 2393Bolstering our finances
August 2393August 2393Morality
February 2394August 2394Economic Liberalization Act 2394
June 2395December 2396Ratification of the Collective Security Council
January 2397January 2397Ratification of the Axis Mundi International Treaty
January 2397December 2398Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
December 2397December 2398Ratification of the Aldegar Non-Aggression Treaty
September 2398August 2400Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Our bodies, Our selves again
February 2399February 2399Budget proposal of February 2399
February 2399February 2399Income tax proposal of February 2399
July 2400July 2400No Chemicals
July 2400July 2400The Church of the Likaton People
July 2400July 2400Peace
August 2400August 2400Internationalism
December 2400June 2401Conservative Liberal Agenda
January 2402January 2402Liberal Bill
August 2402August 2402Foreign
January 2403January 2403Sturm und Drang - Power to The People
March 2403March 2403AMELIP Agenda
March 2403March 2403Economic sanity
June 2403June 2403A Good Neighbour
January 2404May 2404Military Bill
January 2405January 2405Changes
June 2406June 2406ConLibs Manifesto
September 2406September 2406Tax
May 2407May 2407Desperate attempt to form a working Cabinet
May 2407June 2407AMELIP humbly requests...
July 2407July 2407Sturm und Drang - Continuing Social Agenda
January 2408January 2408Military
December 2409July 2410Sturm und Drang - Fair Trade and Social Equity Agenda
October 2410October 2410Sturm und Drang - Saving Likatonia!
November 2414November 2414Call for early elections, November 2414
March 2416March 2416Call for early elections, March 2416
August 2417August 2417SSP
January 2421March 2421Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - religious policies
January 2423January 2424Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economics redux
February 2428February 2430Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Military revisited
January 2433January 2433Democratic Stability
January 2433January 2433Emergency Cabinet Proposal of January 2433
January 2433January 2433Budget proposal of January 2433
January 2433January 2433Income tax proposal of January 2433
March 2433March 2433Strength through Identity
June 2433June 2433Serious Bill
September 2433September 2433Time to stop believing in Fairy Stories
September 2433September 2433Cutting Out The Crap
December 2433December 2433Blut und Boden
December 2433December 2433Racial Purity Initiative.
April 2435April 2435Hardline Cabinet Proposal of April 2435
September 2436September 2436Closing the Stable door
December 2436December 2436The Fascist Agenda
January 2437October 2437Lifetime Efficiency Act
January 2437November 2437Sustainability act
January 2437November 2437Free Education to Kids bill
January 2437June 2438Keymons Final Solution
March 2437November 2437Corporate Law Reform
December 2437September 2438Military Reform
June 2438October 2438Religious Re-Education and Elimination Act of 2438
July 2438August 2438Superior Citizenship Act
September 2438September 2438Criminal Justice Act
October 2438November 2438Illegal Aliens Act
June 2439June 2439Popular Fascism and You
December 2439December 2439Benevolent Provider's Act
June 2440November 2440Military Equalization Act
June 2440November 2440Home Privacy Protection Act
August 2440November 2440Fairness and Accuracy in Retail Transactions
May 2441May 2441Important matters
June 2441June 2441Human fertilizer revocation act
June 2441June 2441Religious Tolerance Act
August 2441August 2441Cultural Localization Act
April 2442April 2442Environment schmenvironment
April 2442April 2442Mental Defense Initiative
April 2442April 2442Education Platform
May 2442May 2442Convocation Dress Code
November 2442June 2444Peace in our time
July 2443February 2448Patriot Act of 2443
May 2444May 2444Right to strike
October 2444October 2444Resolution supporting the Deltarian government
December 2445May 2446Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (iii)
January 2446May 2556Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Resolution Proposal Incubator
May 2446May 2446The Rights of the Many
May 2446October 2446Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (v)
May 2446April 2448Cabinet Proposal of May 2446
March 2447November 2447Likatonian Defense Act
June 2449November 2449Ethnic Cleansing for Racial Purity and Economic Potency
December 2450February 2452Income tax proposal of December 2450
December 2450February 2452Sie Gedanken sind frei
July 2451December 2454Arbeit Macht Frei II
December 2454January 2457Budget proposal of December 2454
January 2455July 2455Secularisation of the Nation Bill
August 2455August 2455Abolition of Slavery
November 2455February 2456Foreign Policy Upheaval
November 2455February 2456Military Reform Act
February 2456October 2456National Health Service Act
March 2456January 2457Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New Wave - People Power
August 2456October 2456The People's Rights
January 2457January 2457Cultural Reform
February 2458February 2458Secular Society Act
August 2458August 2458Advertising Review Act
January 2459January 2459Civil Rights Act
January 2460January 2460Animal Research Act
January 2460January 2460National Forestry Act
January 2460January 2460Freedom of Speech: Internet
January 2460January 2460Food Safety Act
January 2460January 2460Euthanasia Review Act
August 2460August 2460Domestic Pets Act
August 2460August 2460Tobacco Regulation Act
August 2460January 2461Judicial Reform
August 2460January 2461Secular Likatonia
January 2461December 2461Military Capture
March 2461July 2461Cabinet Proposal of March 2461
December 2461December 2461Internationalism
December 2461December 2462Child Protection
December 2461December 2462Slander
December 2461December 2462Eminent Domain Compensation
December 2461December 2462Television
January 2462January 2462Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Back to Basics
February 2462November 2462Income tax proposal of February 2462
May 2462May 2462Revised Budget proposal of May 2462
July 2462November 2462Gated Communities Bill
November 2462November 2462Private Automobiles Act
November 2462November 2462Civil Marriage Act
November 2462November 2462Religious Freedom Bill
November 2462November 2462Religious Tax Bill
December 2462June 2463Take-Over Protection
December 2462June 2463Parental Requirements Act
December 2462June 2463"Back to Basics" Fix
January 2463July 2463An amendment to our legislation concerning the military.
February 2463June 2463Standardized Tests
February 2463June 2463Sex Ed Act of February 2463
June 2463February 2464Corporal Punishment, June 2463
August 2463August 2463Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Preserving Likatonia
August 2463January 2464Identity Card Review Act
January 2464February 2464Open Source
February 2464February 2464Prisoner of War Act
February 2464July 2464Defense in a World of Unknowns
March 2464March 2464Axis Mundi Interim-Cabinet Proposal of March 2464
July 2464July 2464Migration and National Residency Act
July 2464July 2464(Real) Confidentiality of Mail Act
July 2464July 2464Confidentiality of Mail Act
May 2465September 2466Decriminalisation of Public Exhibition Act
May 2466September 2466Abolition of Child Labour
June 2466June 2466Call for early elections, June 2466
January 2467January 2467Organ Donation Act
February 2467February 2467Establishment of a National Bank
February 2467February 2467International Aid Act
May 2467September 2467"Just Say No" Act
October 2467October 2467You May Have A RIGHT to Smoke, but I Have A RIGHT Not to Inhale It Act
December 2467December 2467Revision of the Role of National Anthem Within Education
December 2467July 2468Democratic Workers' Party Manifesto
May 2468November 2468National Stability Initiative 4
July 2468July 2468Adveritsement Prohibition Act
September 2468September 2468Intellectual Property Act
September 2468September 2468PBS & BBC Act
July 2469September 2469If You Do the CRIME, You Do the WORK Act
July 2471July 2471Independent Broadcasting Act
July 2472February 2473Building A Peaceful Society
October 2472October 2472Emergency Elections, October 2472
November 2472February 2473Building A Peaceful Society II
December 2472December 2472Budget proposal of December 2472
December 2472February 2473Recreational Drug Use Reform
December 2472February 2473Likatonian Space Agency Act
December 2472February 2473Income tax proposal of December 2472
February 2473February 2473Devolved Government Act
March 2473April 2473Manifest Destiny
August 2473August 2473Emergency, short term cabinet proposal.
October 2474May 2476Stock Xchange the blood bank of a country!!
February 2475February 2475Capital Punishment Review
February 2475February 2475Separation of Church and State
July 2475June 2476Democratic Workers' Party Manifesto of 2475
August 2475August 24753rd Compromise Cabinet proposal
February 2476February 2476Environmental Transport Act
February 2476February 2476Cabinet Proposal of February 2476
June 2476June 2476Democratic Workers' Party Manifesto Amendments
October 2476October 2476Religious Tolerance Act of 2476
April 2478November 2479Roadkill reduction act
July 2478July 2478Filibusterbuster
July 2478December 2478Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - In Defence of the Realm
November 2478November 2478Wealth redistribution proposal of November 2478
November 2478November 2478Democratic Justice Reform
November 2478July 2479Resolution: Democratic Decency
July 2479July 2479Socialist economy proposal of July 2479
July 2479August 2479Eco-Progress Act
August 2479August 2479Socialist Economic Proposal 2479
December 2479March 2480National Pride
June 2480June 2480Corporation Tax Initiative
June 2480June 2480Red Revolution!
February 2481February 2481Lokitogorska's Fiscal Review of February 2481
September 2481August 2482National Cultural Development Act
September 2481August 2482National Justice Act
January 2482September 2482Axis Mundi Democratic Workers' Party Manifesto: Ethical Politics
February 2482February 2482Call for early elections, February 2482
March 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #1
March 2482April 2482National Defense Act #1
March 2482April 2482National Defense Act #4
March 2482May 2482Freedom from Tyranny
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #5
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #3
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #1
April 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #7
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #9
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #7
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #6
June 2482June 2482Economic Freedom Act #12
July 2482July 2482Economis Freedom Act #13
September 2482September 2482All things being equal, where's my money?
September 2482September 2482Money Talks.
September 2482September 2482The 'Lik at what we got here' Cabinet Proposal of September 2482
October 2482October 2482Criminal Justice Reform Act #2
October 2482October 2482Criminal Justice Reform Act #1
October 2482October 2482Economic Freedom Act #14
November 2482November 2482Unity Cabinet Proposal of November 2482
November 2482November 2482Criminal Justice Reform Act #3
November 2482November 2482Whiteflag Agenda - Reaching Out To Capitalistas
January 2483January 2483A Bill to rationalise and stablilise convocation influence in Likaton Society
March 2483March 2483Intellectual Revolution Act #1
March 2483March 2483Criminal Justice Reform Act #4
June 2483December 2483Whiteflag Agenda - A Union of One
July 2483October 2483Impeach The Traitors!
August 2483December 2483Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective V
August 2483December 2483Red Likatonia: Welfare Objective III
August 2483December 2483Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective VI
August 2483July 2484Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective VIII
August 2483July 2484Red Likatonia: Welfare Objective II
August 2483July 2484Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective VII
November 2483December 2483Income tax proposal of November 2483
November 2483December 2483Budget proposal of November 2483
March 2484March 2484Likatonian Cooperation
May 2484May 2484Intellectual Revolution Act #10
June 2484June 2484Early Day Motion of Support for the Emissary
June 2484June 2484From our Sponsors in the Likaton Wine Industry
July 2484July 2484Red Likatonia: Red Coalition proposal of 2484
December 2484December 2484Impeachment Emergency Interim Cabinet (2484)
September 2485September 2485Barmenistani Supplies Act, 2485
February 2486February 2486Barbarism begins at school
April 2486November 2491Motion Condemning Lodamunese Militirism.
July 2486February 2487Swing low, sweet chariot
August 2486August 2486Call for early elections, August 2486
August 2486November 2486Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #1
March 2487March 2487A few fixes....
March 2487March 2487Income tax proposal of March 2487
November 2487November 2487Proposal to fill 566 empty seats
March 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #5
March 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #4
March 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #3
April 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #8
April 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #7
May 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #9
August 2488August 2488Axis Mundi Council for Stability of August 2488
January 2489February 2489Adjusted Tax Protocol '34'
June 2489June 2489Budget proposal of June 2489
August 2489August 2489Removing the Military from Everyday Life
November 2489November 2489Socialist tax proposal of November 2489
January 2490January 2490Socialist taxation proposal of 2490
January 2490August 2490Red Ecologism: REAL Common Sense
September 2490September 2490Out out damn religion
February 2491February 2491Call for early elections, February 2491
May 2491March 2492Military reconstruction act.
July 2491July 2491Porn for All
December 2491December 2491The Likatonian P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei - Kampfhymnen für Kinder Gesänge
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (vi)
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (v)
April 2492April 2492National Security & Homeland Protection Act #5
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (iii)
April 2492April 2492National Security & Homeland Protection Act #4
April 2492April 2492National Security & Homeland Protection Act #3
July 2492July 2492Privatising the Border
January 2493January 2493Tiefökologie Domäne Partei vorgezogene Neuwahlen, April 2492, Re-angehoben January 2493
January 2493May 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #1
January 2493May 2493PROTECT the Immercence Temple Act
January 2493May 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #2
March 2493May 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #4
April 2493April 2493Axis Mundi Coalition Proposal of April 2493
May 2493May 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #6
May 2493May 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #5
July 2493July 2493Freeing Defence.
August 2493August 2493Federal Income Child Tax Credit Act of 2493
August 2493August 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #7
December 2493December 2493Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #1
December 2493December 2493Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #2
May 2494May 2494Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #5
May 2494May 2494Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #4
May 2494May 2494Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #6
October 2494October 2494Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #8
October 2494October 2494Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #7
February 2495February 2495Administrative Reform Act #3 [Meritocratic Civil Service System]
March 2495March 2495Axis Mundi Stability Cabinet Proposal of March 2495
July 2495July 2495Campaign pt3
July 2495July 2495Campaign pt2
June 2496June 2496Military Efficiency Act of 2496
June 2496August 2497Agricultural Reform.
August 2496August 2496Re: Likatonia Land of Joy
February 2497August 2497Eco Act
February 2497August 2498National Reform Act of 2497
July 2497July 2497Anruf für frühe Wahlen, Juli 2497
July 2497January 2498Brown Likatonia
September 2497September 2497Energy L-I-B-E-R-A-L-isation Act of 2497
September 2497September 2497Industry L-I-B-E-R-A-L-isation Act of 2497
November 2497July 2498Law and Order Reforms.
January 2498January 2498Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
April 2498April 2498Resecuring all Industry and Services for the Likatonian People and the Children of Likatonia
May 2498May 2498Cabinet Proposal of May 2498
December 2498May 2499Welfare Act
December 2498May 2499Freedom of Choice Act
April 2500April 2500A Budget fit for 2500: Changing times, changing paces
March 2502March 2502Early Elections to Establish a Clear Government
August 2502November 2502Transport Act II
December 2502January 2504Income tax proposal of December 2502
April 2503April 2503Adopting a Charitable and Positive Foreign Policy
August 2503August 2503Seasons
October 2504October 2504Seasonal Stability Motion
October 2504August 2505Partei demokratischer Arbeiter: ein Manifest für jeder.
November 2505November 25051
November 2505November 25052
November 2505November 25053
November 2505November 25054
November 2505November 25055
January 2512December 2512Partei demokratischer Arbeiter: Sozialismus in der Praxis
December 2512July 2513Budget proposal of December 2512
December 2512November 2513Libertarian defense
June 2513June 2513Gun Ownership
November 2513November 2513Advertising
December 2513December 2513Recognising the Great Football Team of 2510
December 2513December 2513Cabinet Proposal of December 2513
June 2514June 2514Eminent Domain
November 2514December 2514Electoral Reform, November 2514
May 2516May 2516Cabinet Proposal of May 2516
June 2516June 2516Religious Schools
December 2516December 2516Industry
December 2516December 2516Defence Industries
December 2516December 2516Housing
December 2516December 2516Private Healthcare
December 2516December 2516Cabinet Proposal of December 2516
December 2516December 2516Private Education
December 2516December 2516Healthcare
December 2516December 2516Healthcare
December 2516December 2516Abortion
June 2517June 2517Call for early elections, June 2517: Bums on seats
June 2517June 2517Budget proposal of June 2517
June 2517June 2517Income tax proposal of June 2517
July 2517January 2520Liberate The Airwaves.
January 2518January 2518Restoring the balance
June 2519June 2519Socialist Confederacy
July 2520January 2521Health Reforms
December 2520January 2521More changes
January 2521January 2521Axis Mundi Cabinet for Stability Proposal of January 2521
June 2521June 2521Ratification of the North Seleyan Football Association
November 2521November 2521Various changes
December 2521December 2521Ethical education
May 2522May 2522Agriculture changes
August 2522February 2523Security Reconstruction Act.
January 2524June 2524God bless us, every one
July 2524August 2524Constitutional Reform
August 2524August 2524Resolution condemning Indralan interference
December 2524January 2527Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Education
October 2526January 2527Flag act
October 2526January 2527Education Age Change
October 2526January 2527Government Owned Industry Act
June 2527June 2527Unity through love.
July 2528July 2528Cabinet Proposal of July 2528
May 2529May 2529Child Benefit Reform
November 2529June 2530health changes
December 2529January 2530Budget proposal of December 2529
January 2530January 2530Cabinet Proposal of January 2530
January 2530January 2530Likaton for Likatonians!
January 2532January 2532New Educative Plan
May 2532May 2532Infraestructure Reforms
May 2532May 2532Crusades
May 2532May 2532Justice
October 2532January 2533.......
January 2533January 2533Cabinet Proposal of January 2533
April 2533January 2535P31Q2535 Legislative Agenda.
June 2533June 2533Death Penalty
June 2533June 2533Industry
June 2533June 2533End to racism
November 2533November 2533Foreign Policy (Part 1)
November 2533November 2533Justice
November 2533November 2533.
January 2534January 2534Local Control of the Woods
May 2534May 2534Religion
January 2535January 2535..
January 2535January 2535Changes in Culture
January 2535May 2535Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economics and the Right to Prosper
December 2535May 2536Okhranka Manifesto II
May 2536June 2536Democratic Modernisation
June 2536June 2536Amending unnecessary surpluses and excesses
January 2537January 2537Confederalist Manifesto (Infrastructure)
January 2537January 2537Confederalist Manifesto (Welfare)
December 2537December 2537Science Bill
December 2537December 2537Foreign Affairs Bill
December 2537December 2537Agriculture Bill
December 2537December 2537Civil Liberties Bill
December 2537December 2537Ecology Bill
June 2538January 2539Justice and Economics Bill
June 2538January 2539Education Bill
July 2538January 2539Our policy on Animal Rights
November 2538January 2539Military Bill
May 2539May 2539Cabinet Proposal of May 2539
July 2539July 2539Further addressing the Surpluses of Government
July 2539July 2539Addressing the Surpluses of Government
September 2539May 2540changes
November 2539November 2541Modernisation Programme
December 2539December 2539Call for early elections, December 2539, to fill 89 empty seats
April 2540May 2540Education
June 2540June 2540Cabinet Proposal of June 2540
May 2543May 2543Resolution of condemnation
September 2545September 2545Call for early elections, September 2545
February 2547February 2547Peace Process
February 2547February 2547Conservative Liberal policies
April 2547April 2547Withdraw from the Axis 'of evil' Mundi
April 2547April 2547Withdraw from the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty..
April 2547April 2547Religion Changes
August 2547August 2547Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - And Justice For All
September 2547September 2547Conservative Liberal Proposals
October 2547October 2547Democratic Workers' State
February 2548February 2548Conservative Liberal Vision for Likatonia
February 2548February 2548By Force, if needed.
May 2548November 2548Motion to condemn Lodamunese sabre rattling
May 2548December 2548Budget proposal of May 2548
August 2548December 2548Response to Lodamun Declaration of War
December 2548December 2548Coalition of the Willing
February 2549February 2549Liberal Utopia
April 2549April 2549War is not the only way:
April 2549October 2607Greater Likatonia Stage 1
September 2549March 2550Zuma Assistance Bill (the Southern Front)
September 2549August 2550Renaming our Nation
October 2549October 2549Call for early elections, October 2549
December 2549March 2550Zuma Recognition Bill
March 2550March 2550Fascist-Capitalist Alliance
June 2550September 2550Greater Cabinet - Greater Likatonia
October 2550October 2550Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm
April 2551April 2551Formal Petition for Peace between the nations of Likatonia and Lodamun
April 2551April 2551Reparation
May 2551May 2551Lodamunese War Inquiry
May 2551May 2551The Asgarkov Martyr
May 2551May 2551Post-war Reconstruction i
December 2551December 2551Impeachment proceedings against Emissary Moore
December 2551March 2553The After Party
February 2552March 2553Vote of No Confidence in Defence Minister Gerard Weiss (GLNF)
November 2552November 2552Call for early elections, November 2552
November 2552March 2554CLP Manifesto
June 2553June 2553Condemnation of the murder of Alec Reynolds
September 2553September 2553Reforms for a Socialist Confederacy
October 2553October 2553AM-PFL Reconciliation
October 2553October 2553Various Reforms
February 2554February 2554Sturm und Drang - Humane Treatment Bill
June 2554June 2554Better Likatonia Bill
November 2554November 2554NATO Out of Likatonia
November 2554November 2554Various Changes
March 2555March 2555Roll back the frontiers of the state I
May 2555March 2556Various Changes
March 2556March 2556Cabinet Proposal of March 2556
May 2556May 2556Another Election, Sure Why Not?
May 2556May 2556Cabinet Proposal of May 2556
May 2556May 2556Freedom for All
August 2556February 2557Administrative
November 2556February 2557Economics
November 2556February 2557Health
April 2557April 2557Media
May 2557May 2557Cabinet Proposal of May 2557
May 2557May 2557Culture
September 2557September 2557Agriculture
September 2557September 2557For the Holy Army!
September 2557September 2557Ecology
September 2557September 2557Civil Liberties
September 2557October 2557Infrastructure
October 2557October 2557Final Solution (i)
October 2557October 2557Radio Station Control
November 2557November 2557For a better government!
March 2558March 2558Welfare
April 2559April 2559Anti-terrorist law
March 2561March 2561Condemning OOGL-LDA terrorists acts.
March 2561March 2561Anti terrorist Bill
September 2561September 2561.Anti-terrorist security laws.
August 2563August 2563Several Changes
September 2564September 2564Confederalist-Socialism: Economy and Health
March 2565March 2565More changes
May 2566May 2566Cabinet Proposal of May 2566
May 2568May 2568New Name, New Order
May 2570May 2570Administrative update
May 2571May 2571Preventing The Desecration of National Flag
September 2572September 2572Name Change
September 2572September 2572Secular Changes
October 2573October 2573Call for early elections, October 2573
November 2574July 2575Several Changes
July 2576July 2576Let's undo that mistake right now.
August 2577August 2577Income tax proposal of August 2577
August 2577August 2577Grip
August 2577August 2577TAX
August 2577August 2577Cabinet Proposal of August 2577
August 2577August 2577Budget proposal of August 2577
April 2578April 2578Iron
November 2579November 2579Call for early elections, November 2579
February 2580February 2580Keeping it Real
August 2581March 2582Call for early elections, August 2581
September 2581September 2581Call for early elections, September 2581
April 2582November 2582Merian Expulsion Act, 2582
February 2583February 2583Serendipity
February 2584November 2584Alcohol Consumption Act
February 2584November 2584Freedom to Serve Act
March 2584March 2584Elections
March 2584March 2584Income tax proposal of March 2584
March 2584March 2584Budget proposal of March 2584
March 2584October 2584Proper Gander
March 2584October 2584Bah!
April 2584October 2584Income
June 2585October 2585Women in the Military Act
June 2585October 2585Age of Majority Act
July 2585July 2585Call for early elections, July 2585
July 2585September 2585Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
January 2586January 2586Foreign Relations Act
May 2586March 2587Child Benefit Act
May 2586March 2587Likatonian Broadcasting Corporation Act
May 2586March 2587Mayoralty Act
May 2586March 2587Separate Head of Government Act
September 2586September 2586Call for early elections, September 2586
September 2586May 2587Weapon Bill
September 2586May 2587Nationality
November 2586November 2586Malefic and The Malversation Array - Machines of Loving Grace 2586
November 2586May 2587Likatonia Monarch Front Ideals
November 2586May 2587New
March 2587March 2587Cabinet Proposal of March 2587
October 2587October 2587Animal Research Act
October 2587October 2587Minimum Wage Act
October 2587October 2587Industry Act
October 2587October 2587Free Investment Act
October 2587April 2588Child Labour Act
April 2588April 2588Civil Rights and Liberties Act
September 2588September 2588We, The People...
June 2589June 2589Euthanasia Act
March 2590March 2590Cabinet Proposal of March 2590
May 2590May 2590Call for early elections, May 2590
August 2590August 2590A New Face of Energy
August 2590August 2590Working Policy
August 2590August 2590A Heavenly Step
October 2590October 2590Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - NWO (i)
January 2591January 2591Managing the State Houses
August 2591August 2591Cabinet Act II
January 2592January 2592Women in the Workforce Act
April 2592April 2592Cabinet Proposal of April 2592
September 2592September 2592Call for early elections, September 2592
October 2592October 2592Cabinet Proposal of October 2592
February 2593February 2593Call for early elections, February 2593
August 2595August 2595Peace in our time
December 2603December 2603Green Children Act
September 2606September 2606Foreign Relations and Immigration Act
January 2607January 2607The Flag Act
February 2607February 2607Military Rights
March 2607October 2607Banking Reform
March 2607January 2610Sturm und Drang - New World Order (ii)
April 2607October 2607The Sun has Risen
June 2607December 2607Immigration Act
July 2607July 2607Call for early elections, July 2607
July 2607October 2607DNA Act
August 2607October 2607Nationals Act
August 2607October 2607Whaling Act
September 2607October 2607Population Control
October 2607October 2607Taxation 3
October 2607October 2607Budget proposal of October 2607
October 2607October 2607Income tax proposal of October 2607
March 2608March 2608Right To Bear Arms Act
July 2608July 2608Opening our Doors Act
August 2608August 2608Sturm und Drang - New World Order (revised)
October 2608October 2608Striking Workers Act
December 2608December 2608Sturm und Drang - New World Order (ii) (revised)
March 2609March 2609Call for early elections, March 2609
August 2609August 2609Adulthood
September 2609September 2609Hunting Act
December 2609December 2609Ecology, Environment, and Wildlife Act
March 2610March 2610The Liberty Act
April 2610April 2610Opening Likatonia's Wind
April 2610April 2610Military Wind
August 2610August 2610Budget proposal of August 2610
December 2610December 2610Military Empowerment Act
June 2611June 2611Anti-Political Correctness Act
January 2612July 2612Draft Act
January 2612July 2612Privatization of Retirement Act
January 2612July 2612Small Government Act
January 2612July 2612Contraceptives Act
January 2612July 2612Increased Police Act
March 2612March 2612Call for early elections, March 2612
March 2612July 2612Economic Liberty Act
June 2612June 2612The Two Tier Act
July 2612July 2612Income tax proposal of July 2612
July 2612July 2612Private Property Act
July 2612July 2612Secondary Education Reform
July 2612July 2612Police Defense Act
July 2612July 2612International Economic Freedom Act
September 2612September 2612Cabinet Proposal of September 2612
September 2612September 2612Privacy Act
September 2612September 2612National Radio Reform
September 2612September 2612Fixing the Dress Code
February 2613February 2613Farming and Fishing Act
June 2613June 2613Malpractice Act
June 2613June 2613Science and Techonolgy Act
June 2613June 2613Foreign Affairs Act
June 2613June 2613Attorney Appointment Act
July 2613July 2613Defense Act
December 2614July 2615Freedom of Religion Act
February 2615February 2615Emergency Elections, February 2615
October 2615April 2616Olive Branch Act, 2616
February 2616February 2616Elections: Democracy, Now!
June 2616June 2616Moderate "Reform in Healthcare" Agenda
July 2616July 2616Promoting peace and love, 2617
January 2617January 2617Sensible Policies for a Happier Likatonia
September 2617September 2617You Won't Fool The Children of The Revolution: Part One
September 2617September 2617It's A Small World, After All
June 2618June 2618Call for early elections, June 2618
November 2618November 2618Democracy
January 2619January 2619Military Strenthening Act
April 2619October 2619Golden Path Programme: National Name Change
April 2619October 2619Golden Path Programme: Religious freedom initiative
September 2619September 2619Cabinet Proposal of September 2619
September 2620September 2620Abortion Act
September 2620September 2620Freedom
September 2620September 2620Logging Act
May 2621May 2622Golden Path Programme: National Military Iron Agenda
December 2621December 2621Axis Mundi Stability Cabinet: 2621
January 2622April 2622International Bill
January 2622June 2622Border Security Act
January 2622June 2622Democracy Act
February 2622April 2622Military Bill
March 2622March 2622Emergency Elections, 2622
April 2622April 2622Petition to the Minister for Foreign Affairs to Engage Keymon
July 2622July 2622Condemn the Threats of the Keymon (Western Meria) Representative
December 2622December 2622Call for early elections, December 2622
January 2623January 2623Budget proposal of January 2623
June 2623January 2624Privatization of Military Act
July 2623July 2623Call for early elections, July 2623
July 2623December 2623The Berosian Revolution: Introducing the free market (revisited)
September 2623December 2623Domestic Pet Ownership Act
June 2624June 2624Health Care Reform
June 2625June 2625CLP Agenda II
August 2625March 2626Budget proposal and debate of August 2625
September 2625January 2626Justice Act
April 2626December 2626The Berosian Revolution: Liberty
December 2626December 2626The Berosian Revolution: Spending/Taxation
February 2628February 2628Cabinet Proposal of February 2628
December 2629December 2629Spenocratic Agenda: International Relations
May 2630May 2630Ratification of the TOA (Terran Olympic Association)
July 2630July 2630Pollution Regulation Act
July 2630July 2630Minimum Wage Reinactment
July 2630July 2630Child Labour Reform
July 2630July 2630Water Purification Act
August 2630August 2630Military Act
January 2631January 2631Exportation of Arms
January 2631January 2631Police Firearms Act
January 2632January 2632Gambling Security Act
December 2640December 2640Tax Reform Act
January 2641January 2641Budget proposal of January 2641
January 2642January 2642Income tax proposal of January 2642
November 2643November 2643Economic Devolution Act
November 2643November 2643Reform Act
January 2644January 2644Health Care Act
June 2646June 2646Call for early elections, June 2646
October 2646October 2646Cabinet Proposal of October 2646
January 2647July 2647FairTax proposal of January 2647
April 2647April 2647Call for repeat elections, April 2647
May 2647May 2647Greater powers for the Merian Assembly
July 2647July 2647Foreign Affairs & Defense Act
July 2647July 2647Ecology Act
August 2648August 2648Call for early elections, August 2648
February 2650February 2650Budget proposal of February 2650
February 2651February 2651Tax Cut
June 2653June 2653Isaiah 58:7-8
June 2653June 2653Exodus 21:22-3
June 2653June 2653Joshua 6:17-21
June 2653June 2653Leviticus 25:44-6
February 2655February 2655Budget proposal of February 2655
March 2657March 2657Freedom Act
April 2657April 2657Reform Act
June 2658August 2658Cabinet Proposal of June 2658
December 2658January 2660United Republics of Lodamun Occupation Act
January 2660January 2660The Moral Guardian Act (i)
November 2660June 2661A New National Anthem For A New Age
May 2661August 2661The Moral Guardian Act (ii)
April 2669April 2669Gun Act
May 2669May 2669Tax Cut
April 2672April 2672The Nationalism Act
September 2673September 2673Cabinet Proposal of September 2673
October 2673October 2673Call for early elections, October 2673 (Empty Seats)
January 2674January 2674Budget proposal of January 2674
January 2674January 2674Income tax proposal of January 2674
January 2674January 2674Cabinet Proposal of January 2674
January 2674July 2674Control (1)
April 2674April 2674Call for early elections, April 2674
July 2674July 2674Income tax proposal of July 2674
July 2674July 2674Budget proposal of July 2674
October 2674October 2674Taxation
March 2675March 2675Change
April 2676April 2676We Own Your Country
July 2676July 2676Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
September 2676September 2676Improvement of National Defence
May 2677May 2677We looked away for a moment.
September 2677September 2677Ecology of Likatonia
February 2678February 2678genral reforms
April 2678April 2678Equality
November 2678November 2678Budget proposal of November 2678
November 2678November 2678Huge Tax Cuts to benefit all citizens, particularly those on a low income.
November 2678November 2678More reforms
April 2679April 2679Call for early elections, April 2679
September 2679September 2679military correction
January 2680January 2680A few random changes
March 2680March 2680DNA
July 2680July 2680Cabinet Proposals
January 2681January 2681nuclear rearmanent
February 2681February 2681Recreational Drug Use
February 2681February 2681Head of state title
July 2681July 2681new economic reforms
November 2682November 2682The Social Engineering Bill
January 2685September 2685Religious Clothing
January 2685September 2685Public Nudity
April 2685September 2685Advertising
August 2685September 2685Minimum Wage
October 2689October 2689Adulthood reformed
February 2690February 2690Cabinet Proposal of February 2690
January 2691September 2691Space Exploration
July 2691August 2691Government radio station
July 2691September 2691Private Property
August 2692August 2692Military expasion
January 2695February 2699Operation Goliath
February 2695February 2695The Cyber Corps
February 2696February 2696change
February 2696February 2696Abortion
February 2696February 2696Trade union reforms
September 2696September 2696Call for early elections, September 2696
October 2696April 2698Education And Sports
January 2697March 2698Change to Cars
October 2697October 2697Death penalty ban
October 2697July 2702Amendment to laws regarding euthanasia
July 2698July 2698general reforms
July 2698October 2698Religious tolerance bill
October 2698October 2698Change
October 2698October 2698Smoking restriction bill
October 2698February 2699EcoEnergy
February 2699February 2699Cabinet Proposal of February 2699
February 2699October 2699public work scheme
March 2699March 2699Health Changes
April 2699July 2699The first five year plan: renewable energy and ecology
October 2699October 2699'Change' Modified
April 2700April 2700Financial assistance for the unemployed
April 2700March 2703BIG change
January 2701January 2701Change to the Military
April 2701July 2702Worker's right to strike
September 2701September 2701Enviromental Change
September 2701August 2702Change:
February 2702October 2703Dispertion of Groups
March 2702August 2702Extraditing prisoners
March 2702August 2702unnamed
April 2702April 2702Call for early elections, April 2702
April 2702July 2702The government's stance on the source code of software
April 2702July 2702Economics
April 2702July 2702The use of cannabis
April 2702August 2702Change
October 2702October 2703Income tax proposal of October 2702
October 2703October 2703Hunting and fishing
October 2703October 2703Change
March 2704March 2704The use of land mines
March 2704October 2704Zoos
April 2704July 2704Education
August 2704August 2704The use of corporal punishment
September 2704October 2704Reforms
October 2704October 2704Morality
February 2705February 2705Eminent Domain Compensation
July 2705July 2705Call for early elections, July 2705
September 2705March 2706Religious improvements1
October 2705March 2706Reforms to Cival Rights:
February 2706March 2706Ecology improvements2
February 2706March 2706Ecology improvements
March 2706April 2706Change to Religion:
April 2706April 2706Change:
February 2707February 2707Cabinet Proposal of February 2707
March 2707March 2707Reversal of tree replantation bill
January 2708April 2709Vaccinations
January 2708April 2709Chemical and biological weaponry
October 2708April 2709Copyright
January 2709July 2709Missile Sheild
March 2709March 2709Call for early elections, March 2709
July 2709July 2709Cabinet Proposal of July 2709
August 2709August 2709Operation Goliath
August 2709August 2709Military expansion bill
May 2713May 2713Call for early elections, May 2713
October 2714October 2714Our Nation:
September 2716September 2716The way Forward:
September 2716September 2716For the Development of The Nation
October 2717February 2718Call for early elections, October 2717
April 2719April 2719Bill
July 2719July 2719Identity cards
July 2719July 2719Land mines
March 2720March 2720Cloning
July 2721July 2721Change
July 2721July 2721Constitutional Amendments
February 2723February 2723National Development
February 2725June 2725Defence Industries
April 2726March 2728Sturm und Drang - Environmental Utopia Bill (ii)
April 2726March 2728Sturm und Drang - Visitor Program
February 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - Health and Social Service Reform
September 2727September 2727Prospective Cabinet Proposal of September 2727
September 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - Data Share
September 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - Intimacy Freedom Reform
September 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - Civil Corps
September 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - International Trade Reform
November 2727November 2727Call for early elections, November 2727
February 2731March 2731Adulthood
October 2731October 2731Traditional Values
October 2731January 2732Community renewal and totally awesome bill.
January 2732January 2732Aliens
September 2732September 2732Military Change, 2:
September 2732January 2735Change:
September 2732January 2735Cival Liberty Reforms:
September 2732January 2735Education Reforms:
September 2733January 2735Change:
June 2735June 2735'Slightly More Unity' Cabinet Proposal of June 2735
January 2737March 2737FISH
January 2737March 2737Sale tax
February 2740July 2740Supporting our Shipping
March 2741March 2741Ministers of religion
March 2741March 2741content reforms
December 2742June 2743Exotic Animals
December 2742June 2743State Religion
February 2743July 2743Cars
July 2743July 2743Sports clubs
September 2745March 2746Employer`s rights
September 2745September 2747Military
January 2748January 2748Reforms With Civil Support...
April 2753April 2753Call for early elections, April 2753
February 2755February 2755Call for early elections, February 2755
March 2756December 2756Healthcare
March 2761March 2761Reform 1
January 2763January 2763Defence Industries
January 2763January 2763under construction
October 2763January 2765General Legislation
December 2763December 2764Malpractice Suits
February 2765February 2765General Legislation 2
June 2766June 2766Fireworks
June 2766June 2766National Service Act
October 2767October 2767Cloning
February 2768February 2768Recreational drug act
July 2768July 2768Cabinet Proposal of July 2768
June 2769June 2769General Legislation 3
October 2770October 2770Sales tax
September 2771September 2771Abortion act
July 2773July 2773Mayor
March 2775March 2775Citizenship
July 2777July 2777Natality policy
December 2777December 2777General Legislation 4
April 2779April 2779The professional retirement age
April 2779April 2779number of seats each region receives in the national legislature
January 2780January 2780Funding of public transport
June 2792June 2792Call for early elections, June 2792
January 2793January 2793Reforms 1
July 2799July 2799Absolute Coalition Power
July 2799July 2799Cabinet Proposal of July 2799
November 2800November 2800Call for early elections, November 2800
January 2802January 2802Call for early elections, January 2802
January 2802February 2802Law!
December 2802December 2802Call for early elections, December 2802
December 2803December 2803Budget proposal of December 2803
December 2803December 2803Income tax proposal of December 2803
December 2803December 2803Law! 2
October 2804October 2804Call for early elections, October 2804
February 2807February 2807Call for early elections, February 2807
July 2815July 2815/manifesto '15
September 2820August 2821General Legislation 5
March 2821March 2821Call for early elections, March 2821
May 2824May 2824Earl of Meria
May 2827May 2827Power
December 2830December 2830Call for early elections, December 2830
June 2844June 2844Visibility
August 2855August 2855Vis a vis
March 2856March 2856Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organization (NATO)
May 2861May 2861Vis 28861
October 2865October 2865Military extreme
July 2876July 2876.
November 2877November 2877Call for early elections, November 2877
August 2888December 2889Changes...
December 2889December 2889Propasals to the Running of Likatonia
December 2889December 2889The Interests of Our Nation...
February 2891February 2891Pornography
February 2891February 2891Retirement Age
July 2891July 2891Cabinet Proposal of July 2891
July 2891July 2891Foreign Relations
July 2891July 2891Changes to Religion
September 2891September 2891Immeressen Decrees: Peace In Our Time (ii)
July 2893July 2893Our Nation, the changes...
November 2893November 2893Likatonian Emergency Cabinet Elections, 2893
February 2895February 2895Immeressen Decrees: A Brand New Day
May 2896May 2896Electoral Reform act, 2896
June 2896June 2897Foreign Relations Reforms...
January 2898January 2898Life protection act
January 2898January 2898Taxing company profit
February 2898February 2898Religious Freedom Act
May 2898May 2898Reform Government Cabinet Proposal: 2898
August 2898August 2898Torture Act
September 2898February 2899Income tax proposal of September 2898
September 2898February 2899Immeressen Decress: For Democracy
January 2899January 2899Ecological Transformations
February 2900February 2900Aid to foreign countries
July 2901July 2901Smoking Act
July 2902January 2903Women in the military
July 2902January 2903Nuclear weapons
November 2903November 2903Emergency Interim Cabinet Proposal November 2903
February 2904February 2904Manifesto: Immeressence, Immunity and Immersion
August 2905January 2906Lawyers for the poor
June 2907June 2907New Manifest
August 2909August 2909Immeressen Decrees - Once and Future King
September 2909September 2909Olive Branch Cabinet Proposal of September 2909
December 2909December 2909Compromise land mine bill
November 2910November 2910Call for early elections, November 2910
March 2922March 2922Call for early elections, March 2922
November 2922November 2922Call for early elections, November 2922
December 2922December 2922Eqaulity and Citizenship Act
December 2922December 2922Cabinet Proposal of December 2922
December 2922December 2922Constitutional Reform
March 2923March 2923Prohibition Act
March 2923March 2923Socialisation of Finance Capital Act
March 2923March 2923Abolition of Child Labour
March 2923March 2923Abolition of the Death Penalty
May 2923May 2923Second Prohibition Act
September 2923September 2923education reform
November 2923November 2923Budget proposal of November 2923
November 2923March 2924Civil Liberties Act
May 2925May 2925Social Reforms
May 2925May 2925Economic Reforms
May 2925May 2925Political Reforms
April 2927April 2927Call for early elections, April 2927
September 2927December 2927Chemical Weapons Bill
October 2927December 2927Treaty Withdrawal
October 2927December 2927Nationality and Citizenship Bill
October 2927December 2927Immigration Bill
October 2927December 2927Prevention of Anarchy Bill
April 2928April 2928Cabinet Proposal of April 2928
April 2928November 2928Democratic Workers Councils Bill
November 2928November 2928Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
November 2928November 2928Whaling and Fishing Bill
November 2928November 2928Agricultural Policies Bill
November 2928November 2928Housing Bill
November 2928November 2928Economic Deregulation
November 2928November 2928Trains and Transport Bill
November 2928November 2928Non-Direct Taxation Bill
November 2928November 2928Energy Privatisation Bill
November 2928November 2928Welfare Bill
November 2928November 2928Private Defence Industries Bill
November 2928November 2928Recruitment Bill
November 2928November 2928Intelligence Agency Bill
December 2930December 2930Income tax proposal of December 2930
December 2930December 2930Budget proposal of December 2930
December 2930January 2931Call for early elections, December 2930
March 2931March 2931Further Health Reforms Bill
March 2931March 2931Abortion Bill
March 2931March 2931Health Service Reforms
March 2931March 2931Education Bill
March 2931March 2931Pre-School Funding Bill
March 2931March 2931Higher Education Bill
September 2931September 2931Admin Bill
March 2932March 2932Marriage Bill
March 2932March 2932Pollution and Recycling Standards Bill
March 2932March 2932Gun Control Bill
March 2932March 2932Media Bill
March 2932March 2932Religion Bill
March 2932March 2932DNA Records Bill
March 2932March 2932Space Bill
March 2932March 2932Cultural Bill
March 2932March 2932Forestry Bill
March 2932March 2932Adoption and Parenthood Bill
April 2932November 2933Government of Northern Hukatai – Administrative Proposals
April 2932November 2933Government of Northern Hukatai - Government of Greater Likatonia
April 2932November 2933Electoral Reform Bill
May 2932June 2932Capitalism Act
November 2933November 2933Income tax proposal of November 2933
November 2933November 2933Budget proposal of November 2933
November 2933November 2933Hunting Bill
November 2933November 2933Ratification of the Treaty of Anakagrad - Recognising Greater Likatonia
November 2933November 2933Imagration refom act
November 2933December 2933Foreign Aid Bill
September 2935September 2935Call for early elections, September 2935
May 2943May 2943Welfare reform act
May 2944May 2944Citzenship Reform act
May 2944November 2944Military reform act
June 2948June 2948VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.001
June 2948June 2948Withdrawal from NATO
June 2948June 2948VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.004
June 2948June 2948VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.003
June 2948June 2948VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.002
September 2949February 2950VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.005
February 2950February 2950VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.007
February 2950February 2950VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.006
February 2950February 2950Expulsion of Selucian ambassadors
February 2950February 2950Cabinet Proposal (February 2950)
February 2950February 2950VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.009
February 2950February 2950VDR Amendment CĂĄrta ~ A.008
October 2951October 2951Call for early elections, October 2951
August 2953August 2953Call for early elections, August 2953
March 2958March 2958Budget Proposal (March 2958)
March 2958March 2958Income Tax Proposal (March 2958)
March 2963March 2963Call for early elections, March 2963
March 2967March 2967Call for early elections, March 2967
March 2967May 2967Capitol Relocation
March 2967May 2967Region / City Reforms
April 2967May 2967Education (SĂĄbya Initiative)
December 2968December 2968Reform part II
June 2971June 2971New likatonia bill
June 2971June 2971Call for early elections, June 2971
July 2971May 2972Tax bill
May 2972May 2972New nation act
May 2972May 2972Cabinet Proposal of May 2972
February 2973February 2973Income tax proposal of February 2973
February 2973February 2973new privatization legistlation
February 2973February 2973Budget proposal of February 2973
May 2974May 2974Changes act
January 2992January 2992Reestablishment of Democracy Act
February 2992February 2992Imperial Cabinet Dissolution Act
June 2992July 2992Flag Replacement Act
July 2992July 2992Terran FIFA Treaty Ratification Act
July 2992July 2992League of Anti-Slavery Nations Treaty Ratification Act
July 2992July 2992United Nations of Terra Treaty Ratification Act
December 2992December 2992Civil Liberties Act
December 2992January 2993Freedom to Sell Alcohol Act
February 2993June 2993Government Mission Statement and National Motto Act
June 2995November 2995Return of the Coalition
November 2995November 2995Party Agenda Act
July 2996July 2996Cabinet Proposal of July 2996
December 2997December 2997Further Actions
June 3000June 3000Police-Military Consolidation Act
May 3002July 3006Safety With Liberty Bill
November 3006November 3006Cabinet Proposal of November 3006
April 3012April 3012Right to Privacy Bill
September 3022September 3022Cabinet Proposal of September 3022
December 3044June 3045Democratic Reformation and Establishment of a Republic Act
June 3045June 3045Democratic Reformation and Establishment of a Republic Act
May 3046May 3046Cabinet Replacement Act
April 3047April 3047Democratic Reformation and Establishment of a Republic Act
October 3048October 3048Budget Act
October 3048October 3048Tax Act
April 3049April 3049Right to Life and to Nationality Act
October 3050October 3050Foreign Policy Act
April 3051April 3051Shifting of Government Responsibilities Act
October 3051October 3051Banking Act
March 3056February 3062Voice of Sorbanika bill
June 3060June 3060Cabinet Act
March 3063March 3063Counter Bill
August 3064August 3064Cabinet Proposal of August 3064
August 3064August 3064Agenda of Nation bill
February 3065February 3065National Agenda bill II
September 3074September 3074nation says we listen bill
August 3101September 3101Reforms
December 3101November 3103More Reforms
December 3104December 3104Call for early elections, December 3104
September 3105September 3105Some Changes
September 3105September 3105Cabinet Proposal of September 3105
July 3112January 3113Secular Government Act, 3112
July 3112January 3113Animal Hunting and Ownership Act, 3112
November 3112January 3113Infrastructure and Services Act, 3112
January 3113January 3113Cabinet Proposal of January 3113
January 3113January 3113Coronation of the King
January 3113February 3113Creation of the Council of Lords
February 3113February 3113Adjusting the Size of the Council of Lords
February 3113February 3113Creation of the Chief of the Council of Lords
February 3113February 3113Restructuring the Sub-National Units
February 3113March 3113Royal Flag of Likatonia
April 3113October 3113Election of the Lord High Chancellor
October 3113October 3113Secular Government Act, 3113
October 3113December 3113Civil Liberties Act, 3113
May 3114May 3114Symbols in Celebration of the Kingdom
May 3114February 3115Amendment to the Full Title of the King
June 3114June 3114Income Tax of June 3114
June 3114June 3114Royal National Budget of June 3114
June 3114April 3115Omnibus Bill, 3115
October 3115October 3115Economic Reform Act, 3115
January 3116January 3116Judicial Reform Act, 3116
May 3116May 3116Education Reform Act, 3116
May 3116May 3116Income Tax of May 3116
May 3116May 3116Cultural Preservation Act, 3116
October 3116May 3117Health and Welfare Act, 3117
October 3116May 3117Technology Regulation Act, 3116
December 3116May 3117Environmental Regulation Act, 3117
January 3117May 3117Income Tax of January 3117
December 3117April 3119Omnibus Bill, 3119
May 3120May 3120Income Tax of May 3120
February 3137February 3137"Improving the quality of our infrastructure and environment"
February 3137February 3137Increasing the size of our military
February 3137April 3137"Register ethinicity and religion"
November 3145May 3148New Constitution changes
October 3147October 3147Cabinet Proposal of October 3147
May 3148May 3148Welfare
May 3148May 3148Education
May 3148May 3148Economics
May 3148May 3148New name change
August 3148August 3148Agriculture
August 3148August 3148.
August 3148August 3148Ecology
August 3148February 3149Civil Laws
April 3149April 3149Foreign policy
April 3149April 3149Justice
April 3149April 3149Religion
April 3149April 3149Military Reform Laws
May 3150May 3150Health
October 3150October 3150Infrastructure
May 3151February 3152Media
November 3151November 3151Call for early elections, November 3151
February 3152February 3152Technology Law
February 3152February 3152Cabinet Proposal of February 3152
May 3155March 3157Uniting the Nation
March 3157March 3157Cabinet Proposal of March 3157
April 3157April 3157MLU Military Enhancement
May 3157May 3157Interior and Exterior Policies
May 3157May 3157Ratification of the Treaty to Establish the Seleya Free Trade Zone
May 3157May 3157Budget proposal of May 3157
May 3157May 3157Income tax proposal of May 3157
October 3157October 3157Changing the Name of the Nation 3157
October 3157October 3157Budget proposal of October 3157
October 3157October 3157Income tax proposal of October 3157
November 3157March 3158Likatonia Military Enhancement Bill 3157 -002
March 3158March 3158Ratification of the Northern Seleya Allegiance (NSA)
March 3158March 3158Likatonian Military Enhancement 3158 - 003
April 3158April 3158Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
September 3158September 3158Income tax proposal of September 3158
October 3158October 3158Health Act of 3158
October 3158October 3158Ratification of the Likatonian and Kazulian Alliance (LKA)
October 3158October 3158New National Flag Act of 3158
October 3158October 3158Economic Bill of 3158
October 3159October 3159Ratification of the Macon Treaty Organization of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance.
April 3160April 3160Kalistan Diplomatic Ties Act, 3160
April 3160April 3160Likaton Media Act, 3160
September 3160September 3160Name of the President, 3160
September 3160September 3160Recreating the National Motto
November 3160November 3160Kalopian Mass Arrest Act, 3160
November 3160November 3160Environment Act, 3160
April 3161April 3161Economic Sales Tax Decrease, 3161
May 3161March 3162LUP - Province Renaming Act - B001 - 3161
October 3161March 3162LUP - Constitutional Amendments - B002 - 3161
March 3162March 3162LUP - Foreign Relations Reform Act - B005 - 3162, Mar
March 3162March 3162LUP - Religion Reform Act - B004 - 3162, Mar
March 3162March 3162LUP - Military Reform Act - B003 - 3162, Mar
April 3162April 3162LUP - Government Arrest - B007 - 3162, Apr
April 3162April 3162Cabinet Proposal of April 3162
April 3162May 3162LUP - Military Mobilization - B006 - 3162, Mar
May 3163May 3163Ratification of the Anti 'Greater Likatonia' Alliance
October 3163October 3163LUP - Advanced Scouting Plan - B008 - 3163, Oct
January 3164January 3164tax law 3164
May 3164May 3164LUP - Advanced Scouting Plan II - B009 - 3164, Apr
May 3164July 3164LUP - Ecology Reform Act - B0010 - 3164, May
June 3164June 3164Cabinet Proposal of June 3164
April 3165April 3165LUP - Military Reform Act - B0011 - 3165, Apr
June 3165November 3166state of emergencey act
October 3165October 3165NPL- Infrastructure Policy
October 3165October 3165NPL- Science and Technology
October 3165October 3165NPL- Justice Policy
November 3165November 3165LUP - Health Reform Act - B0013 - 3165, Nov
November 3165November 3165LUP - Religious Reform Act - B0012 - 3165, Nov
July 3166July 3166Cabinet Proposal of July 3166
July 3166July 3166Call for early elections, July 3166
April 3168April 3168LUP - Covert Insertion - B0013 - 3168, Mar
May 3168May 3168NPL- Bill 2.0
May 3169May 3169NPL- Market Reform
May 3169May 3169NPL- Immigration Quotas Act
May 3169May 3169NPL- Religion Act
May 3169May 3169LUP - Naval Blockade and Embargo Act - B0016 - 3169, May
May 3169May 3169NPL- Animal Ownership Bill
July 3169July 3169NPL- Corporation and Sales Tax Proposal
May 3170May 3170NPL- Health Act
September 3170March 3171LUP - Industry Reform Act - B0016 - 3170, Sept
September 3170March 3171LUP - Educational Reform Act - B0015 - 3170, Sept
November 3170March 3171LUP - Militant Capture Resolution - B0017 - 3170, Nov
December 3170March 3171LUP - Declaration of War - B0017 - 3170, Dec
November 3171November 3171Call for early elections, November 3171
March 3172March 3172LUP - Welfare Reform Act - B0018 - 3172, Mar
November 3172November 3172Call for early elections, November 3172
April 3173April 3173NPL- Political Rights Act
May 3173May 3173Ratification of the Northern Seleya Alliance (NSA)
June 3173September 3173Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
November 3173November 3173Likatonian War Measures Act
November 3185November 3185Cabinet Proposal of November 3185
June 3186June 3186Call for early elections, June 3186
January 3191January 3191Call for early elections, January 3191
April 3191November 3191Ratification of the International Tennis Association
June 3193November 3193Cabinet Proposal of June 3193
April 3194October 3195Freedom of Speach to Preach
June 3195November 3195OOC: Economic Protocals
May 3196May 3199Our Lungs, Our Selves
November 3196October 3197RP : LUP - Dignitatis Exercitui Police Force Act - 3196
May 3199May 3340LUP - Police Act - 3199
June 3199May 3370DEPF - POWs in Meria
April 3200March 3202Income tax proposal of April 3200
March 3202April 3210Arbeit Macht Frei
October 3202September 3205Release the poor from unnecessary taxation
November 3204November 3204Cabinet Proposal of November 3204
May 3206June 3210RP: DEP - Narikaton Military Aid Act - 3206
November 3213December 3219Freedom of Preach
November 3213December 3219Our Bodies, Our selves
October 3215March 3340Foreign Affairs Act of 3215
May 3217December 3219Ratification of the Jakanian-Likatonian Alliance of 3216
July 3229October 3233Better Social Policy
September 3229September 3231A Bill for Fairness!
April 3234April 3234Reforms
May 3235April 3242Abolition of the Nanny State Part 1
December 3235August 3237Bill for a New Society!
October 3244October 3244Omnibus Freedom Bill
March 3246March 3246Cabinet Proposal of March 3246
April 3249October 3251Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
March 3258March 3258Ratification of the Hobrazian-World Free Trade Agreement
April 3276April 3276Migadonian Freedom Act
June 3285June 3285Official Title of Likatonia Act
June 3285June 3285Cabinet Proposal of June 3285
June 3285June 3285Enabling Act of June 3285
June 3285June 3285National Reform Act
June 3285June 3285The Real Province Restoration Act
July 3285July 3285Budget proposal of July 3285
July 3285July 3285Enabling Act of July 3285
August 3285August 3285Energy Nationalisation Act
August 3285August 3285Budget proposal of August 3285
September 3285September 3285Affirmation of Likatonian Sovereignty Act
October 3285October 3285National Oath of Loyalty Act
November 3285November 3285Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
December 3285December 3285Budget proposal of December 3285
December 3285December 3285Income tax proposal of December 3285
February 3286February 3286National Healthcare Reform Act
February 3286February 3286Enabling Act of February 3286
March 3286March 3286National Media Reform Act
April 3286April 3286Conducting of Military Exercises in Eastern Meria
April 3286April 3286The First Western Meria Resolution
April 3286April 3286Annual Budget 3286
May 3286May 3286National Defence Act
May 3286May 3286Income tax proposal of May 3286
May 3286May 3286Military Expansion Act of May 3286
May 3286September 3286Full Mobilisation of the Likaton Armed Forces
June 3286June 3286Welfare State Establishment Act
June 3286November 3286OOC: Cultural Protocols for Likatonia
August 3286August 3286The Second Western Meria Resolution
September 3286September 3286National Progress and Unity Act
October 3286October 3286Income tax proposal of October 3286
October 3286October 3286Supreme Commander Directive No. 1
November 3286November 3286Renaming Nation, Regions and Cities
December 3286December 3286Likatonian Cultural Assertiveness Act
March 3287March 3287War Authorisation Act
March 3287March 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 2
April 3287April 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 3
May 3287May 3287Internment of Foreign Nationals Act
June 3287June 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 6
August 3287August 3287Renaming of national newspaper
August 3287August 3287Purification of Western Meria Act
August 3287August 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 5
September 3287September 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 7
October 3287October 3287National Purification Act
October 3287October 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 8
October 3287October 3287Income tax proposal of October 3287
November 3287November 3287Redeployment of the Fifth Army
November 3287March 3288The Trial of Edward Royaliwith
December 3287December 3287Supreme Commander Directive No. 9
March 3288March 3288Capital City Act
March 3288March 3288Glorious Greater Likatonia Act
April 3288April 3288National Industry Protection Act
June 3288June 3288Supreme Commander Directive No. 9
September 3288September 3288Income tax proposal of September 3288
October 3288October 3288Ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and Aid in Warfare between Likatonijas Republika and the Great Gerajan Artanian Kingdom of Malivia, Abode of Welfare
March 3289March 3289Ratification of the Recognition of the Provincial Government of Western Meria
March 3290March 3290Virspavēlnieks Direktīva No. 10
March 3290March 3290Budget proposal of March 3290
April 3290April 3291Freedom and Liberty for Likatonia
May 3290May 3290Virspavēlnieks Direktīva No. 11
August 3290August 3290Redeployment of III Corps
August 3290August 3290Internment of Civilian Populations in Western Meria
August 3290August 3290Ratification of the Valruzia - Likatonijas Treaty
August 3290August 3290Virspavēlnieks Direktīva No. 12
September 3290September 3290Operation Dust-cloud
November 3290August 3291Virspavēlnieks Direktīva No. 14
March 3291March 3291Call for early elections, March 3291
April 3291May 3291Restoration of the Free People of Likatonia - Freedom of Religion
May 3291May 3291Restoration of the Free People of Likatonia - Freedom of Trade
May 3292May 3292Uz priekĹĄu Likatonijas
January 3293January 3293Freedom of Education
January 3293January 3293Restoration of the Freedoms of Likatonians
November 3293November 3293National Motto Reform (De-Sokoloffisation)
June 3294July 3295Restoration of the Freedoms of Likatonians, conclusion
August 3294August 3294Call for early elections, August 3294
April 3295April 3295Restoring the National Anthem
June 3295March 3298DONIA - Defense Of National Identity Act 3295
February 3296February 3296Constitutional Reform: Part 1
April 3296September 3296Economic Reform Act
September 3296September 3296Infant Industry Protection Act
October 3296October 3296Cabinet Proposal of October 3296
October 3296December 3296Human Dignity Act
October 3297October 3297Call for early elections, October 3297
January 3298January 3301Proper Justice for Serious Crimes
March 3298March 3298New World Order Cabinet - March 3298
June 3298June 3298Repealing of 'National Oath of Loyalty Act'
June 3298September 3298Constitutional Reform: Legislative Term
September 3299September 3299Call for early elections, September 3299
November 3306November 3306Ratification of the Phoenix Alliance Treaty Organization
November 3307November 3307Cabinet Proposal of November 3307
November 3308November 3308return pt 1
July 3317July 3317Restoring Our History
May 3326May 3326Ratification of the Openning An Embassy in Jakania Policy
September 3339May 3340LUP: B001: Prison Reform
October 3339October 3339Cabinet Proposal of October 3339
October 3339October 3339LUP: RP: Sovereignty and Withdrawal of Claims
October 3339March 3340Ratification of the Northern Seleya Alliance (NSA)
October 3339May 3340LUP: B002: ReLatizination of The Republic
March 3340November 3340LUP: B003: Public Safety Act, 3340
April 3340April 3340LUP: Withdrawal of Claims: Treaty Withdrawal
April 3340November 3346LVP: B005: Drug Enforcement Act, 3340
April 3346April 3346Budget proposal of April 3346
April 3346April 3346Income tax proposal of April 3346
April 3347October 3347LVP: B0012: Nobility Act, 3347
July 3353July 3353Cabinet Proposal of July 3353
November 3361November 3363Local Control, Local decisions
April 3370October 3371Military Policy
April 3370October 3371Constitutional Amendment I
October 3371October 3371Cabinet Proposal of October 3371
October 3371November 3371Health Reform
November 3371November 3371Welfare Reform
November 3371November 3371Economy Reform
January 3372January 3372Justice Reform
January 3372February 3372Education Policy
February 3372February 3372Infrastructure Reform
March 3372March 3372Foreign policy
March 3372March 3372The total number of seats in the legislative assembly
July 3372July 3372Agriculture Policy
July 3372July 3372Ecology Policy
August 3372August 3372Length of a legislative and executive term
November 3372November 3372The nation's Defence Industry
April 3373April 3373The constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature
February 3374February 3374Call for early elections, February 3374
August 3374August 3374The government's stance on population control
August 3374August 3374The Government's policy towards the use of land mines by the army
August 3374August 3374Civil Defence Bill
November 3374November 3374The government's policy regarding regulation of video games
November 3374November 3374Public Works
November 3374November 3374Train Operating Companies
March 3375March 3375The Government's position towards the administration of law
April 3375April 3375Energy Regulation
April 3375April 3375New Military Reform
April 3375April 3375Media&Information Act
April 3375April 3375Better economy
April 3375May 3375Government policy regarding a national park system
May 3375May 3375The Government's Policy on Inheritance
April 3376April 3376The government's policy on public nudity
September 3376September 3376Right to Privacy
October 3376October 3376The Government's policy with respect to polygamy
October 3376October 3376The State's policy concerning religious clothing
August 3377August 3377Ecology Act
May 3378September 3378Libel laws
August 3378August 3378Call for early elections, August 3378
September 3378September 3378Cabinet Proposal of September 3378
November 3378November 3378Window to Federalism
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the World Fair
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the The League of Terran Nations (LTN)
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the Declaration of Human Rights
October 3379October 3379Religion Act
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the The Seleyan League of Champions
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the TerraVision Song Contest
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the Organ Procurement and Exchange Network for Transplantation (OPEN for Transplantation)
October 3379October 3379Canton Name Act
October 3379October 3379Ratification of the North Seleyan Football Association
August 3380August 3380Civil liberties Act
August 3380August 3380State name change
August 3380August 3380Miliatry Reform
March 3381March 3381Call for early elections, March 3381
April 3381April 3381All in one
April 3381April 3381Cabinet Proposal of April 3381
May 3381May 3381Constitution changes
May 3381May 3381Government policy concerning immigration
February 3382February 3382The government's policy concerning private cars
February 3382February 3382The government's position towards the use of Forensic DNA databases
February 3382February 3382Income tax proposal of February 3382
February 3382February 3382Foreign policy 3381-3386
October 3383October 3383The Government's stance on whaling
February 3384February 3384The government's policy regarding the treatment of prisoners of war
February 3384February 3384The right for a person to prostitute himself or herself.
August 3384August 3384Ratification of the Union of Seleyan Football Associations (USFA)
May 3387May 3387Call for early elections, May 3387
May 3387May 3389Constitutional Changes
May 3389May 3389Cabinet Proposal of May 3389
May 3390May 3390A Return to Normalcy
May 3395December 3395Freedom to the People
May 3398May 3398Call for early elections, May 3398
July 3398December 3401Power to the People
September 3401September 3401Internet Act
June 3402December 3402Income tax proposal of June 3402
January 3403January 3403Budget proposal of January 3403
February 3403October 3403First Act of Equality
October 3403February 3404Call for early elections due to inactivty
June 3404January 3405Freedom of Religion
July 3404July 3404Income tax proposal of July 3404
July 3404July 3404Cabinet Proposal of July 3404
July 3404July 3404Dismantlement of Nuclear Power
July 3404July 3404The First Health Act
July 3404July 3404Budget proposal of July 3404
September 3404October 3404Act of Moderation
October 3404October 3404New Head of Government and Head of State Titles
October 3404October 3404RLS-Government's budget proposal
October 3404October 3404New RLS-Cabinet
October 3404November 3404Infrastructure change's
November 3404December 3404Demilitarisation
February 3405February 3405Budget proposal of February 3405
February 3405February 3405environment improvements
February 3405March 3405Centralization of the Nation
May 3405May 3405Ecology
May 3405May 3405National Safety Act
May 3405May 3405Agriculture
February 3406February 3406Call for early elections, February 3406
March 3406March 3406Centre-Left Government Proposal
August 3406August 3406Workers Rights
November 3406May 3409Rational Militarism
December 3406May 3409Defense in an Uncertain World
February 3407February 3407Freedom & Equality Act
March 3408March 3408A Free Society for Everyone
August 3408August 3408Constitution Change
August 3409January 3410Cabinet Proposal of August 3409
July 3412November 3413Power to the People - Right On!
November 3423November 3423Cabinet Proposal of November 3423
December 3434February 3436LVP: B003 - Freedom of Support Act - 3434
January 3437August 3437LVP: B005B - Abortion Revisitation Act - 3435
January 3437August 3437LVP: B005A - Abortion Revisititation Act - 3435
February 3437May 3438LVP: B007: Resolution of Presidential Authority - 3435
February 3437May 3438LVP: B006 - Reorganization of Charter School Funding Act - 3435
August 3437August 3437Cabinet Proposal of August 3437
February 3442May 3443LVP: B010 - Release of Industry Restrictions Act - 3442
July 3442February 3444LVP: B012 - Foreign Religions Control Act - 3442
July 3442February 3444LVP: B011 - Foreign Official Control Act - 3442
August 3444July 3446Freedom from Fear
January 3448June 3449Lowering of the adult age
January 3448June 3449Income tax proposal of January 3448
January 3448June 3449Budget proposal of January 3448
February 3448July 3448Call for early elections, February 3448
August 3449August 3449Call for early elections, August 3449
August 3449February 3450Foreign Aid Reform
August 3449February 3450Bill on renewable energy
January 3450February 3451A friend in need is a pest
February 3450January 3451Pornography reform
July 3453May 3454Drinking age Bill
November 3454January 3455Kaboom
May 3456September 3456Impowering County's Rights Act, 3456
October 3456April 3457National Archive Act
February 3457March 3463Contraceptive bill
May 3457May 3457Striking Rights with General Welfare Act, 3457
April 3458August 3458Charter Schools for Counties Act, 3458
April 3458August 3458Minimum Wage Act, 3458
April 3458April 3459Energy Reform Act, 3458
August 3458January 3459Stock Market Reform of 3458
August 3458March 3459Cabinet Proposal of August 3458
May 3459March 3460Constitutional amendment to increase the Dorum's mandate
November 3459April 3460Repealing National Oath of Loyalty Act, 3459
January 3460March 3460National Civil Defense Act, 3460
July 3461September 3461Death Penalty bill
October 3461May 3462healthcare
April 3462November 3462Phone Service Subsidy Act, 3462
April 3462June 3463Paramilitaries Ban Act, 3462
October 3463October 3464The right to gamble
November 3463September 3464Ratification of the International Association of Organ Donation (IAOD)
April 3465April 3466[NEW] Income tax proposal of April 3465
July 3466July 3466Dorum Resolution to Condemn Pontusi Government, 3466
November 3466May 3467Waste Disposal bill
February 3467February 3467Cabinet Proposal of February 3467
February 3467April 3468Torture Ban Act, 3467
February 3467April 3468Drug Subsidy Act, 3467
April 3467February 3468Minimum wage bill.
April 3467March 3468Prostitution bill
May 3467April 3468Ratification of the International Committee for Freedom in Pontesi
July 3467February 3468Luxury tax Increase
July 3470December 3470DNA Database Reform Act, 3470
July 3470December 3470Foreign Delegation Immunity Act, 3470
July 3470May 3473Pārstāvis Protection Act, 3470
August 3470July 3472Religions Act
May 3473October 3473Ratification of the Gaduridan Diplomatic Relations Treaty
May 3473September 3474legislative seat increase
May 3473September 3474Exchange rate bill
September 3474August 3476Budget proposal of September 3474
August 3478March 3479Call for early elections, August 3478
August 3478November 3480Political Safety in an uncertain world
October 3479September 3483Prisoner work bill.
September 3481May 3483Cabinet Proposal of September 3481
January 3486July 3488Dueling Bill
January 3489September 3489An armed society is a polite society
January 3489September 3489Work is the Cornerstone of Life
January 3495January 3495Cabinet Proposal of January 3495
September 3497August 3498Treaty Withdrawal
June 3500June 3500Cabinet Proposal of June 3500
January 3504January 3504SRPC IV
August 3504August 3504Call for early elections, August 3504
September 3504September 3504Cabinet Proposal of September 3504
December 3505December 3505Change
August 3507August 3507Call for early elections, August 3507
March 3513May 3517Religious Freedom Act
April 3516April 3516Cabinet Proposal of April 3516
October 3523October 3523Cabinet Proposal of October 3523
October 3523May 3524Recognition of Individuals of Merit
April 3527June 3529Personal Freedom Act
April 3527June 3529Strength through Preperation
April 3527June 3529Economic Freedom Act
February 3536March 3537Repeal and Revise "Economic Freedom Act"
August 3536August 3537Ratification of the Condemnation of the Malivian government
February 3540February 3541Budget proposal of February 3540
February 3543February 3543Call for early elections, February 3543
January 3552January 3552Cabinet Proposal of January 3552
November 3552November 3552Health Bill
April 3553July 3554Foreign Policy
December 3558July 3560Ratification of the Media Freedoms Act
November 3574November 3574Local Government Act
November 3578November 3578Reformation Act of 3578
December 3578January 3579Citizenship Mandate of 3579
February 3580February 3580Cabinet Proposal of February 3580
December 3582December 3582The Edict of Love
July 3584February 3585No Bread, just Circus
July 3584January 3588Exploratory freedom
July 3597July 3597National Animal revision
November 3606November 3606Forced Change 1
December 3606December 3606Cabinet Proposal of December 3606
July 3607November 3607Updates to the Cultural Protocols
July 3607November 3607changes 2
June 3622June 3622Religious Freedoms Act
December 3622December 3622Health Reforms Act
August 3623November 3623Armed Services Act
November 3623November 3623Cabinet Proposal of November 3623
November 3623July 3624Conservative Mandate Act
February 3624February 3624Budget proposal of February 3624
February 3624February 3624Tax Code Simplification Act
June 3625June 3625Budget proposal of June 3625
February 3626February 3626Omnibus Reforms Act
August 3626January 3627Ratification of the Treaty of Gongmangdo
November 3626November 3626Call for early elections, November 3626
August 3627August 3627Copyright Protections Act
January 3628January 3628Treaty Withdrawals
January 3628January 3628Ecological Decentralization Act
January 3628January 3628Conservative Reforms Act II
November 3629November 3629Budget proposal of November 3629
June 3630December 3630Citizenship and Nationality Act
December 3630December 3630Coalition Government
January 3631June 3631OOC: We need a new flag
August 3631August 3631Secondary Strike Act
December 3631December 3631Luxury Tax Hike of 3631
February 3632February 3632Food Labeling Bill
February 3632February 3632Abortion Reform Act
February 3632February 3632medical marijuana act
February 3632February 3632Paramilitary Reform Act
January 3633January 3633R&D Reform Act
January 3633January 3633Stem Cell Research Act
August 3633November 3633Reciprocial Treatment of Prisoners
January 3634January 3634Smoking Act
July 3634August 3636Fishing Act of 3634
July 3634August 3636Software Patent Act
December 3634December 3634Recycling Reform
December 3634December 3634Coalition Proposal
December 3634December 3634Legislative Expansion act of 3635
January 3636January 3636Bill to Establish the Likatonian Space Agency
July 3636July 3636Government Pay Reform
August 3636August 3636Military Reform Act
May 3637May 3637Coalition Government
May 3637May 3637Art Funding Decentralization
May 3637May 3637Free Trade Act
May 3637May 3637Nuclear Power Incentives
June 3637June 3637Media Reforms
August 3637August 3637Public Obscenities Act
December 3637December 3637Income Tax Reduction of December 3637
February 3638February 3638Advertisement Act
February 3638February 3638Citizenship Act
August 3639August 3639Cynical Economic Reforms of 3639
January 3640January 3640Military Acceptance Act
June 3640June 3640In the navy, come on and join your fellow man
June 3640November 3640Consumption Tax
August 3640August 3640Housing Reform Act
December 3640December 3640Nobility Act
February 3641February 3641Arts act
July 3641July 3641Income tax proposal of July 3641
January 3644January 3644CSI: Likatonia
January 3644January 3644Cabinet Proposal of January 3644
January 3644September 3644Drugs Bill
February 3644February 3644Infrastructure Bill
February 3644February 3644Adoption Act
February 3644February 3644Nobility Act
February 3644February 3644Ending Military Sexism act
July 3644July 3644Citizenship reform act
July 3644July 3644Public Transport Fairness act
January 3645January 3645SLIGHT Health Care Reform
December 3646December 3646Energy Regulation, 3646
December 3646January 3648Cabinet Proposal of December 3646
January 3648January 3648Alcohol Act
January 3648January 3648Solving the three-body problem
November 3648November 3648Localized Emergency Services Act
November 3648November 3648Free Trade Act
March 3649March 3649Lowering the Retirement age
November 3649November 3649Prohibition of Abortion Funding
November 3649November 3649Judicial Reforms
November 3649November 3649Local Libraries
May 3650September 3651Internet regulations Act
August 3650January 3652Alcohol Bill
August 3651August 3651Arranged Marriage Bill
December 3652July 3653Fair Government Act
June 3654December 3654Taxation of Religious Institutions Act
March 3655May 3656Abortion Act
June 3655June 3655Cabinet Proposal of June 3655
July 3655July 3655Health Bill
June 3656June 3656Budget proposal of June 3656
July 3656July 3656Corporate Income Tax Act
August 3657August 3657Protecting Private Works Act
August 3657August 3657Private Housing Act
August 3657August 3657Respectable Likatonia Act
August 3657August 3657Citizenship Reforms.
May 3659May 3659Trying again
February 3661February 3661Pyrotechnics Act
November 3665November 3665End Abortion Funding
November 3665November 3665Local Government Freedom Act
May 3666December 3666User Pay Act
December 3666December 3666Waste Services Decentralization
December 3666December 3666Coalition Government Proposal
October 3667October 3667Ecological Reforms Act
February 3669February 3669Corporate Tax Elimination Act
February 3669February 3669Freedom In Advertising Act
February 3670February 3670Early Elections
May 3675May 3675Call for early elections, May 3675
April 3676April 3676a
April 3676April 3676Land Mine Act
September 3681September 3681Cabinet Proposal of September 3681
July 3686February 3689Compromise agenda
September 3687September 3687Progress Act
February 3688February 3688Moving Forward Bill
September 3689February 3690Policing the State
April 3690August 3690Low-income Public house
April 3690August 3690Torture ban bill
April 3690August 3690Open Weapon carry
April 3690August 3690Minimum wage bill
April 3690August 3690free tuition bill
July 3690August 3690Death Penalty Ban
July 3690August 3690Free Phone
August 3690August 3690Minimal income bill
August 3690August 3691proposition bill
October 3690November 3690Exotic animal safety bill
November 3690November 3690ban on Religious on public duty
April 3691August 3691Ban on Chemical and pesticides
April 3691August 3691Car limitation bill.
April 3691August 3691Immigration welcome bill.
August 3691September 3691Nationalisation of the banks.
August 3691September 3691energy bill
August 3691October 3691Alliance Proposal Between communist parties
September 3691September 3691Establishing the People's Republic of Likatonia
November 3691April 3692Income tax proposal of November 3691
November 3691April 3692Budget proposal of November 3691
February 3692April 3692workers right to strike
February 3692April 3692Workers protection bill
February 3692April 3692Public sex bill.
April 3692April 3692National Flag, let's burn them all bill.
June 3692August 3692nuclear weapon ban bill
June 3692August 3692Chimecal limitaion bill
July 3692August 3692GM crops, no to monsanto.
July 3692August 3692Whals friend bill
July 3692August 3692tree plentation bill.
August 3692August 3692Extradition limit
August 3692August 3692Museum bill
October 3692October 3692Cabinet Proposal of October 3692
December 3692December 3692Corporate tax
December 3692December 3692Budget proposal of December 3692
February 3693September 3693Charter school Legalisation
February 3693September 3693Voluntary Army bill
February 3693September 3693yes to public nudity
February 3693September 3693Immigration Quota ban
February 3693September 3693free passport
February 3693September 3693Right to assemble in public
February 3693September 3693Welcome to refugee
February 3693September 3693Nationality for all
March 3693September 3693free Citizenship
July 3693September 3693Foreign ambassies freedom
July 3693September 3693Fire departement
July 3693September 3693Service in the military
August 3693August 3693Call for early elections, August 3693
August 3693September 3693Adoption new policy
November 3693February 3694Defence industries negociation
November 3693February 3694negociating with libertarian on banks
November 3693February 3694Cabinet Proposal of November 3693
November 3693February 3694public housing to low-income
November 3693February 3694internet provider negociation
February 3694May 3694Sport clubs compromise bil
February 3694May 3694Public healthcare compromise bill.
May 3694August 3694Charter school funding
May 3694August 3694public school prayer ban
May 3694August 3694Parliement priviledge
August 3694February 3695Public transport compromise
August 3694February 3695Abortion funding bill 2
March 3695October 3695Pornography Bill
March 3695October 3695Student creativity Bill
March 3695October 3695sexual explicit material
March 3695October 3695Fish protection bill.
September 3695October 3695Police patrol
September 3695October 3695on the state industries
March 3696March 3696Reintroduction of Private Enterprise Act
March 3696May 3696prisonner work bill
March 3696May 3696land mines restriction bill
November 3696December 3696DNA record bill
November 3696December 3696exchange rate
November 3696December 3696Education bill and private schools
November 3696December 3696nationalisation of energy station
November 3696December 3696fireworks regulation
November 3696December 3696Cooperative Radio
November 3696December 3696Smoking policy
November 3696December 3696nation anthem...
November 3696December 3696Cooperative medias
November 3696December 3696Nuclear limitation bill
November 3696December 3696equal trade bill
November 3696December 3696Daily working hours regulation
November 3696December 3696Chemical limitation bill
November 3696December 3696drug price regulation
November 3696December 3696Mendatory recycling
November 3696December 3696Physical punishment bill.
November 3696December 3696government salary
November 3696December 3696sales of drugs
November 3696September 3697Cabinet Proposal, in case of a future victory of the left liberal communism alliance in the election
March 3697September 3697Throne Speech of september 3697
August 3697September 3748Defense of the Realm Act
September 3697September 3697Cabinet Proposal of September 3697
September 3697February 3698Police search
September 3697February 3698Land Mines ban
September 3697February 3698gated communauty
September 3697February 3698Intelligence agency limitation
September 3697February 3698Aid to poorer nation
September 3697February 3698democratic workers councils
September 3697February 3698Public transport bill
September 3697February 3698Paying Cooperatives stations
September 3697February 3698prostitution law
September 3697February 3698nuclear weapon bill
September 3697February 3698Paying Cooperatives medias
September 3697February 3698Parliament salary
September 3697February 3698Closed source software regulation
September 3697February 3698salary cap
September 3697February 3698Higher education bill
September 3697February 3698Bill on industries
October 3697February 3698Withdrawal of useless treaties
November 3697February 3698Fishing quota
November 3697February 3698Farm size
November 3697February 3698waste governance bill
November 3697February 3698adult bill
December 3697February 3698art bill
September 3698October 3699chemical weapon bill
November 3698October 3699Noble titles rights
November 3698October 3699incest resolution
January 3700August 3700compromise on chemical weapon
January 3700August 3700nuclear weapon compromise
August 3700October 3700drugs bill
August 3700October 3700donation
August 3700September 3701Election
August 3700September 3701mayors
October 3700September 3701minimum wage
October 3700September 3701pornography bill
October 3700September 3701private information for court help bill
October 3700September 3701Slander bill
October 3700September 3701Compromise on childcare
January 3701September 3701citizenship bill
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the International Agreement On The RIghts of the Workers
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the International Agreement On Education
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the International Agreement On Freedom of Speech and Information
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Likatonia declaration of peace
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the International Agreement on Infrastructure and the Right to Property
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Treaty on the Keeping of Endangered Animals
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Rights of the Workers
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the International Committee of the Red Cross
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the International Ecotourism Treaty
March 3701September 3701forest management
March 3701September 3701national grid
March 3701September 3701Ratification of the protection of the environnement
March 3701September 3701an evil bill
April 3701September 3701Museum bill and local government
April 3701September 3701library
April 3701September 3701Ratification of the Acceptable war treaty
July 3701September 3701Ratification of the New Minority Languages Protection Treaty
September 3701September 3701second throny speech after victory of september 3701
September 3702September 3702Call for early elections, September 3702
January 3703January 3703Restoring the Realm
January 3703January 3703Cabinet Proposal of January 3703
June 3706June 3706Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
January 3729September 3729.NEW ABORTION POLICY
April 3729April 3729Call for early elections, April 3729
November 3731March 3733,
August 3733August 3733Ratification of the Baltusia - Likatonia Friendship Treaty
August 3747March 3748Freedom of Prostitution
February 3748February 3748Ratification of the Seleyan Union (SU)
September 3752September 3752"For The Children" Bill, Re-Proposed
September 3752September 3752Religious Taxation Bill
September 3752September 3752Free Information Act, Re-Proposed
June 3754January 3756In Defense of the Realm
September 3757November 3757Religion
December 3758December 3759Ratification of the Treaty on Diplomatic Relations with Zardugal
January 3773January 3773Cabinet Proposal of January 3773
January 3773January 3773Call for early elections, January 3773
February 3773September 3773BUDGET 3773 - Spending Proposal
February 3773September 3773BUDGET 3773 - Revenue Proposal
March 3773April 3773TA3773-03 Withdrawal of Labour Restrictive Treaties Act
March 3773September 3773TA3773-01 Proper Defense Act
April 3773February 3774TA3773-04 Condemnation Resolution (Baltusian Terror Attack)
September 3773September 3773Cabinet Proposal of September 3773
April 3779April 3779Call for early elections, April 3779
April 3779August 3779Cabinet Proposal of April 3779
December 3782May 3783A return to greatness - first step
July 3791January 3792Devolution of Powers Act
January 3799January 3799Call for early elections, January 3799
March 3802March 3802Ratification of the Anti-Communist Initiative
October 3823February 3824Coming of Age Law
October 3823February 3824National Shelter Bill
October 3824October 3824Travel and Refugee Bill
December 3824June 3825Freedom to Farm
March 3825April 3825State Religion Bill
December 3826December 3826Dissolution of the Anti Communist Bill in Likatonia.
July 3835July 3835Call for early elections, July 3835
May 3838June 3838Animal'o reform
January 3839January 3839LÊ reformè de la Internet
January 3839January 3839Eminent domain reform
July 3839July 3839Anti-Public political advertisment founding
October 3839October 3839Nudity localisation
January 3840September 3840Minimum income increase reform
December 3840June 3841Cabinet Proposal of December 3840
January 3842January 3842Gated community legalisation
March 3842March 3842Fire Security
March 3842May 3842Anti- Likatonian national intelligence agency
March 3843March 3843Voting right #2
April 3843April 3843Farm size reform
May 3843May 3843Modified tax reform
May 3843May 3843Budget proposal of May 3843
September 3845September 3845Tax reform
January 3846January 3846Aid Reform
May 3846May 3846Budget proposal of May 3846
November 3855November 3855Economic reformation
November 3855November 3855Secular reform
November 3855November 3855Copy and universial voting Right Reform
November 3855November 3855Population control
November 3855November 3855Agricultural eco-reform
November 3855November 3855Cabinet Proposal of November 3855
November 3855November 3855Budget proposal of November 3855
November 3855November 3855Gun control
November 3855November 3855Military-Pacifist reform
November 3855November 3855Foreign reform
November 3855November 3855Health reform
November 3855November 3855Welfare reform
March 3856March 3856Neutrality Reform
September 3856September 3856Cabinet Proposal of September 3856
September 3856September 3856Income tax proposal of September 3856
October 3856October 3856Ratification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
October 3856October 3856Ratification of the Treaty for the Protection of Endangered Animals
October 3856October 3856Ratification of the International Atomic Energy Agency
November 3856November 3856Ratification of the International Space Agency (ISA)
April 3857April 3857Ratification of the International Confederation for Applied Chemistry and Biological Research (ICACBR)
April 3857April 3857Ratification of the Centre for Nulcear and Subnuclear Research (CNSR)
May 3857May 3857Hydraulic Fracking and Internet Privacy refrom
March 3858March 3858Useless treaty refusal
May 3858May 3858TOC and R.A Reform
August 3860August 3860Budget proposal of August 3860
October 3863September 3864Nobility abolishment
October 3864October 3865Religious Freedom Act
October 3864October 3865Renewal of our Military
October 3865April 3866Restoration of the Nobility
October 3870October 3870Cabinet Proposal of October 3870
July 3871March 3873Call for early elections, July 3871
March 3873March 3873Call for early elections, March 3873
October 3873November 3873Cabinet Proposal of October 3873
November 3875April 3876Ratification of the International Recognition and Acceptance of the Martin Divergence
November 3880December 3881Freedom of choice - economics
November 3880December 3881Freedom of choice - medical
October 3884September 3886Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
September 3887September 3888Ratification of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
May 3906May 3906Cabinet Proposal of May 3906
May 3906May 3906Government Reforms Act
September 3906September 3906Health and Senior Services Reforms Act
September 3906September 3906Budget proposal of September 3906 -- Austerity Measures
September 3906September 3906Income tax proposal of September 3906
October 3907October 3907Religious Reforms Act
October 3907October 3907Economic Freedoms Act
October 3907October 3907Tax Cuts
October 3907October 3907Legislative Reduction Act
September 3908September 3908Media Freedoms Act
September 3908September 3908Education Deregulation
September 3908September 3908Judicial Reforms Act
September 3908September 3908Science Reforms
September 3908September 3908Cultural Reforms
September 3908February 3909Infrastructure Reforms
February 3909February 3909Ratification of the The Law of the Sea
February 3909February 3909Treaty Withdrawals
February 3909February 3909Agricultural Reforms
February 3909February 3909Free Trade and Strong Borders Act
February 3909February 3909Constitutional Changes
February 3909October 3909Early Elections
August 3909November 3909Name Changes
November 3909November 3909Legislature Name
November 3909November 3909Ratification of the Terran Free Trade Agreement
September 3910September 3910Omnibus Reforms Act
April 3911April 3911Bill Quota Reduction Act
March 3912March 3912Constitutional Rights and Decentralization Act
March 3912March 3912Stronger Likatonia Budget Plan
April 3912April 3912Executive Power Unification Act
May 3912October 3912Executive Powers Act
April 3913April 3913Cabinet Proposal of April 3913
June 3936July 3936Call for early elections, June 3936
May 3939May 3939Cabinet Proposal of May 3939
May 3939May 3939National Reform Act
September 3939September 3939Call for early elections, September 3939
September 3939March 3940Adultery Reform
September 3939March 3940National Service Act
September 3939March 3940Defence Industry Privatization Act
February 3940February 3940Call for early elections, February 3940
February 3940March 3940Restoring Likatonian Traditions Act
March 3940March 3940Cabinet Proposal of March 3940
September 3947September 3947Energy Improvement Act
November 3949November 3949Declaration of National State of Emergency
March 3953March 3953Coalition Government
June 3953June 3953Ratification of the Northern Seleya Alliance (NSA)
January 3956February 3965Reform Bill
July 3956March 3957LVP: B006 - Animal Rights Reform Act, 3956
February 3965February 3965Cabinet Proposal of February 3965
December 3965December 3965Flag Act
December 3965December 3966Military act
December 3965December 3966Ecology act
August 3966August 3966Budget proposal of August 3966
August 3966December 3966Flag Act of 3966
August 3966December 3966Name Change act
May 3968May 3968Head of Government change
May 3968May 3968Motto act
December 3968December 3968Ratification of the Global Peacekeeping Organization - Peace Troops
December 3968December 3968Ratification of the Treaty of Gongmangdo
December 3968December 3968Ratification of the Treaty on the Establishment of EE (Eight Economies)
December 3968January 3969Nuclear Act
January 3969January 3969Market requlation act
January 3969January 3969Chemical Act
August 3971October 3971Change Act
June 3972June 3972Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
February 3974February 3974Flag Act of 39674
June 3976June 3976Ratification of the Aldegarian-Likatonian Pact of Friendship and Cooperation
August 3980August 3980Agriculture Reform Bill 001
October 3980October 3980Economic Act
July 3981July 3981Flag act of 3981
November 3983November 3983Cabinet Proposal of November 3983
November 3983November 3983Basic Taxes Bill 002
November 3983November 3983Morality Bill 001
November 3983November 3983Budget proposal of November 3983
November 3983November 3983Income tax proposal of November 3983
September 3984September 3984Economic Reform Bill 002
September 3984September 3984Welfare Reform Bill 002
September 3984September 3984Retirement Bill 001
October 3985October 3985Military Reform Bill 002
March 3990March 3990Cabinet Proposal of March 3990
January 3998January 3998Abolition of State Religion
January 3998January 3998Abolition of Dueling
January 4011January 4011Cabinet Proposal of January 4011
January 4011January 4011LUP: Likaton Head of State Change, 4011
January 4011January 4011Ratification of the North Seleyan Train Operating Company
January 4011January 4011LUP: Visvarens Republika Likatonia (Almighty Republic of Likatonia)
January 4011January 4011LUP: Healthy Voting Act, 4011
December 4011December 4011Cabinet Proposal of December 4011
January 4012January 4012Budget proposal of January 4012
January 4012January 4012LUP: National Flag Act, 4012
January 4012January 4012LUP: Proud Likatonia Anthem Act, 4012
December 4012December 4012LUP: Safety At Home Act, 4012
July 4013July 4014Ratification of the Sperry & Hutchinson (S&H) Green Stamps Program
August 4013January 4014LUP: Paying Prayers Act, 4013
January 4014January 4017Diplomacy First Act of 4014
March 4014January 4017UPP Budget
March 4014January 4017UPP Tax Bill
June 4014January 4017Parliamentary Salary Bill of 4014
January 4017January 4017Cabinet Proposal of January 4017
January 4017January 4017UPP Omnibus
December 4019April 4020Renaming
April 4020June 4020Cabinet Proposal of April 4020
December 4022January 4023Bill of Change
December 4022January 4023Name Change
December 4022April 4023The Royalty! Hear hear!
December 4022April 4023Damned foreign plebs!
December 4022April 4023Bill of damned plebs
December 4022April 4023Keep the rich packing heat
January 4023January 4023Militarization of Likatonia
January 4023January 4023Treaties
January 4023January 4023Flag
January 4023January 4023Bill 1
January 4023January 4023Cabinet Proposal of January 4023
April 4023April 4023Bill of Freedom.
April 4023April 4023Bill of a good free market
April 4023April 4023Taxes
April 4023April 4023Bill of April 4023
April 4023April 4023The production of "Pleb destoryer 3000"
April 4023April 4023Income tax proposal of April 4023
April 4023April 4023Second Bill of Freedom
April 4023April 4023Let's kill the priests
May 4023May 4023Int.
May 4023May 4023Bill of Insightfulness
June 4023July 4023Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
September 4023September 4023Ratification of the Private Bank of Kanjor (PBK)
December 4023December 4023New Elections, December 4023
December 4023May 4024Flag Change
December 4023May 4024Creation of the first Likatonian Tobacco Company
December 4023May 4024Budget proposal of December 4023
December 4023May 4024Capital City
December 4023May 4024Remove the Monarchy
May 4024June 4024Ecology
June 4024June 4024Ratification of the Seleya and Artania Treaty Organisation
June 4024June 4024Ratification of the Quality Economy Agreement (QEA)
June 4024June 4024Ratification of the United Nations of Terra
June 4024June 4024Pacifist.
June 4024June 4024Ratification of the Seleyan Union (SU)
June 4024June 4024Bill of Conservation
June 4024June 4024Government Titles
June 4024February 4026OOC: LIKATONIAN ARMED FORCES (Draft)
August 4024August 4024Nationalist Manifesto 1
October 4024October 4024Bill of the Rich and Powerful
December 4024December 4024Role-Play Accord Ratification
February 4025February 4025Military
May 4025May 4025Term length
June 4025June 4025Bill of Magnums
June 4025June 4025Military 2
June 4025June 4025PAI One
June 4025June 4025Federalist
January 4026January 4026Call for early elections, January 4026
April 4026April 4026Cabinet Proposal of April 4026
April 4026April 4026Bill of a good free market
April 4026April 4026CLARIFICATION of political views
May 4026May 4026The Corporation Draft
June 4026June 4026Religious Act
July 4026July 4026Small government
May 4027May 4027Budget proposal of May 4027
May 4027May 4027Call for early elections, May 4027
May 4027November 4027OOC: Likatonian Armed Forces
May 4027November 4027Civil War: Results.
October 4027October 4027OOC: Bill of aproppriate roleplay
October 4027October 4027Term length
May 4028May 4028Call for early elections, May 4028
July 4028July 4028Capital City
July 4028July 4028Cabinet Proposal of July 4028
July 4028July 4028Newspaper Name Change
July 4028July 4028Bill of Freedom
July 4028July 4028Freedom 2, an exciting sequel
July 4028July 4028Bill of personal freedoms
November 4028November 4028Ratification of the Anti-Communist Pact
November 4028November 4028Ratification of the Jelbanian International Football League
November 4028November 4028Ratification of the National Football League(NFL)
November 4028November 4028Ratification of the Terra Baseball Classic (TBC)
November 4028November 4028Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
November 4028December 4028Ratification of the United Conservative Front Treaty
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the Terran Boxing Organization (TBO)
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the International Chess Association (ICA)
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the New Kanjori Missile Base
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the International Association of Slave Trading Nations (IASTN)
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the Treaty of the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization
June 4029July 4029Call for early elections, June 4029
July 4029September 4029Capital City
September 4029September 4029Cabinet Proposal of September 4029
September 4029September 4029Bill of Liberty
October 4029October 4029Bill of Rights
October 4029October 4029Treaties
October 4029October 4029Bill of Magnums
November 4029November 4029Bill of Conservation
December 4029December 4029Bill of 4029
April 4030April 4030Income tax proposal of April 4030
April 4030April 4030Budget proposal of April 4030
June 4030June 4030Cabinet Proposal of June 4030
July 4030November 4030Ratification of the Well & SonsÂŽ Mining and Drilling Company
October 4030October 4030Call for early elections, October 4030
December 4030December 4030Bill of the Right.
July 4031July 4031Call for early elections, July 4031
December 4031December 4031Name Change
January 4032January 4032Cabinet Proposal of January 4032
July 4032July 4032Budget proposal of July 4032
July 4032December 4037OOC: Cultural Protocols Draft
September 4032September 4033Income tax proposal of September 4032
November 4032November 4032Call for early elections, November 4032
January 4033January 4033Bill of Justice
January 4033January 4033Name change
January 4033January 4033Ratification of the The Aldegar Trade Treaty
January 4033January 4037Military act of 4033
January 4033February 4042Renewal act
January 4033February 4042Space exploration act of 4033
March 4033March 4033Bill of Prosperity
June 4033June 4033Name change: cities
June 4033June 4033Ratification of the International Right to Privacy Treaty
October 4033October 4033Aliens
October 4033October 4033Bill of Rights
October 4033October 4033Bill of Conservation
October 4033January 4034Name change
January 4034December 4034Budget proposal of January 4034
June 4034December 4034Ratification of the Terran Religious Freedom
September 4034December 4034Capital city
October 4034October 4034Call for early elections, October 4034
May 4035May 4035Justice
May 4035May 4035Freedom
May 4035December 4035Budget proposal of May 4035
December 4035December 4035Motto
December 4036December 4036Progressive
May 4039May 4039Increase Retirement Age
July 4039May 4293OOC: Cultural Protocols of Likatonia (MANDATORY)
January 4040January 4040Proposal to Increase the Minimum Retirement Age
November 4040November 4040OOC: new cultural protocols
November 4040November 4040Ratification of the International Freedom of the Press
November 4040November 4040Cabinet Proposal of November 4040
December 4040December 4040Ratification of the Free Trade League
December 4040December 4040Ratification of the TERRAN CRICKET COUNCIL (TCC)
March 4041March 4041OOC: CP Update, numbers fix
March 4041April 4041Free markets for Prosperity Act
March 4041May 4041Income tax proposal of March 4041
April 4041April 4041The Franklin Act
July 4041July 4041Education Competition legalization bill
December 4041December 4041Role-Play Accord Ratification
November 4042November 4042Call for early elections, November 4042
March 4043March 4043RP Accord Ratification
July 4043July 4043Freedom
September 4044September 4044Call for early elections, September 4044
December 4044January 4045Food Safety,regulation and public heath bill
January 4045January 4045Industrial safety snd waste disposal management bill
June 4045June 4045Bill of The Supreme II
June 4045July 4045Sustainable agriculture bill.
July 4045October 4045Elthical liberty bill
April 4046June 4047Federalism
August 4046November 4047Environmental Protection Act
March 4047March 4047Responsible Police Act
August 4050August 4050Call for early elections, August 4050
September 4050September 4050Cabinet Proposal of September 4050
September 4050February 4052Environmental Protection Act
September 4050February 4052Weapons of Mass Destruction Act
September 4050February 4052Outlaw the International Slave Trade Act
December 4050December 4050Call for early elections, December 4050
October 4051October 4051Call for early elections, October 4051
February 4052February 4052Mercy Act
February 4052February 4052Religious Freedom Act
February 4052February 4052Cabinet Proposal of February 4052
December 4052December 4052Miscellaneous Act
December 4052December 4052Emancipation Act
March 4054March 4054Intelligence Act
March 4054March 4054Cabinet Proposal of March 4054
December 4054December 4054Sovereign Foreign Policy Bill
December 4055December 4055Education Act
November 4056November 4056Pro-Abortion Bill
December 4056December 4056Anti-Animal Testing Bill
December 4056December 4056Cabinet Proposal of December 4056
May 4058May 4058Religious Checks Bill
March 4059March 4059Tourism Act
April 4059March 4060Ecological Maintenance Bill
September 4060September 4060Budget proposal of September 4060
January 4061January 4061Health and Economic Regulation Act
May 4062May 4062Federal Abortion Bill
May 4062May 4062Emission Reduction Bill
May 4062May 4062Passport Application Check Bill
May 4062May 4062WMD Cessation Bill
June 4062June 4062Cabinet Proposal of June 4062
January 4063January 4063Essential Public Services Bill
January 4063January 4063Harmful Substances Bill
January 4063January 4063Restrictions on private companies
September 4063September 4064Independent Likatonian Press Act
September 4063September 4064Reasonable Regulation Act
November 4063November 4063Cabinet Proposal of November 4063
December 4063December 4063Call for early elections, December 4063
June 4065June 4065Call for early elections, June 4065
August 4065September 4065Adult Age Act
February 4066February 4066Cabinet Proposal of February 4066
March 4066March 4066Budget proposal of March 4066
March 4066March 4066Income tax proposal of March 4066
October 4066October 4066Call for early elections, October 4066
January 4067January 4067Cabinet Proposal of January 4067
May 4067May 4067Military Overhaul Act, 4067
February 4068February 4068Firearm Reform Act
April 4068April 4068Liberty To Critique
July 4068December 4068decriminalization act of 4068
September 4068March 4092(TEDCO-HRC) Treaty
October 4068January 4069Pharmaceutical Drug Price Bill
April 4070April 4070Positive Discrimination Act
May 4072December 4072Nobility Act 4072
June 4072December 4074Quit wasting money Act
January 4074January 4074Military Petition
April 4074April 4074Rights of Man Petition
December 4074December 4074Tax Reform Act of 4075
January 4075January 4075Firearms Bill
April 4075April 4075Parenthood Act
February 4076February 4076Goverment footprint act
March 4076March 4076Call for early elections, March 4076
January 4077January 4077Quit Funding Murder Act
July 4077July 4077Religious Liberty Act
July 4077July 4077Cabinet Proposal of July 4077
October 4077October 4077Prisoner Voting Rights
February 4078February 4078SLSR Convention of 4078
August 4078February 4079Workers' Rights Bill
January 4079January 4079SLSR Convention of 4079
February 4079February 4079Farm Bill
February 4079February 4079Cabinet Proposal of February 4079
August 4079September 4079Libertarian Convention of 4079-80
December 4079December 4079Private Auto Mobile Reform
March 4080March 4080Local police Act
June 4080November 4080Treaty Withdrawal
July 4080November 4080Should be done
November 4080November 4080Progression
November 4080November 4080Drug progression
November 4080November 4080The possible creation of the Likatonia Health Service
September 4081September 4081Advancement of social services
December 4081December 4081Infrastructure Reform
June 4082December 4082Political infrastructure bill
July 4082December 4084Ratification of the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
December 4084December 4084A new era
December 4084December 4084Cabinet Proposal of December 4084
November 4085November 4085Weapons of Mass Destruction Act
December 4086December 4086Cabinet Proposal of December 4086
October 4087October 4087Welfare Reform Act
October 4087October 4087Environmental Protection Act
March 4089March 4089Liberty Act
March 4093March 4093Cabinet Proposal of March 4093
December 4093December 4093Regulated Smoking to Ensure Health Act
February 4095February 4095Military Reform Bill 4095
December 4097December 4097Worker's Rights Act
November 4100November 4100Nomination for Security Council Seat C
May 4101May 4101People's safety Act
March 4102March 4102security council
December 4103December 4103Cabinet Proposal of December 4103
October 4105October 4105More open trade laws
March 4106March 4106Bad treaty 1
December 4106December 4106Cabinet Proposal of December 4106
May 4108November 4108Military Bill
May 4108December 4108Higher Education Bill
December 4108December 4108Abortion Bill 4108
June 4110December 4110OOC: War is over
June 4110December 4110Religion is the only way forward
December 4110December 4110Cabinet Proposal of December 4110
April 4111April 4111Income tax proposal of April 4111
July 4111August 4111Weapons of Mass Destruction Act
August 4111August 4111Military Desegregation Act
August 4111August 4111Freedom of Religion Act
August 4111August 4111Human Rights Act
May 4113May 4113Budget proposal of May 4113
January 4114January 4114Call for early elections, January 4114
November 4116November 4116government's policy towards civilians who conscientiously object to being required to perform military service
January 4118January 4118Call for early elections, January 4118
October 4118October 4118Conscientious Objectors' Rights Act
June 4120June 4120Sale of Arms Act
December 4120December 4120Budget proposal of December 4120
February 4121February 4121Cabinet Proposal of February 4121
April 4123April 4123Motion of Culutre Protocol Affirmation
April 4123May 4123Military and Foreign Affairs Reforms
May 4123May 4123Whig Economy Act
December 4123July 4124Motion of Culutre Protocol Affirmation
September 4124January 4125Omnibus Bill
May 4125May 4125Food and Hemp proposals
August 4125August 4125H.C.E Proposals
September 4125June 4126Graham Langford Retires
March 4126June 4126New Anthem
April 4126June 4126Administration Reforms
July 4126August 4126Cabinet Proposal of July 4126
June 4127June 4127Enviroment Act of June 4127
September 4127September 4127Ratification of the Affirming the Right to Bear Arms
September 4127September 4127Ratification of the M.A.F.T.A.
September 4127September 4127Ratification of the Anti Slavery Treaty
September 4127September 4127Ratification of the International Free Trade Agreement
June 4128February 4129OOC: Weapons
August 4128November 4128Budget proposal of August 4128
November 4128November 4128Call for early elections, November 4128
May 4129May 4129New Order Cabinet Proposal
June 4129June 4129Call for early elections, June 4129
October 4129January 4130Justice and Civil Liberty
January 4130January 4130Ratification of the Lodamun&Likatonia Alliance
April 4130April 4130Ecology Reforms
June 4130June 4130Ratification of the International Terran Bank: Request for Currency Evaluation
May 4131May 4131Right to Privacy Act
December 4131May 4132Ratification of the World Financial Trade Center (WTFC)
January 4132January 4132Cabinet Proposal of January 4132
February 4132February 4132Call for early elections, February 4132
April 4134July 4134Children Protection Act
May 4134May 4134Cabinet Proposal of May 4134
May 4134May 4134Call for early elections, May 4134
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Terran Oil Cartel Treaty
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Life for everyone
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Treaty to Establish the Seleya Free Trade Zone
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Keymon Free Trade Agreement
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Cildanian Free Trade Agreement
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons
June 4134June 4134Ratification of the Anti-Communism Treaty
May 4135May 4135Cabinet Proposal of May 4135
June 4136June 4136Military and foreign affairs bill
June 4136June 4136Cabinet Proposal of June 4136
July 4136July 4136Federalist Protection Act
November 4136November 4136Federalist Liberty and Religion Act
December 4136December 4136Ratification of the Kafuri Oil Import-Export Trade Agreement (KOIL)
August 4137August 4137Ratification of the Trade treaty between the Federal Republic Of Likatonia and the Federal Union of Gaduridos
January 4138October 4138Discord Link and the Media
July 4138July 4138Ratification of the Support For Saridan
November 4138November 4138Government Leadership Reform
May 4139May 4139Ratification of the Nationalist Brotherhood Trade Agreement.
June 4139June 4139Government Position
August 4139August 4139Ratification of the Triguno-Deltaro-Solentian Trilateral Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Cooperation
November 4140November 4140Call for early elections, November 4140
January 4141January 4141Call for early elections, January 4141
May 4141May 4141Ecology & Market Reform
May 4142May 4142Call for early elections, May 4142
June 4142June 4142Foreign policy
June 4142June 4142Culture
June 4142June 4142Infrastructure
June 4142June 4142Science
June 4142June 4142Technology
June 4142June 4142Cabinet Proposal of June 4142
June 4142June 4142Ecology
June 4142June 4142Education
June 4142June 4142Agriculture
June 4142June 4142Justice
June 4142June 4142Civil liberties
June 4142June 4142Media
August 4144August 4144Rights of Workers and Families Initiative
November 4144November 4144Health and Human Rights Initiative of 4145
June 4145June 4145Likatonian Policy on International Relations
May 4146June 4146Education Reform Bill.
July 4146July 4146Paramilitary Ban Bill
July 4146July 4146Cessation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Bill
January 4147January 4147Safe Travel Bill
January 4147January 4147Religious Taxation Bill
January 4147January 4147Secular Education Bill
January 4147January 4147Strike Action Reform Bill
March 4147March 4147Regulate the use of animals in cosmetic research.
June 4147July 4147Cabinet Proposal of June 4147
July 4147July 4147Call for early elections, July 4147
August 4147February 4148Foreign Policy Reform
October 4147February 4148IT Reform Bill
February 4148February 4148Prisoner Rights Reform
February 4148February 4148Treaty withdrawal
February 4148February 4148Administration Reform
February 4148February 4148Cabinet Proposal of February 4148
February 4148April 4149The Multiple Reform Bill
May 4148April 4149The infrastructure Reform Bill
September 4148September 4148Call for early elections, September 4148
February 4149April 4149New policy Bill
February 4149April 4149New Bill
April 4149April 4149Cabinet Proposal of April 4149
August 4149August 4149Ratification of the Kalistan-Terra Treaty of General Friendship
August 4149August 4149Firearms Act.
August 4149August 4149The National Service Bill
August 4149August 4149Religious Reform Bill
August 4149August 4149Chemical and biological weaponry act.
August 4149August 4149National Anthem Reform
September 4149September 4149Agricultural Reform Bill
September 4149September 4149Health Reform Bill
October 4149October 4149Call for early elections, October 4149
December 4149May 4150Ecology Reform Bill
May 4150May 4150Cabinet Proposal of May 4150
March 4151March 4151Renewable Energy Encouragement Act (REEA)
September 4151September 4151Education and Culture Amendments Bill
September 4151September 4151Amendments in the Infrastructure Bill
January 4152July 4152council seat
August 4152August 4152Cabinet Proposal of August 4152
August 4152August 4152Weapon Handling Reform Act
June 4153February 4155Commonwealth Workers Army Agenda - Military Platform i
August 4154August 4154People's Budget proposal of August 4154
August 4154August 4154Progressive Income tax proposal of August 4154
August 4154August 4154Concealment Bill
August 4154August 4154Freedom of the dress Bill
August 4154August 4154Contingent Bill
August 4154August 4154Workers Bill
February 4155February 4155CWA Sovereignty and Democracy Bill (ii)
February 4155February 4155Alternative Unity Cabinet Proposal of February 4155
March 4155March 4155Water Regulation Bill
March 4155March 4155Police Administration Bill
March 4155March 4155Security and Exchange Bill
March 4155March 4155Economic Reform Bill
March 4155March 4155Health Reform Bill
August 4155August 4155Budget proposal of August 4156
August 4155August 4155Art Subsidies Act.
August 4155August 4155Military Arms Export Bill(MAEB)
August 4155August 4155Relief Reform Bill
October 4156March 4157The Multiple Reform Bill
December 4156December 4156Call for early elections, December 4156
February 4157August 4157Armed Forces Policy Bill
February 4157August 4157Morality Bill
February 4157August 4157Rent regulation Bill
February 4157August 4157Gate Communities Bill
February 4157August 4157Public Healthcare Bill
May 4157May 4157New Immigration and Emigration Policy.
May 4157May 4157Bill: Remove the Diplomatic Immunity
May 4157June 4157Bill on Infrastructure and Agriculture.
August 4157September 4157Military Reform Bill
September 4157September 4157Public Healthcare Bill
February 4158February 4158Representation Bill
February 4158February 4158Nobility Bill
February 4158February 4158Salaries of the Members of the Congress Bill
March 4158March 4158Pornography Bill
March 4158March 4158Religious Bill
March 4158March 4158GM Crops Reform Bill
March 4158March 4158Public Healthcare Bill
March 4158March 4158Compensation Bill
March 4158March 4158Military Bill
March 4158March 4158Freedom of Expression Bill
March 4158March 4158Crossdressing Bill
March 4158March 4158Agrarian Reform Bill
March 4158March 4158Gate Communities Bill
March 4158March 4158Adultery Bill
September 4158September 4158Emergency Cabinet Proposal: September 4158
March 4159March 4159Scientific Research Act
August 4159August 4159United Cabinet Proposal of August 4159
May 4161May 4161Cabinet Proposal of May 4161
May 4161May 4161Health Bill
May 4161May 4161Defence Enhancement Act
May 4161May 4161Retirement Savings Act (reprise)
September 4161September 4161Bill: Justice
December 4161December 4161Political Campaign Funding Law
December 4161December 4161Wise Allocation of Public Funding Act
January 4162January 4162Restoration of the Right to Abort
April 4162April 4162Bill: Animal Investigation
August 4162August 4163Bill: National Anthem in School (Real)
August 4163August 4163Education Bill
August 4163August 4163Foreign Investment Bill
September 4163September 4163Power Station Sector Bill
November 4163November 4163Bill: Airports
August 4164August 4164People's Cabinet Proposal of August 4164
August 4164August 4165Right to Privacy Bill
September 4166September 4166People's Cabinet Proposal of September 4166
March 4167March 4167Head of Government Title Bill
March 4167March 4167The People's Cabinet Proposal of March 4167
May 4167May 4167Religious Freedom Act
August 4167May 4168New Health Bill(vaccinations)
August 4167June 4168New Passport Law
March 4169March 4169Cabinet Proposal of March 4169
April 4170April 4170Government Coalition Progress Act
June 4170June 4170New Military Bill.
September 4170November 4171Withdrawal from the Treaty with Solentia and Seridjan
April 4171April 4171Bill: Homosexuality in the Militar service
May 4171May 4171Quit Wasting Money on Lazy People
May 4171May 4171re-vote
May 4171May 4171The Government Needs to Pay
September 4171September 4171Bill: Illegal Inmigration
September 4171September 4171Second bill on the freedom of individuals
September 4171September 4171Fundamental changes
September 4171September 4171Free marketeering
April 4172April 4172Agricultural Progress Act
September 4173September 4173Head of State and Government
December 4173December 4173Denationalisation
June 4174June 4174Patrol Restrictions
June 4174June 4174Salary Cap Removal
June 4174June 4174Equal Taxation Act
June 4174June 4174Movies Act
June 4174June 4174Right to Abortion Widening
March 4175March 4175Bill:Tobacco
May 4175May 4175Legalizing Things
May 4175May 4175Adoptions Reform
May 4175May 4175Sexual Relations Legalization
May 4175May 4175Political Involvement Promotion Act
May 4176May 4176Call for early elections, May 4176
September 4176September 4176Cabinet Proposal of September 4176
June 4177September 4177Call for early elections, June 4177
March 4178March 4178Military Advancement
August 4180August 4180Call for early elections, August 4180
March 4182March 4182Appointments
July 4182November 4182Documentation of National Citizenship Act (DONCA)
January 4184January 4184Sexual Freedom Act V
January 4184January 4184War prisoners
January 4184January 4184Schools for Knowledge
January 4184January 4184Digital Intellectual Property Act
December 4184December 4184Cabinet Proposal of December 4184
December 4184December 4184Land Mine Ban
January 4186January 4186Call for early elections, January 4186
November 4186November 4186Ban on Corporate Use of Eminent Domain
January 4187January 4187Revised Flag Burning Bill
June 4188June 4188Ratification of the Condemnation of IUPU
December 4188December 4188Incestuous ban Act
April 4189April 4189Arms Regulation Act
April 4189April 4189Dignity Bill
April 4189April 4189Controlled Substances Privatization and Regulation Bill
April 4189April 4189Unemployment Insurance
April 4189April 4189Sport Policy Decentralization
May 4189May 4189Public Servant Act
June 4190June 4190Budget proposal of June 4190
June 4190June 4190A Tax Break for Likatonia
June 4190February 4191Police Decentralization Policy
June 4190February 4191Farming Decentralization Bill
June 4190February 4191Nobility Abolishment Act
June 4190February 4191Eminent Domain Oversight Committee
June 4190February 4191Passport Control Act
June 4190February 4191Gambling Regulation Act
July 4190July 4190Cabinet Proposal of July 4190
December 4190December 4190Call for early elections, December 4190
January 4191January 4191Cabinet Proposal of January 4191
January 4191January 4191Income tax proposal of January 4191
January 4191January 4191Save the Environment Bill
January 4191January 4191Abolition of the Death Penalty
January 4191January 4191Pollution Control Act
January 4191January 41914191 Social Economic Budget - Spending
January 4192January 4192Enviromental Cars Act
April 4193April 4193Budget Stabilization Act
April 4193April 4193Cannabis legalization act
April 4193April 4193Land Mine Act
April 4193May 4193Military Non-Interventionism
November 4195November 4195Social-Independence Religious Compromise Bill
January 4196April 4199OOC: Vacation
June 4196January 4197Paramilitaries
June 4198June 4198Call for early elections, June 4198
September 4198September 4198Stop Paramilitaries
September 4198September 4198Cabinet Proposal of September 4198
June 4199October 4199Protecting Children Act
November 4199November 4199Incest Normalization
November 4199November 4199Monopolies
November 4199December 419943rd Century Education System
November 4199December 419943rd Century Health System
November 4199December 4199Economic Regulation
November 4199December 419943rd Century Public Services
February 4200September 4200Military Growth 4200
February 4200September 4200Death Penalty Reinstated
April 4200November 4200Ratification of the Valruzian Economic Cooperation Alliance
June 4200October 4200Give People the right to defend Act
June 4200October 4200Give People a choice Act
October 4200October 4200Cabinet Proposal of October 4200
December 4200December 4200Budget proposal of December 4200
June 4201June 4201Income tax proposal of June 4201
June 4201June 4201Budget proposal of June 4201
February 4202February 4202Income tax cut and simplification act
October 4202October 4202Nobody Without Pension
October 4202October 4202Death Penalty Reabolished
October 4202October 4202Cabinet Proposal of October 4202
October 4202October 4202Gun Control
March 4203March 42034203 Social Budget - Spending
March 4203March 42034203 Social Budget - Income tax
November 4203November 4203Military Reform
December 4207December 4207Power Decentralization Act
December 4207December 4207Paramilitaries
December 4216December 4216Museums Devolution
December 4216December 4216Media Law
December 4216December 4216Strike ballots
December 4216December 4216Counterterrorism Act
December 4216December 4216Euthanasia Regulation
December 4216December 4216Cabinet Proposal of December 4216
December 4216December 4216Power Grid Efficiency
December 4216December 4216Extradition Law
December 4216December 4216Tax Reform
April 4217April 4217New National Sport
April 4217April 4217Uniform Taxation
July 4217July 4217Nation Spoiling Shield
July 4217July 4217Congress Reform
July 4217July 4217Security Council Seat A
July 4217July 4217Our Seat
January 4221January 4221Immoral Acts Reform 4221
December 4221December 4221Repeal of Immoral Acts Reform 4221
January 4223January 4223Combating Homelessness
December 4224December 4224Limited Government Act of 4225
August 4225August 4225No First Use Act
October 4226October 4226Freedom of Religion Act
December 4226December 4226Cabinet Proposal of December 4226
December 4226December 4226Bill
December 4226April 4227Bill
November 4227November 4227The Incest and Polygamy Act of 4227
November 4227November 4227Counter-Intelligence and Surveillance Act.
December 4228June 4229Council seat A
March 4229March 4229Call for early elections, March 4229
June 4229June 4229Police Reform
June 4229June 4229Cabinet Proposal of June 4229
June 4229June 4229Actual Freedom of Religion Act
August 4229August 4229The Farm Size Bill of 4229
September 4229September 4229The Pornography Bill of 4229
September 4229September 4229The Recreational Drug Use Bill of 4229
September 4229September 4229Public Intercourse Bill of 4229
October 4229October 4229The Multiple Citizenship Bill of 4229
April 4230July 4230The Military Wartime Emergency Service Act of 4230.
May 4230May 4230Call for early elections, May 4230
May 4230July 4230The Forest Management Act of 4230.
April 4231April 4231The National Service Act of 4231.
October 4231October 4231Call for early elections, October 4231
October 4231June 4233The Military Merit Act of 4231.
April 4232April 4232Cabinet Proposal of April 4232
November 4232November 4232Animal Consent Act 4232
December 4232December 4232Eminent Domain Act
January 4233June 4233The Fredoom of Transportation Act of 4233.
May 4233May 4233The Recreational Drug Use Bill of 4233
July 4233July 4233Multiple Citizenship Act of 4233
July 4234July 4234Cabinet Proposal of July 4234
October 4234October 4234Military Command Act of 4234
October 4234October 4234National Service Removal Act of 4234
November 4234November 4234Redistribution of Congressional Seats Act of 4234
April 4235April 4235Call for early elections, April 4235
January 4236January 4236The National Service Act of 4236.
May 4237November 4241Call for early elections, May 4237
December 4239December 4239Rights of the Mentally Ill Act
May 4240May 4240The Logging Act of 4240.
December 4240December 4240The Election Reform Act of 4240.
March 4241March 4241The Incest Act of 4241.
March 4241March 4241The Gun Ownership Act 4241.
March 4241March 4241The Public Decency Act of 4241.
March 4241March 4241The Organised Religion Act of 4241.
March 4241March 4241The Polygamy Act of 4241.
March 4241March 4241The Public Decency Act of 4241.
June 4241January 4242national sport Act Of 4241
June 4241January 4242Parental Rights Act of 4241
November 4241January 4242Decentralization Act of 4241
November 4241May 4242Refugee Act 4241
January 4242January 4242Civil Rights Act 4242
June 4242June 4242Defense Industry Reform
October 4242October 4242Civil Liberties Act of 4242
November 4242November 4242Cabinet Proposal of November 4242
November 4242November 4242Weapons of Mass Destruction Act of 4243
November 4242November 4242Child Abuse in the Classroom Act
May 4244May 4244The religious advertising act
May 4244May 4244Open Shops Act
September 4244May 4293RP lawsuit: LFDWC v Skanderberg
November 4244November 4244Luxury Tax Adjustment Act
December 4244December 4244Budget proposal of December 4244
December 4244December 4244Helping the Entry Level
December 4244December 4244Firework Regulation
September 4245November 4246The Religious School Act
February 4246February 4246Call for early elections, February 4246
September 4246September 4246Call for early elections, September 4246
November 4246November 4246Deficit Fixing Act
December 4246December 4246The Real Deficit Fixing Act of 4246.
October 4247October 4247Disadvantaged Help Act
November 4247November 4247Recycling Act
January 4248January 4248Anti-Cult Act
June 4248November 4248Nuclear Warfare Act
November 4248November 4248The National Service Act of 4248 II.
November 4248November 4248Government Spending on Abortion
November 4248November 4248Government policy on Chemical Weapons
November 4248November 4248Health Act of 4248
December 4248December 4248Criminal Voting Act
December 4248December 4248The Cloning Act of 4248
February 4249March 4249The Incest and Polygamy Act of 4249
March 4249March 4249The Obscene Public Acts Act of 4249
July 4250December 4250Environmentalist Act
December 4250December 4250Voting Rights Act
January 4251July 4253Democracy Act III
March 4251March 4251Cabinet Proposal of March 4251
September 4251September 4251Ratification of the Selucian Official Diplomatic Treaty
October 4252November 4252Recycling bill
December 4252December 4252Health and Safety Act 4252
December 4252December 4252Cabinet Proposal of December 4252
December 4253December 4253National Healthcare Act 4253
November 4254November 4254National Education Act 4254
November 4254November 4254National Curriculum Act 4254
May 4256November 4256Organ donations
April 4259April 4259Cloning Act 4259
April 4259April 4259Military Service
April 4259May 4261Government policy towards smoking
June 4259June 4259Article 15: Rewriting of Article 1: 2A and 2B
September 4259September 4259End of Military Service
June 4261June 4261Central Bank Autonomy
June 4261June 4261The Secularization Act of 4261.
September 4261September 4261Official Recognition of the Federal Republic of Kalopia-Wantuni (Eastern Kalopia)
July 4262November 4262International Aid Act
September 4262November 4262Ratification of the Sanctioned Security Council Embargo on Kalopia
November 4262November 4262Ecological Enterprise Act
November 4262November 4262RP: Energy Act
November 4262November 4262Withdraw of Support to Saridan
February 4264February 4264Enhancement of Public Schools
October 4264April 4275Policy about keeping wild animals
April 4265April 4265Cabinet Proposal of April 4265
November 4265November 4265Political Education Regulation Act
May 4266December 4266Reduction of Bureaucracy in Private Businesses
August 4266December 4266Ratification of the The International Ban on Slavery
August 4266December 4266Ratification of the International Rejection of Slavery Agreement
August 4266December 4266Ratification of the League of Anti-Slavery Nations
November 4267November 4267Private Inheritance Regulation Act 4267
December 4267December 4267Polygamy Recognition Act 4267
June 4268May 4273Ownership of Gums by private individuals
June 4268May 4273Positive discrimination
June 4268December 4274Ratification of the Istalian-Likatonian Friendship and Economic Trade Agreement
January 4269January 4269Cabinet Proposal of January 4269
December 4269December 4269Income tax proposal of December 4269
April 4270January 4271Abortion Act 4270
November 4271November 4271Military Drone Act
May 4272April 4273Expansion of Political Education Act
March 4273March 4273Ratification of the Seleyan Soccer Championships (SSC)
March 4273March 4273Cabinet Proposal of March 4273
March 4273April 4273Open Borders Act 4273
April 4273April 4273Budget proposal of April 4273
May 4273May 4273Defence industries
May 4273May 42732nd Humanity in War Act
June 4273June 4273The Repel of The Treaty of Gongmangdo.
October 4273October 4273RP event: Assasination of president William Bailey
October 4273October 4273Income tax proposal of October 4273
April 4274November 4274Withdraw from the United Conservative Front Treaty
April 4274November 4274Withdraw from the Kafuri Oil Import-Export Trade Agreement (KOIL)
April 4274November 4274Withdraw from the Nationalist Brotherhood Trade Agreement
June 4274June 4274Income tax proposal of June 4274
June 4274June 4274Budget proposal of June 4274
June 4274November 4274Minimum Income Guarantee Extension
November 4274November 4274The Wartime Emergency Service Act of 4275.
November 4274November 4274Breaking News: RCA Party Chairman Found Dead In His Office.
December 4274December 4274Ratification of the Treaty on Council of Seleya (CS)
January 4275January 4275Socialist Cabinet
February 4275February 4275A revolutionary bill
April 4275April 4275Federal Forestry Act
April 4275April 4275The Expulsion of Sylvester Grey from Congress Act of 4275.
May 4275May 4275Sexual education for all
September 4275September 4275Tax proposal
September 4275September 4275Income tax proposal of September 4275
October 4275October 4275Expansion of Law Enforcement Act
October 4275October 4275Subsidization of Phone Rates
October 4275October 42752nd Expansion of Welfare Act
November 4275November 4275Budget proposal of November 4275
December 4276December 4276Call for early elections, December 4276
December 4276November 4277Removal of Kallopian Embargo
May 4277May 4277Call for early elections, May 4277
May 4277November 4277Regulation of Airports
May 4278May 4278Socialism Act
May 4278May 4278Diplomatic Immunity Act
September 4278September 4278Help for refugees act
November 4278November 4278Budget proposal of November 4278
November 4278November 4278Ratification of the Treaty of Clovisport on Sexual Freedom
April 4280April 4280Call for early elections, April 4280
April 4280September 4280Socialism Act II
April 4280June 4281Banking Reform Act
November 4280November 4280Call for early elections, November 4280
May 4281August 4281Lower pension age
May 4281August 4281Land mines ban
May 4281August 4281Lower voting age
May 4281August 4281Cosmetic animal testing ban
August 4281August 4281Freedom of information Bill
August 4281August 4281End the draft Bill
September 4281September 4281The Freedom of Expression Act of 4281
October 4281October 4281Extention of the right to strike
November 4281April 4282Counter-Covert Act
November 4282November 4283The Nationality Act of 4283.
September 4283November 4283The Economic Fredoom and Job Creation Act of 4283.
September 4283November 4283The Pension Act of 4283.
September 4283November 4283The End of Discrimination in Hiring Act of 4283.
October 4283October 4283Call for early elections, October 4283
November 4283November 4283Cabinet Proposal of November 4283
December 4283December 4283The Business Type Liberalization of 4283 (real)
August 4284August 4284The Flag Act of 4284
August 4284August 4284The Salaries and Pensions of Ministers of Religions Regulation Act of 8284.
October 4284October 4284The National Flag Act of 4284.
November 4284November 4284Salary Cap Removal
October 4285September 4286OOC: Reform of the Cultural Protocols of Likatonia
November 4285November 4285OOC: [QUESTION 1] Cultural Protocols Poll
April 4286May 4286Organ donations
September 4286September 4286Wartime policy (real)
September 4286September 4286For the safety of themselves and others (real)
October 4286October 4286The Weapon Control Law of 4286
October 4286March 4288The Wild Pets Act of 4286
October 4286March 4288The Weapon Concealment Act of 4286
October 4286March 4288The Scientific Whaling Act of 4286
August 4287November 4287National Sport
August 4287November 4287Adultery legalization bill
March 4288March 4288The End of Military Service Act of 4288
October 4288October 4288Salary Cap Act of 4288
October 4288October 4288Industrial Hemp Act of 4288
October 4288October 4288Foreign Takeovers Act of 4288
October 4288October 4288Sport Club Funding Act of 4288
October 4288September 4291RP: Artificial Intelligence Research Initiative of 4288
June 4289November 4289OOC: Reform of the Cultural Protocols of Likatonia (revised)
September 4289September 4319OOC: Cultural Protocols Update (4290)
November 4290November 4290Call for early elections, November 4290
March 4291March 4291Administrative Law Reform Act
September 4291October 4291Company Payroll Act of 4291
October 4291October 4291Media Act of 4291
November 4291April 4292Cosmetic Research Act of 4291
April 4292April 4292Foreign Aid Act of 4292
April 4292April 4293Information Freedom Act of 4292
October 4292April 4293RP: National AI Corporate Act of 4292
March 4293March 4293Cabinet Proposal of March 4293
October 4293October 4294RP: Inventors Fair Act of 4293
October 4293October 4294RP: Military Infrastructure Act of 4293
November 4293November 4293The National Service Act of 4293.
May 4294May 4294Call for early elections, May 4294
May 4294November 4294Sales Tax Reform Act
September 4294April 4295The National Service Removal Act of 4294
March 4296September 4296RP: Foreign Translators Act of 4296
December 4296April 4297Prison Labor
March 4297October 4298Tax Bracket of 4298
April 4297June 4297International Aid
September 4297September 4297The Secularization Act of 4297.
October 4297December 4297Eminent Domain
July 4298October 4298Pesticide Use Policy
July 4298November 4298Death Penalty Policies
December 4298June 4299Fire Arms Regulation Policy
April 4299April 4299Lower Essential Goods Taxation Act of 4299
May 4299December 4299House of Representatives Size Reduction Act
April 4300September 4300Religious Policy Reforms
December 4300December 4300Budget proposal of December 4300
January 4301May 4301International Aid Policy
November 4302November 4302Call for early elections, November 4302
January 4304January 4304Reasonable Choice Act
May 4304May 4304Freedom of Religion Act
September 4304May 4305Abortion is a civil right (ACR) act
May 4305May 4305Cabinet Proposal of May 4305
November 4305November 4305Unemployment Subsidies Time Limitation
March 4306March 4306The Public Nudity Act of 4306.
April 4306April 4306Economical support for democratic workers' councils
May 4306April 4307Education Reform Act of 4306
August 4306August 4306Tax Standardization for Businesses
November 4306May 4307Military Reforms
November 4306May 4307National Curriculum Policies
June 4307June 4307Income tax proposal of June 4307
June 4307October 4307Information Publishing Amendment
June 4307October 4307Communications and Media Subsidies Reforms Amendment
April 4308April 4308Public Education Enhancement Act of 4308
October 4308July 4309Foreign policy change.
December 4308June 4309Civil Liberties Act
April 4309April 4309Tree Plantation Amendment
April 4309June 4309Employees Protection Amendment
May 4309May 4309Animal Protection Amendment
September 4309September 4309The Charter Schools Act of 4309.
October 4309October 4309Search for international war criminal
April 4310April 4310Human Rights Protection
January 4311April 4311Substance Advertising Amendment
April 4311April 4311Border Control Amendments
April 4311April 4311New Cabinet Coalition
November 4311November 4311Cabinet Proposal of November 4311
October 4312April 4313Nuclear Weaponry Amendment
October 4312April 4313Agricultural Policy Amendments
October 4312April 4313Sports Club Policy Amendment
October 4312April 4313Smoking Policy Amendment
October 4312May 4313House of Representatives size expansion act.
December 4312April 4313The Solentian Climate Change Agreement Treaty Ratification Bill
December 4312April 4313Ratification of the Protection of LGBT Act Bill
October 4313October 4313Homeless Shelters Policy Amendment
October 4313October 4313Incest Policy Amendment
November 4313November 4313The Voting Age Act of 4313.
December 4313December 4313Charter Scool Policy Amendment
December 4313December 4313Defense Industry Amendments
April 4314April 4314The New Deal
April 4314April 4314Minimum Wage Increase Amendment
April 4314May 4314Housing Rent Amendment
June 4315June 4315Call for early elections, June 4315
April 4316April 4316Adoption Amendments
October 4316May 4317Power Grid Amendment
November 4316November 4316Call for early elections, November 4316
January 4317April 4317Death Penalty Policies Amendment
January 4317April 4317Extradition Policy Amendment
October 4317October 4317Legal Aid Reforms
March 4318March 4318Call for early elections, March 4318
August 4318August 4318Cabinet Proposal of August 4318
September 4318September 4318Demilitarization bill
September 4318September 4318One Elk Flag (again)
October 4318November 4318Reduction of gouvernment Act
March 4319March 4319Cabinet Proposal Duty Sharing
March 4319March 4319The Desegregation Act of 4319.
May 4319March 4643RP: Presidential George Skanderberg National Likatonian Library:
November 4320November 4320Animal Welfare Proposal
May 4321May 4321Education Bill of 4321
May 4321June 4321Continued Education Reform Act of 4321
September 4321September 4321The National Defence Act of 4321.
September 4321September 4321The Economic Fredoom and Job Creation Act of 4321.
September 4321September 4321The Tax Relief Act of 4321.
September 4322September 4322Cabinet Proposal of September 4322
December 4322October 4326The Human Individuality Act of 4326.
October 4323October 4323Corporation Tax Act 4323
April 4324June 4324DWC Legalization Act
October 4326October 4326Welfare Reform Act
June 4330June 4330Cabinet Proposal of June 4330
September 4330September 4330The Abortion Act of 4330.
September 4330September 4330The Pension Age Act of 4330.
September 4330September 4330The National Service Act of 4330.
September 4330October 4330The Tax Relief Act of 4330.
October 4330October 4330The Internet Effiency Act of 4330.
October 4330October 4330The Fredoom Act of 4330 II.
October 4330October 4330The Immigration Reform Act of 4330.
October 4330October 4330The Cryptocurrency Act of 4330.
October 4330October 4330The Fredoom Act of 4330.
October 4330October 4330The Welfare Act of 4330.
April 4331April 4331Education Bill of 4331
April 4331April 4331Firearms Bill
April 4331April 4331Healthcare Bill of 4331
April 4331April 4331Ratification of the Trade Agreement between Federal Republic of Likatonia and the Republic of Cildania
May 4331May 4331The Likatonian Job Creation Opportunity Act of 4331.
July 4331July 4331Ratification of the Defensive alliance Between the Federal Republic of Likatonia and Capitalist State of Hobrazia
September 4331September 4331The Economic Advancement Act of 4331.
September 4331September 4331The Defence Innovation Act of 4331.
November 4331November 4331Call for early elections, November 4331
November 4332November 4332The Federal Police Act of 4332.
November 4332December 4332National Security Fixtures of 4333
November 4332December 4332Social Fixtures of 4333
November 4332December 4332Deficit Fixture of 4333
December 4332December 4332National Service Providers Act of 4333
December 4332December 4332Environmental Fixtures of 4333
November 4333November 4333Cabinet Proposal of November 4333
January 4334January 4334Budget proposal of January 4334
August 4334August 4334Cabinet Proposal of August 4334
August 4335August 4335Civil Liberties Act of 4335
August 4335August 4335Political Education Act of 4335
August 4335August 4335National Commission of the Stock Exchanges Act of 4335
August 4335August 4335Governmental Agencies Act of 4335
June 4336June 4336Cabinet Proposal of June 4336
March 4337March 4337Freedom of Heraldry act of 4337
January 4338December 4338Military proposals of 4338
September 4339September 4339Honorable Defense Act of 4339
August 4340August 4340The Environmental Fredoom Act of 4340.
June 4341June 4341Cabinet Proposal of June 4341
January 4342June 4342Nuclear Retaliatory Act
April 4343April 4343Private Pension Liberalization
March 4344October 4344National Animal Correction Proposal of 4344
March 4344October 4344End Of The Goverment Forensic DNA Database Act of 4344.
June 4346June 4346Farmer Advancement Act of 4346.
June 4346June 4346Individual Responsibility Act of 4346.
May 4347May 4347The Withdraw from thw Treaty of Clovisport on Sexual Freedom Act
August 4347August 4347Likatonia First Act of 4347.
August 4347August 4347Correction of The Powers of the Presidency According To The Constitution.
August 4347August 4347*RP* Lord High Councillor Aemilius BĂŠrain's 50th birthday celebrations *RP*
August 4347August 4347Economic and Social Fredoom Act of 4347.
August 4347August 4347Religious Schooling act of 4347
August 4347August 4347Polygamy Act of 4347.
July 4348July 4348Private healthcare act of 4348
August 4348August 4348Cabinet Proposal of August 4348
August 4348August 4348National Defence Act of 4348.
October 4348October 4348REPEAL of the National Service Providers Act of 4333
November 4348November 4348Ratification of the The Terran FIFA World Cup (TWC)
February 4349February 4349Likatonia First Act 4349
March 4349March 4349Border Defense act of 4349
August 4349August 4349Tax Reform Act of 4349.
August 4349August 4349Budget proposal of August 4349
August 4349August 4349Emergency Tax Act of 4349.
September 4349September 4349Job Creation Act of 4349.
November 4352April 4353Less Goverment Act of 4352.
November 4352March 4354Ratification of the Likatonian-Hutorian Treaty of Friendship
January 4353January 4353Call for early elections, January 4353
May 4354May 4354Empower the Estates act of 4354
May 4354May 4354Criminal Justice Reform Act of 4354.
September 4355September 4355Sanctity of Life Act 4355.
September 4355September 4355National Curriculum Act of 4355.
September 4355September 4355Job Creation Act of 4355.
March 4356March 4356Call for reelection, March 4356
May 4356September 4357Social Reform Act of 4357.
June 4358June 4358Cabinet Proposal of June 4358
December 4359December 4359Call for early elections, December 4359
May 4360May 4360Cabinet Proposal of May 4360
October 4360October 4360Prayers in school
September 4361September 4361Repeal of "Prayers in schools"
November 4361May 4362Economy act 4361
May 4362May 4362Right to Life Act of 4362
June 4362June 4362Public Safety Act of 4362.
July 4364July 4364National anthem in school act 4364
April 4365April 4365Prayers in school act 4365
August 4365August 4365Health system reform
May 4366May 4366Budget proposal of May 4366
May 4366November 4366Economic act 4366
September 4366September 4366Call for early elections, September 4366
February 4367February 4367Deployment of Divisions of the Likatonian Army RP*
April 4367April 4367Cabinet Proposal of April 4367
April 4367April 4367Entrepreneurship Freedom Act of 4267.
April 4367April 4367Likatonia Health Care and Fredoom Act of 4367.
April 4367April 4367Full infrastructure act 4367
April 4367April 4367Infrastructure act 4367
June 4367June 4367National Security and Patriot Act of 4367.
February 4368May 4368Administrative act 4368
February 4368May 4368Ecology act 4368
March 4368May 4368President chance for everyone
April 4368April 4368Call for early elections, April 4368
May 4368May 4368Cabinet Proposal of May 4368
February 4369February 4369Welfare act 4369
May 4369May 4369Justice act 4369
September 4370September 4370Cabinet Proposal of September 4370 (II)
September 4371September 4371Deficit Termination Act of 4371.
September 4372September 4372Cabinet Proposal of September 4372 [WSP+SLP+CpL]
March 4373September 4373Income tax proposal of March 4373
April 4373April 4373Call for early elections, April 4373
February 4374February 4374Ecology act 4374
May 4374May 4374Cabinet Proposal of May 4374
November 4376November 4376Budget proposal of November 4376
November 4377February 4378Religion act 4377
December 4377December 4377Budget proposal of December 4377
June 4378June 4378National Economic Reform Act of 4378.
June 4378June 4378Federal Republic of Likatonia Act of 4378.
August 4378August 4378Administrative act 4378
February 4379February 4379Call for early elections, February 4379
September 4379September 4379RP: Boycott of the Olympic Games in Valruzia
November 4379December 4380Parliamentary Privilege Reforms
May 4380May 4380Call for early elections, May 4380
October 4382October 4382Foreign policy act 4382
October 4382October 4382265-seat House of Representatives
October 4382October 4382Highway Federalization Act of 4382.
August 4383October 4383Military act 4383
April 4384June 4384265 Seats: House of Representatives
December 4384December 4384Technology and Science act 4384
March 4385March 4385Media act 4385
August 4386August 4386Retirement Age Act 4386
September 4386September 4386Medical Marijuana Act
October 4386October 4386Term Duration Act 4386.
December 4387December 4387Corporation Tax Increase: Budget Deficit Act
August 4389August 4389Cabinet Proposal of August 4389
February 4390February 4390National Service Repeal Act
March 4390March 4390Minimum Wage Reforms
March 4391March 4391Sexual Freedom Act of 4391
March 4391March 4391Death Penalty Abolition
March 4391March 4391Police Reform of 4391
March 4391March 4391Social Security Reform of 4391
March 4391March 4391Defense Act of 4391
March 4391March 4391Secular Nation Act of 4391
March 4391March 4391Education Reform of 4391
July 4391July 4391Adhesion to the North Seleyan Economic Community (NSEC)
July 4391July 4391Adhesion to the Seleyan Union (SU)
September 4391September 4391Ratification of the Treaty of Clovisport on Sexual Freedom
February 4392August 4392National Anthem
September 4394September 4394Budget proposal of September 4394
January 4395January 4395Call for early elections, January 4395
October 4397July 4398Ratification of the Northern Council Treaty
October 4398October 4398Income tax proposal of October 4398
August 4399August 4399Universal Suffrage Act
October 4399October 4399Public Housing Act
February 4401April 4401Security Council: Seat D
November 4401November 4401No To Rich People Abortion Act 4401.
March 4402March 4402Call for early elections, March 4402
July 4402July 4402Extradition Law of 4402
October 4402October 4402Ratification of the Global Emancipation Treaty
August 4403August 4403Call for early elections, August 4403
January 4404January 4404Cabinet Proposal of January 4404
March 4404March 4404Budget proposal of March 4404
September 4404September 4404National Defence Authorization Act of 4404.
September 4404September 4404Freedom of Choice Act of 4404.
May 4405May 4405Foriegn Investment Act of 4405
July 4405February 4406Amendment to the Environment Act of 4405
September 4407September 4407Ratification of the Likatonian Economic and Diplomatic Embargo of the Republic of Saridan.
November 4407November 4407Ratification of the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery Treaty.
November 4407November 4407Ratification of the Expanded Embargo of the Republic of Saridan
February 4410February 4410Cabinet Proposal of February 4410
November 4412March 4413Ratification of the International Terran Bank
January 4413February 4416Justice Reform Act
July 4413March 4414Democratic Workers Councils Act 4413
November 4413November 4413Resolution Vote
March 4414October 4414Call for early elections, March 4414
August 4414August 4414Cabinet Proposal of August 4414
October 4414September 4415Scandalous Measure
January 4415February 4416Resolution Vote Act
September 4415February 4416Multiple Citizenship Act
November 4416November 4416Cabinet Proposal of November 4416
October 4418October 4418Call for early elections, October 4418
March 4419June 4419Freedom of Information Act 4419
March 4419June 4419Liberty Act 4419
July 4419July 4419Cabinet Proposal of July 4419
April 4420April 4420Media Regulation Act of 4420.
April 4420April 4420Budget proposal of April 4420
October 4420October 4420Public Servant Act of 4420.
April 4421April 4421Diplomatic Reform Act of 4421
August 4422August 4422Call for early elections, August 4422
October 4422October 4422Cabinet Proposal of October 4422
September 4423September 4423Citizenship Act of 4423.
October 4423August 4432National Aeronautics and Space Act of 4432.
November 4423November 4423Income tax proposal of November 4423
September 4424September 4424Budget proposal of September 4424
November 4424November 4424Immigrant Nationality Act
March 4426March 4426Inheritance Act
September 4432November 4432Right to Bear Arms Act
September 4432November 4432National Selective Service Act
October 4433December 4434Act to Limit the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Land Mines
April 4435April 4435Cabinet Proposal of April 4435
March 4436March 4436Public Pension Act
May 4436May 4436Likatonia Economic Revitalization Act 4436
November 4436November 4436Livestock Act
November 4436November 4436Budget proposal of November 4436
September 4437December 4437World Congress President
July 4438July 4438The Better World Congress President
February 4439February 4439Regulated Economy Act
November 4440November 4440Renewable Energy Act
October 4442October 4442Call for early elections, October 4442
April 4443April 4443Cabinet Proposal of April 4443
April 4443April 4443National Parks Act
October 4443February 4444Public Transport and Infrastructure Act
August 4444August 4444Fair telecommunications Act
March 4445March 4445Call for early elections, March 4445
December 4446March 4447Cloning Research Act of 4446
October 4447October 4447Call for early elections, October 4447
November 4447November 4447Abortion Limits Act
April 4448April 4448Campaign Funding Act
September 4448February 4449GA President
October 4448October 4448State Abbreviations
April 4449April 4449Environmental Policies
January 4450January 4450Alternate Ecology Act
October 4450November 4450Religious Act of 4450
October 4450November 4450Moral Liberties Act
January 4451April 4451Free Speech Act
July 4452October 4452Call for early elections, July 4452
January 4453January 4453Call for early elections, January 4453
April 4456April 4456Recreational Drug Act
May 4456May 4456Pornography Act of 4456
September 4456September 4456Conscientious Objector Act of 4456
June 4457June 4457National Health Care Bill
February 4458February 4458Reproductive Rights Act of 4458
April 4459April 4459Paramilitaries Regulation Act of 4459
April 4459April 4459Intelligence Agency Policies
April 4459April 4459Foreign Investment Policy Reforms
April 4459April 4459Foreign Nationals Employment Protection
April 4459April 4459Worker's Protection Act of 4459
April 4459April 4459Corporation Tax Reforms
April 4459April 4459Surrogacy Policies
July 4459July 4459Death Penalty Act of 4459
November 4459November 4459Income tax proposal of November 4459
November 4459November 4459Hate Speech Act of 4459
November 4459November 4459Education System Overhaul of 4459
August 4460August 4460Infrastructure Act of 4460
August 4460August 4460Budget proposal of August 4460
September 4462September 4462Budget proposal of September 4462
April 4464May 4464Local Administration Act
May 4464May 4464Cabinet Proposal of May 4464
April 4468April 4468Jury Trial Reform of 4468
April 4468April 4468Recreational Drug Sale Legalization Act of 4468
March 4469March 4469Privacy Protection Act
August 4469August 4469Centralisation of Economy, 4469
August 4469August 4469Secularization Act of 4469
August 4472August 4472Ecology Act of 4472
August 4472August 4472Military and Intelligence Act of 4472
September 4472September 4472Missionary Act of 4472
January 4475January 4475Cabinet Proposal of January 4475
April 4476April 4476The Students’ Petition
September 4476April 4477World Congress President Vote
January 4477April 4477The Anti Cowardice Act of 4477
April 4477September 4477PSL Manifesto of 4477
May 4477May 4477Education Reform 4477
March 4480January 4481Call for early elections, March 4480
April 4482April 4482Call for early elections, April 4482
March 4484March 4484To minimize our border control on visitors
October 4485October 4485State Identity Cards
August 4487August 4487Wild Animal Deregulation Act
October 4488October 4488Leaving the Seleyan Union
October 4490October 4490On religious issues
December 4491December 4491Corporate Tax Bill
January 4503January 4505Freedom from green act
August 4504August 4504Call for early elections, August 4504
October 4507October 4507Health Care Reform I
November 4508November 4508Call for early elections, November 4508
February 4509March 4510Ratification of the Seleyan Economic Area Treaty
March 4510March 4510Useless Treaties
February 4511February 4511Call for early elections, February 4511
October 4511October 4511Local Administration Act of 4512
October 4511October 4511Strengthen the Military Act 4512
February 4512February 4512National Sport Act
February 4512February 4512Education Reform
February 4512February 4512Health Care Reform II
February 4512February 4512Pension Reform
February 4512February 4512Religious Reform
February 4512February 4512Tax Relief
October 4512October 4512Right to defend yourself Act
March 4515March 4515Military Reorganzation Act of 4515
March 4515March 4515Local Administration Act of 4515
September 4525September 4525Call for early elections, September 4525
October 4525October 4525Life Act of 4525
October 4525October 4525Ratification of the Life for everyone
July 4526July 4526Ratification of the International Pro-Life Treaty
September 4533September 4533Passports' law
November 4537November 4537Cabinet Proposal of November 4537
October 4549October 4549Abortion Treaty Withdrawal Act
October 4549October 4549Cabinet Proposal of October 4549
March 4550March 4550Justice Reforms of 4550
March 4550March 4550Budget proposal of March 4550
March 4550March 4550Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Regulation Act of 4550
March 4550March 4550Income tax proposal of March 4550
March 4550March 4550National Service Act of 4550
March 4550March 4550Religious Tax Act of 4550
March 4550March 4550Constitutional Amendments of 4550
March 4550March 4550Refugee and Immigration Act of 4550
March 4550March 4550Civil Reforms of 4550
March 4550March 4550Education Act of 4550
March 4550March 4550Prostitution Act of 4550
September 4550September 4550Reproductive Freedom Act of 4550
January 4551January 4551Ratification of the Rights of LGBT Citizens
July 4551July 4551Ratification of the Declaration of Kanjor Neutrality
July 4551July 4551Ratification of the Seleyan Union (SU)
March 4552October 4552Treaty Withdrawal Act of 4552
September 4552January 4553Workplace Democracy Act
January 4553January 4553Green Act
September 4554September 4554School Prayer Reform
October 4555October 4555Cabinet Proposal of October 4555
October 4555October 4555Government Military Policy
October 4555October 4555Budget proposal of October 4555
October 4555November 4555Health Reforms of 4555
March 4556March 4556Cabinet Proposal of March 4556
April 4559April 4559Freedom of the Press Act of 4559
April 4559April 4559Budget proposal of April 4559
April 4559April 4559National Museum Act of 4559
February 4560January 4582Religious Taxation Reform.
August 4560August 4560Tax Reform of 4560
January 4561January 4561Cabinet Proposal of January 4561
October 4561October 4561Labor and Workers Rights Reform of 4561
January 4564January 4564Abortion Reform Act
March 4564October 4564Multiple Citizenship Policy
April 4564October 4564Tobacco and Drug Act of 4564.
October 4564October 4564Presentation of Committee Chairmanships for this Legislative Term
March 4566March 4566Criminal Voting Reform of 4566
April 4566April 4566State of the Republic.
July 4570January 4571Economic Democracy Act
July 4570January 4571Paramilitary Reform
July 4570January 4571Environmental Reform Act
July 4572July 4572Media Reform
July 4572July 4572Bank Reform
July 4572July 4572Infrastructure Reform
July 4572July 4572Health Care Reform
March 4573June 4574Economic Restoration Act
March 4574March 4574Call for early elections, March 4574
April 4575April 4575Freedom Bill
June 4577July 4577Common Sense Bill
January 4578January 4578Citizen's Party manifesto for the election of 4580
April 4578April 4578Employment bill of 4578
October 4578October 4578Call for early elections, October 4578
October 4579October 4579Cabinet Proposal of October 4579
March 4580March 4580Budget proposal of March 4580
March 4580March 4580Income tax proposal of March 4580
March 4582March 4582Green Reform
March 4586March 4586Civil Liberty Reform
March 4586March 4586Secular Likatonia Act
February 4587February 4587National Health Insurance Act
March 4588March 4588Cabinet Proposal of March 4588
March 4588March 4588Health Reform
June 4588June 4588Budget proposal of June 4588
June 4588June 4588Income tax proposal of June 4588
June 4588June 4588Economic Democracy
June 4588June 4588Infrastructure Reform
April 4589April 4589Campaign Finance Reform
July 4589July 4589Education Reform
July 4591July 4591Media Reform
July 4591July 4591Economic Reformation
April 4594April 4594consumption tax
April 4594April 4594Budget proposal of April 4594
April 4594April 4594Income tax proposal of April 4594
April 4594April 4594Health Care Freedom Act
April 4594April 4594The Bill of Life
February 4600February 4600Immigration act 4600 (REFORMED)
July 4600August 4600Cabinet Proposal of July 4600
August 4600August 4600Family Planning Reform
August 4600August 4600Abortion Rights Act
September 4601September 4601National Health Service Act
February 4602February 4602Media Reform
February 4602February 4602Tax Reform
February 4602February 4602Waste Disposal Reform
October 4602February 4603National Passport Act
December 4602March 4603No General Abortion Act
February 4604February 4604Security Council Act
April 4606September 4607The Outrageous Sales Tax on Luxury Goods
August 4609August 4609Abortion Choice Act
August 4609August 4609Education Reform
August 4609August 4609Health Care Reform
August 4609August 4609Cabinet Proposal of August 4609
August 4610August 4610Citizenship and Immigration Reform Act
August 4610August 4610Economic Democracy
August 4610August 4610Freedom from Compulsory Service
March 4611March 4611Tax Reform
March 4611March 4611Income tax proposal of March 4611
March 4611March 4611Budget proposal of March 4611
March 4612March 4612Cabinet Proposal of March 4612
September 4612September 4612Democratize the Economy Act
September 4612September 4612Safety Reform
September 4612September 4612National Space Agency Act
September 4612September 4612Media Reform
September 4612September 4612National Health Service Act
September 4612September 4612Gated Community Reform
September 4612September 4612Political Stability Act
March 4614March 4614Cabinet Proposal of March 4614
March 4614March 4614Defense Reform
September 4614September 4614Constitutional Reform
February 4617February 4617Wild Animal Reform
February 4617February 4617Jury Reform
February 4617February 4617Curfew Reform
February 4617February 4617Death Penalty Reform
February 4617February 4617Stem Cell Research Reform
March 4617March 4617Further Reform
March 4617March 4617Police Reform
January 4618January 4618Cabinet Proposal of January 4618
January 4618January 4618Health Care Reform III
January 4618January 4618Justice Reform
January 4618April 4618Free Market Act
September 4627September 4627Put It Away
September 4627September 4627Protection of Animals Unable to Consent
December 4630December 4630People’s Economy Act
December 4630December 4630National Health Service Act
January 4636January 4636Prison Reform
January 4636January 4636Ratification of the Worldwide Pro-Choice Alliance
January 4636January 4636Ratification of the Economic Justice Treaty
January 4636January 4636Ratification of the Socialist Economic Cooperation Treaty SOCECON
January 4636January 4636Cabinet Proposal of January 4636
June 4636June 4636Safety Reform
June 4636June 4636Hiring Reform
January 4637January 4637Ratification of the International Workers' Democracy Agreement
February 4637February 4637Ratification of the Treaty on the Rights of Employees and Workers (TREW) Establishing the Terran Workers Organization (TWO)
July 4637July 4637Ratification of the Treaty for the Recognition of the Equality of Sexualities, Sexual Identities, Gender Identities, Marriages and a Recognition of the Freedom of Sexual Acts
August 4637August 4637Ratification of the Agreement to Sanction the 2nd Co-operative Federative Republic of Lodamun, 4637
February 4639February 4639Jury Reform
February 4639February 4639Health Care Reform
August 4639August 4639Ratification of the Rights of the Workers
July 4640July 4640National Anthem Lyrics Proposal of 4640
February 4642February 4642Treaty Withdrawal Act of 4642
February 4642February 4642Constitutional Amendments of 4642
February 4642March 4642Industry and Economy Act of 4642
March 4642March 4642Justice Reforms of 4642
March 4642March 4642Defense Act of 4642
March 4642March 4642Civil Reforms of 4642
March 4642March 4642Ecology Act of 4642
March 4642March 4642Space Exploration Bill of 4642
March 4642March 4642Free Speech Act of 4642
March 4642March 4642Education Act of 4642
April 4642April 4642Impeachment Act
July 4642July 4642Border Control Policy Act of 4642
July 4642July 4642Private Property Act of 4642
July 4642July 4642Agriculture Bill of 4642
September 4642September 4642Cabinet Proposal of September 4642
October 4642October 4642Infrastructure Bill of 4642
October 4642October 4642Income tax proposal of October 4642
July 4643July 4643Welfare Bill of 4643
August 4643August 4643Budget proposal of August 4643
March 4651March 4651Culture Act of 4651
October 4651February 4653Articles of Impeachment Against Judge Sheila Hardy
February 4652February 4652Ethics Committee Impeachment Inquiry
August 4652August 4652House Expansion Act of 4652
October 4653January 4654Conviction of Judge Sheila Hardy
February 4654February 4654Cabinet Proposal of February 4654
January 4655January 4655Labor Act of 4655
January 4655February 4655Justice Reform of 4655
September 4661February 4662Interest Regulation Act
September 4661February 4662Clean Power and Energy Act
September 4661February 4662Human Rights and Humanity Act
September 4661February 4662Improving Equality of Education Act
January 4662February 4662Cryptocurrency Decentralization Act
August 4664February 4665Government Pharmaceutical Act
February 4665February 4665Worldwide Pro-Choice Alliance Withdrawal Act
January 4666January 4666Forest Protection Act
December 4666August 4667Abortion Comprimise
October 4667October 4667Cabinet Proposal of October 4667
February 4668February 4668Gun Safety Act
February 4668February 4668Slander and Libel Laws Reform
February 4668February 4668Privacy Rights Act of 4668
October 4668October 4668Income tax proposal of October 4668
July 4669August 4670Foreign Policy Bill
February 4674February 4675Infrastructure Act
February 4677February 4678Various Laws Act
February 4679February 4679Speaker Election Protocol
April 4679April 4679Ratification of the Condemnation of Saridan for legalizing racist policies again
February 4681February 4681Freedom Act
August 4681February 4682SD 5:Criminals right to vote!
March 4682March 4682Speaker Election
February 4683February 4683SD 7: To liberate medias - hate speech allowed
July 4683July 4683SD 8: Let question of art subsidisation to individual States
July 4684July 4684SD 11: Registering domestic animals with state governments
August 4684March 4688Impeachment Proceedings Act
February 4686February 4686People’s Economy Act
February 4686February 4686Cabinet Proposal of February 4686
February 4686March 4686National Health Service Act
March 4686March 4686Funding of the Arts Act
March 4686March 4686Green Infrastructure Act
March 4686March 4686Welfare Reform Act
March 4686March 4686Death Penalty Ban
March 4686March 4686Strengthening Our Democracy Act
January 4687January 4687Infrastructure for the People Act
May 4687May 4687Further Reforms
May 4687May 4687Paramilitary Reform
October 4687October 4687Corporate Tax
October 4687October 4687Budget proposal of October 4687
October 4687October 4687Income tax proposal of October 4687
November 4687November 4687Budget proposal of November 4687
February 4688February 4688SD17: Free religion, against cults
March 4688March 4688Military Reform
March 4688March 4688Justice Reform
March 4688March 4688Trade Reform
August 4688August 4688Alcohol Sales Reform
December 4688January 4690Impeachment Proceedings Reference
January 4689April 4689Property Reform
April 4689April 4689Foreign Aid Reform
September 4689February 4690SD 2.1: More decentralisation, shelters for everyone
January 4690January 4690Reformation Act #4
January 4690January 4690Reformation Act #3
January 4690January 4690Reformation Act #1
August 4690August 4690SD3.1: Abortion fundings - Federalisation
July 4691July 4691Call for early elections, July 4691
July 4691August 4691OOC RP: Tariff Rules
July 4691April 4692SD4.1: Free advertising, free people
August 4691September 4691Paramilitary Regulatoins
March 4692February 4693OOC RP: Military Log
July 4692February 4693Military Stuff
October 4692October 4692SD10: ISPs - Stop the absolute control of government internet service
March 4693April 4693Article 3 Amendment
March 4694March 4694Oil Boom permissoin
July 4694August 4695SD7.1: Reform Radios & TVs
March 4695August 4695Mineral Bomm
August 4695August 4695Government of Change 4695
August 4695August 4695Needed Changes
August 4695September 4695Program of the Government of Change 4695
December 4695December 4695SD4.37:Stocks exchange
February 4696May 4771RP: State Funding
June 4696December 4696Government of Hope 4696
January 4697January 4697SD4.21: Deregulisation of the market - not introducing totally free market
January 4697February 4698SD.RP.1: Democratisation, introducing of the Senate and State Parliaments
February 4697February 4697Ratification of the Terran Military and Trade Alliance (TMTA)
February 4697October 4697Health: Abortion laws
March 4697March 4697Passenger car reform
July 4697July 4697SD11.18:Ownership of wild animals - Decentralisation
July 4697February 4698Ratification of the Dorvish Embassy Diplomatic Relations Treaty
August 4697August 4697The Change To Finance Act.
March 4698September 4698The farmers Act of 4698
September 4698March 4699Climate Act
September 4698March 4699National Guard act of 4698
January 4699February 4699SD.GOV:Proposed government spendings
January 4699February 4699SD.GOV:Reform of taxes
February 4699May 4699Alcohol Consumption Act
February 4699May 4699Public Footpath Act
March 4699March 4699National Guard act of 4698
August 4699March 4700Capital punishment Act
August 4699March 4700Farmers Act of 4699
January 4700May 4700Government of Likatonian people
January 4700January 4701SD.RP.GOV.E1:Senate 4700 elections results
March 4700February 4701Private Competition Act of 4700
March 4700February 4703Privatize Likatonia
July 4700August 4700Eminent Domain Reform
July 4700August 4700Public Transport Reform
August 4700August 4700Abortion Bill
September 4700September 4700Bussinesmen Act
December 4700July 4701Local Waste Management
February 4702February 4702I really don't like this bill
February 4702July 4702Agricultural farm protection act of 4702
April 4703April 4703Abortion Rights Act
September 4703July 4704Ilegal Alien Punishment
September 4703July 4704Police on the streets
July 4704July 4704Fireworks safety Act
August 4704July 4706Senate 4705 election results
September 4704August 4705Lexit (please read)
February 4705August 4705Immigration Reform
July 4705July 4705Call for early elections, July 4705
July 4705July 4706Freedom to protest
September 4705December 4705National Democratic Government
September 4705December 4705SD1.31:Reducing seats in the Parliament
August 4706September 4706Extradition
August 4706September 4709Secondary strike Reform
March 4707March 4707Call for early elections, March 4707
July 4707July 4708Addictive Substances Advertisement Reform
July 4707September 4709Law enforcement Safety Act
July 4707August 4710Smoking in Public Areas
July 4707August 4710Drug Saftey
July 4707August 4710International Tariff and Quotas
August 4710August 4710Ratification of the Kirlawan Official Diplomatic Treaty
August 4711March 4712SD 1:Reform of administration & political system
August 4712August 4712Budget proposal of August 4712
February 4713February 4713Legalize Whaling
February 4713March 4713Government of Democratic Centre
August 4713August 4713Militia Bill
August 4713September 4713Defense to GDP, Spending Pledge
August 4713December 4713National Fire service
August 4713December 4713Private forests and logging rights
August 4713August 4714SD2 : Military reform
June 4716February 4717SD3: Reform of Health system
July 4716September 4716Government of the Left
July 4716February 4717Changing the law to accept Lexit
July 4716February 4717Workers rights
July 4716February 4717Positive Descrimination Removal
July 4716February 4717Government Intervention
August 4716February 4717SD4.1: Economy reform - toward prosperity
December 4716December 4716Call for early elections, December 4716
January 4717February 4717SD4.2: Economy reform - bring better life in Likatonia
February 4717February 4717Second CRP-SD Government
February 4717March 4717Reduce seats in the HoR
March 4717March 4717Budget proposal of March 4717
September 4717February 4719Treaty Gut
November 4717November 4717Call for early elections, November 4717
December 4717June 4718SD5.2: Reform of Justice system - Believe in Hope
January 4718February 4718Regulated Energy
February 4718February 4718LAB and CRP government 4718
May 4718July 4718Lab Justice Reform
June 4718June 4718SD7: Media reform - Bringing back normality in Likatonian medias
August 4718August 4718SD8: Reform of Culture - Liberty!
August 4718August 4718Abortion Compromise
March 4719March 4719Lab Science Reform
June 4719June 4719SD10: Reform of Technology - Breakthrough
August 4719August 4719Budget proposal of August 4719
September 4719September 4719Income tax proposal of September 4719
September 4719September 4719Election Compromise
March 4720March 4720Growth of LIkatonian Industry
July 4720February 4721SD13.1: Reform of Civil Liberty - People's Act
February 4721August 4721First Lab-SD-CRP Government
March 4721March 4721Keep the government in
March 4721March 4721Civil Liberties Reform
August 4721August 4721SD 13.2: Reform of Civil Liberties - Give the right to the people
September 4721September 4721Biological Freedom
July 4722July 4722Budget proposal due to Mortian Virus
February 4723February 4723Pay For CAFL With Surplus
February 4724February 4724Investigation on the CRP
January 4725January 4725Cabinet Proposal of January 4725
February 4725February 4725Revised Budget proposal of February 4725
December 4725February 4726SD1.GOV: Reform of taxsation
August 4726February 4727Free Trade Agreement Referendum
August 4726February 4727SD17: Reform of religion - Solidarity, freedom and democracy
August 4727August 4727SD1.24: Slight changes in recognising nobility
August 4727September 4727Economic Security Bill
September 4727September 4727Limit the military
December 4727January 4728SD0: Retirement age
February 4728February 4728SD4:Slightly raising taxes - Social justice will prevail
February 4728February 4728Let more vistors in
February 4728February 4728SD1.GOV: New method of taxation
May 4728July 4728Budget proposal to rebuild Likatonia
September 4728January 4729Likatonian Supreme Court (revised 2nd)
November 4728November 4728Call for early elections, November 4728
January 4729January 4729Redistribute Social Benefits
January 4729January 4729Protect Whales
August 4729September 4729SD.GOV.RP:National Supreme Court of Likatonia
September 4729January 4730New Amendment to The Supreme Court of Likatonia
December 4730December 4730SD Religion Reset
December 4730December 4730SD Military Reset
January 4731January 4731Lab Civil Rights Aim
August 4731January 4732Military Bill #2
August 4731January 4732Military Bill
December 4731December 4731Legealise defence industries
December 4731December 4731Ban resets
February 4732February 4732Call for early elections, February 4732
August 4732August 4732Liberalisation of laws
July 4733July 4733Religious Freedom Bill
August 4733July 4734Education Act
August 4734November 4734First SD-SWP Government - Red Government of the Left
February 4735February 4735The new Lab economy
February 4735February 4735CRP Reform #2: Vaccinations
February 4735December 4735SD-SWP Government Program
July 4735July 4735Stop Forced singing
December 4735January 4736SD.GOV: Bigger government spendings
December 4735February 4736SD.GOV:Leftist taxation proposal
July 4736July 4737SD11: Ecology reform
July 4737July 4737Second SD-SWP-Lab Government - Government of United Left (Revised edition)
November 4737February 4738SD.GOV: Raising spendings
August 4738November 4738SD.GOV: Raising government spnedings - raising GDP to its maximum
February 4739March 4740Budget proposal of February 4739
March 4740March 4740First NULP-CRP gov. of March 4740
April 4740April 4740Ratification of the The Kanjor Official Diplomatic Treaty
July 4740July 4740SD11: Improving our ecological system
July 4740July 4740Save Them Babies
January 4741January 4741Call for early elections, January 4741
February 4741May 4741Elected cabinet members
July 4741July 4741National Funded Library Network
July 4741July 4741Fair minimum wage.
August 4741August 4741Religion Bill Ect. Ect.
August 4741September 4741Military Advancement Bill
June 4742July 4742Allow Military Weapons
December 4742December 4742SD14: Foreign Affairs Reform - Opposition's proposal
February 4743February 4743A Bill on Wages
February 4743February 4743A Bill on Economics
March 4743March 4743A Bill on Privatisation
March 4743March 4743A Bill on Rent Control
July 4743July 4743A Bill on Postal Services
July 4743July 4743A Bill on Private Education
September 4743March 4744Get Back in The World Congres
March 4744March 4744First SD-Lab government - Government of Centre-left
March 4744March 4744A Bill on Abortion
March 4744April 4744Likatonia Freedom Bill
May 4744May 4744Civil Defence Bill
May 4744May 4744Reversal of LD polices
May 4744May 4744Culture Bill
May 4744May 4744Embryonic Stem Cell research
May 4744May 4744Ban paramilitaries
May 4744May 4744Justice Reform Bill
May 4744June 4744Lab Education Bill
July 4744July 4744Restrict Gun Ownership
July 4744July 4744Lower tree planting
July 4744July 4744Abortion and Contraceptives Act
December 4744December 4744Send an offical delegate to the world congress
January 4745February 4745SD3: Health Care System - Brining safety and freedom together
February 4745February 4745Health Care System 'Opposition' Bill
June 4745June 4745Army Military Control Bill
August 4745August 4745SD4:Reform of Likatonian Economy - Bringing prosperity to Likatonia
March 4746March 4746Setting up Senate Committees
July 4746July 4746Senate Committees
July 4746July 4746Provisions for Impeachment of the President (when necessary)
August 4746May 4747SD5: Little improvements of Justice system
March 4747May 4747First SD-Lab-Mod Government - Government of United Social Democrats and Centre
May 4747May 4747Religion Reform Act 4747
May 4747June 4747SD6: Decentralisation, giving schools more freedom
August 4747August 4747Military Independence 4747
August 4747December 4747Weaponry Reform Act 4747
August 4747May 4772Weaponry Reform Act 4747
December 4747December 4747Regious Restriction Bill
December 4747January 4748Help People in need
January 4748January 4748SD7.6: A little regulation to media publishing
February 4748February 4748Mental Health Reform Act 4747
May 4748May 4748Pharmaceutical Drugs Act 4748
June 4748June 4748Subsidise gender reassignment for people with low income
August 4748August 4748CRP
August 4748August 4748Secularist Bill
August 4748August 4748SD8.2: Copyright Bill
December 4748December 4748SD9.4: Stem cell research - where progressive and conservative viewpoints meet
January 4749September 4749Military Intelligence Advancement Bill
May 4749August 4749SD10.3: Encourage open source code
May 4749May 4772Justice Reform
May 4749May 4772Regulations Act 4749
July 4749July 4749Call for early elections, July 4749
July 4749May 4772Centralisation Bill
August 4749August 4749Intelligence
August 4749August 4749Government of GOOD-Lab-Mod-IRP + SD support - Government of Left and Centre
December 4749December 4749Allow nuclear weapons to be used
July 4750July 4750Committee Chairs suggestions
August 4750January 4751Senate Committee Chairs
September 4750September 4750Missionary Freedom Act
September 4750September 4750Religious Advertisement Act
September 4750September 4750Religion Clothing Act
August 4751August 4751A Bill on the Retirement Age
August 4751August 4751A Bill on Forest Management
August 4752August 4752Lab-SD-IRP Government - Government of United Left
August 4752May 4771Next Government Debate
September 4752September 4752Nomination for Security Seat A
November 4753January 4754Defamination protection for everyone
November 4753February 4754Alcoholic Protection
November 4753May 4754Abolish Mandatory Minimums
November 4753August 4754Have countrywide Energy regulation
April 4754April 4754Charitable Tax Exemption Bill
June 4754June 4754Advanced Trade Freedom Act (ATFA)
August 4754August 4754Budget proposal of August 4754
December 4755January 4756Grand Left-Right Coalition
December 4755January 4756A Bill on the Exchange Rate (4756)
February 4756June 4756Budget Proposal (4756)
March 4756March 4756A Bill on Mandatory Minimums
March 4756June 4756Income Tax Proposal (4756)
June 4756June 4756Police Reform Bill
June 4756June 4756Abortion Comprimise
June 4756July 4756Energy
July 4756August 4756A Bill on the Maximum Wage
July 4756August 4756Corporate Tax Proposal (4756)
July 4756August 4756Health Care
August 4756August 4756B vote
August 4756August 4756Ratification of the reaferming of litakonia
August 4756October 4756Smoking Protection
August 4756January 4757Purchasing More Emergency Vehicles
December 4756January 4757A Bill on Foreign Investment
January 4757January 4757Modern Discipline levels
January 4757January 4757Education Centralisation
January 4757January 4757Giving Full Diplomatic Immunity
January 4757January 4757Budget Proposal (4757)
January 4757January 4757Another Bill on Private Education
June 4757June 4757Purchasing shares of 3M
July 4757August 4757Allow private defense industries
July 4757December 4757Banning the ownership of exotic and endangered animals outside of zoos
July 4757December 4757World Congress
July 4757May 4772Animal protection Act
September 4757January 4759Death penalty Abolishment Act
April 4758May 4772RP: New Police structure
July 4758May 4771Up coming Elections
August 4758August 4758A Bill to Privatise the Banks
August 4758August 4758Budget Proposal (4758)
August 4758August 4758Vote for World Congress Representative
August 4758August 4758Second Left-Right Coalition Government
August 4758September 4758DNA Security Act
August 4758January 4759Ratification of the North Terran Alliance
January 4759January 4759A Bill on the Central Bank
January 4759January 4759Federal Tax Cut Act of 4759
February 4759March 4759Armed police Act
February 4759May 4771OOC: confusion with allies and enemies
July 4759July 4759Ratification of the Hutori-Likatonia Free Trade Agreement
July 4759July 4759Telamon Seat D
August 4759October 4759Introducing State Governments and Legislatures
September 4759December 4759Income Tax Proposal (4759)
February 4760February 4760Withdraw
April 4760April 4760Lab Govenorship governments
July 4760July 4760Income Tax Proposal (4760)
July 4760July 4760Sales and Corporate Tax Bill (4760)
July 4760December 4760New Govenorship election laws
May 4761August 4761Abortion agreement Act
July 4761July 4761Income Tax Proposal (4761)
July 4761January 4762Formal Apology to Telamon
August 4761October 4761Dem-CRP-LD-LNP Government - Government of United Liberals and Conservatives
September 4761September 4761A Bill on the Military
November 4761November 4761Stem Cell Research
December 4761January 4762Income Tax Proposal (4762)
December 4761January 4762Global Protection from the Enemy Act. (GPEA)
December 4761January 4762National Liberty Protection Act
January 4762January 4762Sales Tax Proposal (4762)
January 4762January 4762Ratification of the Human Rights Treaty 4750
January 4762January 4762Dem1:Citizenship regulations
January 4762February 4762Cultural Protocols (Mandatory)
January 4762February 4762Budget proposal of January 4762
January 4762July 4762Budget proposal of January 4762
May 4762May 4762Abortion Act
June 4762June 4762Income Tax Proposal (4762-b)
July 4762July 4762Sales Tax Proposal (4762-b)
November 4762November 4762EBA: Setting the electoral threshold to 5%
December 4762December 4762Budget Proposal (4762)
December 4762June 4763Dem.WBL:Setting election treshold
January 4763January 4763Pre approval to Interfere in Lodamese Civil War
January 4763February 4763Law Labelling ACT. (LLA)
February 4763June 4763WBA: Laws
February 4763July 4763Local Prostitution Law (LPL)
July 4763July 4763Income Tax Proposal (4763)
July 4763July 4763Raise the GDP
July 4763June 4765Counter terrorism Bill 1
August 4763August 4763Limit Cow Slaughtering
December 4763December 4763Budget Proposal (4764)
December 4763December 4763Income Tax Proposal (4764)
July 4764February 4765Security Council Seat B
January 4765January 4765Income Tax Proposal (4765)
January 4765January 4765LNP-Dem Government - Government of Libertarians and Liberals Second try
February 4765April 4765Get CRP out of the WC
February 4765May 4765Put the WC resolution 88 to vote
February 4765June 4765Changed Policies in East Bolton
February 4765June 4765All Assemblies: State Prostitution Law
March 4765June 4765Stopping Interventionist Policy
May 4765June 4765Democratic Party of Likatonia Governships
June 4765July 4765Infrastructure Deregulation Act of 4765
July 4765August 4765OOC: Military Equipment of Likatonia
July 4765August 4765Budget proposal of July 4765
December 4765January 4766Pirland Government Formation
January 4766May 4766Stop the Terrorist Laws
January 4766May 4766Improve Political Education
January 4766June 4766Concealment Bill
November 4766November 4766Ratification of the Agreement between Likatonia and Badara on Free Trade and Investment
November 4766November 4766Income Tax Proposal (LD-4766)
December 4766December 4766Important!: Declaring The Common Democracy of Rutania Fascist
May 4767May 4768Small party debate: ModvLDvNIPvCRP
May 4767May 4768Big party debate: LNPvDemvIRPvLab
May 4767May 4768Governship election adjustment
September 4767September 4767Call for early election after CRP dissolved
November 4767April 4768National Health Unification ACT: NHUA
November 4767May 4768.
December 4767December 4767Call for early elections, December 4767
May 4768May 4768Cabinet Proposal of May 4768
June 4768September 4768Madison Governing Majority
July 4768July 4768Education Bill
July 4768August 4768Government Increase Act (GIA)
September 4768September 4768Pirland Government
October 4768October 4768Abortion Act
December 4768June 4769Foreign missionaries
May 4769May 4769West Bolton Government Formation
May 4769September 4769East Bolton Governing Majority
July 4769July 4769Security Council Seat B
July 4769December 4769Government higher education subsidies
July 4769December 4769Ban Monopolies
July 4769December 4769Government waste collection
July 4769December 4769Government run forest managment agency
November 4769November 4769Infrastructure Initiative Act
June 4770July 4770Protection for Polygamous Marriages Act
May 4771May 4771Public Decency Act
May 4771May 4771Cabinet Proposal of May 4771
May 4771May 4771Traditional Marriage Act
May 4771May 4771West Bolton Government
May 4771May 4771Norwalk Government
May 4771May 4771Madison Government
May 4771May 4771East Bolton Government
October 4771October 4771Nuclear Weapons Act
November 4771November 4771RSP/2 - Regulated Military Act 4771
December 4771December 4771National Energy Company
January 4772January 4772Increase Government Act 3.0
January 4772January 4772Adoption Act
January 4772January 4772Likatonia Safety Act
February 4772April 4772Tobacco sales act
March 4772March 4772RSP/4 - Socialist Economy Act 4772
April 4772April 4772RSP/5 - Foreign Relations Act 4772
April 4772April 4772Level out Act
May 4772May 4772Budget proposal of May 4772
May 4772May 4772Jury Reform Act
June 4772June 4772Same-sex Marriage Act 4772
May 4773May 4773RSP/6 - Citizenship Act 4773
August 4773August 4773A better economy bill
November 4773June 4774Endralon for security council A
May 4774May 4774Cabinet Proposal of May 4774
May 4774May 4774Rebuild the military Act
June 4774June 4774Liberal Likatonia Act
June 4774June 4774Land Ownership Act
June 4774June 4774Independent Police Act
June 4774June 4774Economic Liberalisation Act
July 4774July 4774Madison state government
July 4774July 4774Norwalk state government
November 4774November 4774Budget proposal of November 4774
January 4775January 4775Extend time between elections
January 4775May 4778750 anniversary celebrations
April 4775April 4775Stricter Gun Laws Act (SGLA)
April 4775April 4775Healthcare Act
July 4775July 4777Religious Freedom Act
September 4775September 4775RSP FALLS! Call for early elections, September 4775
September 4775May 4778750th anniversary of the Republic military march in Clovisport
April 4776April 4776Call for early elections, April 4776
July 4776July 4776Cabinet Proposal of July 4776
November 4776November 4776AWP 02 - Mayoral Election Act
November 4776January 4777Slight tax increase
June 4777July 4777Budget proposal of June 4777
July 4777July 4777Military Advancement Bill
May 4778May 4778Prisoners of War BILL
June 4778July 4778LIkatonian Bill of Rights (Edited)
January 4779January 4779Military Personnel Act
December 4779November 4788Represenative to the security council
January 4780January 4780Call for early elections, January 4780
April 4780April 4780Cabinet Proposal of April 4780
May 4780June 4784Permanent SC representative discussion
January 4781June 4781Petition to the Northern Council and its member governments to clarify their position on Pirland
June 4781June 4781Pay workers on skeleton staff more
December 4781December 4781Police Powers Act
December 4781December 4781Military Act
September 4782September 4782Call for early elections, September 4782
November 4782November 4782Ratification of the Transnational Association for the Sovereignty of Nations (TASN)
April 4783April 4783New SC representative for Likatonia
May 4783May 4783Ecology Act
May 4783May 4783Left Wing Economy Act
June 4783June 4783GE-Dem-Mod Government - Cabinet of Leftists, Social Democrats and Liberals
September 4783September 4783Cabinet Proposal of September 4783
November 4783July 4784GE/2: Left Reforms
December 4783July 4784GE/3: Defence of Pirland
January 4784January 4784Call for early elections, January 4784
March 4784June 4784New Economy Act
November 4784November 4784National motto
November 4784November 4784Justice Act
November 4784December 4784Foreign Relations Act
November 4784September 4787Militarist Act
June 4785June 4785Security Council Seat B
November 4785November 4785Keymon removes claim on Pirland
November 4785December 4786GE/5: Paramilitary Regulation
January 4786January 4786Incest Act
October 4786October 4786Call for early elections, October 4786
December 4786December 4786Rose III Cabinet
December 4786December 4786Income tax proposal of December 4786: Save the Economy: 2
December 4786December 4786Budget proposal of December 4786: Save The Economy:1
January 4787July 4787SC Elections
April 4787April 4787tax increase proposal of April 4787
May 4787June 4787GE/6: Reaction to Terrorists
June 4787June 4787Socialists Alternative Act
September 4787November 4787Central Police Act
September 4787November 4787Smoking Laws
November 4787June 4788Compromise Act
January 4788January 4788Budget proposal of January 4788
May 4788May 4788Government agreement
October 4788October 4788Socialists Alternative Act 2
November 4788November 4788Ratification of the Likatonia-Yingdala Treaty of Friendship, Free Trade, and Cooperation
January 4789June 4789Silver & Gold Reserve
November 4789November 4789Better Foreign Policy Act
December 4789January 4790GE/7: Defence in the face of Valruzian aggression
July 4790December 4790Tied Foreign Investment
January 4792January 4792Government Bias in School Bill
January 4792January 4792Euthensia act
May 4792May 4792.
June 4792June 4792Flags Act
March 4793March 4793Call for early elections, March 4793. We are in deadlock.
April 4793August 4793CPM 01 - Progressive Reforms Act 4793
September 4793December 4793Dem-Mod-CRP Cabinet - Government of Liberals and Conservatives
January 4794January 4794Foreign Aid Act
April 4794April 4794Schools Act
April 4794April 4794Act
April 4794April 4794Police Act
July 4794July 4794Religion Act
October 4794October 4794Advertising Act
October 4794October 4794Military Service Act
November 4794January 4795Devolution Act
December 4794December 4795SC Candidates and Elections
January 4795October 4795Conservative Act
May 4795May 4795Call for early elections, May 4795
October 4795November 4795Cabinet Proposal of October 4795
December 4795December 4795New bordering Act
December 4795December 4795Economic Change Act Part #2
December 4795December 4795Economic Change Act Part #1
May 4796May 4796Act
June 4797June 4797Abortion Act
October 4797October 4797Liberal Gun Laws
October 4797June 4798Culture Devolution Act
July 4798July 4798Ban Valruzian Airlines
September 4798September 4798Budget proposal of September 4798
September 4798September 4798Paramilitary Act
September 4798September 4798Mandatory Minimums Act
September 4798September 4798Act
September 4798September 4798Guns Act
April 4799November 4799Corporation Tax Act
April 4799November 4799Water Regulation Act
October 4799October 4799Call for early elections, October 4799
October 4799November 4799Dem-LF-CRP Cabinet - Government of Liberals & Conservatives
November 4799November 4799Bestialty Act
December 4799December 4799Defense Industry Authorazation Act
December 4799December 4799Bill against forced and arranged marriages.
January 4800January 4800Tax Act 4800
January 4800March 4800Budget proposal of January 4800
March 4800March 4800Act
April 4800April 4800Opposition Budget 4800
April 4800May 4800Abortion Reform Act
July 4800July 4800Budget proposal of July 4800
September 4800September 4800Gun Carrying Act
October 4800October 4800Foreign Investment Act
October 4800October 4800Chemical Weapons Act
October 4800October 4800Salary Act
October 4800October 4800Act
October 4800October 4800Military Act
October 4800October 4800Polygamy Act
April 4801April 4801Free Market Bill of 4801
May 4801May 4801Daily Working Hours Act
June 4801November 4801Infrastracture Reform
June 4802June 4802Government Culture and Arts Funding
January 4803January 4803LF Final Bill
October 4803April 4804Morality Act
December 4803December 4803Call for early elections, December 4803
December 4803December 4803Call for early elections, December 4803
March 4804March 4804Call for early elections, March 4804
April 4804June 4804Cabinet Proposal of April 4804
May 4804May 4804Militarist Likatonia Act
May 4804May 4804Union Act
May 4804May 4804Military Bill
May 4804May 4804Devolution Act
May 4804January 4805LRP Manifesto: Part 1
June 4804June 4804SC election
June 4804June 4804Internet Reform Act
October 4804December 4804Identity Cards Act
May 4805May 4805Privatisation Act
December 4805December 4805Likatonian Social Act
June 4806June 4806Military Democracy Act
December 4806December 4806Call for early elections, December 4806
December 4806May 4807Aid Act
December 4806June 4807Environment Act
December 4806June 4807Re-centralisation act
May 4807May 4807Health Care Act
June 4807June 4807Incest Act
June 4807June 4807Education Act
June 4807June 4807Act
June 4807June 4807Free Public Healthcare Act
July 4807July 4807New Media Act
September 4807September 4807Centre-right to left-wing government
October 4807October 4807MORE DEMOCRACY
October 4807October 4807Employee Protection Act
November 4807November 4808INCREASE IN SENATE SEATS ACT 4808
November 4807November 4808Police Act
November 4807December 4808Citizens right to Citizenship Act
December 4807November 4808Moral & Religious Values Act
March 4808March 4808Call for early elections, March 4808
March 4808November 4808Education System Reforms.
July 4808July 4808Cabinet Proposal of July 4808
October 4808October 4808Call for early elections, October 4808
October 4808November 4808Treaty Rejection Act.
October 4808November 4808Militarist Bill
December 4808December 4808Local government healthcare control bill
December 4808December 4808Healthcare bill
December 4808December 4808Railways Management & Research & Local Gov.Regulations
December 4808December 4808Economic Conservative Act
May 4809May 4809National ID Card & Miscellaneous Regulations 4809
June 4809March 4810Likatonia Treaty Rejection & Withdrawal Act
January 4810April 4810Representative Appointment to the World Congress
May 4810May 4810Guns Act
May 4810May 4810Religious Advertising Act
June 4810June 4810Vaccines Act
June 4810November 4810Federal Govt Regulations & Power Devolution Act
April 4811October 4811Religious Ministers Act
May 4811September 4811Foresty & Animal Protect Amendments
June 4811June 4811Call for early elections, June 4811
November 4811November 4811Freedom of Speech and Expression
December 4811December 4811Right Wing Government
December 4811September 4812Homosexuality in the military
December 4811September 4812Abortion Act
December 4811September 4812Taxation Amendment Act
April 4812April 4812Call for early elections, April 4812
June 4812June 4812Call for early elections, June 4812
July 4812July 4812Cabinet Proposal of July 4812
October 4812December 4812Education Priority Structure
December 4812May 4813Ratification of the Liktonia Telamon Trade Agreement (LTTA)
June 4813June 4813Revision of Pornography Laws
July 4814July 4814School Prayers Act
June 4815June 4815Call for early elections, June 4815
September 4816September 4816Landmine Restrictions Act
September 4816September 4816Democratic Cabinet Act
May 4823June 4824Cabinet Proposal of May 4823
June 4824June 4824Strong Military Bill
June 4824June 4824Collective Bargaining Bill
June 4824June 4824Religious Heritage Bill
June 4824June 4824Gambling Bill
June 4824June 4824Environmental Realism Bill
June 4824June 4824Gun Rights Bill
June 4824June 4824Traditional Values Bill
July 4824July 4824Constitutional Reform Bill
May 4825May 4825Call for early elections, May 4825
August 4825December 4825Green New Deal
December 4825May 4827Reform Act (ACT:HR-NFDUP-0001)
May 4826May 4826Cabinet Proposal of May 4826
August 4826January 4827Workers Rights Act
June 4837August 4837Immigration and Nationality Reform Bill
June 4837August 4837Gun Reform Bill
June 4837August 4837Religious Freedom Bill
August 4837August 4837Cabinet Proposal of August 4837
November 4838November 4838Law and Order Bill
November 4838November 4838Health Reform Bill
November 4838November 4838Military Reform Bill
December 4838December 4838Republican Values Bill
December 4838December 4838Senate Bill
December 4838December 4838New Flag Bill
June 4839June 4839Education Reform Bill
October 4839October 4839Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Industry Bill
October 4839December 4839Pirland Gun Act
July 4841August 4841Recreational Drug Use Act of 4841
July 4841August 4841Euthanasia Rights Act of 4841
July 4841August 4841Reproductive Rights Act of 4841
July 4841August 4841Military Reforms Act of 4841
August 4841August 4841Sex Reassignment Surgery Act of 4841
August 4841November 4841Green Act of 4841
August 4841November 4841Education System Reform Act of 4841
August 4841November 4841Justice System Reform Act of 4841
August 4841November 4841Minority Inclusion in the Workplace Act of 4841
August 4841November 4841Pornography Production Act of 4841
August 4841November 4841Civil Liberties Act of 4841
December 4841December 4841The Tax Reform
May 4842May 4842Military Reform
May 4842May 4842Cabinet Proposal of May 4842
June 4842August 4842Budget Proposal of June 4842
May 4844May 4844Legalizing Multiple Citizenship
July 4844July 4845Moral Sales Tax Act
July 4845January 4847Whale Protection Act
February 4847August 4847Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act of 4847
February 4847August 4847Cabinet Proposal of February 4847
July 4847July 4848National Security Preservation Act
September 4847September 4847Ending Discrimination Bill
October 4849October 4849Parties who get to form a Cabinet 2.0
May 4851May 4851Balance Between Public and Private Healthcare
June 4854June 4854Expansion of Senate
January 4855January 4855Cabinet Proposal of January 4855
January 4855January 4855National History Preservation Act
August 4862August 4862Cabinet Proposal of August 4862
August 4862August 4862Constitutional Amendment
January 4864January 4864Military Overhaul Bill
January 4864January 4864Budget proposal of January 4864
May 4865May 4865Agricultural Reform
May 4865May 4865Renaming the Senate
May 4865May 4865Labor Reform
May 4865May 4865Establishment of the People's Republic of Likatonia
May 4865May 4865Government Reforms
June 4865June 4865Additional Government Reforms
June 4865June 4865Cabinet Proposal of June 4865
August 4865August 4865Infrastructure Reform
November 4865November 4865Cultural Reform
November 4865November 4865Education Reform
November 4865November 4865Healthcare Reform
November 4865November 4865Economic Democracy
November 4865November 4867Stability Act
February 4866February 4866Immigration Reform
February 4866February 4866Environmental Reforms
April 4866October 4866Foreign Policy Reform
September 4866September 4866Income tax proposal of September 4866
September 4866September 4866Call for early elections, September 4866
September 4866October 4866National Defense
September 4866October 4866Anti-Privatization of Space
October 4866October 4866Budget proposal of October 4866
October 4866October 4866Welfare Reform
November 4867November 4867Governmental Reforms
July 4868July 4868Conscientious Objector Reform
April 4869April 4869Religion Reforms
December 4869December 4869Call for early elections, December 4869
December 4869April 4870New Flag
December 4870December 4870Call for early elections, December 4870
August 4872August 4872Reforms
July 4875July 4875Reforms
May 4877May 4877More Reforms
May 4877May 4877Privacy Reform
March 4878January 4880Creation of the United Likatonian Opposition
March 4878January 4880Creation of the Republic of Likatonia
May 4878May 4878Judiciary Elections & Jurisdiction Act
March 4879April 4881Cabinet Membership Act
May 4879January 4880Lab5: Cooperative Economy
September 4879January 4880Lab6: A New Healthcare Program
October 4879October 4879Call for early elections, October 4879
January 4880January 4880New National Identity Act
March 4880March 4880Profit & Tax Sharing Act
March 4880April 4880President's Budget proposal of March 4880
April 4880April 4880State & Private Banks Operational Reforms
April 4880April 4880Public Welfare Initiatives Policy
April 4880April 4880Housing policy
April 4880April 4880Presidential Cabinet Proposal of April 4880
May 4880May 4880Lab7: Economic Act
November 4880April 4881OOC: Fixing the flag
December 4880June 4882Mov Act 001 - Keep Children Clean
January 4881April 4881Likatonian Renaming Act
March 4881March 4881Call for early elections, March 4881
March 4881May 4883Ratification of the Seleyan Intergovernmental Council (SIC)
May 4881May 4881Liberal Relgious Act
May 4881May 4881Religious Reform
June 4881June 4881Mov Act 005 - Freedom for the media
December 4881June 4882Move Act 008 - Balancing between economy and ecology
March 4882June 4882Save The Environment Act
May 4882May 4882Call for early elections, May 4882
June 4882June 4882Ratification of the Rildanorian-Likatonian Declaration of Friendship
August 4882August 4882Move Act 011 - ID Policy
September 4882September 4882Dem-DCP-PRP-Move Cabinet - Centre-right Government
October 4882October 4882New Economy Act
November 4882November 4882Income tax proposal of November 4882
November 4882November 4882Budget proposal of November 4882
December 4882December 4882Ratification of the Northeast-Artanian Covenant Treaty
April 4883April 4883Budget round off of April 4883
June 4883January 4884Lab4: Banning Paramiltaries
December 4883December 4883Call for early elections, December 4883
March 4884March 4884Lab-Dem-SWP Cabinet - Centre-left Government
August 4884September 4884National Reforms Act (3)
September 4884September 4884Lab5 : New Farming Act
December 4884December 4884Likatonian Political Compass
October 4885October 4885Budget proposal of October 4885
January 4886January 4886Lab7: Flag Freedom
January 4886January 4886Fair Regulation Act
July 4886January 4887Move Act 018 - Decency Act
February 4887February 4887Cabinet Proposal of February 4887
June 4887June 4887Dem14: Moderate Foreign Affairs Politics
August 4887August 4887Sanctions On False Foreign Media
August 4887November 4887Income tax proposal of August 4887
September 4887September 4887Move Act 019 - Private Coexistance
January 4888January 4888Lab9: Infrastructure in the hands of government
October 4888October 4888Move Act 021 - Stop the sale of sex
December 4888November 4889Ministry of Justice - Police Department Centralisation
September 4889September 4889Call for early elections, September 4889
November 4889November 4889Cabinet Proposal of November 4889
December 4889December 4889CRP: Freedom Manifesto
October 4890June 4891Lab:11 Moderate militarist bill
December 4890December 4890Call for early elections, December 4890
December 4890June 4891Dem1: More Democracy, Freedom and Decentralisation
March 4891March 4891Call for early elections, March 4891
July 4891July 4891Further Decentralization
October 4891October 4891Cabinet Proposal of October 4891
January 4892January 4892Lab12: Hardline Military Bill
November 4892November 4892Ratification of the Keymon-Likatonia Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Movement
November 4892November 4892Request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
February 4893May 4894Ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and Good Understanding Lodamun-Likatonia
June 4893October 4893Dem4: Economy - More Democracy, Decentralisation & Market Regulations
July 4893July 4893Call for early elections, July 4893
October 4893October 4893CSD Cabinet - Centre-left Government
May 4894May 4894Dem11: Ecological Reform - Protecting Environment and Democracy
November 4894November 4894Call for early elections, November 4894
June 4895June 4895CSD-SWP Cabinet - United Left Government
December 4895December 4895Lab16: Economic Sense
November 4896November 4896Dem13: Civic liberties - Less weapons & More freedom
May 4897June 4897Dem14.13: Appointment of national representatives to the World Congress
March 4899March 4899Lab21: Health Act
June 4899June 4899SWP Manifesto of 4899
February 4901August 4901Relating to Media, Privacy and Permission Concerning Private Information
June 4901June 4901James I cabinet Lab-PA government
July 4901July 4901Police Reform
November 4901November 4901Lab22:Radical Socialism Reversal Act
December 4902May 4903Lab23: National Ecology Act
December 4902May 4903Lab24: Protection Act
December 4903March 4904NLC04: Relating to Civil Liberties; Polygamous Relationships
January 4905January 4905Call for early elections, January 4905
September 4905September 4905Cabinet Proposal of September 4905
September 4905October 4905Lab25: New Economy Act
July 4906July 4906Government Cryptocurrency Act
July 4906July 4906Lake Protection Act
June 4908June 4908Lamb I cabinet, Lab-PA
December 4908December 4908Budget proposal of December 4908
April 4909April 4909Income tax proposal of April 4909
December 4909December 4909Lab Election Manifesto
June 4910June 4910Ratification of the Charter of the Confederate Economic Security Union
April 4911May 4911Cabinet Proposal of April 4911
March 4912August 4912PA5: Constitutional amendment
April 4912April 4912Lab Tariff Act
April 4912April 4912Lab Ecology Act
September 4912September 4912Dem2: Peaceful Likatonia without Bigological and Chemical Weapons, Inteligence Agency, Land Mines and National Military Service
March 4913March 4913Call for early elections, March 4913
July 4913July 4913CLP4: Education Act
July 4913July 4913CLP2: Healthcare Improvemnets
July 4913July 4913CLP-Dem Cabinet - Government of Conservatives and Liberals
September 4913September 4913Dem3: Health System Reform
October 4913February 4914CLP8: Civil Liberties
February 4914February 4914Ratification of the Gene and Seed Vault Project
February 4914February 4914CLP9: International Trade Policy
March 4914June 4914CLP11: Welfare Policy
June 4914June 4914CLP12: Religious Policy
August 4914August 4914Dem4: Economic Bill
October 4914December 4914Fair Economy Act
March 4915March 4915Higher Education Funding
August 4915August 4915Dem7: Free & Decent Media
August 4915August 4915CLP Economic Policies
July 4916July 4916Call for early elections, July 4916
June 4917June 4917Dem8: Cultural Bill - Decentralisation & Aviodance of Corruption
June 4917June 4917Dem10: Technology Bill - Likatonia needs Freedom
June 4917June 4917Dem9.2: The research and development of pharmaceutical drugs
March 4918March 4918Dem11: Ecological Act
June 4918June 4918CLP13: Government Control Act
September 4918September 4918LGC1: Military Intelligence
March 4919December 4919Dem13: Civil Rights Bill
February 4920March 4920CLP-Dem Cabinet - Government of Conservatives & Liberals
August 4920August 4920CLP16: Livestock Regulation
February 4921February 4921Call for early elections, February 4921
September 4921March 4922NCL08: Related to Military; Legality of Militia Formation
September 4923September 4923CLP Budget Proposal
April 4924April 4924Income tax proposal of April 4924
August 4925August 4925CLP: Stop Endorsing Democratic Workers Councils
September 4925September 4925Dem15: Infrastricture Reform
February 4926January 4927Dem16.4: Lowering guaranteed minimum income
December 4927December 4927Delmont III cabinet-CLP+M&F
April 4928April 4928Federalism act 03: Forest and Park management
April 4928July 4928CLP Militaristic Act
March 4931March 4931Dem-PU-NLC Cabinet - Centre-left Government
July 4934July 4934Income tax proposal of July 4934
February 4935February 4935CLP Economy Act
September 4935September 4935Budget proposal of September 4935
March 4936October 4936DCP002- Senate Size Increase
February 4937February 4937Dem-Unity-NLC Cabinet - Centre-left Government
April 4938March 4941DCP004- Recreational Drug Use Policy Bill - Cannabis
October 4939October 4939DNC-Dem Cabinet - Centre-right Government
October 4939October 4939Income tax proposal of October 4939
October 4939August 4940Devolution Laws
October 4939August 4940RP Law: Likatonian State elections
February 4940August 4940Devolution Act
March 4941June 4941Budget proposal of March 4941
August 4941February 4943NLC: Relating to Health; Selling of Tobacco
October 4941October 4941RP: Likatonian 4941 State Elections
October 4941October 4941Protected Nation
October 4941October 4941Liberal values
January 4942January 4942Unity Manifesto
February 4943February 4943Dem-DNP-DCP Cabinet - Centre-right Government
March 4943March 4943Income tax proposal of March 4943
April 4943February 4944CLP Religious Liberalism Bill
April 4943February 4944CLP Economy Bill
June 4943February 4944CLP Socialism Reversal Act
June 4943February 4944CLP Military Act
July 4943July 4943Call for early elections, July 4943
March 4944March 4944Balanced Budget Act
December 4944December 4944Moore I cabinet: CLP-PRP-M&F-DCP
February 4945February 4945DCP005 - Economical Reform Bill (Centre-Centre Right)
January 4947January 4947International relationships Act
March 4947March 4947Progressive Cabinet Proposal of March 4947 (Unity - NLC)
March 4947March 4947Boycott the Black Sun
April 4947April 4947RP:4946 Likatonian State Elections
January 4948January 4948Dem 4/4948: Economic Reform - Give People More Power
March 4949March 4951NLC: Relating to Infrastructure; Maintenance of Highways
September 4949February 4950Dem 4.2/4949: Economic Reform - Give People More Power
January 4952January 4952Liberties Act
March 4952March 4952RP:4951 Likatonian State Elections
February 4953February 4953Hudson I Cabinet - Unity-Dem-NLC Government
March 4953March 4953RP: Restore Keymon Ferry
August 4954August 4954Compromise Economy Act
August 4954August 4954Militarist Act
December 4955February 4956Anti-fascist Coalition
September 4956September 4956RP:4956 Likatonian State Elections
October 4956October 4956Dem 15/Hudson II: Infrastructure Reform
December 4956January 4957TBS - New Conservatism
January 4957January 4957TBS - No Religion
October 4957October 4957Dem 1.32/Hudson II: Increasing Time between Elections
March 4959January 4960M&F and Dem creates Liberal Alliance (LA)
January 4960March 4960LA-Unity Government
September 4960September 4960Dem 14/Wilson I: Foreign Affairs Reforms - Strict but Humane Likatonia
January 4962January 4962TBS - Welfare reform
July 4962July 4962Liberal economy bill
July 4962July 4962Federalisation act of 4962
December 4963December 4963Religion bill
December 4965January 4966Ecological reform act
July 5004July 5004free realgion act of july 5004
July 5004July 5004the christan act + the freedom act
July 5004July 5004rename the country the united christan federation of Likatonia
August 5004August 5004the renamed of the country and new flag
July 5008July 5008Cabinet Proposal of July 5008
July 5008July 5008Call for early elections, July 5008
July 5008August 5008National Reorganization Process
October 5008October 5008RP: Repealing bills
August 5009August 5009Introduction of a new flag
May 5022May 5022Nation Restructuring Act
July 5032September 5032July Theses

Bills defeated

These bills have been defeated[?].

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle
January 2037January 2037National Sport
January 2037January 2037Software Techniques Act
February 2037February 2037Prayer in Schools
August 2037August 2037Gambling Legislation
August 2037August 2037Definition of Marriage
October 2037October 2037Motto Bill
February 2038February 2038Voucher School System
March 2038March 2038Death with Dignity
June 2038June 2038The New Motto Bill
December 2038December 2038Prostitution Legalization
March 2039March 2039Head of State Title
July 2039July 2039Seat Redistribution
December 2039December 2039Call for early elections, December 2039
January 2041January 2041Educational Reform Bill
January 2041January 2041Cabinet Proposal of January 2041
January 2041January 2041Head of State Title
January 2041January 2041Regional Titles
February 2041February 2041Abortion Redefinition
July 2042July 2042Private Schools Act
September 2043September 2043Balanced Budget Amendment
March 2044March 2044Victim Defense Act
July 2044July 2044Homeland Security Bill
March 2050March 2050Military Policy Debate
October 2052October 2052Wide Reform Act
January 2053January 2053Localized Subsidy Act
February 2054February 2054Gang-busters Bill
August 2054August 2054Progressive Moral Reform Act
January 2055January 2055Adult Age Bill
June 2056June 2056Prostitution Bill
February 2058February 2058Cabinet Proposal of February 2058
February 2058February 2058Nuclear Bill
April 2058April 2058Language Services
May 2058May 2058Future Society Act
August 2059August 2059Scientific Freedom Act
August 2059August 2059Progressive Shift Act
August 2059August 2059Cabinet Proposal of February 2059
February 2060February 2060Cabinet Proposal of February 2060
August 2060August 2060Dying with Dignity Bill
December 2060December 2060New Motto Bill
January 2061January 2061National Anthem Singing
November 2061November 2061Nuclear Bill
April 2062April 2062Private Education
February 2063February 2063Death Bill
February 2063February 2063School Prayer Bill
January 2064January 2064Forced Labour.
May 2064May 2064Cabinet Permission Act
September 2064September 2064Nuclear Bill
December 2065December 2065Smoking Restrictions Amendment
March 2066March 2066Out with the Old
March 2066March 2066Immigration
April 2066April 2066Parliament Expansion Act
July 2066July 2066Make Likatonia Safe Bill
February 2068February 2068Defense Resolution II: Respecting Civilian Movement
June 2068June 2068Call for early elections, June 2068
June 2068June 2068Title of the legislative assembly
June 2068June 2068Head Of State Title
June 2068June 2068Bob Osborne Memorial
June 2068June 2068Contraception Bill
August 2068August 2068Women's Choice Act
December 2068December 2068Retirement age.
December 2069December 2069Call for early elections, December 2069
August 2070August 2070Official National Anthem
August 2070August 2070Pension Act of 2069
August 2070August 2070Call for early elections, August 2070
September 2070September 2070Right to Privacy
December 2070December 2070Term Length Reduction Act
January 2071January 2071War Policy Act: Council Approval Establishment
April 2071April 2071Private higher education
May 2071May 2071National Anthem
April 2072April 2072Anti-Proliferation Act of April 2072
May 2072May 2072Anti-Revolutionary Bill
June 2072June 2072Cabinet Proposal of June 2072
September 2072September 2072Abortion Rights Act
November 2072November 2072Restoring Opportunity Act
November 2072November 2072Review of Torture Act
November 2073November 2073Agricultural Anti-Dumping Act
November 2073November 2073Health Research Encouragement Bill
December 2073December 2073Secular Schooling Act of 2073
December 2073December 2073Non-Confidence Motion Act of 2073
January 2074January 2074Cabinet Modification Resolution of 2073
June 2074June 2074Contraceptive Act of 2073
June 2074June 2074Nuclear disarmament intent treaty
August 2074August 2074Gambling
September 2074September 2074Secure Freedom Proposal
October 2074October 2074Farming Land Regulation Act of 2073
May 2075May 2075Presumed Consent Act
May 2075May 2075Apathetic Voter Bill
June 2075June 2075Balanced Media Act
June 2075June 2075A Call for Solidarity, June 2075
July 2075July 2075Animal use in cosmetic tests.
September 2075September 2075Anti-Hate Speech Act of 2074
May 2076May 2076Dignified Likatonia Ordinance
November 2076November 2076The Child Protection Act
July 2079July 2079Council Term Reduction Act of 2077
August 2079August 2079Final Council seats proposal
April 2080April 2080The Responsible Abortion Act
May 2081May 2081Safe Communities Act
November 2081November 2081Constitutional Reform Act of 2080
December 2081December 2081Encouraging Quality Education Act
December 2081December 2081Regulating Adoption
March 2082March 2082Gated Communities Bill
February 2086February 2086Undoing the Damage Act
January 2087January 2087Security in Independence Act
August 2088August 2088Emergency Cabinet Act
May 2089May 2089Which Way Likatonia?
August 2092August 2092Denationalizing Likaton postal services
August 2092August 2092Free telecom market
February 2093February 2093Cabinet Proposal of January 2093
March 2093March 2093Safeguard Act
October 2095October 2095Eliminating Loopholes in Adoption
November 2095November 2095Cabinet Proposal of September 2095
February 2096February 2096National name
August 2096August 2096Cabinet Proposal of August 2096
February 2097February 2097New Elections (OOC)
December 2097December 2097Revisiting the CIS
January 2101January 2101Freedom of Contract
July 2102July 2102Refugees Act
May 2104May 2104de-armament
July 2104July 2104Viable Defence Act
May 2105May 2105Reform Act, 2103
July 2105July 2105Cabinet Proposal of May 2104
July 2105July 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Identity Protection
August 2105August 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Marriage
November 2105November 2105Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Health Care (ii)
November 2105November 2105Call for early elections, November 2105
February 2106February 2106Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Separation of Church and State
February 2106February 2106Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Teen Pregnancy
June 2107June 2107Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Arms Sales
June 2107June 2107Revolution!
June 2107June 2107Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Adoption Reform
May 2108May 2108CPL Hunting Bill
May 2108May 2108greener tomorow
June 2108June 2108CPL GM Research Bill
August 2108August 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Marriage (ii)
August 2108August 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Taking Back the Streets
August 2108August 2108Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Nationalism
May 2110May 2110Educational reforms II
June 2110June 2110Pensions.
October 2110October 2110Freedom of the Media
January 2111January 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (ii)
January 2111January 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security
April 2111April 2111Freedom to Wed
April 2111April 2111Freedom to Sell
May 2111May 2111CPL Taxation Bill
May 2111May 2111CPL Devolution Bill
May 2111May 2111CPL Local Government Bill
December 2111December 2111Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Adoption Reform (ii)
March 2112March 2112animals have rights
May 2112May 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Big Brother TV
May 2112May 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - "Names of Power" (ii)
May 2112May 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - "Names of Power"
July 2112July 2112Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (iv)
May 2113May 2113Freedom of trade in contreceptives
May 2113May 2113National Radio
May 2113May 2113Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Won't SOMEONE Please Think of the CHILDREN!!!
June 2113June 2113Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Heavy Hand
October 2113October 2113CPL Armed Forces Reform Bill
October 2113October 2113CPL Industrial Bill
November 2113November 2113Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Word
November 2113November 2113important changes
November 2113November 2113Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Green Agenda
May 2114May 2114Ban the death penalty.
September 2114September 2114CPL Pest Prevention Bill
September 2114September 2114CPL Education Reforms Bill
September 2114September 2114CPL Privatisation of Health Facilities Bill
October 2114October 2114CPL Homeland Security Bill
February 2115February 2115CPL Restoration Bill
February 2115February 2115CPL Firearms Bill
May 2115May 2115Freedom of Trade in Pharmacuticals
May 2115May 2115CPL Liberalisation of Consumption of Products Bill
May 2115May 2115CPL Business Bill
May 2115May 2115CPL Reformation of Trade Unions Bill
May 2115May 2115CPL Creation of Church of Likatonia Bill
May 2116May 2116Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - "Names of Power" (iii)
May 2116May 2116Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Fitness to Defend
December 2116December 2116Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Last Resort
August 2117August 2117Freedom to Farm
June 2118June 2118Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Kill the Draft
May 2119May 2119Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Heavy Hand (ii)
December 2119December 2119Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Green Agenda (ii)
February 2120February 2120Freedom from Control
February 2120February 2120Emergency powers Act of 2117
April 2120April 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (v)
April 2120April 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Think of the Children (ii)
September 2120September 2120Disarmament of Weapons of Mass Destruction
October 2120October 2120Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the An International Agreement to Prevent the Rise of Autocracy in Terra
October 2120October 2120Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Energy (ii)
August 2121August 2121Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the National Sovereignty Treaty
October 2122October 2122Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Power to the People
October 2122October 2122Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War
October 2123October 2123Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the International League of Nations
March 2124March 2124Elimination of Price Controls
September 2124September 2124Labour Law Reform
August 2125August 2125Administration Reforms Act
August 2125August 2125Capital Punishment Act
August 2125August 2125National Animal Act
August 2125August 2125Freedom to Correspond
August 2125August 2125Nationality and Immigration Act
August 2125August 2125Nationalisation Act Part I
September 2125September 2125Scale-Back of Health Regulations
September 2125September 2125Economy of Scale Act
October 2125October 2125Second Proposal for Economic Flexibility
October 2125October 2125Scale-Back of Free Contraceptive Act
November 2125November 2125Progressive Reform Bill - National Emergencies
November 2125November 2125Progressive Reform Bill - First Strike Doctrine
July 2126July 2126Progressive Reform Bill - Eminent Domain Enactment
July 2126July 2126Progressive Reform Bill - Right To Privacy
July 2126July 2126Progressive Reform Bill - Freedom Of Speech
December 2126December 2126Progressive Reform Bill - Federalization
February 2127February 2127Ecology and Animal Welfare Bill
February 2127February 2127Parliamentary Reforms Bill
March 2127March 2127National Emergency Bill
March 2127March 2127Patriotism Bill
March 2127March 2127Socialism Bill
March 2127March 2127Rationalization of Foreign Aid
March 2127March 2127Military Reforms Bill
September 2127September 2127Progressive Reform Bill - Tort Reform
May 2128May 2128Improvement of National Image
May 2128May 2128Scale-Back of Health Regulations
May 2128May 2128Likatonian Government Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organisation (NATO)
May 2128May 2128Repeal of Sexual Indecency Laws
May 2128May 2128Innovative Cloning Act
July 2128July 2128A Garbage Bill
September 2128September 2128Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Health Care (iii)
September 2128September 2128Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (vii)
November 2128November 2128chemical and biological warfare prohibtion
February 2129February 2129Privatization of Nationalized Services
July 2129July 2129Equal Representation Bill
July 2129July 2129Assistance Bill
October 2129October 2129Progressive Reform Bill - There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
December 2129December 2129Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - National Security (viii)
August 2130August 2130Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Foreign Aid (iii)
July 2131July 2131Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Fitness to Defend (ii)
September 2131September 2131Electoral Reform Bill
November 2131November 2131Rationalization for Foreign Aid (II)
November 2131November 2131Environmental Protection Bill
May 2132May 2132Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Shattered Law for Shattered Lands
September 2132September 2132Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Pacifist Patriot Agenda
December 2132December 2132Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Hardline Agenda
January 2133January 2133Progressive Reform Bill - Defense Industries
February 2133February 2133Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Sacred Order Agenda
October 2133October 2133Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda
June 2134June 2134Progressive Reform Bill - Social Security
June 2135June 2135Regulation Reform Act
July 2135July 2135Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Shattered Law for Shattered Lands (ii)
September 2135September 2135Progressive Reform Bill - Religious Taxation Policy
October 2135October 2135Chemical and Biological Weapons Bill
November 2135November 2135Religious Ethics Encouragement
November 2135November 2135Furthering of Church and State Seperation
November 2135November 2135Proposal for Universal Prosperity
March 2136March 2136Progressive Reform Bill - Scientific Advancement Bill
March 2136March 2136Progressive Reform Bill - Voluntary ID Cards
March 2136March 2136Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (iii)
June 2136June 2136Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Sacred Order Agenda (ii)
January 2138January 2138National Health Guarantee.
October 2138October 2138Freedom to Practice Medicine
October 2138October 2138Freedom of Trade in Pharmaceuticals(reprise)
October 2138October 2138Freedom to Treach
May 2139May 2139Progressive Reform Bill - Missionary Policy
June 2139June 2139Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Names of Power (v)
June 2139June 2139Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Shattered Law for Shattered Lands (iii)
July 2139July 2139Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Hardline "Safe Citizen" Agenda
July 2139July 2139Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Extreme Green Agenda
July 2140July 2140Flag Protection Bill ammended
September 2140September 2140Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Removal of Unjust Restraint (vi)
December 2140December 2140Sexual Health Bill
June 2141June 2141Sports Clubs Bill
August 2141August 2141Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Shattered Law for Shattered Lands (iv)
September 2141September 2141Extreme Secular Agenda
January 2142January 2142Education Bill 2141 - Children learning for the future
April 2142April 2142Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Patriot Act
April 2142April 2142Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Hardline Health Agenda
July 2142July 2142Recreational Drug Use Reform
July 2142July 2142Libel Law Reform - A motion of Judiciary confidence
September 2142September 2142Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Sacred Order Agenda (iii)
July 2143July 2143Refugee Compassion Bill
August 2143August 2143Diplomatic Channels Act
October 2143October 2143Education Bill 2143
October 2143October 2143Likatonian Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Treaty of Key Mon
April 2144April 2144Freedom to Teach pt2
April 2144April 2144Freedom to Teach pt1
April 2144April 2144Protection of Likatonia
April 2144April 2144Freedom to Teach pt3
June 2144June 2144Contraceptives Bill
December 2145December 2145Phone service of the people, by the people
December 2145December 2145Equitable Taxation Bill
December 2145December 2145Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Patriot Act (ii)
December 2145December 2145Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Hardline Health Agenda (ii)
December 2145December 2145Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Sacred Order Agenda (iv)
December 2145December 2145Cannabis legalisation bill
February 2146February 2146Likatonian Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Northern Area Treaty Organisation (NATO)
March 2146March 2146Progressive Reform Bill - The Safety Of Likatonia
June 2146June 2146Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Extreme Green Agenda (iii)
April 2147April 2147Wild animal act
May 2147May 2147Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Sacred Order Agenda (v)
June 2147June 2147Gradual Wealth Dispersion Policy
July 2147July 2147Domestic Animal ownership
September 2147September 2147Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Patriot Act (iii)
October 2147October 2147State security Bill (iii)
October 2148October 2148Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Convocation
October 2148October 2148Economic Freedom Act pt4
October 2148October 2148Economic Freedom Act pt1
December 2149December 2149Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Shattered Law for Shattered Lands (v)
October 2150October 2150Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - One Nation Under God
October 2150October 2150Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Convocation (ii)
April 2152April 2152Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Militant Atheist Agenda
April 2152April 2152Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Infernalist Chorus Agenda (ii)
April 2152April 2152Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Infernalist Chorus Agenda
July 2152July 2152Flag Protection Act
December 2152December 2152Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Militant Atheist Agenda (ii)
December 2152December 2152Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (iv)
December 2152December 2152The Green Reform Bill
August 2153August 2153Military/National Service for School leavers
November 2153November 2153Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Militant Atheist Agenda (iii)
January 2154January 2154The Green Reform Bill 2
August 2154August 2154The Family Friendly Reform Act
August 2155August 2155Safety net extension
August 2155August 2155Management Reform Bill
January 2156August 2158Modern Defense for Modern Times
February 2156August 2158Rationalization for Foreign Aid (III)
February 2156August 2158Freedom of Trade in Pharmaceuticals III
October 2156October 2156Likatonian Treaty Proposal - Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
February 2157February 2157Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (v)
February 2157February 2157Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Militant Atheist Agenda (iv)
April 2159April 2159Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (vi)
December 2159December 2159Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Real Freedom Act
December 2159December 2159Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Follow the Money Act
March 2160June 2160Likatonia National Renewal Bill (ii)
August 2160November 2160Likatonia National Renewall Bill (iii)
September 2160September 2160Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Militant Atheist Agenda (v)
August 2161August 2161Cabinet Proposal of August 2161
September 2161February 2162Likatonia National Renewal Bill (v) - Economic reform
November 2161February 2162A Tax on faith equals attacks on faith - Church fiscal reform.
November 2161May 2162National Redemption - another act of faith
November 2161May 2162National Redemption - an act of faith.
December 2161May 2162Likatonia Local government act - Pet ownership
April 2162October 2162Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (vii)
August 2162November 2162Likatonia Marches on
November 2162March 2163A strong religion for a strong country
March 2163May 2163Likatonia Marches on (ii)
March 2163August 2163Abolish Charter Schools
June 2163June 2163Call for early elections, June 2163
August 2163November 2164Likatonia Moral Platform.
August 2164November 2165JLP Economic Enhancement Act of 2164
August 2164November 2165JLP Early Education Reform Bill
August 2164November 2165JLP Collegiate Reform Bill
August 2164January 2167Progressive Reform Bill - Retirement Age
October 2164August 2165Military Reform Act of 2164
November 2164November 2164Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Militant Atheist Agenda (vi)
January 2165August 2165Promiscuity reduction Bill
January 2165November 2165The Family Friendly Bill
February 2165August 2165No Tax on Faith
May 2165August 2165Freedom of religion act
July 2165October 2165Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Convocation (iii)
August 2165February 2166Economic expansion bill
October 2165October 2165Anarch Anakrousitem Shatter Reform Bill - Axis Mundi Agenda
December 2165January 2167Progressive Reform Bill - Nuclear Retaliation
December 2165January 2167Progressive Reform Bill - Advertising
February 2166September 2166Racial Purity and Morality Act
May 2166July 2166JLP Military and Police Reform Bill of 2166
September 2166November 2166National Salvation Bill
September 2166November 2166Likatonia marches on regardless
November 2166November 2166Religious freedom - From Tax
November 2166November 2166Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (vii)
December 2166December 2166JLP Choose your Own Health Plan Reform
December 2166December 2166JLP Economic Freedom Package
November 2167November 2167Cabinet Proposal of November 2167
November 2167May 2168JLP Right to Strike Proposal of 2167
January 2168January 2168Anarch Anakrousitem Shatter Reform Bill - Axis Mundi Agenda (ii)
March 2168October 2170Public decency bill
May 2168July 2168JLP Military Reform of 2168
July 2168September 2168JLP Divorce Reform
August 2168December 2168The world according to us.
September 2168March 2169Security Bill
September 2168November 2169National Economy Bill
October 2168December 2169Security Bill III Identity Cards
February 2169November 2171Child Labour - no - let them play
May 2169February 2176Cultural Understanding Bill (ii)
September 2169October 2169Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Axis Mundi Agenda (iii)
November 2169December 2169Banning Fun Bill
November 2169December 2169SecurityBill IV
November 2169December 2169Support for Civil Order Bill
September 2170March 2171Religion Bill
October 2170June 2171OMP Act of 2170 - Military Policy Resolution IV
October 2170April 2172Progressive Reform Bill - Prison Labor
October 2170April 2172Progressive Reform Bill - Abortion
December 2170May 2171True Path Bill
March 2171July 2171CP The Frekkechatka Doctrine
April 2171July 2172CP Skiving Deterrance Bill
April 2171October 2172ISM Reenforcment of Man Law Bill
April 2171October 2172ISM Public Health Care Bill
May 2171May 2171Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Likatonia, Uber Alles
May 2171July 2171Anarch Anakrousite Shatter Reform Bill - Red Dawn Agenda (viii)
May 2171November 2171Not a bitter pill bill.
June 2171November 2171Slavery - pure and simple.
June 2171February 2172Restoration of the Monarchy Bill
June 2171February 2172OMP Act of 2171 - Likatonia Über Alles Agenda
July 2171July 2171Security Bill - Situation in Meria
July 2171July 2172Business Reform Act of 2171
July 2171October 2173Introduction of Sales Tax Act of July 2171
September 2171March 2172Industry and Trade Act of 2171
May 2172December 2175Ratification of the The Axis Agreement
July 2172December 2172ISM Nationalisation of Energy Production Bill
July 2172December 2172ISM Traditional Likatonia Bill
July 2172December 2172Workers of the world - invest some more.
July 2172December 2172ISM Health Deregulation Bill
January 2173January 2175Progressive Reform Bill - Globalization
January 2173November 2175Progressive Reform Bill - Anti-Indoctrination
June 2173December 2173Student Punishment Reform Act of July 2173
November 2173November 2173Cabinet Proposal of November 2173
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (v)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (iii)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (ii)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (x)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (i)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (ix)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (iv)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (vii)
November 2173October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (vi)
April 2174October 2174Axis Mundi Anakrousite National Identity
May 2174October 2174OMP Act of 2174 - Likatonia Über Alles Act II
May 2174April 2175OMP Act of 2174 - "Our Weapons, Our Pride!"
August 2174November 2174Freedom of Economics act (i)
October 2174April 2175OMP Act of 2174 - Militarist Agenda
October 2174April 2175OMP Act of 2174 - Likaton Recreational Development
November 2174November 2174Freedom of negotiation bill (i)
April 2175June 2175OMP Act of 2175 - Large Manifest Agenda
June 2175November 2175Likatonia's Pride and Joy
June 2175November 2175Follow the Rules
July 2175September 2175Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xiii)
July 2175September 2175Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xi)
September 2175September 2175Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xiii - b)
September 2175November 2175True Path Bill (ii)
September 2175October 2176Internet Deregulation Act of September 2175
October 2175October 2175Axis Mundi Anakrousite National Identity (ii)
November 2175December 2175True Path Bill (iii)
November 2175December 2175True Path (vi)
November 2175December 2175True Path Bill (iv)
December 2175January 2177Flag Modernization Act of December 2175
October 2176October 2176Cabinet Proposal of October 2176
October 2176October 2176Cabinet Proposal of October 2176
October 2176October 2179Ambassadorial Freedom
November 2176November 2176AMA Cabinet Proposal of November 2176
May 2177October 2177Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xv)
June 2177December 2177Statement of Intentions Valruzian Federation/Republic of Likatonia
June 2177July 2178TOTAL Freedom Act
September 2177July 2178The world according to us bill (ii)
September 2177July 2178Local Authorities - are going to start working for you.
January 2178September 2178Education Fundamentals Act of January 2178
February 2178July 2178True Path (vii)
March 2178October 2178Ratification of the Barmenistan Free Trade Agreement
October 2178October 2178Axis Mundi Anakrousite Agenda (xvi)
May 2179January 2180Progressive Reform Bill - Media Freedom Act
May 2179January 2180Progressive Reform Bill - Spare The Rod
April 2180April 2180Cabinet Proposal of April 2180
September 2181September 2181Cabinet Proposal of September 2181
September 2181November 2181Wealth for Likatonia
September 2181November 2181True path for Likatonia - the privilege of parenthood
September 2181November 2181Wealth for all
September 2181November 2181Immigration act 2181 - Likatonia for Likatonians
September 2181November 2181A new path
September 2181November 2181Fair treatment of captured soldiers.
September 2181November 2181Don't defeat us, or de-foetus.
September 2181November 2181Economic and moral innovation act 2181
September 2181November 2181A profitable future
November 2181March 2182Cabinet Proposal of November 2181
November 2181October 2182Family Finacial Benefit Act of November 2181
January 2182October 2182Ratification of the International Gay Rights treaty
July 2182December 2182Local Arts Act
October 2182March 2183Total repentance bill (i)
November 2182April 2183Contraceptive Funding Act of November 2182
December 2182March 2184Environmental responsibility Bill 2182 (ii)
April 2183March 2187Worship Toryism Bill
October 2183January 2186Defence Through Knowledge Act of October 2183
December 2183January 2185Progressive Reform Bill - Nursery School For All
July 2184December 2184Green reform bill (i)
July 2184December 2184Green reform bill (ii) - Friendly fuels for future forests
August 2184December 2184Green reform bill (iii) - Wild animals for a pet.
December 2184December 2184Total repentance bill (iii) - Foriegn Aid
October 2185April 2186Secularism Enhancement Act of October 2185
November 2185May 2186National Animal Act
January 2186July 2187Progressive Reform Bill - Privatized Healthcare
August 2186July 2187Progressive Reform Bill - Open Immigration
August 2186July 2187Progressive Reform Bill - Lumber Industry Reform
October 2186April 2187AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda
March 2187January 2188Ratification of the Likatonian Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty.
January 2188January 2188PSS omnibus - separated proposal
October 2188October 2188AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (iii)
October 2188October 2188AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (ii)
November 2188November 2189Essential Services Act of November 2188
May 2189December 2189Freedom of Prayer
May 2189March 2190Education agenda
September 2189March 2190Protect Our Children
November 2189November 2189AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (iv)
November 2189June 2190Freedom (iii)
January 2190March 2190Income tax proposal of January 2190
January 2190December 2190Green and Clean
March 2190September 2190Besides opening a new supermarket, what does our Mayor do ?
March 2190September 2190Religious reform act
April 2190January 2191Progressive Reform Bill - Separation of Church and State (ii)
April 2190January 2191Progressive Reform Bill - No Minimum Wage
September 2190September 2190AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (v)
September 2190December 2190Birth control for all
October 2191January 2194Progressive Reform Bill - National Privitazation Bill (ii)
February 2192August 2192Clean and Green revised and ammended
March 2192June 2192The Lund Agenda
May 2192September 2192Keeping Likatonia Secular Act of May 2192
June 2192June 2192AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (vii)
June 2192March 2193Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
November 2192March 2193The Lund Agenda (ii)
September 2193January 2194Likatonia Restructure Bill
November 2193January 2194Progressive Reform Bill - Separation Of Church And State (iii)
January 2194January 2194Lund Agenda (ii) key points revised
March 2194January 2195Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
January 2195January 2195Axis Mundi Cabinet Proposal of January 2195
September 2195May 2196Defining our Country Bill
November 2195April 2196Public Housing Act of November 2195
March 2196October 2196Social Progress Bill
April 2196June 2196Anti-Gated CommunityAct of April 2196
October 2196October 2196Axis Mundi Capitol Relocation Bill
November 2196January 2197Physical Activity Act of November 2196
November 2196October 2197Cultural Heritage Preservation Act of November 2196
October 2197November 2197Proposal for the Adoption of a More Efficient Economic Structure
October 2197November 2200Privatization of the Media
November 2197November 2197Retirement Age Act
November 2197November 2197Ethics Enforcement for Alcohol Distributors
November 2197November 2197AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (viii)
May 2198December 2198Centralisation of the Housing Market
July 2198July 2198AM AAP Reform Bill - The Adamah-Whiteflag Agenda (ix)
July 2198January 2200Economic and Social Progress Bill 2198
September 2198March 2199Secular Bill
October 2198April 2199Fair Housing Act of October 2198
February 2200February 2200Legalization of Child Labour
February 2200February 2200Act for the Preservation of Health
October 2200October 2200Cabinet Proposal of October 2200
November 2200December 2200Local Arts Act
December 2200May 2201Education Reform Act of December 2200
December 2200May 2201Transit Act of December 2200
May 2201May 2201Democratic Efficiency Act
May 2201October 2201Reform Smoking Act of May 2201
May 2201November 2201Gated Communities Fairness Act of May 2201
June 2201June 2201Cabinet Proposal of June 2201
April 2202April 2202AM AMALAM Reform Bill - New Direction Gimel
April 2202April 2202AM AMALAM Reform Bill - New Direction Beth
September 2202November 2202Reduce religious and cultural tension Bill
December 2202December 2202AM AMALAM Reform Bill - New Direction Dalet
October 2203October 2203AM AMALAM Reform Bill - New Direction Vav
October 2203October 2203PRP's Restoration Agenda: Civil Defence Reform Act of October 2203
October 2203October 2203PRP's Restoration Agenda: Minimum Wage Act of October 2203
July 2204November 2204PRP's Restoration Agenda: Public Pension Act of July 2004
October 2206October 2206PRP's Restoration Agenda II: National Shelter Act of October 2206
October 2206October 2206PRP's Restoration Agenda II: Wage Fairness Act of October 2206
October 2206October 2206PRP's Restoration Agenda II: Conventional Arm Export Reform Act of October 2206
November 2206October 2207Safety Standards in the Workplace
November 2206October 2207Rational Defense Industry Policy
December 2206December 2206Axis Mundi Revolution - Power to The People!
October 2207October 2207Axis Mundi Revolution - God is Dead!
November 2208November 2208Axis Mundi Revolution - Vive la Resistance!
October 2209October 2209Science Liberty Act of October 2009
October 2209October 2209Axis Mundi Revolution - New World Order!
October 2209October 2209Protecting Worker's Rights Act of October 2009
October 2210October 2210Act for Reasonable Economics
November 2210November 2210Axis Mundi Revolution - Vox Populi, Vox Dei!
January 2211January 2211Likatonian Media Standard Act of January 2211
May 2211May 2211Radio Freedom Act
May 2211May 2211Democracy Act
September 2211September 2211Axis Mundi Revolution - Gott ist Tot!
October 2212November 2212The act for greater spiritual cleanliness.
October 2212December 2213Greater Representation Bill
December 2212December 2212Axis Mundi Revolution - Thieves in the Temple!
February 2213November 2213Military reform bill 2213
May 2213October 2213Minimum Wage Act of May 2213
May 2213October 2213Medicinal Advancement Act of May 2213
November 2213November 2213Hail Xenu!
December 2213December 2213Axis Mundi Revolution - This Is Heresy!
December 2213February 2214Economic Liberation Act
August 2214February 2215Ratification of the Treaty Ensuring The Free Speach of Nations and Citizens
October 2214October 2214Axis Mundi Revolution - No Sign of Heaven!
January 2215January 2215Help us help you!
October 2215October 2215Secularism, Schmecularism
February 2216March 2216Repatriation Bill
February 2216March 2216Tough Law and Order Bill
February 2216March 2216Nationalism Bill
April 2216April 2216Axis Mundi Revoluton - Man Bites God!
July 2216July 2216State Economy Bill
August 2216August 2216Olympics. Who needs them.
October 2216October 2216Enviromental Excellence Reform Bill
January 2217January 2217Energy Nationalisation Bill
March 2217November 2217Economic rationalism continued
September 2217September 2217Militarism Bill
October 2218October 2218God's Government
April 2219February 2221Rationalization of Government
April 2219February 2221Freedom of Religion Restoration
July 2219July 2219Axis Mundi Revolution - Save the Trees, Man!
July 2220July 2220Cabinet Proposal of July 2220
March 2222March 2222Axis Mundi Revolution - Son of "Save the Trees, Man"!
May 2222May 2222Nevarn City Convocation Restoration
May 2222May 2222Agricultural Economic Security Act
May 2222May 2222Bill for an Honest Media
May 2222May 2222Religious Freedoms Act
May 2222May 2222Moderate Environmentalist Bill
August 2223August 2223Axis Mundi Interim Cabinet Proposal of August 2223
September 2223September 2223Progressive Reform Bill - The Broad Platform
February 2225February 2225Axis Mundi Revolution - To Arms!
February 2225March 2225Axis Mundi Revolution - Taming the Beast!
February 2228February 2228Cabinet Proposal of February 2228
February 2229February 2229Axis Mundi Revolution - Back To Arms!
February 2229February 2229Axis Mundi Revolution - When Angels Deserve to Die!
October 2229October 2229Axis Mundi Revolution - Direct Democracy!
October 2229October 2229Axis Mundi Revolution - Trees Are People, Too!
September 2231September 2231Axis Mundi Revolution - Direct Democracy Agenda (ii)
October 2232October 2232Axis Mundi Revolution - Direct Democracy Agenda (iii)
October 2237October 2237Axis Mundi Revolution - Pro-Secular Agenda!
October 2237March 2238In favour of Unity through Diversity; A bill to give more rights to Local Government.
January 2238February 2238Brown Paper Bag of Money shoved under our door proposal.
February 2238February 2238Some Hippies in Tye Dye T-Shirts with a bong and an ulimited pizza account want us to suggest this.
April 2238April 2238Axis Mundi Revolution - Direct Democracy Agenda (iv)
August 2238August 2238Money talks
November 2238October 2239A Bill to improve quality of life for all Likatonians, of all ages.
October 2239November 2239A Bill to ease the pressure on the Military, and help protect Likatonians in troubled times
January 2241November 2243Let My People Pray
June 2244June 2244...And a Safer World
December 2245December 2245Regarding the Valruzian Federation.
April 2246April 2246Axis Mundi Revolution - Children of the Revolution!
April 2247September 2247Doctrine of the Black Congregation (i)
August 2247August 2247Likatonia for Likatonians I.
September 2247September 2247Cabinet Proposal of September 2247
September 2247September 2247Doctrine of the Black Congregation (i) b
September 2247September 2247Likatonia for Likatonians VIII - Valruzia is no longer a friend
September 2247September 2247Likatonia for Likatonians V
September 2247September 2247Axis Mundi; Old and discredited
September 2247September 2247Unity. At all costs.
October 2248October 2248Axis Mundi Revolution - First Against the Wall!
November 2248November 2248Cabinet Proposal of November 2248
May 2249May 2249Axis Mundi Revolution - Worst Against the Fall!
October 2249December 2249A right to shelter for all
October 2249March 2250It's not all guns and butter you know..
November 2249May 2250Likatonia; Moving Forward, with Higher Standards
April 2250April 2250Axis Mundi Revolution - Fist Against the World!
October 2251October 2251Cabinet Proposal of October 2251
January 2252January 2252Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - Anakrousite Agenda
March 2252May 2252Welfare Bill
March 2252May 2252National Union Bill
April 2252April 2252A Rational Cabinet
April 2252April 2252tba
August 2252August 2252Dawn of Likatonian Greatness Cabinet 2252
September 2252September 2252Education for the People
September 2252September 2252Let's face it, they never wanted to be our friends.
October 2252October 2252Anarch Anakrousite Reform Bill - The Voice of God
February 2253March 2253Peace and Racial Purity
March 2253March 2253Serving our Country
October 2253October 2253Anarch Anakrousite Iconoclast Agenda
October 2253October 2253Anarch Anakrousite Dove Agenda
November 2253November 2253No Confidence in the Anarch Anarkrousite Faction
October 2254October 2254Iron Fist Cabinet Proposal of October 2254
June 2255May 2262The Keymon Enigma
September 2255November 2255The religious menace.
September 2255March 2257Greater Likatonia, resolution 2
November 2255November 2255Respect for Life
November 2255November 2255Cabinet Proposal of November 2255
November 2255April 2256To reflect our Free Society
November 2256November 2256Anarch Anakrousite New Broom
December 2256December 2256Democracy Now!
March 2258March 2258Greater Representation
March 2258March 2258Freedom Agenda 3
March 2258March 2258Freedom Agenda 2
March 2258March 2258Freedom Agenda 1
November 2258November 2258Golden Age Bill 1: Business
March 2259March 2259new nakrasoutie agndea
May 2260May 2260Freedom to have a say in local drugs policy
February 2261February 2261Freedom for Religion
February 2261February 2261Freedom for a safer cleaner Likatonia
February 2262February 2262Freedom of Expression
November 2263November 2263LFF bill for a progressive Likatonia 1a
February 2264February 2264More Freedom
February 2264February 2264Continuing Freedom
June 2265July 2266New Likatonia
April 2268April 2269Government Reform Act of 2268
July 2268July 2268In defense of Religion
April 2269April 2269Call for early elections, April 2269
November 2270April 2271Unity Cabinet Proposal of November 2270
April 2271December 2271Capital Punishment Bill
September 2271April 2272Procedural change
September 2271April 2272Our Moral Fibre
December 2271November 2272Education Reform Bill
December 2271November 2272Economy Policy Bill
May 2272May 2272Cabinet Proposal of May 2272
April 2273November 2273Just Say NO
April 2273November 2273A Strong Military
April 2273November 2273Constitutional Amendment
April 2273November 2273Get a room
April 2273November 2273Safety First
May 2273May 2273Cabinet Proposal of May 2273
September 2273September 2274End To Gated Communities Bill
September 2273September 2274Religious Schools Bill
September 2274September 2274LPA Market Proposals
September 2274September 2274Other Manifesto Aims of the LPA
September 2274September 2274LPA Fedralist Policy
September 2274September 2274LPA Secular Agenda
January 2275March 2275Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
January 2275March 2275Ratification of the The Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance
September 2275September 2275Anti-religion Act
September 2275September 2275Market Reform
November 2275November 2275Axis Mundi Revolution - New World Order
December 2275December 2275Likatonian Loyalty Act 2275
March 2276April 2277Gun laws
March 2276April 2277Defence Initiative
May 2276April 2277Media Overhaul
November 2276November 2276Enough of the restrictions...we are all adults here!
March 2277September 2277Reduction of Local Powers Bill
April 2277April 2277Defence Initiative 2
April 2277April 2277MSA Market Proposals
April 2277April 2277MSA Secular Agenda
October 2278October 2278aethiest adgena
October 2278October 2278Random Bill
October 2278October 2278Defending Civil Rights
March 2280April 2280Merian Health Independance
April 2280April 2280Merian Economic Independance
May 2282March 2283BFoDT Party Agenda
July 2283January 2284Market Reform
October 2283October 2283BFoDT 1
October 2283October 2283BFoDT 3
October 2283October 2283BFoDT 2
January 2284January 2284International relations
January 2284February 2284Be Prepared
October 2284October 2284Economic Stimulus
December 2291December 2291Tighten our belts, loosen our laws.
April 2293April 2293BFoDT7
April 2293April 2293BFoDT1
April 2293April 2293BFoDT10
February 2297February 2298Workers of the World, Untie
March 2297February 2298Rationalization of Foreign Aid Revisited
March 2297February 2298Governmental Garbage
April 2299April 2299A Stronger Cabinet for a Happier Likatonia
April 2300February 2301Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact
January 2303January 2303Ratification of the Mordusian Neutrality Pact Revisited
December 2303December 2303Call for early elections, December 2303
March 2304July 2304Unity Cabinet Proposal of March 2304
March 2305March 2305Emergency Cabinet Proposal of March 2305
February 2307September 2308Service industry protection
August 2311February 23122311 Reform Bill
November 2312November 2312A new Cabinet, free of Axis Mundi.
November 2312November 2312Reclaiming our Nation
January 2313January 2313Ratification of the Freedom from the Axis of Evil
January 2314January 2314Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Justice
January 2314January 2314Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Military
January 2314January 2314Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economics
April 2314April 2314Appropriate Nomenclature
March 2315March 2315Relaxing our Laws
September 2317September 2317weapons export
September 2317September 2317increase minimum wage
February 2318February 2318national defense industry
September 2318December 2318Discilpline in schools
December 2318December 2318Protecting endangered animals
February 2320February 2320The right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman
March 2320March 2320Call for early elections, March 2320
March 2320April 2321Progressive Land Reform
January 2321January 2321Government policy towards the cloning of human beings
March 2325August 2325Likaton Political Freedom
August 2325August 2325An improval in our ecologycal system
August 2325August 2325Capital punishment
December 2326February 2327Clean Indoor Air Act
December 2326February 2327Healthy Likatonians Act
December 2326February 2327Anti-prosletization Act
December 2326February 2327Anti phone-gouging bill
February 2327March 2327Freer Television Bill
February 2327August 2327Economic Reform Act
February 2327August 2327Civil Unions Bill
July 2327July 2327Secular Education Act
August 2327October 2327Military Reform Bill
October 2327November 2327Higher Education Access Act
October 2327December 2327Universal Sex Education Act
November 2327December 2327Universal Postal Service Act
November 2327March 2328Immigration Reform Act of 2327
April 2328April 2328Likatonia, Land of the Free
April 2328April 2328ID Card Reform Act
July 2328January 2329May I Be Frank (or Earnest)?
November 2328December 2328Secular Likatonia Act
November 2328December 2328Electric grid reform bill
June 2329June 2329"No First Use" Act
July 2329August 2329Sexual Moderation in Public Bill
July 2329August 2329Student Free Speech Act
December 2329January 2330Freedom From House Search Act
December 2329January 2330Smart Arms Sales Act
November 2330November 2330UDLP Economic Manifesto
November 2330November 2330Mass Transit Subsidy Act
November 2330January 2331Making Work Pay Act
January 2331February 2331Universal Phone Service Bill
February 2331February 2331Workers right to strike
March 2331April 2331Striker Job Security Act
December 2331July 2332Independent Thought Number 1
December 2331July 2332Independent Thought Number 19
October 2332April 2333Independent Thought Number 6
December 2332December 2332Cabinet Proposal of December 2332
April 2333April 2333Cabinet Proposal of April 2333
July 2333July 2333Independent Thoughts Numbers 104-110
August 2333October 2335Preferred Thoughts
February 2334February 2334Independent Student Thought Bill
March 2334March 2334Potential Allies Act
September 2334September 2334Foreign Marriage Recognition Act
October 2334October 2334Local Forest Protection Bill
October 2334October 2334Egalitarian Community Act
February 2335February 2335Rights of Likatonians Act
August 2335August 2335Protection of Humans From Animals Bill
October 2335October 2335Likatonia Improvement Act
August 2336September 2336Defense Industries Act
November 2336November 2336Fireworks Safety Act
October 2337November 2337Anti-Strange Foriegn Prosleytization Act
October 2337December 2337Basic Defenses Act
August 2338August 2338Practical and Responsible Defense Act
September 2338July 2339Freedom of Religious Education Restored
October 2338October 2338Populist Pre-Election Proposals
July 2339July 2339Cabinet Proposal of July 2339
August 2339September 2339WMD Deterrence Act
August 2339September 2339Contraception Act
July 2340December 2340PCA bill - 'Unshackling the Media' 1
July 2340December 2340PCA bill - Liberalisation 1
July 2340January 2341LITP Bill of 2341
January 2341January 2341LITP 2341 (ii) Personal Responsibility in consumption
February 2341May 2341State of Emergency Act
August 2341August 2341The Economic responsibility act of 2341
August 2341August 2341Local Power Provision Act
August 2341August 2341Religious Agenda Revised
March 2342March 2342Animal Control Bill
August 2342August 2342Prescription Drug Access Act
August 2342November 2342'Good Neighbour' Act
August 2343August 2343PLPL Election Manifesto
September 2343September 2343PCA platform
May 2344May 2344Cabinet Proposal of May 2344
May 2344May 2344Cabinet Counter-Proposal of May 2344
May 2344June 2344WMD Deterrence Bill
June 2344June 2344Cabinet Proposal of June 2344
August 2345August 2345Secularist Act
February 2346February 2346Freedom In Peacetime Act
April 2346April 2346Citizen Independance bill
April 2346April 2346Citizen Independance bill
December 2346December 2346Purple Dawn - Fascism for Likatonia
February 2347February 2347PLPL Platform
February 2347February 2347Manifesto 2347
May 2348November 2348Likatonia first - a bill to protect Likatonia (The Juche Economy Clauses)
June 2348November 2348Likatonia first - Defence reform
November 2348November 2348Likatonia first - a bill to protect Likatonia (The Juche Economy Clauses) - ammended i
November 2348November 2348Cabinet Proposal of November 2348
December 2348November 2353Likatonia first - Constitutional reform
August 2349August 2349Likatonia First - Deportation act
March 2350March 2350Foreign Missionary and Investment Control Act
May 2350May 2350Likatonia first - family values act.
May 2350May 2350Likatonia first - expel the interlopers.
June 2350June 2350Likatonia first - military reform.
June 2350June 2350Likatonia first - Economics revisted.
August 2350August 2350Likatonia first - imagine no religion, it's easy if you try.
August 2350August 2350Call for early elections, August 2350
May 2351May 2351Cabinet Proposal of May 2351
June 2351June 2351The Youth
June 2351June 2351International Responsibilities
August 2353February 2356Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economic Justice
November 2354November 2354Cabinet Proposal of November 2354
November 2354November 2354Tree Replantation Act
November 2354November 2354Deficit Elimination Act
January 2355February 2355Bill To End Corporate Welfare
January 2356February 2356Internet and Reproductive Freedom Act
March 2356March 2356Vote of no confidence
May 2356May 2356Nuclear weapon
May 2356May 2356Military
November 2356November 2356Budget proposal of November 2356
November 2356November 2356Income tax proposal of November 2356
December 2356December 2356Fascist Agenda 3
December 2356December 2356Fascist Agenda
December 2356December 2356Ecology
January 2357January 2357Cabinet Proposal of January 2357
March 2357March 2357New Economic Fascist Platform.
March 2357March 2357Peace.
March 2357June 2357Spanking monkies does not make children.
April 2357June 2357Protecting National Industries Bill
July 2357July 2357PLPL 2357/58 Platform, Part One
July 2357August 2357LITP 1: Local Government
August 2357August 2357LITP 4: Taxes
August 2357August 2357LITP 3: Procedural
August 2357August 2357LITP 2: The Military
August 2357August 2357LFFR Education reform.
August 2357August 2357LFFR Agenda 1 - TV
August 2357September 2357Border Control
May 2358May 2358Farms
May 2358May 2358New Dawn Cabinet Proposal of May 2358
October 2358October 2358The Freedom Bill
February 2359February 2359Taxation Revision Bill pt 1
February 2359February 2359Cannabis
February 2359February 2359Budget proposal of February 2359
February 2359February 2359Taxation Revision Bill pt 3
August 2359November 2359Religious liberation act
November 2359March 2360Deportation Act revised
December 2359December 2359Income tax proposal of December 2359
December 2359December 2359Economic Growth Bill 1
December 2359December 2359Military Bill
February 2360February 2360Education Bill
March 2360March 2360Deportation Act as split.
March 2360June 2360Ministry overhaul
August 2360August 2360Media Bill
August 2360August 2360Nationalist Bill
August 2360August 2360Compassion For Those In Pain Bill
September 2360September 2360Energy Bill
September 2360September 2360The National Pride Act of 2360
February 2361February 2361Fascist Religious Agenda
February 2361February 2361Fascist Media Reform
February 2361February 2361Foreign Investment Act
February 2361November 2361Separation of HoS and HoG
March 2361March 2361LITP Manifesto 2361 - Forward Likatonia
March 2361March 2361The LFFR election Manifesto
November 2361November 2361Defense Industries Act
November 2361November 2361"New Deal" Cabinet Proposal of November 2361
February 2362February 2362Defensive Use Of WMD's Only Act
February 2362February 2362Defence Bill
February 2362July 2362Education Bill
May 2362November 2362Religious eradication bill
May 2362May 2363National Pride Act of 2362
July 2362July 2362Budget proposal of July 2362
August 2362November 2362Economics Bill 1
November 2362November 2362"New Dawn" Cabinet Revised Proposal of November 2362
November 2362May 2363Anti-Multiculturalism Initiative
December 2362August 2365Separation of HoS and HoG Revised
January 2363January 2363Alcohol and Tobacco Reform Act
January 2363January 2363No to Facism. No to Greater Likatonia
January 2363January 2363Motion of No Confidence in Mr P Yerbuts, Likatonian Foreign Minister
January 2363January 2363Motion of No Confident in Mr E. Guest, Emmisary and Head of the Cabinet of the Government of Likatonia
January 2363February 2363Ecology Bill II
February 2363February 2363Cabinet Proposal of February 2363
February 2363February 2363Axis Mundi Revolution! Agenda - The Family Business
February 2363July 2363Liberal Tax and Economics Bill
March 2363March 2363Foreign Missionary Prevention Act
March 2363March 2363Military Reform Bill 3
May 2363May 2363Blood and Soil initiative
May 2363May 2363Call for early elections, May 2363
May 2363May 2363Duke Nukem
August 2363August 2363A multi-cultural society
August 2363August 2363Fit for purpose 2
January 2364January 2364Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Saving Likatonia for Tomorrow
January 2364January 2364Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Border Security
January 2364January 2364Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Faith is a Family Business
February 2364February 2364Representative change
February 2364February 2364Education, Education, Education.
March 2364March 2364Conservative Liberal Manifesto
March 2364March 2364Forieng Investment Act
March 2364March 2364For the True Protection of Likatonia
March 2364March 2364Preferable Representation Bill
May 2364May 2364National Independence intiative
May 2364May 2364Campaign 65 - Fascism is the new world order.
June 2364June 2364Conservative Liberal Manifesto
July 2364July 2364Budget proposal of July 2364 - Saner priorities
July 2364July 2364Market Bill
August 2364September 2364LITP Social Policies
September 2364September 2364Golden Dawn for Likatonia.
September 2364April 2366Coalition of the Willing: A Word to the Wise
November 2364May 2365Liberal Economics
November 2364August 2365Weapons of Mass Distortion
February 2365May 2365Religious Bill
March 2365August 2365Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Separation of Power
March 2365December 2365Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Electoral Reform
May 2365May 2365Unity Cabinet Proposal of May 2365
June 2365June 2365LITP Bill no. 606
September 2365September 2365Nationality and Citizenship Bill
December 2365December 2365Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Preservationist Platform
December 2365December 2365Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Safe Streets
January 2366December 2366Administration Bill
January 2366December 2366Market De-Regulation Bill
May 2366August 2366Religious Legalization Act
May 2366November 2366Putting things right agenda.
August 2366August 2366Moderate Environmental Agenda
October 2366October 2366Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Electoral Platform
December 2366February 2367Liberal Tax Bill
December 2366February 2367Health and Education Reform
December 2366February 2367Transport Bill
July 2367July 2367Further De-Reuglation Bill
September 2367September 2367Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - Electoral Platform (ii)
September 2367September 2367The ways in which we manifest (three)
September 2367September 2367Biological Weapons Limitation Act
September 2367September 2367Like our manifesto? Put it to the test (o).
August 2368December 2368Market DeRegulation Bill
August 2368February 2370Axis Mundi Revolution Agenda - A Few Issues to Discuss
November 2368May 2369Freedom bus stopping at a church near you.
February 2369February 2369Cabinet Proposal of February 2369
April 2369November 2369Compromise name change proposal
May 2369May 2369AM Cabinet Proposal of May 2369
June 2369June 2369Con Lib proposals
July 2369July 2369Religious Freedom Bill
August 2369August 2369Clean Bill On Alcholic Beverages
August 2369August 2369Religious Sanity Bill
March 2370March 2370AMELIP 1: Freedom of the Press
March 2370March 2370Cabinet Proposal of March 2370
March 2370March 2370AMELIP 2: Freedom of the flesh
March 2370February 2384Likaton Devolution Act
May 2370May 2370Religious freedom peicemeal 4
October 2370March 2371Sturm und Drang - Sturmabteilung
October 2370April 2371Anti-Police State Act
March 2371March 2371Eastern Likatonian Harmony Accord
March 2371March 2371AMELIP Manifesto Bill
March 2371March 2371AM Unified Front Cabinet Proposal of March 2371
March 2371January 2372Sturm und Drang - Social Agenda
August 2371January 2372Budget proposal of August 2371
August 2371January 2372Conservative Liberal Tax Bill
August 2371January 2372Consitution Ammendment (Greater Likatonia dismissal)
August 2371January 2372Free Republic of Likatonia
September 2371February 2372Unshackling the Enterprise of the poulace.
December 2371January 2372Con Libs proposals
February 2372February 2372AMELIP Good Health is key. Tripping should be discouraged.
February 2372February 2372AMELIP Less is more
February 2372February 2372AMELIP Workers Rights
February 2372February 2372AMELIP Privacy
March 2372March 2374Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Agenda - Electoral Reform
April 2372April 2372Missionary Reform Proposal
June 2372June 2372Simplicity, for those who need it
June 2372June 2372Parliamentary Reform Act
June 2372September 2373Conservative Liberal Agenda
February 2373February 2373Truth in Advetising Act
February 2373February 2373AMELIP; Sensbile Foreign Policy
February 2373March 2373AMELIP HOS empowerment
April 2373April 2373Sturm und Drang - Second Social Agenda
June 2373June 2373Religious Liberation Bill
July 2373July 2373Property Owner's Rights on Religious Clothing Bill
July 2373July 2373Parliamentary Reform Bill, Try 2
July 2373July 2373Revised Truth In Advertising Bill
July 2373July 2373National Security Act
October 2373October 2373Sturm und Drang - Preserving the Motherland
November 2373November 2373Civil Liberties Act
December 2373December 2373Waste Elimination Act
February 2374March 2374AMELIP Electoral reform 1
February 2374March 2374AMELIP Education legislation
February 2374March 2374AMELIP Defence
February 2374March 2374AMELIP: It's for the best
March 2374March 2374Sturm und Drang - Third Social Agenda
May 2374May 2374Likaton Reformation Party
May 2374May 2374AMPSD Platform
June 2374August 2375ConLib Manifesto
September 2374April 2375Sturm und Drang - Words
April 2375April 2375Sturm und Drang - A Mandate from Likatonia
April 2375May 2376Freedom Agenda 1: Economics
April 2375May 2376Freedom Agenda 2: Religion
August 2375December 2375Let's keep it clean
August 2375December 2375Freedom of Religion
August 2375December 2375AMELIP Agenda
August 2375December 2375Neighbours
January 2376January 2376Sturm und Drang - Policing Thoughtcrime (ii)
January 2376January 2376Sturm und Drang - Policing Thoughtcrime
August 2377August 2377Sturm und Drang - Blackshirts (i)
August 2377August 2377Sturm und Drang - Fourth Social Agenda
August 2377February 2378Unity Cabinet Proposal of August 2377
August 2377February 2378Law and Order
December 2377July 2378AM RLP Manifesto part 1
November 2378November 2378Concillium Act
December 2378December 2378Sturm und Drang - Blackshirts (ii)
December 2378December 2378Sturm und Drang - Words (ii)
May 2379May 2379Ratification of the Axis Mundi International Treaty
May 2379May 2379The "What the hell were we thinking" Agenda
July 2379July 2379Sturm und Drang - Sixth Social Agenda
December 2380June 2381A new deal for Likatonia - media reform
December 2380May 2383A new deal for Likatonia - defence of the republic
June 2381May 2382Electoral reform for Stability Act
August 2381August 2381Peace
November 2381April 2382A new deal for Likatonia - female ascendancy as a natural state of affairs.
April 2382April 2382Ratification of the Axis Mundi International Treaty
May 2383May 2383Wimmins rights
May 2383May 2383Cabinet Proposal of May 2383
August 2383February 2384East is Best
February 2385February 2385SSP
February 2385July 2387Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Our bodies, Our selves
June 2386June 2386Proposals
June 2386June 2386Cabinet Proposal of June 2386
July 2386July 2386Popular Cabinet Proposal of July 2386
July 2386July 2386AMELIP Policies for the new Millenium
September 2386January 2387Weapon
August 2387October 2387Sturm und Drang - Seventh Social Agenda
November 2388May 2389Election platform
May 2389May 2389Sturm und Drang - Words (iii)
May 2389May 2389Sturm und Drang - Administration Bill
July 2389July 2389Cabinet Proposal of July 2389
July 2389July 2389Budget proposal of July 2389
July 2389July 2389AMELIP New Broom
July 2390September 2390Cabinet Proposal of July 2390
August 2391August 2391Cabinet Proposal of August 2391
August 2392August 2392Cabinet Proposal of August 2392
August 2393August 2393Administrative Act 2393
September 2394September 2396Cleaning up our World
June 2395December 2395Ratification of the Axis Mundi International Treaty
December 2395December 2395Likatonia for Likatonian Wimmin.
January 2396June 2396Cabinet Proposal of January 2396
July 2397July 2397Wimmin are the workers of the world.
September 2398August 2400Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economic Justice revisited
July 2399July 2399Liberte, Egalite, Independence
August 2399August 2399Cabinet Proposal of August 2399
July 2400July 2400AMELIP AGENDA
August 2400August 2400Cabinet Proposal of August 2400
August 2402August 2402SSP
August 2402August 2402Capital
January 2403January 2403Sturm und Drang - The Enlightenment
March 2403March 2403Cabinet Proposal of March 2403
June 2403June 2403CLP Agenda
March 2405March 2405A selection of Good Ideas
May 2405May 2405Tax Bill
July 2405July 2405Cabinet Proposal of July 2405
July 2405August 2405U Knw it mKs Sens
March 2406March 2406Cabinet Proposal of March 2406
July 2407July 2407Emergency Measures Cabinet Proposal of July 2407
September 2407September 2407Ratification of the Greater Hulstria Free Trade Agreement
February 2409August 2413Arbeit Macht Frei redux
July 2409July 2409AMELIP Manifesto
December 2410December 2410Manifesto
March 2415March 2415AMELIP 1
August 2419August 2419Unity Cabinet Proposal of August 2419
February 2425February 2425Cabinet Proposal of February 2425
January 2429January 2429Cabinet Proposal of January 2429
January 2429January 2429Radical New Policies
January 2429January 2429Budget proposal of January 2429
January 2429January 2429Income tax proposal of January 2429
August 2430August 2430Cabinet Proposal of August 2430
July 2433July 2433Stagnation Eradication (Syndication Reformation)
September 2433September 2433Time to REALLY stop believing in Fairy Stories
March 2436March 2436Budget proposal of March 2436
March 2436March 2436Our National Pride
March 2436March 2436Stability
December 2436December 2436Universal Health Care for the Citizens of Likatonia
January 2437October 2437Pursuit of Happiness Act
November 2437August 2438Corporate anti-predation act
March 2438December 2441Our Wallets. Our selves
June 2438June 2438Fascism for the people.
August 2438August 2438Darwin Award Act
October 2438October 2438Keymon Integration Act
November 2438March 2439Criminal justice reform
November 2438March 2439Home economy revitilization act of 2438
December 2438December 2438Lobby for a Superior National Animal
February 2439February 2439Strong Leadership requires consistency.
July 2439July 2439Call for early elections, July 2439
June 2440August 2440Restoration of Worker's Rights
June 2441June 2441Policing restructuring act of 2441
June 2441June 2441Reducing the Number of Seats
February 2442February 2442Demilitarization Act
April 2442April 2442Mental Defense Initiative Addenda and Resolution
May 2442May 2442Budget proposal of May 2442
May 2442May 2442Income tax proposal of May 2442
July 2442July 2442Abolition of Child Labour
September 2442September 2442A more accurate assembly
October 2442October 2442Ban on Weapons of Mass Destruction
November 2442November 2442Governmental localization act
March 2443April 2443Gather the others...
July 2444July 2444No Confidence
October 2444October 2444Homeland Security
January 2445January 2445Cabinet Proposal of January 2445
December 2445May 2446Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (ii)
December 2445May 2446Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (iv)
December 2445May 2446Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (i)
February 2446February 2446Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Democratic Representation
December 2446October 2447Freedom is not Free
March 2447November 2447Likatonian Power Act
December 2447December 2447Budget proposal of December 2447 (Short Term)
April 2448April 2448Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (vi)
September 2449September 2449Call for early elections, September 2449
December 2450December 2450Heeding the Bordurian call
July 2454August 2454Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New Wave
January 2455July 2455The People's Bill
July 2455November 2455Private Automobiles Bill
March 2456January 2457Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New Wave - Rights
January 2457July 2457Convocational Reform
August 2457January 2458National Forestry Act
January 2458February 2461Freedom to Work
August 2458August 2458Unilateral Disarmament
August 2458August 2458Abolition of Child Labour
August 2459August 2460Two-Tier Reform
October 2459August 2460Fast-Action Quota Reform
November 2459November 2459Registration Reform
November 2459November 2459Abolition of Child Labour
December 2459August 2460National Sport
February 2460February 2460Increase in Military Spending
March 2460July 2460Cabinet Proposal of March 2460
May 2460May 2460Moderate Fascist agenda for national reconstruction and make benefit glorious nation of Likatonia.
July 2460July 2460Income Benefits Reform Act
July 2460July 2460Health & Safety Act
July 2460July 2460Smoking Act
August 2460January 2461Extradition Ban
August 2460January 2461Budget proposal of August 2460
August 2460January 2461Tax proposal of August 2460
January 2461December 2461Arms Export
January 2461December 2461Gun Reform
January 2461December 2461Corporal Punishment
January 2461December 2461Sex Ed
December 2461December 2462Housing
December 2461December 2462Budget proposal of December 2461
November 2462November 2462International Aid Act
December 2462December 2462Fast Action Quota Reform Bill of December 2462
December 2462December 2462Cabinet Proposal of December 2462
December 2462June 2463Educational Responsibility of December 2462
January 2463August 2463AMPS manifesto '63
January 2463August 2463To remove any religious connotations from our Leadership.
January 2463August 2463Pride
February 2463February 2463Cabinet Proposal of February 2463
June 2463February 2464Private Industry, June 2463
June 2463February 2464Higher Education Requirement
August 2463August 2463Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Sensible Policies...
August 2463August 2463Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Education Initiatives
January 2464January 2464Prison Slavery Reform Act
January 2464January 2464Public Nudity Act
February 2464February 2464Cabinet Proposal of February 2464
March 2464March 2464Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Religious Freedom Act
December 2464December 2464Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Security
December 2464December 2464Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Church of Immeressence
December 2464December 2464Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Words of Power
February 2465February 2465Reform of the Miscellany
January 2466September 2466Regulation of Arsenal Act
January 2466September 2466Animal Ownership Act
February 2466February 2466Cabinet Proposal of February 2466
May 2466September 2466Local Sports Act
May 2466September 2466Gambling Reform Act
June 2466September 2466Independent Radio Act
June 2466October 2470Starting R&D and production in Defence sector involoving Private Sector and starting Stock eXchanges
September 2466September 2466Cabinet Proposal of September 2466
September 2466September 2466I Support The FEMALE Baby That is Aborted A RIGHT to Have An Abortion Act!!!
September 2466September 2466Men CANNOT Have Babies Act
September 2466September 2466Freedom to SELL Arms Act
September 2466September 2466"Just Say NO" Governmental SLAVERY Act
September 2466September 2466Strong National Defense Act
September 2466September 2466Let Each Party Establish Their Own Presidential Platform of 2466 Act
September 2466September 2466Freedom to OWN Act
September 2466September 2466"Just Say NO" Healthcare RATIONING Act
September 2466September 2466National Defense & Public Safety Act
December 2466December 2466To ensure a public voice
December 2466December 2466Balanced budgets
December 2466December 2466Foreign Policy
December 2466December 2466Privatisation
December 2466December 2480Identity
September 2467September 2467Don't Put Bally's Out of Business Act
October 2467October 2467National Bank Act
October 2467February 2468Compassionate Capitalism Act
March 2468March 2468Free Association Act
March 2468March 2468Interrogation Act of 2468
May 2468November 2468National Stability Initiative 2
May 2468November 2468National Stability Initiative 1
May 2468November 2468National Stability Initiative 3
May 2468October 2470konw thy world bill
May 2468October 2470Infrastructure is the Way to development bill
May 2468October 2470Hey do you like your team bill pls give us a mechanism
May 2468October 2470Allow meet the press 4 questions bill
May 2468October 2470Allow me to spend more bill
May 2468October 2470national Resource Management and recycling policy
August 2468September 2468Blockbuster Bill of Stablity
September 2468September 2468Common Sense Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties Act
November 2468November 2468National Stability Initiative 5. Ecofascist concord
November 2468December 2468National Stability Initiative 6 - Military reform
December 2468December 2468National Stability Initiative 7 - Racial based community clauses
January 2469January 2469Cabinet Proposal of January 2469
January 2469August 2469Income tax proposal of January 2469
February 2469August 2469Adoption Reform Act
March 2469September 2470Freedom FROM Religion & Freedom FOR Religion Act
July 2469September 2469The Common Sense Criminal Justice & Civil Liberties Act (PART 2)
August 2469August 2469Cabinet Proposal of August 2469
August 2469December 2469Cabinet Proposal of August 2469
November 2469August 2471New Broom Proposals, for 2472
December 2469December 2469Unofficial Income tax proposal of December 2469
December 2469December 2469Genetically Modified Foods Act
December 2469December 2469Axis Mundi Cabinet Proposal of December 2469
December 2469July 2471Child Abuse Act
August 2470August 2470Local Control Act
August 2470August 2470Higher Education Reform Act
August 2470August 2470Make Likatonians UNIVERSALLY Smart Act
September 2470September 2470Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Church of Immeressence (ii)
October 2470October 2470Cabinet Proposal of October 2470
January 2471January 2471Nuclear Arsenal Act
June 2471July 2471Deregulation of the Adoption System
July 2471July 2471Re-proposing the Axis Mundi Cabinet Proposal of 2469, by request.
September 2471September 2471EXPERIENCE Over Guessing Act
September 2471September 2471Energetic Executive Act
September 2471September 2471Particracy Quota Reform
November 2471November 2471Tax FAIRNESS, Economic GROWTH, & Job CREATION Act 2471
November 2471November 2471Labour market: A new Structure 2
November 2471November 2471Labour market: A new Structure.
November 2471December 2471National Stability Initiative 8 - Racial based nation clauses.
December 2471December 2471Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Ongoing Agenda
April 2472September 2473Quota Reform #2
June 2472October 2476Celebrating 35 years of Religious Elemination.
October 2472October 2472Emergency Cabinet Proposal, October 2472
November 2472February 2473Instruments of War Review
February 2473February 2473Cabinet Proposal of February 2473
February 2473February 2473School Insurance Act
August 2473August 2473Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Safe Borders
January 2474January 2474Resecularisation of the Nation
January 2474January 2474Abolition of the Death Penalty
August 2474August 2474First Compromise Cabinet Proposal
August 2474August 2474Power back to the People!
August 2474August 2474FAST-Acting Quota Reform #3
May 2475May 2475Second Compromise Cabinet Proposal
July 2475February 2476Arsenal Reduction Act
March 2476March 2476Manifesto
April 2476August 2476Moderate Quota Reform Act of 2476
May 2476October 2484The nation needs better roads,sewage and basic ameneties bill
June 2476June 2476Charter Schools Act
July 2476July 2476And Justice For All
July 2476July 2476The Church of Immeressence
October 2476October 2476Education Reform Act of 2476
March 2477March 2477Strong Borders
April 2477April 2477Economic Freedoms Act of 2477
August 2477August 2477Nuclear Warfare Act
October 2477May 2484More realistic Media Policy Bill
October 2477May 2484National Stable Govt., Initiative
November 2477November 2478"Just Say NO".....To Economic Slavery Act
December 2477December 2477Let Them Be STUPID Act
April 2478November 2478STRONG Economy & BALANCED Budget Act of 2478
April 2478November 2478URGENT!!! Fix the Budget CRISIS, INFLATION, & UNEMPLOYMENT Act of 2478
April 2478November 2479Ding ding, all aboard the proposal Omnibus. First stop unsupportable city.
July 2478July 2478A CHANGE in the CABINET for the PEOPLE
July 2478December 2478Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - recreational policies revisited
September 2478November 2478Equal Justice for ALL Act of 2478
October 2478November 2478"Just Say NO" GOVERNMENTAL Slavery Act of 2478
November 2478November 2478Working Government of the People Act of 2478
March 2479March 2479Budget proposal of March 2479
April 2479August 2479Environmental Reform Act of 2479
May 2479May 2484No Public display of Private Human parts BILL
May 2479May 2484The Information Technology Sanity Bill
October 2479October 2479"Ask Not What Your Government Can Do For You" Bill
November 2479November 2479National Remodelling Act of 2479 (a)
November 2479March 2480Religion for the masses.
December 2479April 2480National Remodelling Act of 2479 (b) - family objectives
February 2480February 2480Enjoy the Silence!
June 2480June 2480Disarmament
June 2480June 2480Theocratic War!
June 2480September 2480Economic and Social reorganisation bill 2480
August 2480August 2480Devolved Powers Act
September 2480September 2480Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Ethical Treatment
November 2480November 2480Embrace The World!
April 2481April 2482Tax FAIRNESS, Economic GROWTH, & Job CREATION Act of 2481
September 2481May 2482It is all about You
September 2481August 2482National Freedom Act!
September 2481April 2484Axis Mundi LFF Stability Initiative 1
January 2482September 2482Axis Mundi Democratic Workers' Party Manifesto: International Relations
February 2482May 2482Seven, Four, Thirteen.
March 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #3
March 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #2
March 2482April 2482National Defense Act #5
March 2482April 2482National Defense Act #3
March 2482April 2482National Defense Act #2
March 2482May 2482We are One
April 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #4
April 2482April 2482"A House DIVIDED Cannot STAND!!!" Act of April 2482
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #4
April 2482April 2482Democratic WORKER Councils' CorporateTax Cut Act
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #2
April 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #6
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #10
April 2482April 2482Healthcare Act #5
April 2482April 2482Economic Freedom Act #8
June 2482June 2482Economic Freedom Act #11
August 2482February 2483Cabinet Proposal of August 2482
September 2482September 2482Making ends meet
September 2482September 2482Budget proposal of September 2482
September 2482September 2482Income tax proposal of September 2482
October 2482October 2482"It's NOT the 'Government's' Money; It's the PEOPLE's Money!!!" Act of 2482
November 2482November 2482Religious Agenda 2
November 2482November 2482Religious Agenda 1
November 2482November 2482Whiteflag Agenda - Peace With The New Konservative Party
November 2482November 2482Religious Agenda 6
November 2482November 2482Whiteflag Agenda - Peace With The CWFP
November 2482November 2482Religious Agenda 5
November 2482November 2482Religious Agenda 4
November 2482November 2482Religious Agenda 3
January 2483January 2483Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective II
January 2483January 2483Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective I
January 2483January 2483Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective IIII
January 2483January 2483Red Likatonia: Welfare Objective I
January 2483January 2483Red Likatonia: Socio-Economic Objective III
March 2483March 2483Intellectual Revolution Act #3
March 2483March 2483Intellectual Revolution Act #2
April 2483April 2483Intellectual Revolution Act #4
May 2483December 2483Right On, Brothers and Sisters!
June 2483April 2484Intellectual Revolution Act #6
August 2483April 2484Intellectual Revolution Act #8
August 2483April 2484Intellectual Revolution Act #7
November 2483December 2483Red Likatonia: International Relations I
November 2483April 2484Intellectual Revolution Act #9
November 2483July 2484Red Likatonia: International Relations II
December 2483December 2483Impeachment Emergency Interim Cabinet (2483)
May 2484May 2484Media Freedom Act #2
May 2484May 2484Freedom of the Press Act #1
June 2484June 2484Cultural Freedom Revolution Act #1
June 2484August 2484A few little things....
November 2484November 2484Media Freedom Act #2 (RE-DO)
November 2484November 2484Media Freedom Act #1
December 2484December 2484Cultural Freedom Revolution Act #2
January 2485May 2487One State and people's One Head
March 2485March 2485Immerescent Manifesto
April 2485October 2485Protect our puppies.
December 2485December 2485Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Church of Immeressence (iii)
December 2485December 2485Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Immeressen Should be KING! Like FOREVER! Yeah!
February 2486February 2486I-M-MER-ESSENCE
May 2486November 2486Freedom for Science Act #1
May 2486November 2486Likatonian Technology Revolution Act #4
May 2486November 2486Cultural Freedom Revolution Act #3
May 2486November 2486Likatonian Technology Revolution Act #3
May 2486November 2486Likatonian Technology Revolution Act #2
May 2486November 2486Freedom For Science Act #3
May 2486November 2486Freedom For Science Act #2
May 2486May 2489Likatonian Technology Revolution Act #1
August 2486November 2486FAIR Tax for the POOR Act of 2486
August 2486November 2486Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #2
January 2487January 2487Balance Budget COMPROMISE Act of 2487
March 2487March 2487Budget proposal of March 2487
September 2487September 2487Immeressence, thy name is...
October 2487August 2488Home Ownership
March 2488July 2488State Denunciation of Religious Influences
March 2488July 2488Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #6
July 2488March 2489Likatonia Free Trade Agricultural Policy Act
August 2488August 2488Cabinet Proposal of August 2488
August 2488March 2490Severing Foreign Entanglements
September 2488September 2488National Cultural Revision
November 2488March 2489Manifesto '89
February 2489February 2489New Anthem
June 2489June 2489Common Sense Environmental Protection Policy Act #10
June 2489June 2489Income tax proposal of June 2489
July 2489July 2489All New and Improved "I Can't Believe It's Not Pacifism!"
November 2489November 2489Likatonia Free Trade Agricultural Policy Act [REFORMED]
November 2489November 2489Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - Church of Immeressence (iv)
November 2489November 2489"I'm Bringin' FREEDOM Back!!!" Act #1
March 2490March 2490Gun Control Compromise & Reform Act
March 2490July 2490Insurrection & Rebellion Prevention Act
May 2490July 2490Election Manifesto
July 2490July 2490For the CHILDREN & Parents Act [ :( ]
November 2490June 2491REMEMBER: It's the PEOPLE's Flag, not the "Government's" Act
November 2490May 2494[OOC] What is FREEDOM??? [In 30 mins. (haha)]
December 2490June 2491STOP The Criminals Act
December 2490November 2541Act of Non-Aggressionism of 2541
January 2491June 2491Freedom FOR [& FROM] Religion Act
February 2491June 2491Post Election Glee
June 2491June 2491Forgiveness is Divine
June 2491June 2491Immeressence Inc.
June 2491March 2492Anti Keymonese call to arms.
December 2491December 2491Let's Give the LOCALS the Problems.... Act
December 2491December 2491Garden of Eden Act
December 2491April 2492National Security & Homeland Protection Act #1
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei vorgezogene Neuwahlen, April 2492
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (iv)
April 2492April 2492National Security & Homeland Protection Act #2
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (ii)
April 2492April 2492Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (i)
June 2492July 2492Eminient Domain Reform & COMPROMISE Act
July 2492July 2492Leave entertainment to the people who are best.....
July 2492July 2492Privatising the air
November 2492May 2493ESA Public Health Proposals.
December 2492May 2493ESA Waste Disposal Proposal.
January 2493May 2493Infrastructure Reform Act #3
April 2493April 2493Re-Nationalisation of Energy Provisions
April 2493April 2493International Security & Humanity Protection Act
June 2493June 2493Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (vii)
August 2493August 2493Social Security Modernization & Reform Act of 2493
November 2493November 2493Foriegn influence eradication Bill of 2493.
November 2493November 2493Ecofascism Revived.
December 2493December 2493Freedom FOR Religion & FROM Religion Act #3
January 2494January 2494Immeressent Thinking
January 2494January 2494Ethical Infrastructure
April 2494April 2494Cabinet Proposal of April 2494
April 2494April 2494Likatonia, Anschlag, der ein schmutziger vegan Naturgeliebter ist (i)
October 2494October 2494Administrative Reform Act #1 [Establishment of System of Checks n' Balances]
October 2494October 2494A National Anthem of HOPE & INSPIRATION for the Good People of Likatona Act of 2494
November 2494June 2495The Working Poor & Senior Citizen Act of 2494
December 2494December 2494Give Likatonia a Working Government Act of 2494
February 2495February 2495Administrative Reform Act #4 of 2495 [Voting Age]
February 2495February 2495Likatonia, land of Joy
February 2495February 24952495 All Nations Act
March 2495March 2495Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Antrag zur Geschäftsordnung (viii)
June 2495June 2495Internationalism makes the world go round
June 2495July 2495Military Reform Act
June 2495June 2496Comprehensive Immigration Reform & Compromise Act of 2496
July 2495July 2495A Balance and Representative Government
July 2495July 2495Campaign pt 4
July 2495July 2495Campaign pt1
January 2496July 2496OOC: AMLRP Only forum?
June 2496June 2496The Konstantin Reichsohn Memorial Bill
June 2496June 2496Gun Control Compromise & Reform Act of 2496
August 2496August 2496Constitutional Reform
September 2496December 2496Intellectual Revolution Act of 2496
October 2496November 2541Ratification of the Child Labour Treaty
January 2497November 2498Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Return to Sane Economics
February 2497August 2497Middle Class Tax Cut & Job Creation Act of 2497
February 2497August 2497Employee Self-Ownership Act
February 2497August 2497National Bank Act
March 2497March 2501The Konstantin Reichsohn Memorial Bill (ii)
June 2497September 2497Righting the religious wrongs.
September 2497September 2497Trade Union L-I-B-E-R-A-L-isation Act of 2497
September 2497September 2498The New Path.
October 2497October 2497Brown Cabinet Proposal of October 2497
January 2498May 2498Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit und Bruderschaft, sind Sie unser Ziel.
February 2498February 2498Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Rechnung der Freiheit
May 2498May 2498Dictatorship of the Communist Horde Act of 2498
January 2499May 2499Income tax proposal of January 2499
May 2499May 2499Heftiges Stimmung Schwingen
June 2499June 2499Likatonian News.
August 2499December 2500Foreign Relations Act
December 2499December 2500Likatonian State Atheism
June 2500December 2500Disarmament of Weapons of Terrible Consequences
December 2500December 2500Free Choice in Healthcare
January 2501May 2501Transport Act
January 2501July 2501Policy of Freedom Omnibus
March 2501March 2501Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Rechnung der Freiheit (ii)
December 2501July 2502Meria
March 2502June 2502Tiefökologie Domäne Partei Rechnung der Freiheit (iii)
May 2502June 2502Disarmament
June 2502February 2503Electoral Reform
December 2502January 2504Budget proposal of December 2502
April 2503April 2503A Bill on behalf of CND Likatonias
December 2507June 2509Likatonia Uber Alles
June 2509May 2510Defense of the Realm Act of 2509
December 2512July 2513Harnessing the power of the atom
May 2513July 2513Better Living Thru Chemicals
June 2513June 2513Abortion
June 2513June 2513Healthcare
June 2513June 2513Military
June 2513June 2513Defence Industries
June 2513June 2513Proposal Quota
June 2513June 2513Private Education
June 2513June 2513Private Higher Education
July 2513July 2513Minimum Wage
July 2513July 2513Banking System
November 2513November 2513Industry
November 2513November 2513Organ Donations
January 2514January 2514Proposing Cabinet
June 2514June 2514Housing
June 2514June 2514Confidentiality of letters
June 2514June 2514Public Transport
June 2514June 2514Religious Schools
December 2514December 2514Exporting Arms
July 2515January 2516What were cars, grandad?
December 2516December 2516Cabinet Proposal of December 2516
August 2517January 2520The Intellectual Freedom Act
August 2517January 2520Emancipation (for women)
October 2518January 2520Comprehensive Defense Restructuring Bill.
October 2518January 2520Anti-Aristocracy Bill.
November 2518November 2518Anti-Unitary Reforms
February 2519February 2519Cabinet Proposal of February 2519
May 2519May 2519Call for early elections, May 2519
June 2519June 2519We are Nations Project
June 2519June 2519More changes
June 2519June 2519Suppression of the violent terrorist minority of the separatist movement
June 2519June 2519Popular Reforms
July 2519January 2521Every revolution needs a flag
January 2520January 2520More changes
June 2520January 2521Pragmatic socialism
June 2520January 2521Pragmatic anti-theism
July 2520January 2521Economy changes
May 2521May 2521Confederation of the Likatonian State Recognition
June 2521June 2521People's Confederation of the Likatonian State Recognition
November 2521November 2521Anti-Patriotic Act
May 2522May 2522Ecology changes
May 2522May 2522Cultural Changes
July 2522July 2522Military Intelligence: A bad idea
October 2522October 2522Reforms
January 2523January 2523Stronger military
May 2523May 2523Church of Likatonia rebirth
May 2523May 2523Confederation of the Likatonian State Recognition
May 2523January 2524Food, Food and more Food
May 2523January 2524Property Righrts are basic Human Rights
August 2523May 2524Crushing the reactionary counter-revolution
January 2524January 2524"Our land our government" reforms
January 2524January 2524Military Changes
January 2524June 2524Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort! - Economic Justice redux
January 2524October 2524UNITY
April 2524April 2524Much needed changes
May 2524May 2524Preservation of Culture
June 2524June 2524Some changes
June 2524June 2524Gestapo
October 2524March 2526Pro-Vibrancy Economic Reform.
April 2525April 2525Unity Coalition Manifesto '25
June 2525June 2525Cease-fire Project
June 2525June 2525Local Museum Policy
June 2525June 2525Military Changes
June 2525June 2525Some socialist changes
November 2525November 2525People's Administration
November 2525November 2525Adam Smith
November 2525November 2525Freedom
November 2525November 2525Unifying the nation
January 2526January 2526More control of our woods
January 2526January 2526Religion Regulation
May 2526May 2526We are reasonable...
May 2526May 2526Nobody can get in, nobody can get out
May 2526May 2526More Choice (Power)
May 2526May 2526Reconquista!!!!
May 2526May 2526Increasing Choice for businesses and individuals
May 2526May 2526Change
May 2526May 2526Improving our Public Transport
May 2526May 2526Houses for Everybody Project
May 2526May 2526Gambling Regulation Act
July 2526January 2527Local control of the libraries
July 2526January 2527Educational Reform
January 2527January 2527Income tax proposal of January 2527
January 2527January 2527Popular Front Cabinet Proposal of January 2527
January 2527January 2527Strength through Unity
January 2527January 2527Cabinet Proposal of January 2527
January 2527January 2527Name Correction
January 2527January 2527God save the Tsar
April 2527April 2527Relgion Change
May 2527May 2527Ecologist Change
May 2527May 2527Local Government Control of the Culture
May 2527May 2527Gambling Regulation
May 2527May 2527Local Enterprise Control
May 2527May 2527Change
January 2528January 2528Religion Changes
January 2528January 2528Local Control of Gambling
January 2528January 2528Change
August 2528March 2532P3 Legislative Slate.
May 2529May 2529Military Reforms
May 2529May 2529Educative Reform
May 2529May 2529Election Manifesto
July 2529June 2530Changes
July 2529January 2533Administrative Changes
August 2529January 2530Illegal Aliens Act
August 2529January 2530Local Control of the Food Sales
October 2529January 2530Federalist Changes
October 2529June 2530military reforms
January 2530January 2530Name Change
January 2530January 2530Cabinet Proposal of January 2530
May 2530May 2530Changes in Ecology
May 2530May 2530Local Control of Culture Act
June 2530June 2530more changes
June 2530June 2530Budget proposal of June 2530
November 2530December 2531Income tax proposal of November 2530
January 2531January 2531changes in army and another thing
May 2531May 2531Anti-Militarist Act
May 2531May 2531Several changes
June 2531June 2531Lokitogorskanism
November 2531November 2531Educative Reform
November 2531November 2531changes
January 2532January 2532Administrative Changes
May 2532May 2532Foreign Policies Change (Part 1)
May 2532May 2532Nameless bill
May 2532May 2532New Educative Plan (Reformed)
May 2532January 2533Democratic Workers' Manifesto
January 2533January 2533Military changes
January 2533January 2533Cabinet Proposal of January 2533
May 2533May 2533Likatonia, Free
June 2533June 2533Banks
June 2533June 2533Health Care
June 2533June 2533End of Conscription
June 2533June 2533Defence Industries
September 2533September 2533Economics
November 2533November 2533Hard-Line
December 2533March 2534Foreign Policy(part 2)
January 2534January 2534Manifesto of 2534
January 2534January 2534Federal Representation System
January 2534January 2534Foreign Policies Act
January 2534January 2534Local Control of the Population
May 2534May 2534New Flag
November 2534November 2534a bill
January 2535January 2535Changes in Economy
January 2535January 2535Changes in Civil Liberties
January 2535January 2535Local Control of Pets
January 2535January 2535Anti-Racist Bill
February 2535February 2535Freedom for Citizens
June 2535February 2536Proposals for the Future
December 2535May 2536Okhranka Manifesto I
March 2536March 2536Cabinet Proposal of March 2536
March 2536May 2537Communist Manifesto Of Likatonia
April 2536April 2536Sensible Cabinet Proposal of April 2536
June 2536June 2536International/Social Relations
June 2536June 2536Controlled Immigration
September 2536October 2536Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei Manifesto - New World Order (vii)
November 2536December 2536Sensible Cabinet Proposal of April 2536
December 2536December 2536Green is clean
December 2536December 2536Confederalist Manifesto (Administration)
December 2536December 2536Confederalist Manifesto (Health)
December 2536December 2536Confederalist Manifesto (Military)
December 2536January 2537Confederalist Manifesto (Economy)
January 2537January 2537Confederalist Manifesto
January 2537January 2537Confederalist Manifesto (Name Change)
January 2537January 2537Democratisation of Convocation
June 2538January 2539Culture Bill
November 2538January 2539Administrative Bill
November 2538January 2539Health bill
November 2538January 2539Confederalist Manifesto
September 2539May 2540Changes in administrative
March 2540May 2540Health
March 2540May 2540.
April 2540May 2540.
April 2540May 2540Economics
May 2540May 2540Cabinet Proposal of May 2540
May 2540May 2540Religion
January 2541January 2541Cabinet Proposal of January 2541
July 2541July 2541Political Reorganisation
July 2541July 2541Various Changes
November 2541November 2541Addressing excessive budget deficit
June 2542June 2542This is not a Bill
July 2542July 2542Stamping out the Ashes
February 2543May 2543Budget proposal of February 2543
February 2543May 2543Ratification of the Pro-Sports Treaty
May 2543May 2543Likaton Patriot Act
September 2543September 2543LCG Reform Proposal (Religion)
November 2544November 2544Ceasefire
April 2545March 2546Changes
February 2546February 2546Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - Demographic Appeal
March 2546March 2546Economy, Flag, Quotas, Name change and Gambling
September 2546September 2546Election Success Response Bill
October 2546October 2546Allsorts
March 2547March 2547Call for early elections, March 2547
April 2547April 2547Withdraw from the NATO
April 2547April 2547A Little Bit of Class
April 2547April 2547Military Reform
April 2547April 2547Political Reform
August 2547August 2547Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - Demographic Appeal (ii)
October 2547October 2547Peace Process Reedition
November 2547November 2547Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - The Rebirth of Immeressence
November 2547February 2548New World Order
December 2547December 2547Ratification of the Axis Mundi International Treaty
March 2549March 2549Truce Proposal of March 2549
March 2549March 2549A Retraction of a Statement of Aggressive Intentions
April 2549April 2549Nomenclature changes
April 2549April 2549National Pride
April 2549April 2549National Front Manifesto 2550
August 2549March 2550Liberal Paradise
October 2549March 2550Conservative Policies needed on Strike Action
October 2549August 2550Emergency Elections Bill
November 2549March 2550Work or Starve
November 2549March 2550Let the DWP work or starve!!!
March 2550March 2550Cabinet Proposal of March 2550
March 2550March 2550"Likatonian National Army" Regulation
March 2550April 2550Ratification of the Telamon-Likatonia Non Aggression Pact
August 2550August 2550Manifest Manifesto...Magnificent (GLNF 2550)
October 2550October 2550Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (iii)
October 2550October 2550Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (ii)
October 2550October 2550Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (v)
October 2550October 2550Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (iv)
November 2550November 2550Name Change (2nd Option)
November 2550November 2550More Freedoms in the Economy
November 2550November 2550Name Change
April 2551April 2551Demilitarisation of Likatonia
April 2551April 2551Give the people what they want
April 2551May 2551"Federalist Democratic System" Reforms (I)
May 2551May 2551Ratification of the The Preformation of a Seleyan Union
May 2551September 2551Sturm und Drang JIHAD - Red Right Hand
September 2551September 2551[Ministry of Justice] War Criminal Imprison
December 2551March 2553Privitise Likatonia
February 2552February 2552Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (vi)
February 2552October 2553Put the Economy right
September 2552March 2553Freedom for the Zuman people!
September 2552April 2553Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (vii)
March 2553March 2553We, the undersigned, think Valruzia are tyrants
March 2553March 2553Zuma, we love you
March 2553March 2553Election reform bill
September 2553September 2553Cabinet Proposal of September 2553
October 2553October 2553Removal from Football Association Treaties
February 2554February 2554Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (viii)
March 2554March 2554Military Reform
March 2554March 2554Peace in our time
May 2554May 2554A Return to Old-school Pacifism
November 2554November 2554Changes in Justice
March 2555March 2555Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (ix)
May 2555March 2556Self-determination rights act
September 2555January 2556A change
April 2556April 2556Cabinet Proposal of April 2556
April 2556April 2556Reversing a PCA Various Changes Bill
May 2556May 2556National Name
May 2556May 2556Sturm und Drang JIHAD - The Oncoming Storm (x)
June 2556February 2557Roll back the frontiers of the state II
August 2556February 2557Military
August 2556February 2557New Party New Beginnings
September 2556September 2564New Flag
September 2556February 2565Ecologist Changes
December 2556February 2557We're Living in a Banana Res Publica
February 2557February 2557Cabinet Proposal of February 2557
March 2557March 2557Call for early elections, March 2557
March 2557March 2557For a pure nation
March 2557March 2557For a new Likatonia
March 2557March 2557For a new Likatonian Empire
April 2557April 2557Justice
April 2557April 2557Education
May 2557May 2557For the Protestant Church!
May 2557May 2557For Greater Likatonia!
May 2557May 2557Changes for a better Likatonia
September 2557September 2557Likatonian Historical Flag
October 2557October 2557A new motto
November 2557November 2557Curfew Policy
March 2558March 2558For the Life!
March 2558March 2558Religion
September 2558September 2558Call for early elections, September 2558
September 2558September 2558For a new economy (1)
November 2558November 2558For God and Likatonia!
November 2558November 2558For the King!
April 2560April 2560Equality
October 2560October 2560Cabinet Proposal of October 2560
February 2561February 2561Anti-loyalist terrorists.
February 2561February 2561Alternative Cabinet Proposal of February 2561
November 2561November 2561Cabinet Proposal of November 2561
March 2562March 2562Income tax proposal of March 2562
March 2562March 2562Budget proposal of March 2562
November 2562March 2563Secularist Changes
March 2563March 2563Cabinet Proposal of March 2563
May 2563May 2563Revised Cabinet Proposal of May 2563 - Removing the Conservative places
September 2563September 2563Budget proposal of September 2563
September 2563September 2563Artist Manifesto, Poet Agenda
October 2563October 2563Cabinet Proposal of October 2563
March 2564March 2564Call for early elections, March 2564, to fill the 100+ empty seats.
May 2564May 2564Paradise
November 2564November 2564Cabinet Proposal of November 2564
November 2564November 2564Peace treaty with Lodamun
September 2565September 2565Cabinet Proposal of September 2565
November 2565March 2566And more changes
March 2566March 2566Cabinet Proposal of March 2566
May 2566May 2566Reforms
May 2566May 2566Changes in Military
May 2568May 2568Income tax proposal of May 2568
May 2568May 2568Budget proposal of May 2568
October 2570October 2570Flag
April 2571April 2571Proposals #1
May 2571May 2571Neccesary Increase of Police Tools
November 2571July 2572Vote on New Police Bill
September 2572September 2572Welfare
September 2572September 2572Civil Libeties and Justice
September 2572September 2572Foreign Affairs
July 2573July 2573Call for early elections, July 2573
July 2574July 2574Cabinet Proposal of July 2574
March 2576March 2576Administrative Changes
September 2576September 2576Call for early elections, September 2576
October 2578October 2578Leadership
May 2579March 2580Reforms for a Socialist Economy
November 2579January 2580Sevral Reforms
November 2579March 2580Military Reform
May 2580May 2580Cabinet Proposal of May 2580
February 2581February 2581Referendum of Meria Independence
November 2581November 2581Merian Total Independence
March 2582March 2582Ecologist Reforms
April 2582November 2582Administrative
September 2582November 2582Military
October 2582November 2582Infrastructure Reforms
October 2582November 2582Welfare Refoms
October 2582November 2582Foreign Policy Changes
October 2582November 2582Religion Changes
October 2582November 2582[Merian Republic] Illegalization of the Greater Likatonian ideology
November 2582November 2582Vox Populi
March 2583March 2583Health
February 2584November 2584Advertising Freedom Act
February 2584November 2584Industry Act
February 2584November 2584Citizenship Act
February 2584November 2584Gated Community Act
February 2584November 2584Farm Act
February 2584November 2584Media Freedom Act
February 2584November 2584Secular Nation Act
February 2584November 2584Curfew Act
November 2584November 2584TOC Act
June 2585October 2585National ID Act
June 2585October 2585Public Defender Act
January 2586January 2586Sex Workers Act
January 2586January 2586Abolition of the Death Penalty Act
January 2586January 2586Court Reform Act
January 2586January 2586Public/Private Education Act
January 2586January 2586Tobacco Federalism Act
January 2586January 2586Secularism Act
January 2586January 2586Sporting Club Federalism Act
January 2586January 2586Equal Representation Act
January 2586January 2586Military Reform Act
January 2586January 2586Citizenship Act
May 2586March 2587Policing Act
September 2586May 2587Reinforcing the Smoking Law
October 2586October 2586Cabinet Proposal of October 2586
March 2587March 2587Shining Sun Act, 2588
February 2588February 2588Ire, Iron, and Likatonia
April 2588April 2588HofG
June 2588June 2588Justice Hand
June 2588June 2588Military Hand
November 2588November 2588Call for early elections, November 2588
July 2589July 2589Call for early elections, July 2589
October 2590October 2590Cabinet Act
October 2590November 2590Retirement Act
December 2590December 2590Secular Nation Act
September 2591September 2591Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - NWO (ii)
September 2591October 2591Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - NWO (iii)
October 2591October 2591Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - NWO (iv)
April 2592October 2592Axis Mundi Sturm und Drang Partei - NWO (v)
July 2595November 2595Funding the LSM
November 2595November 2595Extradition
July 2598July 2598Manifesto 99: The Sun is Rising
October 2602October 2602Mid Term Voter Love
September 2606September 2606Child Labour Act
September 2606September 2606Child Benefit and Child Labour Act
September 2606September 2606Police Act
September 2606September 2606Educational Reform Act
September 2606September 2606Wasted Tax Act
September 2606September 2606Budget proposal of September 2606
September 2606September 2606State Religion Act
September 2606September 2606Arms Act
September 2606September 2606Drug Reform Act
September 2606September 2606Welfare Act
September 2606September 2606Abortion Act
September 2606September 2606Bear Arms Act
September 2606September 2606Right to Religion Act
September 2606September 2606Nuclear Arms Act
September 2606September 2606Firearm Act
September 2606September 2606Prostituion Act
September 2606September 2606Adoption Policy
September 2606September 2606Pro-Life Act
September 2606December 2606Income tax proposal of September 2606
November 2606November 2606Freedom of Speech
November 2606November 2606Privatization of Military Act
November 2606November 2606Curfew Act
December 2606December 2606Free Speech Act
December 2606December 2606Right To Bear Arms Act
December 2606December 2606Privatization of Inudstry Act
December 2606December 2606National Health Care Reform Bill
December 2606December 2606Hunting Act
December 2606December 2606Economic Freedom Act
January 2607January 2607Gambling Act
January 2607January 2607Freedom of Religion Act
January 2607January 2607Decentralization of Health Laws
January 2607January 2607The Privacy Act
January 2607January 2607Local Authority over Sodomy
January 2607January 2607Private Property Act
January 2607January 2607Nuclear Power Act
January 2607January 2607Definition of Marriage
January 2607January 2607Automobile Act
February 2607February 2607Provision for a Minimum Wage
February 2607February 2607Hunting Act
February 2607February 2607Hunting Act
February 2607February 2607Force Weaponry Act
February 2607February 2607Workers' Freedom
February 2607February 2607Energy Reform
March 2607December 2607Military Act
March 2607March 2608Housing Act
March 2607March 2608Energy Reform Bill
June 2607December 2607Draft Act
June 2607December 2607Substance Control Act
July 2607October 2607Military Police Act
July 2607October 2607Market Act
July 2607October 2607Forestry Act
July 2607December 2607Free Market Act
August 2607October 2607Retirement Age
August 2607October 2607Train Act
August 2607December 2607Spenocracy Act
August 2607January 2608Pornography Act
August 2607September 2610Freedom Act
August 2607September 2610Agriculture Act
August 2607September 2610Education Act
September 2607December 2607Whale Act
September 2607December 2607Train Act
December 2607December 2607Treaty Withdrawal
December 2607December 2607Reform Act
March 2608March 2608Religion Act
March 2608March 2608Cabinet Proposal of March 2608
March 2608March 2608Education Reform Act
March 2608March 2608Economic Reform Act
March 2608March 2608National Health Care Reform Bill
March 2608March 2608Federalism Act
March 2608March 2608Freedom of Religion Act
June 2608June 2608Defense Act
July 2608July 2608Abortion Act
October 2608October 2608Abortion Act
October 2608October 2608Prostitution Act
October 2608October 2608Energy Regulation Act
October 2608October 2608Banking System Act
November 2608November 2608Military Strengthening Act
December 2608December 2608Advertising Act
December 2608December 2608Sturm und Drang - New World Order (iii)
December 2608December 2608Corporate Freedom
December 2608December 2608Privatization Act
December 2608December 2608Firearm Freedom Act
December 2608December 2608Industry Act
December 2608December 2608Free Market For The People Act
January 2609August 2609Citizen's Liberation Act
January 2609August 2609The Nationalism Act
January 2609August 2609Health care system.
January 2609August 2609Budget proposal of January 2609
January 2609January 2610Our Nation needs us (filibuster)
March 2609August 2609Child Welfare Act
March 2609August 2609Capitalism Act
March 2609August 2609Elections Act
March 2609September 2609Abortion Act II
March 2609September 2609Waste Act
March 2609November 2609Waste Disposal Act
March 2609November 2609Child Benefit Act
June 2609November 2609Freedom of the Press Act
June 2609November 2609Police Act
June 2609November 2609Fire Department Act
September 2609September 2609National sports
September 2609September 2609Military after schooling.
September 2609September 2609The Nationalism Act (revised)
December 2609December 2609Nuclear Power Act
December 2609December 2609National ID Card Act
December 2609December 2609Fishing Act
December 2609December 2609Ecology Freedom & Decentralization Act
January 2610January 2610Wild Animals Act
July 2610July 2610Higher Education Act
August 2610August 2610Income tax proposal of August 2610
August 2610August 2610Ecology Decentralization Act
August 2610August 2610Gambling Act
December 2610December 2610Budget proposal of December 2610
December 2610December 2610Budget proposal of December 2610
January 2611January 2611Conservative Act
June 2611June 2611Local Authority over Sodomy
June 2611June 2611Library Act
June 2611June 2611Alcohol, Tobbaco and Smoking Act
June 2611June 2611Food Act
June 2611June 2611Recreational Drug Use Act
January 2612July 2612Anti-Monopoly Act
January 2612July 2612Life Act
March 2612July 2612Pornography Act
March 2612July 2612Health and Safety Act
July 2612July 2612The Economic Reform Act
July 2612July 2612Budget proposal of July 2612
July 2612July 2612Sturm und Drang - New World Order (iv)
August 2612August 2612Ecology Decentralization Act
September 2612September 2612School Prayer Act
December 2612December 2612Election Reform Act.
February 2613February 2613Industrial Hemp Act
February 2613February 2613Infastructure Freedom Act
July 2613July 2613The Economic Freedom Act
July 2613July 2613Sturm und Drang - Red Revolution 2613
July 2613July 2613Foreign Aid Act
December 2613December 2613Abortion Compromise Act
January 2614January 2614Fair Tax Proposal of January 2614
February 2614February 2614Define Marriage Act
February 2614February 2614Local Authority Over Sexual Acts
February 2614February 2614Elimination of the Federal Welfare State
February 2614February 2614Sports Clubs Act
February 2614June 2614Sturm und Drang - New World Order 2614
March 2614March 2614Divorce Act
March 2614March 2614Economic Conservatism Act
March 2614March 2614Abortion Act
March 2614March 2614Adultery Act
July 2614June 2615Sturm und Drang - New World Order 2615
August 2614August 2614Soveriegnty Act
December 2614July 2615Refugee Policy
December 2614July 2615Local Authority Over Power Act
January 2615May 2615Power to the people...
July 2615July 2615Public Transport Act
September 2615September 2615Cabinet Proposal of September 2615
September 2615June 2616Sturm und Drang - New World Order 2616
January 2616June 2616Land Mine Act
January 2616June 2616Police Firearms Act
June 2616June 2616Religious Reform 2616
June 2616June 2616Religious Reform
September 2617September 2617Housing Act
September 2617September 2617Military Reform
September 2617September 2617Fixing a Nation
October 2617October 2617You won't fool the Children of the Devolution (slight return)
February 2619February 2619Taxation Bill
March 2619March 2619Cabinet Proposal of March 2619
July 2619July 2619A Call for Freedom
December 2620December 2620Budget proposal of December 2620
December 2620December 2620Tax Freedom Act
January 2621January 2621The Berosian Revolution
May 2621May 2622Golden Path Programe: National Anthem
September 2621May 2622National Sport Bill
September 2621May 2622The Nationalism Act
November 2621May 2622Golden Path Programme: Likatonia Patriot Act
November 2621May 2622Golden Path Programme: The Family and Life Agenda
December 2621April 2622The Agenda
December 2621May 2622The Berosian Revolution: Introducing the free market
January 2622June 2622Throne Agenda: Freedom for Likatonia
January 2622June 2622Religion Act
February 2622May 2622Golden Path Programme: Likatonia Patriot Act (extraction 1)
April 2622April 2622Uniting East and West (GLRes042622)
July 2622July 2622Cabinet Proposal of July 2622
November 2622February 2624CLP Agenda
November 2622February 2624Petition to the Defence Minister to mobilise Likatonian troops on the Lodamun border
June 2623January 2624Education Privatization Act
June 2623January 2624Education Choice Act
September 2623December 2623Gambling Reform Act
September 2623December 2623Public Transport Reform
September 2623December 2623Adoption Reform Act
March 2624March 2624The Berosian Revolution: Nationalism
June 2624June 2624Abolishing the Nanny State
June 2624June 2624Abortion Act
August 2625August 2625Gun Act
January 2626January 2626Budget proposal of January 2626
July 2628July 2628The Berosian Revolution: Nationalism (revisited)
November 2629November 2629Ratification of the Fellowship Treaty of Mordusia and Likatonia
November 2629November 2629Ratification of the Mordusia - Likatonia Closer Economic Relations Treaty
November 2629November 2629The Berosian Revolution: Devolution of Power
December 2629December 2629Spenocratic Agenda: Workers' Rights
July 2630July 2630Tax Cut of July 2630
July 2630July 2630Relgious Schools Act
July 2630July 2630School Prayers Act
November 2630November 2630DNP Agenda
January 2633January 2633Ratification of the Fellowship Treaty of Mordusia and Likatonia
January 2633January 2633Ratification of the Mordusia - Likatonia Closer Economic Relations Treaty
January 2636January 2636We love the world!
January 2636January 2636Cabinet Proposal of January 2636
August 2637August 2637Budget proposal of August 2637
August 2637August 2637Income tax proposal of August 2637
January 2638January 2638FairTax Act of January 2638
August 2638February 2639Reform Act
December 2638December 2638The Berosian Revolution: A true free market (part 2)
December 2638December 2638The Berosian Revolution: A true free market (part 1)
November 2639November 2639Democratic Reform Act
May 2640May 2640Elections and Representation
January 2642January 2642Budget proposal of January 2642
January 2644January 2644Income tax proposal of January 2644
April 2645April 2645Cabinet Proposal of April 2645
August 2645August 2645Mandatory Gun Act
August 2645August 2645Budget proposal of August 2645
April 2646April 2646Cabinet Proposal of April 2646
January 2649January 2650National Anthem Act
October 2649October 2649Cabinet Proposal of October 2649
August 2652August 2652Strength.
June 2653June 2653Colossians 2:8
June 2653June 2653Acts 4:10-2
June 2653June 2653Proverbs 22:15; 23:13
February 2655June 2655Tax Cut
October 2669April 2670Cabinet Proposal of October 2669
October 2670October 2670Cabinet Proposal of October 2670
January 2671January 2671Manifesto
September 2671September 2671Call for early elections, September 2671
March 2673March 2673Cabinet Proposal of March 2673
August 2674August 2674Cabinet Proposal of August 2674
January 2675February 2675Military enlistment bill
March 2675March 2675National Sport
April 2675April 2675Call for early elections, April 2675
October 2675October 2675Change
January 2676January 2676Nuclear production bill
January 2676January 2676Military protection bill
July 2676July 2676Ratification of the Keymon Neutrality Agreement
September 2676October 2676More seats in Parliament
October 2676October 2676ujsd
November 2676November 2676Call for early elections for the sake of the Country, November 2676
July 2677July 2677Industrail reforms
September 2677September 2677Some small changes
September 2677October 2677National Anthem
October 2677October 2677School leaving age
January 2678January 2678new industrail reforms
January 2678January 2678end prostitution
July 2678July 2678amended industrial reforms
July 2678July 2678amended industrial reforms
October 2678October 2678Recreational Drug Use
January 2681January 2681economic reforms
July 2681July 2681Cabinet Proposal of July 2681
December 2682December 2682Human Rights 2682
July 2683July 2683Call for early elections, July 2683
May 2684May 2684Spreading Ideals
October 2684October 2684Representing the Rose
November 2684November 2684Rose Multi-Subject Bill
September 2685September 2685Cabinet Proposal of September 2685
April 2687April 2687adulthood
July 2687July 2687Cabinet Proposal of July 2687
October 2697October 2697Smoking restrictions
October 2698February 2699Call for early elections, October 2698
August 2699August 2699Change
April 2700April 2706Religions
January 2701January 2701Change to International Affairs
January 2701January 2701International Affairs
January 2701January 2701Food changes:
January 2701January 2701Cannabis In Health:
April 2701April 2701Call for early elections, April 2701
September 2701September 2701Cival Rights
January 2702January 2702Cabinet Proposal of January 2702
April 2702July 2702Poliece Firearms policy
April 2702July 2702The government's stance on illegal aliens.
April 2702July 2702Retirement
April 2702March 2716Revision of Laws:
May 2702May 2702A Cabinet for Peace & Freedom
May 2702May 2702No to War
August 2702August 2702destory TW@ party
April 2703April 2703Change
October 2703October 2703Economics
October 2703October 2703Call for early elections, October 2703
October 2703October 2703Change
October 2703October 2703media Freedom
March 2704October 2704Education
April 2704April 2704Number of seats in cenet
April 2704July 2704Animal Welfare
October 2704April 2706Lawsuits
September 2705March 2706Militrary improvements1
September 2705March 2706Militrary improvements2
October 2705February 2706Reforms to Agriculture:
October 2706October 2706Cabinet Proposal of October 2706
July 2707July 2707Cabinet Proposal of July 2707
February 2708August 2708Tax
March 2708August 2709In the interest of Our Nation 2
March 2708August 2709In the interest of Our Nation
February 2709February 2709Cabinet Proposal of February 2709
March 2709August 2709Military
March 2709August 2709For Prosperity:
October 2709October 2709Cabinet Proposal of October 2709
September 2710October 2710ecological improvement
October 2710October 2710Military coup
January 2711January 2711Our Nation's Land
April 2711April 2711Change:
February 2712February 2712LCW Agenda
August 2712August 2712Military
October 2714October 2714Cabinet Proposal of October 2714
July 2719January 2720Anthem
August 2719August 2719Change:
March 2721March 2721bill
February 2723February 2723change:
October 2723October 2723Sturm und Drang - Shiny Happy People
March 2724March 2724Call for early elections, March 2724
April 2724April 2724Sturm und Drang - Wars and Rumours of Wars
April 2724April 2724Sturm und Drang - May Immeressen Have Mercy on Likatonia
April 2724April 2724Sturm und Drang - Civil Rights Agenda
April 2724April 2724Sturm und Drang 2724 - Environmental Utopia Bill
April 2724April 2724Sturm und Drang - Shiny Happy People (i)
May 2724March 2725Sturm und Drang - Credit Where Credit is Due
March 2725March 2725Sturm und Drang - Joy
March 2725March 2725Sturm und Drang - See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
March 2725March 2725Sturm und Drang - Wars and Rumour of Wars (ii)
April 2725April 2725Sturm und Drang - Bowing to The Inevitable
February 2727February 2727The Throne of Immeressen
February 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - Wars and Rumours of Wars (ii)
March 2727March 2727Equality Cabinet Proposal of March 2727
September 2727March 2728Sturm und Drang - Power To The People
February 2731March 2731Bestiality
August 2731August 2731Change
October 2731May 2732Community renewal and totally awesome bill 2
October 2731December 2732Community renewal and totally awesome bill 3
September 2732January 2735Economic Reforms:
December 2732December 2732Community renewal and totally awesome bill 3a
January 2735January 2735Child Benifits
December 2736December 2737Reforms:
January 2737March 2737Software Patents
March 2741March 2741Land mines
March 2755March 2755Cabinet Proposal of March 2755
March 2761March 2761Cabinet Proposal of March 2761
March 2761March 2761.
April 2761April 2761Manifesto
March 2764March 2764Cabinet Proposal of March 2764
February 2766February 2766Weapon
October 2767October 2767Cabinet Proposal of October 2767
April 2772April 2772Identity cards
September 2772November 2773Economic De-regulation Act 2772
July 2773July 2773Secondary Strike Action
July 2773July 2773Government policy on industry and subsidies to industrial operations
March 2775March 2775Granting nationality
July 2775July 2775Right to perform an abortion
February 2777February 2777Funding of public transport
February 2777February 2777Eminent Domain
July 2777July 2777Call for early elections, July 2777
July 2777July 2777Right to adopt child
July 2779July 2779The government's policy regarding the ownership of domesticated animals as pets.
January 2781January 2781Prayer in schools
December 2791June 2793Manifest
June 2797June 2797Manifesto '98
February 2803June 2803Nuclear policy
July 2804March 2805Setting business free.
June 2806June 2806Manifesto '07
December 2824December 2824Banking reforms
December 2824December 2824Police Force
October 2865October 2865Males are better
October 2865October 2865The Power of Capitilism
January 2866January 2866Pacifist Bill
April 2866January 2867Mercantilism
October 2866January 2867Global Warming
February 2877February 2877Call for early elections, February 2877
February 2878February 2878Call for early elections, February 2878
July 2886July 2886Changes...
July 2886July 2886For Change...
July 2886July 2886...
May 2890May 2890Immeressen Decrees: Peace In Our Time
September 2891September 2891Immeressen Decrees: God Among Us
February 2892February 2892Immeressen Decrees: Peace In Our Time (iii)
March 2893March 2893Immeressen Decrees: God Among Us (ii)
November 2893November 2893Immeressen Decrees: Patriots Don't Shoot First
January 2894August 2894The right to armed bears
September 2895September 2895Immeressen Decrees: Rebuilding Government
June 2897June 2897Reform Government Cabinet Proposal: 2897
June 2897May 2898Immeressen Decrees: Forward the Revolution!
January 2898January 2898The return of the CDP
August 2898August 2898Freedom of speech act
September 2898September 2898Withdrawal from NATO
January 2899January 2899Capitalism
February 2899March 2899Immeressen Decrees: Divine Inspiration
July 2899February 2900Curfew law reform
July 2899February 2900Death Penalty Act
August 2899February 2900Slavery Act
March 2900March 2900Proportional Representation Cabinet March 2900
May 2900May 2900A Golden Age
July 2900July 2900The right to appeal
May 2901May 2901Proportional Representation Cabinet March 2900
July 2901July 2901Chemical and biological weapon
July 2902January 2903Property Act
January 2903January 2903Is Zhelezo Immeressen fit to lead his party?
February 2903February 2903Proportional Cabinet Proposal (February 2903) - Third Attempt
March 2903March 2903Immeressen Decrees: Open Hands and Open Borders
February 2904February 2904Adulthood bill
August 2904August 2904Salary caps
August 2904August 2904Smoking Act
August 2905January 2906Organ donation
July 2908August 2909Land mines
July 2908August 2909Voluntary rather than compulsory euthanasia
November 2921November 2921Call for early elections, November 2921
November 2928November 2928Ratification of the The Axis Military Treaty
May 2933November 2933Reform act
May 2933November 2933Infustucter reform act
May 2933November 2933Cabinet Proposal of May 2933
May 2933November 2933Income tax proposal of May 2933
November 2933November 2933Police and contuer terroism reform act
November 2934November 2934Income tax proposal of November 2934
May 2937May 2937Energy refom bill
May 2937November 2937Cabinet Proposal of May 2937
November 2937November 2937Space exploration act
November 2937November 2937Income tax proposal of November 2937
November 2937November 2937Welfare reform act
June 2938June 2938Citzenship Reform act
June 2938June 2938banking refrom act
May 2940May 2940tax proposal of May 2940
May 2941November 2941Welfare reform act
November 2941May 2943Income tax proposal of November 2941
November 2943November 2943Budget proposal of November 2943
November 2944November 2944Call for early elections, November 2944
July 2968July 2968Call for early elections, July 2968
July 2968July 2968Change of Homosexuality
December 2968December 2968Fireworks
December 2968December 2968Call for early elections, December 2968
December 2968December 2968Cabinet Proposal of December 2968
December 2968December 2968reform act
January 2971January 2971Reform part III
June 2971June 2971Cabinet Proposal of June 2971
June 2971June 2971Call for early elections, June 2971
January 2989January 2989Ravepublic manifesto
April 2989April 2989People's Omnibus Bill of 2989
June 2989June 2989People's Declaration of the Acceptance of Political Parties Bill of 2989
November 2995November 2995Cabinet Proposal of November 2995
December 2999December 2999Additional Reformation Act
June 3000June 3000War Conduct Reformation Act
May 3009May 3009Right to Privacy and Additional Liberties Act
March 3043February 3050need of the people right now bill
March 3043February 3050national retirement age coalition by any party bill
February 3050July 3051civil rights and market bill
August 3053March 3056National Reforms bill
September 3053March 3055LUkaron demands!! bill
September 3105September 3105New Name
August 3111August 3111Omnibus Bill, 3111
November 3111November 3111Administrative Reform, 3111
December 3111December 3111Military Reform, 3111
February 3112February 3112Judicial Reform, 3112
March 3112March 3112Military Arms Restrictions, 3112
May 3131May 3131Call for early elections, May 3131
August 3132February 3133"Developed Management"
September 3132February 3133"Increasing the size of our Military"
September 3132February 3133"Absolute Head of State"
April 3136April 3136Cabinet Proposal of April 3136
April 3136April 3136Inceasing the Size of our Military
April 3145April 3145New name change
May 3155May 3155New Name
May 3155May 3155Call for early elections, May 3155
March 3158March 3158National Flag Act of 3158
January 3164January 3164military law 3164
May 3164May 3370LUP - Advanced Scouting Plan II
April 3165May 3370Likatonia - Kalopia War Committee
October 3165October 3165NPL- Foreign Policy
November 3165November 3165Cabinet Proposal of November 3165
June 3166September 3166NPL- Military and Ecology Policy
July 3166September 3166NPL- Civil Liberties Act
October 3166October 3166NLP Immigration Quotas Bill
December 3167December 3167NPL- Bill
July 3169July 3169Income tax proposal of July 3169
November 3173November 3173Ratification of the Anti-"Greater Likatonia" Treaty
December 3173March 3174Ratification of the Terran Emergency Council
June 3199September 3199The OLP Manifesto
November 3203November 3203Cabinet Proposal of November 3203
March 3204May 3206RP: DEP - Oil Force Authorization Act
November 3208November 3211Ratification of the International Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
December 3209November 3211Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
December 3209November 3211Ratification of the ATR: Addendum
May 3213November 3213Ratification of the ATR: Addendum
May 3213November 3213Ratification of the Alliance of Terran Republics
December 3227July 3229Healthcare Personal Responsibility Act
June 3228January 3232Redirection of Federal Responsiblities Act
July 3229July 3229Call for early elections, July 3229
July 3229July 3229Call for early elections, July 3229
January 3233July 3233Legislative Balancing Act
April 3234May 3234Socialist Revolutionary Reform Bill
April 3234September 3237Military reform
April 3238April 3238Economic Reform Act
October 3238October 3238Call for early elections, October 3238
May 3239November 3262End of the Free Trade Agreement
June 3285June 3285Province Restoration Act
June 3285June 3285Cabinet Proposal of June 3285
December 3286November 3924OOC: Important Information on Likatonia
December 3287June 3288Call for early elections, December 3287
April 3291April 3291Restoration of the Free Government of Likatonia
September 3291September 3291Death to Traitorous Vermin!
May 3293May 3293Traitors will be crushed
May 3293May 3293Protecting Likatonian Culture
October 3293November 3293Citizenship Reform
November 3293November 3293Manifests NTPL
December 3294December 3294Slava Ozoliņš! Nāve uz Axis Mundi!
May 3295May 3295Valsts Reformu Akts 3295
May 3295September 3295DOPA - Defense Of Peace Act 3295
May 3295September 3295DOLA - Defense Of Likatonia Act 3295
May 3295September 3295DORA - Defense Of Religion Act 3295
March 3296March 3296DOWA - Defense Of Workers Act 3296
September 3296September 3296DORA - Defense Of Religion Act 3296
April 3297April 3297DOLA - Defense Of Likatonia Act 3297
April 3301April 3301Ratification of the League of Island Nations
October 3303December 3304Ratification of the Phoenix Alliance Treaty Organization
November 3311May 3312Law and Order
November 3311May 3312Industrial Development Act
November 3311May 3312Crack Down on Troublemakers
April 3312May 3312Labour
April 3312May 3312Schooling
September 3312September 3312Countering Disinformation
September 3312September 3312Protect The Women
September 3312September 3312We Need More Soldiers
May 3313September 3313Stop The Degeneracy!
May 3314May 3314Health Policy
May 3314May 3314Discipline and Security
September 3339September 3339Cabinet Proposal of September 3339
June 3345June 3345National Unity Act
April 3347April 3349LVP: B0011: Likaton Naming Act, 3347
April 3349July 3351Cabinet Proposal of April 3349
September 3369September 3369Call for early elections, September 3369
October 3393October 3393Return to Sanity
October 3393October 3393Cabinet Proposal of October 3393
May 3395May 3395Cabinet Proposal of May 3395
April 3398September 3398International Safety Act
October 3400October 3400The Welfare Act
October 3400October 3400The Green Act
September 3401September 3401Treaty Withdrawal
September 3401September 3401Likatonia's Foreign Relations Act
September 3401September 3401Welfare Act II
September 3401September 3401Copyright Act
October 3401October 3401Weapon with responsibility
October 3401October 3401Equal taxes
November 3401March 3402Let's go nuclear!
February 3402March 3402Civilians must be protected
March 3402March 3402Progressive Tax System
May 3402May 3402Income tax proposal of May 3402
August 3402August 3402State Power
August 3402August 3402Foreign Openness Act
August 3402August 3402Religious Tax Act
September 3402October 3402Budget proposal of September 3402
October 3402October 3402Budget proposal of October 3402
December 3402October 3403Demilitarisation
February 3403November 3403Foreign Openness Act 2
August 3404August 3404Immigrants Not Allowed
May 3405May 3405Internal Affairs
February 3406March 3406Power to the originals.
November 3406November 3406Military
July 3424May 3425Reform of the Public and Private sector
June 3427June 3427National Religious Reform Bill
June 3434June 3434LLF Reforms II
June 3434June 3434LLF Reforms
August 3434February 3436LVP : B001 - Holding the History to the Future Act (HHF Act) - 3434
June 3435August 3437LVP: B004 - Vienibist Nationality and Citizenship Act - 3435
February 3436August 3436Cabinet Proposal of February 3436
January 3442July 3442LVP: B009 - Media Regulation Reform Act - 3442
January 3448February 3449The Civilized Military technology Act of 3488
January 3448June 3449Law on Forbidding monopolies.
February 3450January 3451Defense industry bill
January 3454May 3454Public popularity bill
May 3456September 3456Foreign Relations Reform Act, 3456
May 3456September 3456Justice Reform Act, 3456
April 3457May 3457Health Care Reform Act, 3457
April 3457May 3457Likatonian Aeronautics and Space Institute Establishment Act, 3457
May 3457May 3457Defense Reform Act, 3457
October 3457April 3458Ban Nobility Act
April 3458October 3458Torture Ban Act, 3458
April 3459March 3460Foreign Delegation Immunity Act, 3459
May 3459March 3460Animal Protection Act, 3459
November 3459March 3460More Right for Women Act, 3459
November 3459November 3924<NATIONAL ARCHIVE>
April 3462November 3462Religious School Regulation Act, 3462
April 3462November 3462Arms Trade Regulation Act, 3462
September 3463November 3464International Relations Act
November 3463May 3465Company Aid bill
June 3464May 3465Cabinet Proposal of June 3464
February 3466February 3466Call for early elections, February 3466
June 3466June 3466Military reforms
February 3467May 3467Climate Change Response Act, 3467
August 3478November 3480Cabinet Proposal of August 3478
August 3495October 3495SRPC I
July 3496July 3496SRPC II
July 3496July 3496SRPC Changing the Economy to Better Fit Humankind
October 3496October 3496SRPC Changing the Economy to Better Fit Humankind II
June 3499November 3499Military Restructuring Act
June 3500June 3500SRPC III
June 3500June 3500SRPC - Bill on Ecology
June 3500June 3500Reforming the Status of Relion and of Religious Institutions
June 3500September 3500Call for early elections, June 3500
May 3501May 3501SRPC IV
May 3502May 3502Call for early elections, May 3502
October 3503October 3503Cabinet Proposal of October 3503
April 3512November 3514LUP: B001 - Vienibism Act - 3512
October 3513November 3514LVP: B003 - Refugee Withdrawal Act, 3513
September 3515September 3515Cabinet Proposal of September 3515
October 3518October 3518LND
April 3528April 3528Call for early elections, April 3528
February 3536September 3538Removal of Nobility Act
March 3543September 3543The Centralization of Foreign Intervention Act
January 3544January 3544Cabinet Proposal of January 3544
February 3544February 3544The Proposal for the Protectio of Likatonian Culture
February 3544February 3544The World They Live in Proposal
February 3544February 3544The People's Reforms
September 3545March 3546The Act for the Protection of the Opinions of the Majority
July 3552July 3552Economy Bill
November 3574November 3574Likatonia First, Terra Second
November 3574November 3574Waking Arms for Likatonia!
November 3576November 3576.
October 3577October 3577.
June 3578June 3578The Grand Purge
June 3578June 3578The Reordering of the National Animal to Better Align with His Holiness Citrius
June 3578June 3578Bread and Butter Party
December 3578December 3578The Grand Renaming
June 3579December 3579The Crusader Clause
November 3579November 3579The National Revitalization Act of 3579
January 3580January 3580Cabinet Proposal of January 3580
January 3580January 3580Citrian Act of 3580
January 3580January 3580The Friendy Cleaning of the Souls of the People
February 3580February 3580The Electric Kazoo
March 3584March 3584Cabinet Proposal of March 3584
November 3586November 3586Restrictions of Sin Act
July 3621July 3621A Stronger Likatonia Act
July 3621July 3621Economic Deregulation Act
June 3622June 3622Government Reforms Act
April 3627April 3627Reform act of 3627
April 3627April 3627Drug Legalization Act of 3627
July 3627July 3627Landmine Ban Act of 3627-3628
December 3627December 3627Pornography Legalization Act
December 3627December 3627Healthcare reform act
January 3628January 3628nuclear non-proliferation act
February 3628February 3628National Sport Act
February 3628February 3628Call for early elections, February 3628
February 3628February 3628Labor reform
July 3628July 3628Criminal Voting Rights Act
August 3628August 3628dueling reform act
September 3628September 3628Monopoly Prevention Act
September 3628September 3628renewable energy act
January 3629January 3629Bomb Shelter Localization act
March 3629March 3629Corporate Tax Act
August 3629August 3629Military Service Reform Act
September 3629September 3629Bill to ban homosexuals from military service
September 3629September 3629Bill to ban homosexuals from military service
September 3629September 3629Retirement age lowering act
January 3630January 3630Abortion Act
June 3630August 3631Bill to replace police with military force.
August 3630August 3631Military/National Service Reform Act
December 3630December 3630Trial Reforms Act
January 3631January 3631The Keep It In Your Pants Bill of 3631
January 3631January 3631Retirement Age Reform Act
March 3631March 3631Labor Reform Act
March 3631March 3631Corporate Tax Act
March 3631March 3631Cabinet Proposal of March 3631
March 3631March 3631Legislative Expansion Act
June 3631June 3631Anti-Thug Bill
August 3631August 3631Education Reform Act
August 3631August 3631Defense Industry Act
August 3631August 3631Monopoly Act of 3631
December 3631December 3631School-Leaving Discouragement Act
December 3631December 3631Gambling Act
January 3632January 3632Chemical Weapons Ban Act
February 3632February 3632Vaccination Act
July 3632July 3632Foreign Travel Bill
July 3632July 3632Charter School Reform Act
August 3632August 3632Concealed Carry Act
August 3632August 3632Law Enforcement Act of 3632
January 3633January 3633Illegalization of Beastiality
January 3633January 3633Free Speech Preservation Act
January 3633January 3633More gated communities, more fun!
January 3633January 3633Foreign Marriage Recognition Act
January 3633January 3633Preserving Our Flag's Honor
January 3633May 3635Freedom of Expression bill
March 3633March 3633Illegal Immigration Reform act
March 3633March 3633Military Reform Act
August 3633August 3633Civil Liberties Act
December 3633December 3633looking out for college students act
January 3634January 3634Welfare Act
January 3634January 3634Civil Defense Act
July 3634August 3636Eminent Domain Act
August 3635August 3635Corporate Tax Act
August 3635August 3635Yet Another Attempt at a Labor Reform bill
January 3636January 3636Hatin' The Playa Rather Than The Game
January 3636January 3636Taxing St. Peter To Pay Paul
January 3636January 3636Renewable Energy Act
March 3636March 3636Health Care Reform
July 3636July 3636Luxury Tax Repeal
August 3637August 3637abortion legality act
August 3637August 3637welfare reform act
August 3637August 3637Another attempt at Criminal Voting rights
August 3637August 3637Weapons Exporting Act
August 3637August 3637Call for early elections, August 3637
February 3638February 3638Organ Donation Act
February 3638February 3638welcoming refugees act
May 3638January 3639Localized Education Act
June 3640June 3640Missionaries Act
November 3640November 3640Private Rail Act
February 3641February 3641Military Policy Reform act
August 3641August 3641Judicial Punishment Act
August 3641August 3641International Tax Act
August 3641August 3641vaccination bill
December 3641December 3641Impartiality of Government Employees Act
April 3643April 3643Energy Act, 3643
January 3644January 3644Software Patent Act
February 3644February 3644Banning Dueling Act
July 3644July 3644Minimum Wage and Income act
July 3644July 3644Child Benefit Act
January 3645January 3645Religious Clothing & Public Official Act
August 3646January 3647banning the death penalty
August 3647August 3647Cabinet Proposal of August 3647
November 3648November 3648Patent Act
November 3648November 3648Deregulation Act
November 3648November 3648Fair Housing Act
November 3649November 3649Decentralized Higher Education Act
August 3651August 3651Local Police Bill
August 3651August 3651Historic Sites and Libraries Act
October 3652October 3652Military Act, 3652
March 3655March 3655Gambling Act
March 3655March 3655Granting Citizenship Act
August 3657August 3657Private Power Stations Act
August 3657August 3657Immigration Reforms
June 3658December 3658OOC: Flag
February 3660February 3660Pro-Likatonian Foreign Policy Laws
February 3660February 3660National Defence Laws
February 3661February 3661Immigration Reform Act
February 3661February 3661Organ Redistribution Act
December 3661December 3661GMO Deregulation
November 3665November 3665Regional Reapportionment
May 3666December 3666Stronger Borders Act
May 3666December 3666Religious Tax Freedom Act
December 3666December 3666Red Tape Reduction Act
December 3666December 3666Localized Development Act
December 3674December 3674Abolishment of Civilian Police Forces
December 3674August 3675Nation Defense Industry
May 3675August 3675National Bank Bill
May 3675August 3675National Pharmaceutical Bill
May 3675August 3675National Court Bill
May 3675August 3675National Health Bill
May 3675August 3675Euthanasia Act
May 3676May 3676Nationalized Police Bill
May 3676May 3676National Electricity Bill
May 3676May 3676Anti Nobility Bill
May 3676May 3676National Sports Club Funding
August 3678August 3678Education Act
January 3680October 3680Cabinet Proposal of January 3680
February 3685October 3685Communist Agenda
September 3686September 3686The Spirit of Change Act
January 3689January 3689Building the Socialist State
October 3689March 3690Unitarian Bill
April 3690August 3690Landmine Ban
April 3690August 3690Animal safety
April 3690August 3690Wild Animal friend bill
April 3690August 3690Aliens protection act
April 3690August 3690Bill on sexual in public
May 3690August 3690Voluntary Army Bill
August 3691October 3691Television reform
August 3691October 3691Radio reform
September 3692September 3692Call for early elections, September 3692
February 3693September 3693Land Mines Ban
July 3693September 3693Abortion funding bill
July 3693September 3693Chemical weapon ban
July 3693September 3693nuclear weapon ban
July 3693September 3693Phameu Drugs bil
August 3693September 3693public transport is public
November 3693February 3694Criminal voting right
February 3694August 3694Art bill
February 3694August 3694private education problem
May 3694August 3694Gated communauty
August 3694October 3695Land Mines
August 3694October 3695foreign aid
March 3695March 3695Prime Minister bill
March 3695October 3695Adult bill
March 3695October 3695Nuclear limitation bill
March 3695October 3695Cooperative property Media bill 2
March 3695October 3695Cooperative property Media biil
March 3695October 3695waste bill
March 3695October 3695Chimecal limitation bill
August 3695October 3695question bill on religious symbol
August 3695October 3695Unacceptable bill on religious School
August 3695October 3695Unacceptable bill on blasphemy
September 3695October 3695police search bill
September 3695October 3695redistribution of the land bill
September 3695October 3695Fishing quota
September 3695October 3695law on gun
September 3695October 3695Animal friend bill 2
March 3696May 3696Cooperative property Media bill 4
March 3696May 3696Cooperative property Media bill 3
March 3696May 3696State industries bill
March 3696May 3696foreign bill
March 3696May 3696Democratic worker Councils bill
March 3696May 3696Corporal punishment
March 3696May 3696Daily Workings hours
March 3696October 3696New motto
October 3697February 3698Ratification of the Likatonia declaration of peace
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the The Minority Languages Treaty
February 3701September 3701Ratification of the Declaration on the Use of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Interests of Peace and for the Benefit of Mankind
December 3729March 3730Singing National Anthem in schools.
June 3735January 3736.
August 3747September 3748"For The Children" Bill
August 3747September 3748Free Information Act
August 3747January 3751Safe Inheritance
August 3747January 3751Profit Tax
September 3752September 3752Profit Tax Re-Proposition
June 3754January 3756Cabinet Proposal of June 3754
August 3757August 3757Cabinet Proposal of August 3757
August 3757August 3757Cabinet Proposal of August 3757
August 3771October 3774A new motto
March 3773March 3773Cabinet Proposal of March 3773
June 3786February 3787Imperial Restoration First Plan
May 3788May 3788Imperial Restoration Part 2
May 3790May 3790Imperial Restoration Third Plan
October 3823February 3824Anti Abortion Law
October 3823February 3824National Education Bill
October 3823February 3824Draft Bill
November 3823February 3824Healthcare Bill
February 3824February 3824Government Agriculture Bill
April 3824May 3824National Radio and Television Act
October 3824October 3824Economic Reform
October 3824October 3824Religious Reform
December 3826December 3826Health Bill
December 3826December 3826Abortion Bill
December 3828August 3829Cabinet Proposal of December 3828
November 3837May 3838Nobility abolishment
November 3837May 3838Anti-nationalist / Anti-Patriotism reform
November 3837May 3838Age problem
November 3837May 3838Administrational reform
January 3838May 3838Smoking-Alcoholic beverage
January 3838May 3838Stopping religious schools
May 3838June 3838Copy Right
May 3838June 3838Farming mini-reform
June 3838July 3838Common Universial Social HealthCare
June 3838July 3838Cabinet Proposal of June 3838
July 3838July 3838Right to vote for criminals
July 3838October 3838Military refrom
December 3838December 3838MicroEconomical reform
January 3839January 3839Welfare change and Minimum wage
April 3839May 3839Neutrality reformation
May 3839May 3839Negative bill
July 3839July 3839Canton change
October 3839October 3839Gun control
January 3840September 3840'Minister of religion' reform
January 3840September 3840Pension system reform
September 3840September 3840Cabinet Proposal of September 3840
November 3840November 38402nd and last "Negative bill"
March 3842March 3842Embassy reform
March 3842March 3842Tax refrom
April 3842April 3842Budget proposal of April 3842
May 3843May 3843Population control
September 3843May 3844Constitutional amendment
April 3844April 3844Femist reform
December 3844December 3844Civil Rights
April 3845September 3845Direct democracy act
April 3845September 3845Military restriction
April 3845October 3845Ratification of the Free Trade League
November 3845November 3845Abortion refrom
February 3847February 3847Minimum wage reform
October 3848October 3848Cabinet Proposal of October 3848
April 3849April 3849Negativenvironment
May 3850October 3850Cabinet Proposal of May 3850
October 3850October 3850Condamnation of Malivian government refrom
November 3850November 3850Budget proposal of November 3850
November 3851November 3851Cabinet Proposal of November 3851
September 3852February 3853Reform
April 3861April 3861Call for early elections, April 3861
April 3866October 3866Cabinet Proposal of April 3866 Revised
April 3873June 3874National Anthem
October 3873June 3874Legislation
September 3897September 3897Call for early elections, September 3897
April 3904April 3904Call for early elections, April 3904
April 3904April 3904Conservative Government Reform Act
April 3904April 3904Cabinet Proposal of April 3904
September 3934September 3934Call for early elections, September 3934
October 3946November 3947Culture Act
November 3947March 3948Call for early elections, November 3947
October 3948November 3949Declaration of Independence
March 3953December 3953LVP: B001 - Revoking Parliamentary Privilege, 3953
March 3953December 3953LVP: B002 - Accountable Churches Act, 3953
July 3953July 3953Ratification of the Seleyan Union (SU)
March 3954July 3954LVP: B003 - Expansion of Police Powers Act, 3954
December 3954July 3955LVP: B004 - Food for Likatonia Act, 3954
July 3955January 3956LVP: B005 - Likaton Fair Employment Act, 3955
November 3975November 3975Retirement And Pension Bill 001
November 3975November 3975Welfare Bill 001
November 3975November 3975Income tax proposal of November 3975
November 3975November 3975STOCK EXCHANGES
November 3975November 3975Income tax proposal of November 3975
November 3975November 3975Basic Taxes Bill 001
November 3975November 3975Morality Bill 001
March 3978March 3978Economic Reform Bill 001
April 3979April 3979Health Reform Bill 001
May 3979May 3979Justice Reform Bill 001
February 3980February 3980Military Reform Bill 001
August 3980August 3980Culture Reform Bill 001
August 3980August 3980Education Bill 001
August 3980August 3980New Religion Bill 001
August 3981August 3981Call for early elections, August 3981
May 3986May 3986Government Changes Bill 001
March 3996February 3997Local Government Regulation of Daily Working Hours
March 3996February 3997Bank Privatization Act
March 3996February 3997Repeal of Parliamentary Privilage
December 3997December 3997Ratification of the Sanctions and Embargo against the Holy Luthori Empire
December 3997July 3998National Rights Act
January 3998February 3998Localization Act of 3998
August 4006August 4006Ratification of the Eastern Development Organization
April 4008April 4008A Bill for the People
July 4008July 4008Call for early elections, July 4008
July 4008December 4008LUP: Court Reform Act, 4008
July 4008December 4008LUP: Safe Arms Abroad Act, 4008
August 4008December 4008LUP: Choosing People Not Trees Act, 4008
October 4008October 4008LPP Reform 001
January 4009February 4009LUP: Learning the Best Way Act, 4009
January 4009February 4009LUP: Paying Prayers Act, 4009
August 4009November 4009LUP: Soldiers Are Soldiers Act, 4009
July 4013January 4014UPP Platform
September 4013January 4014Military Equality Act of 4013
October 4013January 4014National Police Bill of 4013
October 4013January 4014Banking Reform Act of 4013
January 4014January 4014The GM Bill of 4014
March 4014September 4014The Health Bill of 4014
March 4014September 4014Air Travel & Transportation Bill of 4014
September 4014September 4014Call for early elections, September 4014
September 4014September 4014National Police Bill of 4014
September 4014September 4014Banking Reform Act of 4014 (Fixed)
September 4014September 4014Banking Reform Act of 4014
September 4014September 4014Military Equality Act of 4014
January 4023January 4023Bill of Justice
April 4023April 4023Bill of Anti-Conservatism
April 4023May 4023Budget proposal of April 4023
May 4023May 4023Cabinet Proposal of May 4023
June 4024June 4024Bill of Clovisport
October 4024October 4024Bill of foreigners
November 4024November 4024The Enablement Act 4024
December 4024December 4024Income tax proposal of December 4024
January 4025January 4025The Bill of Patriots I
February 4025February 4025Educational Reform
February 4025February 4025Bill of Regulations
April 4025April 4025Retirement Age
April 4025April 4025Call for early elections, April 4025
April 4025April 4025Government Change
May 4025May 4025Reform of the agricultural sector
June 4025June 4025Secularist
June 4025June 4025PAI Three
June 4025June 4025PAI Two
October 4025October 4027Isolation
December 4025April 4026The Right Choice
April 4026April 4026The Bill of Patriots II
July 4026July 4026Healthcare Reform
December 4026July 4027Child Benefits
October 4027October 4027Freedom of local governments
July 4028July 4028Pacifism
October 4028October 4028The Bill of Patriots III
November 4028November 4028Energy
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the Luthori Treaty of Diplomatic Relations
December 4028December 4028Ratification of the CSCO International Affairs Diplomatic Protocol
September 4029September 4029Religiosity
December 4029December 4029The Bill from the Supreme Leader
January 4030January 4030OOC: NO MORE BILLS! ELECTION!
April 4030October 4031The Bill from the Supreme Leader II
October 4030November 4030Why not be progressive?
November 4030November 4030Bill of Me being A healthy Prune
November 4030November 4030Bill of Reformation
November 4030October 4031Progressive views are the only thing that matter
October 4031March 5011OOC: Government Titles
December 4031December 4031Following the Disgraceful Bills by Damned Progressive. THE RIGHT BILL!
July 4032March 4034OOC: Copyright Bureau of Likatonia
January 4033January 4033Ratification of the Likatonia - Baltusia Trade Treaty
January 4033January 4033Bill of Liberty
January 4033January 4033Bill of freedom
January 4033January 4033Ratification of the Terran Religious Freedom
October 4033October 4033Bill of Reformation
November 4033November 4033Bill of Progression
November 4033November 4033Federalist
December 4033December 4033Bill of Saving the animals
January 4034December 4034Motto
December 4034December 4034Federalism
December 4034December 4034Cabinet Proposal of December 4034
May 4035May 4035Ratification of the Likatonia - Baltusia Trade Treaty
July 4039July 4039Call for early elections, July 4039
August 4039November 4039Outlaw the International Slave Trade Act
August 4039January 4040